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Blistering numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A long blistering moment passed.
  2. I walked through the blistering sun.
  3. Burning, blistering, crawling all over.
  4. A blistering siren engulfed the entire.
  5. It made blistering, crackling, fumbling noises.

  6. It was five blistering days and five interminable.
  7. Blistering heat levels with a strong smoky flavour.
  8. Her arms were blistering with the sunburn, and her.
  9. The sun was blistering in my face and had no mercy upon.
  10. All that long blistering afternoon I lay baking on the rooftop.
  11. I could hardly bear the pain of the blistering heat on my face.
  12. It was a blistering college pace, but I felt light as a feather.
  13. The shade of the alley offered relief to his bare, blistering feet.
  14. The juice from a fresh crushed leaf will stop a burn from blistering.
  15. After the coffee and a blistering shower, I was feeling halfway normal.

  16. My feet stopped bleeding and blistering, but they still hurt like hell.
  17. Through the blistering pain however, the same impression remained; he was.
  18. He could see some slight noticeable blistering, but it wasn't getting worse.
  19. The attack on Modi had been blistering, the kind you expect at election time.
  20. With a blistering top speed of 25 kph, it’s not an action-packed thrill ride.
  21. There were blistering attacks on the way the SFPD was trying to solve the case.
  22. With his fingertips blistering from the heat, he was forced to release his grip.
  23. The sun was blistering hot and to aggravate matters there wasnt a cloud in the sky.
  24. What did aviation law or maritime law say about making blistering hot love to clients?
  25. The 2005 summer was very hot one, and the temperature was a blistering 99 degrees that day.

  26. With blistering speed, she continued to pummel Sorren from one side of the room to the other.
  27. Rudolph drove into Central and stepped out of his air conditioned car into the blistering heat.
  28. I’m thinking this is probably unfounded panic on my part and she’s going to be blistering mad.
  29. Yet in spite of all the blistering ignorance there are about gravity in the field of academics and all.
  30. The acrid stench of burning flesh combined with the blistering heat 0f the fire, made him want to vomit.
  31. A great wave of heat seemed to surge upwards from the floor, and hang for a blistering instant in the air.
  32. Touching the plant results in a painful, blistering sting, which is neutralised through drying the plant.
  33. The staff was blistering to the touch to begin with, but once it took the Dead God’s life, it was smoldering.
  34. SUNBURN—Actual burn, with blistering (not just tanning) is a real danger, especially with pale and sensitive skins.
  35. Hunger, thirst, and exposure to blistering sun by day and chill by night depleted survivors with frightening rapidity.
  36. I wound sacking around my hands because I had to use black-bandorscroll: a horrible, poisonous plant with blistering juices.
  37. He hunched over, favoring his left side in order to escape the pain of the blistering flesh rubbing against his course jeans.
  38. The heat from the poker in his belly grew more intense, a fire so blistering he had to cover his mouth to hold back a scream.
  39. Skanter and with it Judy had made large pitchers of cold lemonade for sale on the now blistering hot Thursday of July 5, 1855.
  40. As I stood up to ease myself, I saw something that resembles stars falling all over the house, blistering and dropping in torrents.
  41. The chemical sludge was hot and he could feel the skin blistering on his feet in just the few seconds it took him to reach the body.
  42. They made little difference blocking out the blistering heat or the sounds of car horns blaring and the chatter from the street below.
  43. On the digital First Bank board sign, the temperature read a blistering 93 degrees; that mixed with intense humidity from the recent rains.
  44. It was almost the end of November, and summer was making itself felt by a blistering heat-wave, with Lorna still feeling at odds with life.
  45. The smell of sweat, of blood, of unwashed bodies, of excrement rose up in waves of blistering heat until the fetid stench almost nauseated her.
  46. I couldn’t imagine hiking another blistering eighty-three miles in my too-small boots, but I had no choice but to ask REI to send them there.
  47. Such a book would have been a blistering account, an indictment of double-treachery against the leaders, the fathers of the young Communist state.
  48. The pie pan had cooled, but it was still hot enough that her fingers had numbed under its blistering heat, but she did not feel the pain of her fingers.
  49. He had been going at a blistering pace and the combination of the damp weather and the impending night, caused him to seek a place to rest for the night.
  50. The heat of the fires consuming the buildings of the town was blistering hot, but I continued to make my way down the bloodstained street unmindful of it.
