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  1. A big blotch with wings.
  2. Kiera suddenly saw a blotch of red.
  3. There was no more of her but this pale blotch.
  4. I zoomed in on the blotch of paint, which by the way was.
  5. It was only when I caught sight of the red blotch on Mrs.

  6. The Irakzai lay where he had fallen, an ugly blotch on the glassy smoothness.
  7. Stare the sun for example like the eagle then look at a shoe see a blotch blob yellowish.
  8. The furnaces flared in a red blotch over Bulwell; the black clouds were like a low ceiling.
  9. Looking round he saw the pale blotch of her face down in the darkness under the hanging tree.
  10. The frosted glass rested behind a metal cage, but there was a significant blotch on one side of it.
  11. Surprised, Joe turned, still in a paroxysm of desire, his penis erect, his face a fiery blotch of lust.
  12. If you can make it a cartoon character, that caricature is a Rorschach blotch of the Nism's psychological state.
  13. The big dark blotch might really be the watchman’s hut or it might be a cavern leading to the very depths of the earth.
  14. His pupils were dilated; the caramel brown seeping into the white the way a blotch of ink does when soaked into a paper towel.
  15. The birth- mark was just a birth-mark, a meaningless blotch with no particular shape that just happened to be on the left breast.

  16. There was a blotch on her forehead, which looked as though a drop of the colour had stained her skin before being rubbed vigorously.
  17. In the very centre of this there was a huge mark—an ill-defined blotch, deep, broad and irregular, as if a great boulder had fallen upon it.
  18. Two or three blocks away, high above the row of apartment buildings near the center of the neighborhood known as The Hub, was a big blotch in the sky.
  19. Across his cheek and chin spread a winestain birthmark that was supposed to resemble a red raven, though Dunk only saw an odd-shaped blotch of discolored skin.
  20. Decoud heard no sound; and it was only by the disappearance of the square blotch of darkness that he knew the yard had come down, lowered as carefully as if it had been made of glass.
  21. When modes of comformication disappear, because readers or listeners of the system cease existing, then sheet music will become just an incomprehensible Roshack blotch to minds that cannot read them.
  22. I asked them what was so funny and the boy, a chubby skinhead of eleven or twelve, told me to go to hell, while the girl, whose face was a blotch of brown freckles, got up and followed the student through the door, shaking her head as she went.
  23. Petya ought to have known that he was in a forest with Denisov’s guerrilla band, less than a mile from the road, sitting on a wagon captured from the French beside which horses were tethered, that under it Likhachev was sitting sharpening a saber for him, that the big dark blotch to the right was the watchman’s hut, and the red blotch below to the left was the dying embers of a campfire, that the man who had come for the cup was an hussar who wanted a drink; but he neither knew nor waited to know anything of all this.
  24. Pétya ought to have known that he was in a forest with Denísov’s guerrilla band, less than a mile from the road, sitting on a wagon captured from the French beside which horses were tethered, that under it Likhachëv was sitting sharpening a saber for him, that the big dark blotch to the right was the watchman’s hut, and the red blotch below to the left was the dying embers of a campfire, that the man who had come for the cup was an hussar who wanted a drink; but he neither knew nor waited to know anything of all this.
  25. All these salaried shouters, these ambitious exploiters of the evil passions of the masses and the poor in spirit, who are deceived by the sonority of words, have to such an extent envenomed the national hatreds that the war of to-morrow will stake the existence of a race: one of the elements which have constituted the modern world is menaced,—he who will be vanquished must disappear morally,—and, whatever it be, we shall see a force annihilated, as if there were one too many for the good! We shall see a new Europe formed, on bases that are so unjust, so brutal, so bloody, so soiled with a monstrous blotch, that it cannot help but be worse than that of to-day,—more iniquitous, more barbarous, more violent.

