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Bitter numa frase em (in ingles)

I felt bitter.
By the bitter.
as a bitter lemon.
It's very bitter.
Thomas was bitter.
However bitter my.
It was very bitter.

Of bitter delusion.
It made him bitter.
flat and more bitter.
bitter because of it.
Not the bitter cold.
It is a bitter pill.
Her voice was bitter.
A cruel, bitter face.
It was bitter frost.
Said Lisa, bitter.
He was quite bitter.
Said Stan, bitter.
more sweet than bitter.
She seemed very bitter.
Her voice was bitter.
It had a bitter taste.
Love's bitter mystery.
But a bitter old maid.
His voice was bitter.
bitter, sour, so spicy.
And shed a bitter tear.
Mr Bittering looked at his wife.
Mr Bittering wanted to fire a pistol in the air.
‘Yes,’ said Bittering, buried in the hot, swarming air.
Mr Bittering hesitated, and then raised the mirror to his face.
Harry Bittering moved into the metal shop and began to build the rocket.
When the windows ceased rattling Mr Bittering swallowed and looked at the children.
Mr Bittering held to the side of the canal, his body cold and his heart pounding slowly.
‘How nice,’ said Mrs Bittering, ‘if we could move up here to this villa for the summer.
Men buried their brothers, mothers buried their children and all wept until they were hollowed out and numb to the sorrow, as flesh rotted on the bone and the putrid stench of decay bittered mind and body alike.
not much of that, no bitters and no stout, he said, towelling the top.
Carminatives (also called aromatic digestive tonics or aromatic bitters) may be used to.
marrubiin and possibly its precursor, premarrubiin, are herbal bitters that increase the.
She would flirt with me over a glass of tonic water with a few drops of Angostura bitters.
condition is known: bitters (digestive stimulants), carminatives (gas-relieving herbs), and.
Lady Chettam, who attributed her own remarkable health to home-made bitters united with constant medical.
The amounts used are the same as the general recommendations for bitters when they are employed for the treatment of.
Harry asked for a Bitters and soda on ice and settled the black document pouch into his lap gradually realizing this was a 'business dinner' and why he was there.
But try to tell ’em, as I have, that a Woman is made of Sweets and Bitters, that she is both Reason and Rump, both Wit and Wantonness—and you will butt your Head against a stone Wall! They’ll have it one Way or the other! Be clever, if you must, and forfeit Reputation for Beauty and Sensuality, as well as all Pleasures of the Flesh.
Happy, indeed, is that Christian who can be in the world and yet not of the world, who can do his duty in it, and yet not be conformed to it, who can pass through it unmoved by its smiles or its frowns, its flattery or its enmity, its open opposition or its playful ridicule, its sweets or its bitters, its gold or its sword! When I think what the world is, and see what harm it has done and is doing to souls, I do not wonder that St.

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