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Blare numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The sirens started to blare, and was.
  2. After that there was blare upon blare.
  3. Simultaneously, alarms began to blare.
  4. He hears the blare of an approaching siren.
  5. Even as they spoke there came a blare of trumpets.
  6. Then he heard the familiar blare of hunting horns.
  7. On the loudspeakers, there was the sudden blare of Hail.
  8. Blare walked away, almost limping, and that was the last.
  9. Then the sudden blare of a trumpet made me start and quiver.
  10. I began to blare the horn, hitting the wheel again and again.
  11. Reality is the sound of a revving engine and the blare of a horn.
  12. The alarms continued to blare as they straggled behind the enemy.
  13. Jensen's rhetoric was rudely interrupted by the blare of an air horn.
  14. There was the blare of horns then and the sound of onrushing horses.
  15. I look at the screen: bold headlines blare across the top of the page.
  16. MY CAR RADIO was crackling and screeching under the blare of my siren.
  17. A fog horn blare in the distance, the world knows I have been stood up.
  18. But in the city, a mile away, he heard the strident blare of a trumpet.
  19. The music from the speakers began to blare, as the festivities were underway.
  20. The rhythms of drums, the blare of horns and conch shells, and firing of musket.
  21. Blare lies from all public orifices; and drown out any tiny inkling of the truth.
  22. The blare was the loudest noise I thought I had ever heard, ripping up the silence like a jagged knife.
  23. Emily’s parents were still up and he heard their mumbled voices above the dull blare of the television.
  24. Over the blare of the horns he could hear the roar of cavalry at full charge echoing up the valley towards them.
  25. I must have finally fallen asleep, because I was totally confused when I woke up to the blare of a public-address system.
  26. When I reached the foyer, I stabbed at the intercom button to stop the irritating blare before it woke up the whole house.
  27. Nardone’s voice came through the speaker as he shouted over the blare of sirens: Turning left onto Cesar Chavez at sixty.
  28. Make all of the Media become Corporate controlled, carefully censored outlets: that blare the most mindless meaningless crap possible.
  29. Without the usual blare from the exhaust of a trials bike, the machine had additional silencing, and it purred away as the man accelerated hard towards town.
  30. To the blare of rock music, a carload of inebriated men with wide-toothed grins and heads bobbing loosely from side to side, barreled past him toward the exit.
  31. I stabbed my finger at the numbers again, growing more panicked as the alarm beeped and beeped and beeped its countdown—until it went into full intruder blare.
  32. Releasing my hold on the break when the traffic inched forward, I fumbled for the radio, grimacing as blare of static, electronica and voices exploded out the side speakers.
  33. The city was bursting with sounds; the shouts of vendors rang in my ears mingled with the blare of Hindi music, the sputtering of rickshaws, and the jingling bells of horse-drawn carts.
  34. However, just as he was about to press the Enter key on his brother’s computer, the screen in front of him suddenly began to wildly flash and a sound, like a fire engine’s siren, started to blare from its speakers.
  35. For an instant the birds chirping in the breeze, Johnny’s chaffed hands curling about one another, and the blare of a deafening silence were the only sounds as the sun clipped the horizon and its benevolent rays came slipping across the dusty floorboards of the jailhouse.
  36. In an age when the gross national product of nations is public knowledge, and financial institutions on Wall Street blare out what they are worth: the richest banks in the world keep their accounts a secret… and nobody seems to care or notice or insist that this be rectified.