  51. The hydrofoil ferry docked in good time and having spotted the jeweler’s shop, the couple went into the cafe nearby for a long cool drink, out of the blistering sun.
  52. When I say the Sun freezes hydrogen to a liquid because my eyes see the liquid squirting from the Sun I am dangerously mentally impaired since the Sun is blistering hot.
  53. And when it was all over Ryan and Jacques sat drunkenly with their barefeet in the pool and watched as the blistering Umhlanga sun rose to torment sleepless crimson eyes.
  54. He and his men marched in blistering heat through the pine forests along the wide coastal plain, extending inland one hundred sweltering miles before the first low hills.
  55. Ziggy Boyle stood in an alley on a blistering day and nonchalantly peeled the piece of fruit — then noticed to his disgust the white interior had dissolved to a dark slimy pulp.
  56. His thoughts were in Florida, lying on a lounge chair on the sands of South Beach – a cosmo in one hand and Jonathan’s hand in the other, soaking up the blistering Florida sun.
  57. Could this be when our ancestors first danced… hopping around fires ignited by falling volcanic material, dancing in blistering pain, and running back to the safety of their trees?
  58. He put his Panama hat on his head, gazed at the sunlight blistering and shriveling the trees overhead, hesitated like a man plunging into the outer rim of hell, and ran again for his car.
  59. By now, the whole house was under siege, covered by blistering flames of fire that circled on us from all directions; stars of vengeance; stars of demonic greed; stars of doom; their doom; their vanity.
  60. No Hun in the sun, and by careful feel, timing it in my head, I rolled inverted and began a blistering dive on the mass below, and even as we dove, I could see machines burning and falling out of the fight.
  61. As the last word emerged from Titus’s mouth, his silver blade lanced out with blistering speed, in a blink of an eye it was pushed through Saznack’s stomach with a force that surprised everyone in the room.
  62. It was near high noon, sun blistering hot and very little shade, and with me getting up in years, thought it would be nice to settle under these three of four cedar trees for a rest and maybe take something to eat.
  63. Diving at a blistering rate of four kilometers per second, the interceptor went down to an altitude of 3,000 meters before Busson raised its nose to the horizontal and slowed down to just under the speed of sound.
  64. Suddenly the air was rent by a stream of blistering invective, and a Cockney Tommy turned round on his pal, who had tripped and accidentally prodded him with the point of his bayonet, and at the top of his voice said:.
  65. Presuming that there was likely to be no more information, the adventurers made their excuses, promising to tell Balzar about his brother when the retrieved the Globe, and Bleanor led them out to the blistering desert sands.
  66. Due to blistering (must not have scraped deep enough) and the fire alongside our garage set by our sons and two of the three Calovis boys while Dixie was visiting Bonnie in Toronto), I must have painted that house at least three more times.
  67. The blistering midday sun was beating down as he headed for his house where he sat down on the sofa, dragged off his heavy jackboots and put his feet into a basin of cold water, hoping to shake off some of the weariness that had overcome him.
  68. I recall many hot blistering Delhi days when I would use all my remaining strands of power to transform, my eyes willing, warning Jacques to let me go, but the stubborn brute wouldn’t have it, saying instead that my death wouldn’t be on his conscious.
  69. There was a steady stream of common cars — Polos, Nissans, nothing out of the ordinary: cars I'd see every day on the streets of London — but they were interspersed at an absurd ratio with BMWs, Mercedes and Porsches, the sheen of their metal gleaming flawlessly beneath the blistering sun.
  70. It may seem odd that with such pleasant habits he should have been given to the heroic treatment, bleeding and blistering and starving his patients, with a dispassionate disregard to his personal example; but the incongruity favored the opinion of his ability among his patients, who commonly observed that Mr.
  71. It reminds me of watching the Discovery Channel and the wildebeest that cautiously approaches the crocodile-infested water for a drink just minutes after the jaws of a croc clamped down on his buddy! Is the animal stupid? No! The animal knows that without water it will die in the blistering African sun so it takes a calculated risk.
  72. A mass exodus from the south had migrated north where the compressed population had been trapped under Russian territory like a pressure cooker and, with hundreds of millions of immigrants stampeding north to escape the blistering heat and desiccation of Africa, the situation had become impossible long before TBOS had been implemented.
  73. For the heroic times of copious bleeding and blistering had not yet departed, still less the times of thorough-going theory, when disease in general was called by some bad name, and treated accordingly without shilly-shally—as if, for example, it were to be called insurrection, which must not be fired on with blank-cartridge, but have its blood drawn at once.