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  1. The abdomen and legs were swollen and the shins black and blotched.
  2. Edna looked at her daughter as she slept, through the blotched eyes of a distraught mother.
  3. Look, you damn goons! You see how the palms of my hands are now blotched with black colouring.
  4. Her face was red and blotched; her black eyes wide open, and her short, thick lips failed to hide her white, protruding teeth.
  5. The rinse had turned out more purple than blue and instead of distracting, had drawn attention to the pinkly blotched scalp beneath.
  6. It was long, whitish, and blotched with pimples, the nose flattened, and the lower jaw projecting, with a bristle of coarse whiskers round the chin.
  7. The door which faced them was blotched and discoloured, and a faint light in the fan pane above, it served to show the dust and the grime which covered it.
  1. Her make-up blotches her pale complexion.
  2. The hard ground was stained with dark blotches.
  3. Mark had a rash of purple blotches on his face and arms.
  4. Now it was an iridescent blue with cream-colored blotches.
  5. Sweat formed dark blotches about his clothes and damped his hair.
  6. Its skin was patterned with darker-colored, donut-shaped blotches.
  7. For a long time I lay and watched these red, quivering blotches of light.
  8. His clothing was travel-stained and aged, covered in red-brown blotches.
  9. Milo could see the marks on her face – more like red blistery blotches.
  10. Nasty red blotches, and all that itching would make her scowl a lot more.
  11. Her pale skin displayed a few mauve blotches around her neck and lower face.
  12. Her big face, dotted with red blotches, presented the appearance of a skimmer.
  13. Their faces were both thin, their skin hanging in folds and covered with blotches.
  14. The largest are the various Diamondbacks, with distinctive diamond-shaped blotches.
  15. Jerry’s skin, white to the point of transparency, was speckled with freckles and blotches.
  16. Faint blotches still line his arms where the water ate away at the upper layers of his skin.
  17. Then you start to notice differences — different heights, lines on their bodies, blotches on their heads.
  18. Red blotches that she suffered when highly agitated or angry appeared on her neck and her breathing quickened.
  19. I stared at the luminous ripples breaking over my hands, shimmering sheets spattered with blotches of bluish gray.
  20. His face lengthens, grows pale and bearded, with sunken eyes, the blotches of phthisis and hectic cheekbones of John F.
  21. Her cough had progressively grown worse and her lungs burned as she hacked away, sometimes even coughing up blotches of blood.
  22. Annie's face was looking much better, the lotion had taken the bright red blotches away and had stopped the incessant itching.
  23. I follow it farther into the forest, and when I round the bend the trees become thinner, their orange leaves marked by brown blotches.
  24. Moreover it protects it from having blotches or unpleasant look that occurs in case that the blood remained in the slaughtered animal' body.
  25. Red blotches on her cheeks and chin marked her otherwise sallow skin and she seemed to have far more teeth than could fit in her small mouth.
  26. The blotches of colour did nothing to camouflage her on this steel ship, maybe she could wear grey and blend in with her surroundings that way.
  27. As she studied her hand, she noticed that the blood had started seeping through the layers of white bandages, leaving blotches of blood here and there.
  28. There he stood, along with Deek, Stacey and Deek’s brother-in-law, arms over shoulders, dressed in full paintball gear, each covered in blotches of paint.
  29. There were no carpets and no signs of any furniture above the ground floor, while the plaster was peeling off the walls, and the damp was breaking through in green, unhealthy blotches.
  30. The woman sitting in her study with blotches on her neck was going through a spiritual crisis and what she needed most right now was a listening heart, someone who would not judge her harshly.
  31. She flushed, her beautiful eyes grew dim, red blotches came on her face, and it took on the unattractive martyrlike expression it so often wore, as she submitted herself to Mademoiselle Bourienne and Lise.
  32. O'Connor, a grey-haired young man, whose face was disfigured by many blotches and pimples, had just brought the tobacco for a cigarette into a shapely cylinder but when spoken to he undid his handiwork meditatively.
  33. In the after-noon, after twenty-four hours of desperation, they knew that she was dead because the flow had stopped without remedies and her profile became sharp and the blotches on her face evaporated in a halo of alabaster and she smiled again.
  34. Battered felt hats, tarpaulin caps, hideous woollen nightcaps, and, side by side with a short blouse, a black coat broken at the elbow; many wore women's headgear, others had baskets on their heads; hairy breasts were visible, and through the rent in their garments tattooed designs could be descried; temples of Love, flaming hearts, Cupids; eruptions and unhealthy red blotches could also be seen.

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