  37. Heads of social organizations, institutions, the concept of a Supreme head-being: God, the making of bread by cutting off the heads of grain, the head of a bed, the head of a burning cigar or cigarette: knocked of as ashes: getting ‘ahead’, the concept of progress as the most important thing in life, competition: getting ahead of your competition, the concept of competitive elimination: ‘heads will fall’, ‘if you are not up to snuff’, snuff: sneezing your head off by taking a pinch of snuff to clear your head, giving ‘head’ sexually, warheads, bombs, firearms, bullets, artillery: any weapon that shoots something: slingshots, arrows, spears, rocks, the heading of a page, a header in grammar, the heading on a page, the heading on a sentence, the heading on a paragraph, somersaults, head-over-heels, crowns, the crowns of Corinthian pillars, pillars do not have heads: all pillars are decapitated, all segments of pillars: all decapitated columns, the idea of decapitating pillars of the community, the idea of dethroning kings, the eating of fruit like grapes, apples, etc; all edible things like coconuts, papaya,, unpeeling the head of a banana and eating it, all vegetables in the shape of a head like onions, cabbage, lettuce, the picking of leaves, the picking of fruits, the picking of beans: all drug foods the picking of spices: creating every single drug we call food, ice cream cones, all ice cream in the shape of a decapitated head, all food portions in the shape of a head, all toppings on all food, decapitated flowers, the Rose Parade: hundreds of millions of decapitated heads of flowers, all fire with flames that are decapitated, all fireworks, the crushing of spices, the picking of decapitated heads like mushrooms, eating nuts, cracking their shell, eggs, corks and bungs used to seal barrels and bottles, the tops of bottles, the sealing and taking off the tops of bottles, jars; all tools that have a head, the head of a hammer, nails, the head of a nail, pounding the head of a nail, the cutting off of the heads of large trees before decapitating them, cutting off the heads of animals to kill them and eat them, all mathematics: the counting of heads, or I’s and adding them up, the using of tools to create decapitated segments, all sports, all balls used in sports, the hitting of all balls, ping-pong, badminton, bowling, bowling pins: the decapitation of bowling pins by a bowling ball, kingpins, kings, jewelry, stickpins with diamond heads on them, canes, walking sticks with metal heads, staffs, any artifact denoting being the head of something, scepters, globes, flyswatters, turbans, musical instruments that blare out sound: decapitating it; using holes in wood and brass instruments to decapitate the natural sound into a shorter wavelength, all fretted and unfretted musical instruments, pressing on a fret to make the note shorter, like a violin or guitar, drums, drumsticks, cymbals, the heads of shoelaces, the detached mentality called the ego: decapitated and disconnected from all the other needs and energy flows of a human being, the concept of life after death as a detached form of spirit, the structure of all hierarchy, all capitalist companies and corporate bodies being ruled and controlled by detached heads of business, the capitalization of letters at the head of a word or sentence or paragraph: especially in ancient sacred Christian texts: where the first capital letter is huge, the eating of fish by decapitating them first, the use of all drugs, narcotics wine, coffee, pills: to create a disconnection between the brain and the rest of the human being, the concept of anesthesia, using drugs to numb the brain or prevent it from feeling the body’s pain, all cultures that value stoicism, macho pigs who cannot love, the concept of the hero as a stone face refusing to face the truth, refusing to feel love, refusing to feel any emotion whatsoever, refusing to cry, the stone carvings of all the ancient Kings, the decapitated carvings of all Kings on coins, the insane idea of all kings ruling by only using their decapitated heads as decapitated coins to spread their authority, all stone busts, plaster busts, the stone faces of all heroes in modern media who refuse to feel human emotion, ping-pong, the computer game: pong, King Kong: the King cut off from State: King Kong falling off the Empire State building: all the video games that are based upon decapitated