  74. Outside, the storm was full blown, williwaws blistering down the sides of houses, screeching winds fastening around all objects, tearing at joints and roots, clouds of snow flying on eddies in all directions, funnels of powder skirting the pavement, sticking to the shadows of filth, layer upon layer, deeper and deeper, as my feet sank into the white earth, destination known and unknown.
  75. My feet on fire, my flesh rubbed raw, my muscles and joints aching, the finger that had been denuded of its skin when the bull charged me throbbing with a mild infection, my head broiling and abuzz with random bits of music, at the end of the blistering tenth day of my hike I practically crawled into a shady grove of cottonwoods and willows that my guidebook identified as Spanish Needle Creek.
  1. I sat on my blistered hands.
  2. Been baked and blistered on the run.
  3. Her wrists were red raw and blistered.
  4. It was bright red and blistered, but it was there.
  5. I've blistered my tongue talking for him this week.
  6. The chancellor’s face was bright red and blistered.
  7. Her little mouth and tongue were completely blistered.
  8. He held up his blistered hands and moaned, ‘They make.
  9. She started to feel intense blistered feeling in her body.
  10. At the end of it Eddie’s feet were blistered, but he held on.
  11. His paws were blistered and yellow matter had formed in his eyes.
  12. My skin blistered and popped causing pain like the worst sunburn.
  13. The ladder truck Danny drove had all the paint blistered on the front.
  14. Zavier took off one of his shoes and began to massage his blistered toe.
  15. Where the sun touched me, it burned, blistered and caused intense pain.
  16. After Kyle poured more milk on the blistered burns, Emily could finally.
  17. He examines a long splinter embedded under the skin of his blistered hand.
  18. His face was blistered from the heat and sweat was beading down his forehead.
  19. Both are badly sunburned with ragged scraggly beards, blistered and cracked lips.
  20. He’d tripped over, made a fool of himself got sweaty, hot and got blistered feet.
  21. He motioned to Rex to give him the stinky stuff, and applied some to his blistered feet.
  22. Look at mine, answered Scarlett with a frightening smile as she pushed blistered and.
  23. The ferocious tirade he launched at Mimi when the battle was over would have blistered paint.
  24. John noted that their paws were red and blistered, and they had cuts and scrapes on their faces.
  25. He wiped at his blistered face again, then stared down at Ash, who was still staring straight ahead.
  26. His hair was singed, his clothes were burnt into holes, his hands blistered, and his boots scorched.
  27. His shoes were blistered as if he had held them, uncaring, in the mouth of a stove, motionless, forever.
  28. But the King’s Wood remained ripe with power, his hands blistered anew the moment the Oneness left him.
  29. They’re blistered and bruised and I’m surprised that he’s still standing, much less walking, on them.
  30. The shutters are blistered with the fierce sun of five summers, and the no less fierce sun of five winters.
  31. By the time I reached Belden, my feet were injured in an entirely new way: the tips of my toes were blistered.
  32. When first light finally arrived, several anxious vultures landed to investigate the blistered and torn remains.
  33. It was well past the season, and the rain and sun had blistered their once soft flesh, but they would have to do.
  34. Iván had his hair and beard singed and his garments burnt and his hands blistered, but he did not feel anything.
  35. A sore and blistered foot makes it difficult to function effectively, even worse is a foot that has become infected.
  36. They were both seriously dehydrated and Lucky’s exposed skin was badly blistered, some of which had become infected.
  37. It was flame and darkness, light and terror, and all else of horror and joy besides, but he held on as his mind blistered.
  38. He opened his hand and held a scrying ball that glimmered in the daylight sending off sparks that blistered as they hit me.
  39. Left alone, I looked at my aching, blistered finger and thought about what I had said about being locked up in a torture chamber.
  40. Keeping my gaze with his icy blue eyes, he bent his head until his lips met my blistered finger, sucking the drops of water from it.
  41. The timbers of the Widdershin Gate were already on fire when Rincewind, his face blistered and reddened from the flames, reached them.
  42. I can do it better by this light than by a stronger, for my hand is steadiest when I don't see the poor blistered patches too distinctly.
  43. Because of the risk of infection, topical applications should not be made to blistered or open burn wounds, unless under medical supervision.
  44. Soon it would be night and hands that were blistered and slapped them fiercely on the horse’s back, her aching arms burning at the movement.
