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Bloodline numa frase em (in ingles)

The bison was their bloodline.
The spirals are our bloodline.
Depends on the bloodline though.
Aside from his sanity, his bloodline.
A Bloodline, nothing less than Royalty.
He’s trying to destroy the bloodline.
It’s done to protect the noble bloodline.

Eiess is not of the Aesira bloodline, is she?
Ultimately, the bloodline marked them for better things.
Harlan might be arrogant, but his bloodline was still royal.
Descendants of the bloodline of Jesus Christ are the same as the.
Israel wasn’t destroyed and the bloodline wasn’t polluted.
His hair was black and straight, the trait of the royal bloodline.
They contained the genealogy of the Aesira bloodline and a lot more.
I watched his tattoos, markings of his bloodline, shift over his body.
With him, I would continue the bloodline of the MacRaes with this baby.
He truly feels that he is the rightful ruler of Aura, by right of bloodline.
When his hand came away with the black ink signature of our bloodline, he.
She could restore the bloodline, turn the Order into Gatekeepers once more.
When in reality, Holden was trying to kill me to end the Dahlquist bloodline.
To be a Sun Queen, you have to be a direct descendant of the Aesira bloodline.
However, know that we tend to choose our leaders through merit, not bloodline.
Only a king or queen of the Aesira bloodline has the power to engage the jewel.
Flavius didn’t want to get an unwanted surprise of low bloodline in a few months.
After all, the magical bloodline was too precious to get wasted in capital punishments.
The profit motive runs like a bloodline of inner corruption throughout civilized history.
This is especially true of those lucky enough to be gestated within an ancient bloodline.
Family tradition and the continuation of the bloodline is what it is, Richard mused.
The Henandez bloodline going back centuries is known to have special powers and abilities.
Notice what the doctor said about her bloodline, Naria, Tarak pointed out without delay.
Stacks of bloodline, breeding, and sales records rose like proud towers around his small bunk.
He was killed for not being Royal enough, for not having a wife who was from a Royal bloodline.
To a white man no less! To think the granddaughter of a chief would cheapen her bloodline so!.
In ten years, they built a business and a winning bloodline that Bing Torbold would have admired.
True, all records indicate that you are not of the bloodline, but your blood is however different.
I looked at him astounded; this personality next to me was component of royal bloodline of Rajasthan.
It is in reality presenting another gospel, for them, race and "bloodline" is the determining factor.
Since his bloodline is pure and his elder brother Alex a member of council, what Angel wants Angel gets.
He was so infatuated with the continuation of his bloodline that he has donated sperm to every sperm bank known.
On that note my dad told all of us about a head vamp that's been trying for centuries to eliminate our bloodline.

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