heads decapitating other heads, which are all based on the old arcade pinball machines that shot decapitated heads that bounced around scoring points hitting and scoring on as many stationary targets of decapitated heads as possible, the decapitation of hair… haircuts, shaving daily, cutting your nails, the idea of assassination as a political tool, the concept of character assassination used in all human societies to cut off people who are thought too uppity or stick out too much, and do not conform… the detached form of observation that only use instruments for the eye: microscopes, telescopes, star-gazing, stamp collecting, the collections of anything from bric-a-brac to gold coins, portraits, still pictures of decapitated heads, cameos, brooches, belt buckles, shoe buckles, still photographs of decapitated heads, talking heads, heads on celluloid talking, heads on screens, moving pictures of talking heads, the idea of a leader as a talking head, all pictures on money of decapitated heads, mouthpieces, microphones, the idea of one person speaking for another, speechwriters, lawyers, politicians, amplified music coming out of a loudspeaker, amplifiers of singing-talking heads, the idea of doing nothing but talking as being the only form of social activity allowed in polite societies, the heads of shoelaces, all knots, topknots, tying hair into knots, the idea of cutting up sounds into words, into letters, into decapitated abstract symbols of meaning separated from thee body of the meaning by segmentation, all segmented forms of tool-use, all tools that segment things into decapitated heads, all decapitated forms of awareness-thinking-feeling, all forms of specialization, all segmented ways of living-doing-seeing, decapitating the natural order of things into decapitated insane pieces: decapitating a family into age groups, decapitating a community into alienated isolated individuals, all mass butchery of living animals by cutting off their heads, morse code, ticker tape, all digitalization of signals into meaningless decapitated codes, the invention of the glass tube: the first decapitated head that could mechanically receive and send energy through nerves called wires, the invention of the transistor: the first sold decapitated head that could send and receive signals, the invention of microchips: tiny decapitated heads with their own tiny brain circuits that could perform more complicated functions than the first huge glass-blown giants called vacuum tubes: because there was nothing inside them, all glass blowing, blowing up molten glass with hot air and then decapitating it to make a glass vase or bottle, all containers from bottles, jars, gourds, ladles, to pitchers and teapots with decapitated lids, all containers, chests, holding treasure, wealth, valuables, all spices and decapitated herbs, all furniture made from decapitating trees, all houses made into decapitated heads where the people living inside them only use their heads and not their hearts or bodies, the steam engine: decapitating steam to explode out in puffs of decapitated destroyed power, all wheels, all round wheels used in machines, all watches, with dials pointing at the decapitated numbers of a disconnected circle, the decapitation of all circles into wedges, pie slices, the invention of the wedge, the invention of the axe as a metal decapitated head to stick on a wooden decapitated piece of branch, all idols, all icons, all figureheads, all abstract symbols representing the head, the pinnacle, the top, the apex, the height of anything, all hierarchical awareness and structures that deem the head as the most valuable, the best, the most noble, etc; Jack-in the Box, all boxes, everything that is put into a box or container, FedEx: the obsession of transporting boxes and parcels, the song; ‘Pop goes the Weasel’, all mass-produced goods that are boxed and shipped, the detachment of specialized labor and work, the creation of holes, digging, all mining, piston heads, engine heads, everything that is called the ‘head’ of something, the froth on the top of a glass of beer,: to be blown away, the use of all zeros and ones: as in Japanese Zeros decapitating American ships, zeros and ones being created and then decapitated inside computers, the use of all zeros and ones in mathematics, scalping, the taking of heads, the shrinking of heads: which the computer microchip is the latest evolution of, ….