  45. If she could only be rid of her tight stays, the collar that choked her and the slippers still full of sand and gravel that blistered her feet.
  46. It consisted of a modest single-story wooden affair with a blistered clapperboard front, an exterior that, in all respects, had seen better days.
  47. Sitting with little shelter waiting for the portal had exposed her to the suns of that dimension, and her face and hands were burned and blistered.
  48. Her face was crimson with The next morning Scarlett’s body was so stiff and sore from the long miles of walking sunburn and her blistered palms raw.
  49. One third of it was bent at an angle of approximately 45 degrees from the rest, and on one side it was scorched and blistered from exposure to great heat.
  50. There was a bucket of well water on the floor beside her and every now and then she lowered her blistered foot into it, screwing up her face at the stinging.
  51. People hobbled up on blistered feet and worn out legs tantalised by the smell of the cooking even though the march yesterday had taken everything out of them.
  52. Reduced to the status of petty criminal, with shabby clothes clinging to his back, the stink of body oils perfuming his hair and dirt caking his blistered skin.
  53. Here and there on his lips and body, the skin, blistered in the grave, had burst open and left reddish glistening cracks, as if covered with a thin, glassy slime.
  54. Moreover, they took in a lot of sunshine on this tropical island, returned quite sunburned from the fishing, and blistered from the rowing to and from the island.
  55. On my third day out from Sierra City, as I sat hunched near the open door of my tent doctoring my blistered feet, I realized the day before had been the Fourth of July.
  56. When those who chicken shit tweet, The sky is not falling, are blistered in the face with a toxnado spray, will this be the culmination of human wisdom at the time of.
  57. The purple pool is rolling when you look down on it, agony on faces blistered and peeling crawling out of the stew, potato people swelling unfortunate enough to be slow wading out.
  58. So I watched her bloody, blistered, once-pretty, delicate feet turn not-so-slowly into the deformed, agonized things that now look as if they belong on someone 40 years older than me.
  59. The sun had already blistered the paint on the backs of the green chairs in Hyde Park; peeled the bark off the plane trees; and turned the earth to powder and to smooth yellow pebbles.
  60. She was obliged to trudge the roads seeking any corner that might offer her some kind of shelter… she was exhausted, her feet sore and blistered from endlessly moving from one place to another.
  61. Girls, I’m not going to see you all for a while, he announced as he sat in Melanie’s bedroom, luxuriously wriggling his blistered feet in the tub of cold water Scarlett had set before him.
  62. Life lay before her, an endless ladder up each of whose steep rungs she would have to clamber; in every sort of weather she would have to clamber, getting more battered, more blistered with every rung.
  63. By late afternoon any thought of making it all the way to McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park by day’s end had been shot down entirely by my late start, my throbbing and blistered feet, and the staggering heat.
  64. With all the kicking and bracing, my feet blistered in new places as well as in all the old places that had blistered back in my first days of hiking, the flesh on my hips and shoulders still rubbed raw by Monster’s straps.
  65. The land sloped slightly, and if I remembered the neighborhood, there was an aquifer not too deep underground, so that the soil grew damp again each night, no matter what heat the Mojave sun blistered down on the land during the day.
  66. A little man whose voice proclaimed the city of his birth—arm broken and face blistered with mustard gas, though he alone of the party could see—jumped out, looked around, and then whispered in my ear, All serene, guv'nor, leave 'em to me.
  67. Heexperienced no suffering from estrangement—no yearning after reconciliation; and though, more than once, my fast falling tears blistered the page over which we both bent, they produced no more effect on him than if his heart had been really a matter of stone or metal.
  68. Poor Mammy, still the martinet about such unimportant things even though war and death had just passed over her head! In another moment she would be saying that young Misses with blistered hands and freckles most generally didn’t never catch husbands and Scarlett forestalled the remark.
  69. Availing himself of the mild, summer-cool weather that now reigned in these latitudes, and in preparation for the peculiarly active pursuits shortly to be anticipated, Perth, the begrimed, blistered old blacksmith, had not removed his portable forge to the hold again, after concluding his contributory work for Ahab's leg, but still retained it on deck, fast lashed to ringbolts by the foremast; being now almost incessantly invoked by the headsmen, and harpooneers, and bowsmen to do some little job for them; altering, or repairing, or new shaping their various weapons and boat furniture.
