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Blast numa frase em (in ingles)

1. A blast of a horn.
2. It could be a blast.
3. It should be a blast.
4. The kid had a blast.
5. Then came a blast of.
6. Blast it out of the sky.
7. He had heard the blast.

8. Let her hang, blast off.
9. A trumpet blast or a yell.
10. What a blast that had been.
11. It was going to be a blast.
12. By the blast of cold air I.
13. The Entire Trip Was a Blast.
14. If this should blast in proof.
15. Blast Jack and damn Shelagh!.
16. A cold blast of air suddenly.
17. Some were struck by the Blast.
18. It would have been a blast.
19. This is a real y powerful blast.
20. The sudden fog-horn blast of a.
21. A hostile weapons fire blast.
22. I’ll try to blast it clear.
23. The gathering was a blast with.
24. We listened to it on full blast.
25. Moses trudged against the blast.
26. She’d get a blast out of that.
27. They love the sound of the blast.
28. How did you survive the blast?
29. A blast of sea-salt wind struck.
30. The hunter could blast the bird.
31. The Force of the blast blew the.
32. We will not blast my son to bits.
33. When that hits zero? Blast off.
34. Well, they’ll blast you out.
35. They were a blast when they worked.
36. Oh yeah! That was such a blast.
37. The blast lifted him into the air.
38. But Danny was killed by the blast.
39. Refer to the blast section above!.
40. We had a blast with the young ones.
1. Without blasting it to death.
2. They're blasting us to pieces.
3. Did they use blasting caps?
4. Louie was blasting the porkers with his.
5. Resume blasting is a low percentage effort.
6. What about the blasting caps? he asked.
7. The girl in the car just started blasting away.
8. The Blasting supervisors who have received the.
9. Blasting this place would be a prestigious move.
10. In the old days, they would use that for blasting.
11. I forgot to tell you they were blasting today!.
12. Blasting Officer & countersigned in the Transit slip.
13. Only a detonator or blasting cap could do the trick.
14. Do you mean as in blasting caps for excavation?
15. He kept blasting the problem with cycles of beta waves.
16. You are better off if you have a MANUAL SAND BLASTING.
17. Suddenly, the phone rang, almost blasting in their ears.
18. I rolled out from behind the dumpster and began blasting.
19. For all I knew, he was blasting tree stumps or something.
20. John had awakened early, the sun was already blasting the.
21. He was convinced that the blasting cap would go undetected.
22. Radio?! I remember feeling that a Boom Box was blasting static.
23. Why the hell was the KST blasting his ‘jack lighting’ me?
24. The blasting officer shall be assisted by the blasting Overman.
25. That saves my friend the trouble of blasting him with a missile.
26. The Fuzers opened fire, blasting the mysterious craft with high-.
27. It’s all about punching through all the flack And blasting out.
28. I seem to remember that they used it in the Old West for blasting.
29. And that takes a lot of blasting, Nadir suddenly comprehended.
30. The ground would shake several times a day when they were blasting.
31. Nicky closed her eyes and put her headphones on, blasting her stereo.
32. Hare's Apparatus for Rock Blasting, with aid of Galvanism, 355, 356.
33. The air was always thick with dust from the blasting and coal trucks.
34. You round on the kitchen and dining room where Jane is blasting away.
35. My favorites are the mine safety inspectors who monitor the blasting.
36. The ear pads were packed with BBs, and each contained a blasting cap.
37. Max tried the next weld down, his hole blasting technique was improving.
38. If you view the casting after sand blasting, you will be able improve.
39. The light, the unfamiliar cold wind blasting his face…he wept for joy.
40. I peeked around it and an old professor type dude started blasting away.
1. Gritty snow blasted into eyes.
2. Where are those blasted keys?
3. I was drenched and sand blasted.
4. Soon the officer blasted the sirens.
5. She just wished that blasted Louisa.
6. He lifted his magma gun and blasted.
7. I had to admit that blasted my theory.
8. It was almost blasted out of existence.
9. Nibbles couldn’t see a blasted thing.
10. But we all know her hopes were blasted.