  38. The sun shall blare hotter and hotter,.
  39. Just as much whence we come that blare of the cloud-trumpets,.
  1. They could hear the radio blaring.
  2. The blaring of horns on automobiles.
  4. A car swerved around her, horn blaring.
  5. He followed the blaring sirens of the.
  6. No flashing lights and blaring trumpets.
  7. The loud, blaring argument came to a halt.
  8. It's no longer a whisper, but a siren blaring.
  9. Although I could hear music, it wasn’t blaring.
  10. At the same time, I heard the intercom buzzer blaring.
  11. The radio was still blaring when he entered their room.
  12. Car horns were blaring the jingle bells tune and angry.
  13. From down the hall, they could hear a television blaring.
  14. THE SOUND OF A CAR HORN blaring interrupted her thoughts.
  15. The only barrier between three hundred people, blaring.
  16. The blaring of the tsunami siren echoed through the town.
  17. Barely a moment after I scaled the building, the blaring.
  18. An ambulance with sirens blaring and lights revolving was.
  19. Then, I heard sirens blaring from all directions, all were.
  20. A blaring sound rang through the air like a chorus of sirens.
  21. I parked the car and heard Pop Goes the Weasel blaring.
  22. The alarm finally stopped after blaring for a full two minutes.
  23. A blaring horn and screeching tires shook him from his trance.
  24. Out of the prevailing void the blaring ring of the bell shocked.
  25. He could hear the sounds of the television blaring from the room.
  26. Great way to start the day, her mother’s voice blaring in her ear.
  27. There were blaring horns, as I raced around any obstacle in my path.
  28. What with the radio blaring, and wind, and traffic whizzing past—.
  29. Huh…what do you mean by that? Junya shouted over the blaring.
  30. Sam heard a burst of hoarse singing, blaring of horns and banging of.
  31. Blaring tabloid headlines will expose you for 'exploiting' the masses.
  32. While the television was blaring away I found money in her bag and on.
  33. She could hear the morbid rock music blaring out its depressing lyrics:.
  34. There was nobody around to see me, just televisions blaring with ‘Home.
  35. The sirens around them all died, and the red lights stopped blaring and.
  36. I heard the siren blaring out along with another following closely behind.
  37. At that moment, the officers radio was blaring with his badge number to.
  38. Shop doors were wide open with quirky qawali tunes blaring out of each shop.
  39. We continued down to our place and heard our neighbour’s music blaring out.
  40. I TOOK OFF IN THE RADIO CAR with the siren blaring all the way to the Presidio.
  41. A loud alarm horn started blaring as Dana activated the station’s videophone.
  42. Garcia was on his way to the Bridge before the red alert klaxons began blaring.
  43. The light came back and my clock started blaring as it always did when it reset.
  44. Ganesh, closest to the blaring conches at the camp end nearest to the river, was.
  45. Emergency Klaxons were blaring all along the corridors, their lights flashing in.
  46. Other marching elements let the sound truck advance, which was still blaring out.
  47. There was no reason not to use it now, not with all the horns and sirens blaring.
  48. The mid-range blaring of its pumps and rotors cut through the late May stillness.
  49. Usually it was through a blaring radio, or with a phone attached to the other ear.
  50. House alarms were blaring out and lights were switching on one by one in the road.
  51. We drove the rest of the way in silence except for the blaring car stereo that Dad.
  52. I became aware of flashing lights and sirens blaring, and somewhat later there was.
  53. Intruder alert alarms were now blaring through out the ship as he accessed his HROV.
  54. Once his weapon starting blaring, it would heat up fast and burn his hands if they.
  55. I looked up into the blaring sun and asked if one of my helpers would help me listen.
  56. Alaysia suddenly awoke with a start, the noise of the alarm clock blaring in her ears.
  57. Moments later, five more police cars came screaming up to the barricade, lights blaring.
  58. The Mighty Mel’s engineer coasted the locomotive into the station, blaring on the horn.
  59. Hey, West, haven’t seen you in awhile! the bouncer yelled over the blaring music.
  60. On the third day, just before midnight, I heard a horn blaring in front of the house and.
  61. Sparks flew out of circuit panels in the crew sphere as a loud alarm horn started blaring.
  62. Cars in the lanes ahead had seen what was coming and had pulled off the road, horns blaring.
  63. Jill… I watched Claire help place her into the morgue van and send it off, sirens blaring.
  64. A contact radio was crackling nearby, blaring the latest street reports into the IRA hideout.
  65. With sirens blaring and blue and red lights twirling round, several squad cars stormed the set.
  66. Billy came out into the living room with his new wave music blaring noisily through the hallway.
  67. Traffic came to a standstill with the blaring horns of impatient motorists adding to the frenzy.
  68. Their chant came to a screeching halt though at the sound of loud horns blaring in the distance.
  69. At the same instance a police car pulls up with siren blaring and screeches to a halt in front of her.
  70. It released a large stone that carries blaring fire descending menacingly with huge noise towards us.
  71. Pass a sidewalk café and you will hear a radio blaring full blast with either song or incessant talk.
  72. First he took out the speakers on each of my father’s drones, silencing the music blaring out of them.
  73. The music reached a blaring climax and Millicent waved at the crowd around her before she began to dance.
  74. I was sitting up in bed, the blankets kicked off onto the floor, the alarm of my phone blaring at full volume.
  75. A small blaring television sat on the far corner of the table, the volume so loud it was almost hard to hear.
  76. An ambulance passed us at a very high speed with lights flashing and siren blaring on Route 163 on our way home.
  77. I was beginning to look forward to not having a heartbeat anymore, because it was a blaring siren to the undead.
  78. Big date tomorrow? Jenkins asked, raising his voice over the radio that was always blaring in the work area.
  79. Upon hearing Nathan’s blaring demand, all present within the room instantly turned and stared at Paul’s corpse.
  80. Just three minutes later they were in the ambulance, siren blaring as it shot away as though on its way to an emergency.
  81. No welcome waited as she entered, her arrival drowned by the sounds of a college basketball game blaring out from the TV.
  82. The blaring of the horns ceased and all that pervaded the stillness of the peace that followed was the sound of our marching.
  83. Have you ever been on a bus when some black dude gets on with a radio as big as he is and has the thing blaring music? Very.
  84. I pushed myself up towards the window facing Westfield, from where I could hear a fire alarm from across the road blaring out.