  1. I can feel the blisters.
  2. Blisters grew from the sun.
  3. The blisters higher up the.
  4. It will burn and cause blisters.
  5. Her blisters pour blood into her shoes.
  6. The blisters were breaking and bleeding.
  7. His whole body was now a sea of blisters.
  8. These progresses to become small blisters.
  9. Puss and water ran from blisters and ulcers.
  10. Some blisters and burned skin peeled off also.
  11. The best pair of running socks prevents blisters.
  12. The blisters on our hands were now callused over.
  13. There were large angry blisters over most of the.
  14. Dahms examined the blisters on the side of his head.
  15. The blisters begin climbing the side of the mountain.
  16. Herpes - the blisters from which can be really painful.
  17. They slightly glow as they bombard the army of blisters.
  18. At the very end of the day, with blisters of blood lining.
  19. Several blisters are struck and the rest aim at the rocks.
  20. On inspection feet appear purple with swelling and blisters.
  21. These blisters have different shiny metals over their bodies.
  22. By afternoon the saddles will be hot enough to raise blisters.
  23. Elowen inwardly groaned at the prospect, painful blisters had.
  24. She explored the wound and found that blisters had already formed.
  25. Rex grabbed the pot from me and applied some salve to his blisters.
  26. Today, when he pulled the bandages off, he pulled off the blisters.
  27. Blisters can cause pain, which is why it is a good idea to avoid them.
  28. Blisters and humility were forgotten as Rian sent his men into formation.
  29. Bellona dodges lasers while striking several nearby slow moving blisters.
  30. Their sole were thinner and the blood blisters, on her feet weren't as bad.
  31. He cut his hands, got a scalding sunburn, and acquired colonies of blisters.
  32. The skin will blister but these blisters should NEVER be deliberately burst.
  33. The blisters try to hug the wall and hide in their shells, but it is too late.
  34. The blisters, which are contagious, later break, ooze, and crust over before.
  35. Blisters as large as four centimeters in diameter had formed on her lower back.
  36. Stop, apply Vaseline and a Band-Aid before blisters develop and the skin breaks.
  37. Small blisters had appeared on his cheeks, forehead, and around his eye sockets.
  38. There are lots of possible causes behind having blisters on your bowling hand.
  39. One of the best ways to avoid blisters is to know the possible causes behind them.
  40. The blisters stop firing as they hold on tighter from the zero gravity in the room.
  41. Small blisters began to form where the venom had touched his skin, even on his hand.
  42. Dozens of lasers are being shot by the blisters towards Bellona while they seek cover.
  43. The blisters fire their weapons towards Marco, when they figure out what he is doing.
  44. He wanted to know how I treated my blisters and how many miles I was averaging a day.
  45. Colling showed him how to lance the blisters with a needle and apply protective tape.
  46. The blisters dive and dig into the ground with their claws to keep from floating away.
  47. The blisters charge towards her from all directions still firing, weakening her shields.
  48. Oh, the rest of the blisters will peel off in a couple of days, and you’ll be fine.
  49. Her blisters had healed, and by the next day, she was able to walk with me in the garden.
  50. She held them up to the moonlight and watched as her skin began to rise in large blisters.
  51. The trotting blisters stop running and look back at the large explosion from the mountain.
  52. The skin around his eye became dark blue and was covered with blisters, as if after a burn.
  53. So fearful and true the belief that heat blisters appeared on the skin at the contact points.
  54. Cold sores are painful fluid-filled blisters that form on the borders of the lips caused by a.
  55. The skin was raised in blisters of different sizes and in places had come off in large pieces.
  56. Jai’s blisters from the wishing well tore open and he had to fight not to cry in frustration.
  57. These creatures are called blisters and they have long white and black hairs around their body.
  58. The army of blisters beneath him stands up on their hind legs and continue to fire towards Marco.
  59. I picked at the bandages on my hands, finally pulling them away to expose the blisters underneath.
  60. The policewoman told me that his feet were full of blisters, and required me have a good look at them.
  61. I found that out the hard way when at around 14-km I was forced to run the rest of the race on blisters.
  62. The army of blisters is holding onto the ground and lifts their heads simultaneously and fire at Bellona.
  63. They had died of complications of infections that had taken root in the blisters from extensive sunburns.
  64. The livid tumefaction spread over the leg, with blisters here and there, whence there oozed a black liquid.
  65. At some point his visions turned dark and he saw the faces of his parents swelling up with blisters and rashes.
  66. Harold balled up his right hand into a fist and banged it into his left palm breaking the newly formed blisters.
  67. The blisters had become infected, and eventually the infections had spread to the rest of the animals’ bodies.
  68. The next man was one of the replacement privates who had serious blisters on his feet from poorly fitting shoes.
  69. There was a large red circle with blisters starting to form around the edge and black ash molded into the center.
  70. She remembered she had expended much effort to repair this ship till her beautiful hands were covered with blisters.
  71. We were warned not to pick up anything metal that had been lying in the sun because it would cause blisters and burns.
