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1. These blighted should indeed be.
2. The haven I was looking for has been blighted.
3. The blighted lands were blighted no more for love had.
4. More than half of the homes in blighted neighborhoods had.
5. She did not agree when he alluded to the waiter as blighted.
6. All, all is against me; she has blighted my single consolation.
7. Anembryonic pregnancy also known as blighted ovum, it happens when a.

8. The stately residence of Monseigneur was altogether blighted and deserted.
9. Lives blighted by either crime happening to them or being perpetrated by them.
10. He had only been waiting till the aforesaid blighted affections were decently interred.
11. The problem wasn’t confined to the West: Excessive drinking blighted the whole country.
12. We asked, "What sort of place," and he shouted, "Lumme, you've come to a blighted 'ole 'ere.
13. Read the Grimoire of the Blighted Void and you will learn why there are no more dragons.
14. She presently rose from her seat, and looked about the blighted room for the means of writing.
15. It is time to blow the lid off all of the lies that blighted living humans have lived under, and in.
16. If that is his greatest gift to it, the nation, it was bought at the cost of millions of blighted lives.
17. Blighted wheat, overshadowed by the height of the cedars, whose shadows are long, whose roots grow wide.
18. Then, with grief in his eyes and voice, he said to me very distinctly, I blighted every life I touched.
19. If he made the wrong decision, Caris’ s new cloth-manufacturing enterprise would be blighted, her father.
20. His colleagues looked at him, and doubtless pitied his prospects, blighted under the perfumed breath of a woman.
21. But Ahab's glance was averted; like a blighted fruit tree he shook, and cast his last, cindered apple to the soil.
22. Laurence struck while the iron was hot, and before the blighted being recovered spirit enough to rebel, they were off.
23. Aloysius Lana would be found lying dead in his study, and there would be an end of an unfortunate fellow, and of a blighted career.
24. It’s high time that America invest its money for high returns instead of throwing it away in crime centers and blighted neighborhoods.
25. Zaphod glanced away from the mirror screens which presented a panoramic view of the blighted landscape on which the Heart of Gold had now landed.
26. Until Telly moved into his double bed with Sheri and Sams cot went into the empty, third room of our second floor lest she blighted the reunion.
27. Each, in his way, is a Blighted Being! "Who is she?" we inquire with the wise old Spanish Judge, for, certainly, Woman is at the bottom of it all.
28. Alan Greenspan, chairman of the Federal Reserve, blamed a corporate culture blighted by infectious greed for the breakdown in investor confidence.
29. But the happy occasion was soon blighted with the news that Bernadette had found a lump in her breast and that on examination it was found to be cancerous.
30. Millions of lives were blighted for centuries thereafter, because the barbarians who destroyed Rome were incapable of replacing it with anything at all comparable.
31. He felt that his blighted affections were quite dead now, and though he should never cease to be a faithful mourner, there was no occasion to wear his weeds ostentatiously.
32. Thought is moved in its most sombre depths, social philosophy is bidden to its most poignant meditations, in the presence of that enigmatic dialect at once so blighted and rebellious.
33. Exactly where we were, I think… said Trillian, as all about them the mirrors showed them an image of the blighted landscape of Magrathea which still scooted along beneath them.
34. Sanitizing the region you live in: turning it into a sanitized desert, a dead blighted destroyed area where all living things have been killed, an antiseptic insane desolation of all Nature.
36. Tom felt that it was time to wake up; this sort of life might be romantic enough, in his blighted condition, but it was getting to have too little sentiment and too much distracting variety about it.
37. He left her a shade graver than he found her, but she only came to appreciate his considerateness when other men pranced in, assumed easy positions, talked jauntily about their blighted state and made more or less rakish proposals.
38. This food is aimed for the thousands of Greek families blighted by the genocidal policies of the memorandum, the party’s spokesman told the BBC reporter, alluding to the loan agreement Athens had sighed with international creditors.
39. She was still going over to NYU to use the darkroom, academic standing be damned, and watching those proofs dry—train-trestle murals, charred mailboxes, knotted Chucks festooning the blighted elms—she tried to convince herself he was right.
40. Hester gazed after him a little while, looking with a half-fantastic curiosity to see whether the tender grass of early spring would not be blighted beneath him, and show the wavering track of his footsteps, sere and brown, across its cheerful verdure.
41. He sat by a newly-lighted wood fire (the blighted and unfruitful year was prematurely cold), and on his honest and courageous face there was a deeper shade than the pendent lamp could throw, or any object in the room distortedly reflect--a shade of horror.
42. His form was of the same strong and stalwart contour as ever: his port was still erect, his hair was still raven black; nor were his features altered or sunk: not in one year’s space, by any sorrow, could his athletic strength be quelled or his vigorous prime blighted.
43. In all her sheltered life she had some romantic sorrow had blighted his life and made him hard and bitter, and she felt never seen evil and could scarcely credit its existence, and when gossip whispered things about Rhett and the girl in Charleston she was shocked and unbelieving.
44. But he was in gloomy rebellion against the fact that his quick apprehensiveness foreshadowed to him, and when his eyes fell on Rosamond's blighted face it seemed to him that he was the more pitiable of the two; for pain must enter into its glorified life of memory before it can turn into compassion.
45. If they had been at all visibly blighted or battered, she would doubtless have grown, on tracing it back, haggard enough to match them; as matters stood, however, I could feel her, when she surveyed them, with her large white arms folded and the habit of serenity in all her look, thank the Lord's mercy that if they were ruined the pieces would still serve.
46. Why had it been kept from him? (And by whom, really? Mercer couldn’t claim not to have noticed the elasticity of his lover’s funds, funds as deep as underground springs, and possibly as inexhaustible, or not to have gotten the distinct feeling at times that William had settled in the blighted old factory building in the West Forties not out of poverty, but out of spite.
47. Relations between these two old schoolmates continued to be thus strained for nearly a year! Then Charlie transferred his blighted affections to a round, rosy, snub-nosed, blue-eyed, little Sophomore who appreciated them as they deserved, whereupon he forgave Anne and condescended to be civil to her again; in a patronizing manner intended to show her just what she had lost.
48. But either from an exaggerated passion for the romantic or from the frequently blighted hopes of her youth, she felt suddenly, at the change of her fortunes, that she had become one of the specially elect, almost God's anointed, "over whom there gleamed a burning tongue of fire," and this tongue of flame was the root of the mischief, for, after all, it is not like a chignon, which will fit any woman's head.
49. But as before the lightning the serried stormclouds, heavy with preponderant excess of moisture, in swollen masses turgidly distended, compass earth and sky in one vast slumber, impending above parched field and drowsy oxen and blighted growth of shrub and verdure till in an instant a flash rives their centres and with the reverberation of the thunder the cloudburst pours its torrent, so and not otherwise was the transformation, violent and instantaneous, upon the utterance of the word.

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