  85. Lights flashing and siren blaring it pulled into the drive, and they led him handcuffed from the house while flashbulbs popped.
  86. One blaring example is what the Congress passes off as work, showing they deserve the salaries that they get: introducing legislation.
  87. They made little difference blocking out the blistering heat or the sounds of car horns blaring and the chatter from the street below.
  88. For once, I was grateful for the deafening music blaring from down the hall that prevented Taemin from hearing anything outside his room.
  89. God only knew what state the Weasel, the Padre and Gengis must have been in, trapped as Des O’Connor was still blaring away in the van.
  90. When the door clicked shut, the sirens ceased, easing the throbbing in her head, though her ears continued to hurt from the blaring noise.
  91. The police officer exited the patrol car but because the blaring lights were in my face I had no alternative but to outsmart the policeman.
  92. Blaring out sounds like an orchid blares out its scent to the world… attracting living things by a sweetness that travels through the air.
  93. He loved the feel of the newsprint, the grainy pictures and the dramatic headlines in bold and blaring type across the top of the front page.
  94. He had to take his headset off to hear Garcia’s response, but even then he hadn’t really listened, or he would have heard the blaring alarms.
  95. Finding it, I turned it around to face me, the red blaring luminosity signalling the ungodly hour, human or vamp, of four nineteen in the morning.
  96. D player, which was blaring out Bob’s favourite Hawaiian singer Gaby Pahanui, which sounded to Sock and Stu like Pavarotti gargling a bumble bee.
  97. Trying to tune out the blaring horn, the racing engine, the periodic shriek of brakes, I returned to the brain-buster mystery that I needed to solve.
  98. A few moments later the traffic cop’s car pulled in behind them, lights flashing, sirens blaring and stopped about ten metres behind the ‘vette.
  99. The sudden absence of air brought on a total silence he had never experienced before, a sharp contrast to the blaring alarms he had just been hearing.
  100. He could not help looking in his rear view mirror to check if he was being followed, or worse, if a police vehicle with its siren blaring was chasing him.