11. She blasted me with that winning smile.
12. And look at this blasted rag, says he.
13. He took everything for a blasted joke.
14. We’d been blasted right off the road.
15. They later blasted a hole in the wall.
16. A song from the Doors blasted from the.
17. With a three shot burst, he blasted the.
18. I need your help with this blasted TV.
19. He blasted the jackals with waves of sand.
20. He blasted them on minimal provocation.
21. When do we kill the blasted thing?
22. Yaf fired Shap’s thrusters and blasted.
23. He side stepped it and blasted it with the.
24. Prepare to hoist the sail! Erik blasted.
25. Some blasted Set with gusts of wind or water.
26. It must have been blasted out of existence!.
27. A volcano blasted its bowels into the heavens.
28. Just then Ansh came there and blasted at Divya.
29. I blasted those as we rode down the country roads.
30. The siren blasted and the shift left the waterway.
31. Losira tried to intercept Apollo and was blasted.
32. Loyal by Chris Brown blasted through the speakers.
33. Goran blasted 37 aces and won a total of 25 games.
34. We'll be landing in an hour on that blasted place.
35. He then lifted his rifle and blasted a hole into it.
36. Zia blasted fire at the spot where he’d been lying.
37. Behold, seven heads of grain, thin and blasted with.
38. He blasted it with the Iotian phaser he had acquired.
39. Just like when I blasted those other three Red punks.
40. Barnes’s worried voice blasted through his earpiece.
1. Several blasts came his way.
2. Then another two blasts and silence.
3. One of the blasts hit Joey in his gut.
4. More disruptor blasts came his direction.
5. Blasts of air race towards TK’s temples.
6. Suddenly a horn sounded three longs blasts.
7. Blasts soothed the flowers born without seed.
8. Suddenly a louder gun blasts in the distance.
9. Blasts of fire leaped up from below shaking the.
10. A toy machine-gun sent tinny blasts into the air.
11. Jet reacts and blasts a beam of photons, sending the.
12. Modi was just landing in Patna when the blasts occurred.
13. Four helicopters are destroyed in huge explosive blasts.
14. Then the driver sounded its horn with three long blasts.
15. He fires again and blasts the antenna off that tank, too.
16. Every car and truck began to honk loud, sustained blasts.
17. Violent blasts erupted in the crowds and amongst the police.
18. Two blasts roared out of the car, the shots sounding as one.
19. Snow and rain fell alternately between cold blasts of wind.
20. After putting in two blasts, some large pieces were obtained.
21. He gave three short blasts, and Sig started to bark on the run.
22. Willie blasts his way out of the area with the bike's forward-.
23. The explosions and blasts were so powerful that I had lost my hearing.
24. Nobody took the responsibilities of that deadly blasts and explosions.
25. His armor was resilient, however, and deflected the blasts completely.
26. To indulge his eccentric urge they would brave the icy blasts of night.
27. The volume blasts handclaps and a steady drum beat, guitars over the top.
28. I heard more blasts, shouts, male and female screams coming from above us.
29. Then the shotgun blasts again, and something tears through Ciere’s shelter.
30. Mind Blasts can effect targets that are in ghost form, but they have no effect.
31. River Queen gave seven short blasts on her whistle-horn and started back upriver.
32. As soon as they leave, the company blasts away with little regard for the rules.
33. The trumpeters blew lonely blasts, and only the desert answered with a dying echo.
34. Meanwhile, gunshots were happening everywhere, loud blasts that echoed in the night.
35. His head throbbed from the magical blasts of the Key Mage and his red-haired friend.
36. From the missile blasts they sustain some damage to their tracks and hydraulic pumps.
37. Justice raised an eyebrow for a second and smirked as the ineffectual blasts struck him.
38. Between the blasts, screams of terror could be heard, echoing throughout the Sanctuary.
39. Marco and Bellona’s shield systems become very visible and absorb the powerful blasts.
40. Lather blew back across a sweat-glistened body as the beast blew out great blasts of air.

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