  72. And, worst of all, she had burned two blisters on her fingers helping Pittypat and Cookie make layer cakes for raffling.
  73. Four days later, Dar emerged from his quarters; his whole body covered with peeling blisters, and he still felt wrung out.
  74. Aware that there was nothing he could do about it, he resolutely suppressed his growing anxiety and concentrated on the blisters.
  75. This time it bounces back off the blisters as each has their own clear invisible energy shields that light up over their left arms.
  76. And the troll-mare blisters along the sandpapered shores, changing the world and wire in its swear ENDLESS IMITATION - ENDLESS LIBERTY.
  77. At least the children had not suffered blisters on their feet which would have made the going a lot more difficult that it already was.
  78. They probably saved his life, because, had he scratched and popped the blisters, they would have gotten infected and he might have died.
  79. On the third day the heat was taking its toll and everyone was complaining of various ailments like blisters, sores caused by backpacks and fatigue.
  80. Rian looked sullen and humiliated as he massaged the blisters on his hands, his otherwise unbelievable training and skill seemingly worthless at the moment.
  81. The explosive fire and the pro-gravity force of her weapon makes the side of the mountain crumble and pulls the Blisters body down the side of the mountain.
  82. The end of the afternoon saw the lot of them all bruised and battered, with fresh blisters rising on their callused hands from where they gripped the spears.
  83. Some of the reasons behind the blisters are the tightly fitted bowling ball holes, poor measurements of the holes, as well as the improper release of the ball.
  84. Entire families succumbed to the agony and anguish of boils, blisters and buboes; fever, diarrhea, vomiting, hemorraging, coughing; and rotting, liquified tissues.
  85. I lay in the dark under a pale and smothering camberwick bedspread, pushing at blisters of paint brushed over lyres and garlands on the texture of the wallpaper.
  86. Rub it on to protect from sunburn, and chafing from saltwater, to repel insects, as a salve for sores and blisters or, mixed with wood ash, as a substitute for soap.
  87. My own boots – softened so that I may wear them without getting blisters straight away – plus an old pair of Gilla’s will have to suffice in the footware stakes.
  88. His face had never been a pretty sight, but with all the peeling blisters imperfectly covering it up, with rosy fresh skin showing underneath, it looked worse than ever.
  89. The water bottles had an aluminium enclosure which doubled as coffee pot and we soon learned not touch it with our lips as it became very hot and burn your lips blisters.
  90. To warm myself up, I pretend to row for a while, but I have some bad blisters on my palms from gripping the handlebars of the ATV; I try to get some sympathy from my guides.
  91. But, alas! how could I offend a man who was charitable enough to sit at my bedside a good hour, and talk on some other subject than pills and draughts, blisters and leeches?
  92. After walking a few hundred meters, her feet hurting and with blisters forming on the back of her heels, she finally pushed open a small gate but saw that the church was deserted.
  93. Besides all that, two of the men had leg cramps from climbing up the steep terrain, and one other had blisters on both feet; that was the reasoning we used in stopping early to begin with.
  94. I forgot how long it had been since I’d ridden a horse! In just a few miles, I was wishing I’d been smart enough to opt for blisters on my feet instead of places higher up on my anatomy.
  95. Take for instance, a man laboring in the hot sun with nothing to drink, and working until he’s worn blisters on his feet and hands and he’s nearly in tears from the terrible ache in his back.
  96. Getting back to those blisters, one preventative measure favoured by many bushwalkers is to wear two pairs of socks: a thin pair nearest the feet, with a thicker outer pair to fill up the boot.
  97. But, alas! how could I offend a man who was charitable enough to sit at my bedside a good hour, and talk on some other subject than pills and draughts, blisters and leeches? This is quite an easy interval.
  98. After leaving the shrine the previous day he had covered several leagues on foot, jogging along at the standard Nordheim military pace – run one league, walk another and so on, until the blisters stop you.