  1. A horn blared behind him.
  2. The room blared with light.
  3. Alarms blared through the ship.
  4. A ram's horn blared its sudden.
  5. STAY ON HIGH GROUND, blared the.
  6. The horns and trumpets blared over the.
  7. The drums rolled and the trumpets blared.
  8. His suspicions suddenly blared red alert.
  9. Two blood red lasers blared out from the.
  10. As Katie kept staring out, trumpets blared.
  11. Then Massie's phone blared, 'I'M WIDE AWAKE!'.
  12. Autos blared their horns at each other as if in.
  13. He took my arm, raised it and loudspeakers blared.
  14. The ambulance blared its siren and they sped off.
  15. Loud car horns blared at her from both directions.
  16. The hate music blared as Blake weighed his options.
  17. Tina covered her ears as Ramnstein blared into her.
  18. As car horns blared Toby carried on straight ahead.
  19. The theme from Homeroom blared out of the speakers.
  20. Thirty, forty, fifty, sixty times the trumps blared.
  21. A horn blared as he nearly collided with another car.
  22. The truck’s engine roared and its horn blared loudly.
  23. Weather Girls blared from the loud speakers and the crowd.
  24. The loudspeaker at the top of the tower blared forth a warning.
  25. Headlines blared: AFGHANISTAN PAXED! with details of the mission.
  26. BEEN LIFTED, blared the speakers over the wailing of the sirens.
  27. Lights flashed and sirens blared in the street as they approached.
  28. A bugle blared and a bass voice shouted the command to break ranks.
  29. The radio blared with complaints and Captain Thrane grinned happily.
  30. She stuck it in and the sound of heavy metal blared through speakers.
  31. Before I could ask what he meant, the overtime buzzer blared from the.
  32. Guys-- incoming! Bill's voice suddenly blared into their earpieces.
  33. Trumpets blared from the battlements above the immense bronze-bound gates.
  34. Command, this is Apex Five! Another voice blared over the radio now.
  35. The morning after the disappearance headlines blared across the nation: DR.
  36. Sirens blared throughout the area before Thinny quickly shut down the system.
  37. Then the orchestra blared forth with another of the seductive popular pieces.
  38. She turned to the door when trumpets blared from outside, What is that?
  39. Instead, it had blared a trumpet call through its sizeable nose, then charged.
  40. When a commercial blared on the radio at the end of the song, we didn’t have any.
  41. A horn blared as an Audi wagon clipped the car, nearly shearing off the rear bumper.
  42. The music blared from a system somewhere in here, but no one was in the room with him.
  43. Stars and Stripes Forever blared from the loudspeakers, followed up by the Caisson Song.
  44. The pickups trucks were turned around so we could sit and the music blared into the night.
  45. Tina Turner's The Best blared out from the stereo as the Mercedes raced along the motorway.
  46. Ironically, a commercial for non-habit forming sleep aids blared from the television.
  47. Indicator lights and warnings flashed and blared throughout the ship, but we were still alive.
  48. This is the prime cultural message that is blared through the media in all kinds of advertising.
  49. Do you understand? He blared with full authority that sent a ball of spittle onto her cheek.
  50. The voice of the station commander blared through the com-Link, ‘OVERRIDE: PATTERN GAMMA – NOW.
  51. Racism is still rampant all over the world; only now it is kept secret; not blared from the pulpit.
  52. The drug dealers next door blared their music all the time so I wasn't worried about upsetting them.
  53. An ambulance siren blared as the vehicle came through the park to the location where the crowd gathered.
  54. A siren and a warning blared in the hall and we followed some alien to an escape pod and here we are.
  55. From out of the speakers blared one of the songs the old man and I had played so many times over the years.
  56. The noise of the crowd, the pounding music and the echoes of the arena blared around her, but she heard nothing.
  57. All of a sudden, whistles blared and police started appearing all over the place, exiting the cars and shops nearby.
  58. Car horns blared, and a bloated, faded brown football wobbled out away from the sedate, Colonial-style school building.
  59. As horns blared he shot into the slot frontwards, mounting the pavement and catching the low-slung underside on the kerb.
  60. Sing-song numeric tones blared out of the receiver— beepBeepBEEPbeepbeepbupBEEP—and before it even rang, Diane hung up.
  61. Thomas clamped his hands to his ears, looking around as the siren blared, his heart about to thump its way out of his chest.
  62. The clerks face blared incrimination as a stunned faced Ben’s realised the implications of this extremely unexpected outcome.
  63. As the national anthem blared out over the huge speakers scattered all around the circuit, the activity on the grid went on unabated.
  64. The noontime news blared from the television as Andy wandered up from the basement in nothing but his leopard-print bikini underwear.
  65. The buzzer blared and Yuki climbed three stinking flights of graffiti-tagged stairs and knocked on the door at the end of the hallway.
  66. You’re sure that’s them then? blared the loudspeaker to someone inside the ship, clearly failing to turn off said loudspeaker.
  67. I kind of dismissed that idea when the corn started falling from the sky, while horns and other brass instruments blared in epic fashion.
  68. He then sat down to another round of applause; he had just raised his mug to his mouth when the temple horns blared out all over the city.
  69. Sustaining her eerie, steady and overbearing gaze the clerk’s stare blared at Ben instantly sending a shiver of anxiety down his spine.
  70. The television news broadcasts blared the sensational announcement of a multiple murder at number 9 Cherry Lane, at a pleasant suburb of the city.
  71. The house was lit up, and in the yard there was a bonfire; tents were scattered all around, and loud music blared from speakers propped in the grass.
  72. Ingrid Dows was showing them the kind of picture a FLIR camera gave up, with their group bent over the cockpit of one P-38N, when a loudspeaker blared out.
  73. The inhumanity of what the Poles did to their own German speaking citizens should have been blared out as the most foul abomination of all western civilization.
  74. Galloway’s awful twisted rendition of what he thought to be music blared forth into the rave hall with loud enough intensity to be heard by all for several miles.
  75. I flicked the radio on and clapped my hands in excitement when my favourite tune blared out before making my way to the kettle, swinging my hips in time with the music.
  76. And that’s us right fucked, then, Rob said as trumpets blared and mailed infantry with spears and round shields spread out to either side of the enemy commander.
  77. Its horn blared, and I yanked the wheel hard to the right, sliding across the intersection and hitting the highway shoulder in a spray of gravel as my car came to a stop.
  78. For several seconds, she sat frozen behind the steering wheel as the panicked tempo of her heart slowed while Pharrell Williams’ Happy blared and crackled in her speakers.