  99. The blisters on my feet began to sting, rubbing against the inside of my well-worn trainers as I marched the pavements, all the while the afternoon sun hammering down on me as the sweat poured out of my body.
  100. A burnt offering has been made to vanity, this hardened palm has earned something better than blisters, and I'm sure the sewing done by these pricked fingers will last a long time, so much good will went into the stitches.

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2. It’s a blister out here.
3. The blister was Tommy Casella.
4. What, girl? How’s the blister?
5. Susan had a slight blister on one heel.
6. A blister has formed on his sockless left heel.
7. The blister was every bit as real as the flame had been.
8. I shiver, both from the cold and the pain of the blister.
9. I peered down and the side of the toe was one big blister.
10. Every time he touched it, his skin would blister and slough off.
11. He popped two out of the blister wrap and threw them in his mouth.
12. The devastation of what they’d been through opened like a blister.
13. Sometimes immediate treatment will prevent the blister from forming.
14. The skin will blister but these blisters should NEVER be deliberately burst.
15. Niki Carter found Tama Orleans in an observation blister on the bottom of the.
16. A blister is a watery fluid within or beneath the skin due to rubbing or a burn.
17. He had a big blister on his right heel, and popped it with the sharp point of a needle.
18. One boot was chafing … it wouldn’t be long before he developed a thorough-going blister.
19. There wasn’t anyone who didn’t have a blister somewhere after the previous day’s stroll.
20. Miles away birds flew in great flocks, startled by the noise I made when I popped the first blister.
21. A cold sore, sometimes called a fever blister is an infection with the Herpes Simplex I Virus (HSV-I).
22. Cara seemed cranky and irritable and said she was getting a blister from the strap of her new sandals.
23. This blister, the upper most point of the ship, would most often be pointed in the direction of travel.
24. Jimmy lifted his hand, could feel the pain throbbing, examined his finger; a blister was certainly there.
25. These stones are so hot, if I didnt have sandals, my feet would be one big blister, Sarah complained.
26. He had to be mindful of his delicate complexion as over-exposure to sunlight would burn and blister his skin.
27. Standing dead center of that room, and looking straight up, one could look out through a small observation blister.
28. Also, I didn’t want her to get a blister on her hand, so she would have to interrupt her playing until it healed.
29. The tiny blister pack was completely invisible, colored to perfectly match Marri’s skin and glued down seamlessly.
30. This hand was rough from work, brown with sunburn, splotched cushions of the palm, a half-healed blister on the thumb.
31. The wooden rafters were smouldering where they over-hung outside, and paint was beginning to blister on the window frames.
32. Through the dripping sides of the water goblet, I could see the border of angry red flesh with a white blister in the center.
33. The Observation Blister on the starship she had been own previously had been her favorite spot to hide, and so she knew the appeal.
34. It was the very thing she was determined to do herself if she looked out the observation blister and saw the Ferengi ship still coming for them.
35. I took off my boots and my single pair of 100% Rayon socks to find that the soles of each foot were covered from heel to toe with a giant blister.
36. My feet like everyone else’s were blood raw and as I marched along I could feel the blister popping and filling my socks with their blood mucus and liquid.
37. Twice, an arrow of flame came close enough to singe her hair and blister her arm, but she caught at the pain and swallowed it down before it could destroy her.
38. Then, about half way through the race, in addition to the weather and the landscape, I became painfully aware of a blister forming on my left heel under the brace.
39. He spoke in the tone of entreaty and reproach that a carpenter uses to a gentleman who has picked up an ax: ‘We are used to it, but you, sir, will blister your hands.
40. He spoke in the tone of entreaty and reproach that a carpenter uses to a gentleman who has picked up an ax: We are used to it, but you, sir, will blister your hands.
41. If you have had a cold sore in the past, you will know that tingling or itching of the skin may occur several days before you see the fever blister so you should act quickly.
42. But by-and-by Nancy, in her attic, became portentously worse, the supposed tumor having indeed given way to the blister, but only wandered to another region with angrier pain.
43. Outside the blister, stars appeared to stream by, broken into their spectrum, the normal visual affect of the Universe twisted through the lens of the warp bubble encapsulating the ship.
44. I chopped a few more pieces, gaining proficiency until my hands began to hurt and blister, and then proceeded to stack the wood in with the rest, throwing the ball in between stacking to keep Nero busy.

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