  79. At street level, he didn’t check for traffic before crossing; a car skidded, horns blared, someone called him an asshole, and then he reached the far side of Eighth Avenue.
  80. Within milliseconds of the moment Daniel selected the Skull and Cross-bones icon; a high pitch whined blared so astoundingly loud; it seriously threatened to burst their eardrums.
  81. The music blared from every room and I remember the countless compliments on my unsurpassed beauty coupled with the usual laughter and rejoicing that comes along with festivities.
  82. I was trying not to smile, that would be too awful, and I was trying to figure out what to say, ask him how old he’d be—twelve years old in 1999 means, good God, twenty-two?—but a news bulletin blared in.
  83. When my parents graced the floor to dance, holding hands, the crowd went wild in ecstasy, throwing notes of Naira and Dollars at them, our own way of appreciating our friends and relations, while the music blared.
  84. The squire indicated bowed and hastened from the tent, and Pallantides stood staring down at the stricken king, while outside trumpets blared, drums thundered, and the roar of the multitudes rose in the growing dawn.
  85. Diondra was a strange one, not really preppy—she was too flashy and wild to fit in that crowd—but not entirely in the metal crowd, either, even though she blared Iron Maiden and loved leather and smoked tons of weed.
  86. With the stage set, and crowd seated for celebration, my father invited me, and as I stepped out escorted by my mother who led in front and ten other beautiful young girls, we trudged in consonance with the rhythm of another high-life band that blared.
  87. But then again… ALL of the intrigue going on behind closed doors, all the posturing of politicians, all the politically correct shit blared by the mass media is a cover-up of the hidden hands of the undead who manipulate humans souls as if they are puppets on a string.
  88. Human music is so full of this corruption today: it would take a million volumes to analyze the idiocy and venalness of the messages being blared out by pop stars, and the ease with which the masses swallow it, and reflect it back to the Media as the latest fad-crap called modern culture.
  89. A ram’s horn blared its sudden sound of warning just behind the struggling Moshe as Joshua instinctively blew the three note call of alarm, oowaah! oowaah! oowaah! The struggling horsemen fought to be the first to recover, as an answering call echoed more faintly, oowaah! oowaah! oowaah!.
  90. Then suddenly the cry of brazen-throated trumpets was heard: from the watch-towers they blared, and far away from hidden holds and outposts in the hills came answering calls; and further still, remote but deep and ominous, there echoed in the hollow land beyond the mighty horns and drums of Barad-dyr.
  91. They were screaming along with the rest of the crowd, it wasn't until the whistle beginning of Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 blared out from the speakers that the screams stopped and they watched on as their complicated and precise outlawed routine went on, only screaming when a more dangerous stunt was performed.
  92. This is out of your jurisdiction, blared the overbearing and aggressive Sub-Observatory of Galactic Wranglers & Wobblers… a blatantly made up organization notorious for seizing space ships just to release them in confusing mazes they’ve designed in order to place bets on who, if any, will find their way out.
  93. You are under arrest for the wreckless crashing of a fuel-less ship of Obotron crew members into the surface of the planet Lincra, the most populated and popular planet in existence, blared the megaphone from the suddenly approaching battalion of the Kroonum Civility, Order and Peace Upkeep and Maintenance Division - Deltron Force Strike 9, sporting their spanking new crest and logo, freshly dubbed formal and binding by the Council of Eleven and a Half Thousand Different Colored Robes in the most recent hammering out of the Treaty of Manderbatt.
  1. The bell for first period blares.
  2. The tower's warning siren BLARES.
  3. Classical music blares out of the speakers.
  4. A high-pitch ascending charge blares through.
  5. This blares out the hypocrisy of civilized societies: ‘do as I say… not as I do.
  6. Through the drifting fog without the gramophone blares over coughs and feetshuffling.
  7. This is the story that blares from the loud speakers, from the talking heads, from the printed page.
  8. For the blares of horns sounded in front of the ranks and summoned all of the officers to their positions.
  9. Blaring out sounds like an orchid blares out its scent to the world… attracting living things by a sweetness that travels through the air.
  10. In the midst of the adulation, of the blares upon the trumpets of fame that saluted my waking and were wafted to me as I fell asleep at night—in the midst of all the turmoil, I was often in a great and brooding silence, longing for her, now with the imperious energy of passion, and now with the sad ache of love.

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