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And so boastful after it.
The lion in me is too boastful.
He is the cruel and boastful husband.
They say, those boastful English, that it is the Refuge of many.
God is a boastful God, but because what God says is so important.
Just me and Beth are going, she said again, in this boastful.
Jose promptly hung up, and stared at Mitchell in a boastful manner.
Boisterous and boastful, atmospheres lightened whenever a Hite was present.
If he had too much wine, he could be pompous and boastful, but he was young.
And, not to sound boastful, but the fact is that my mind is particularly formidable.
He hated the endless, boring conversations, the boastful men and the predatory women.
AutoCAD makes architects stupid, I waved off her boastful statement with one hand.
Not garrulous and boastful and full of stories as I remembered, but humble and reserved.
You waxed a bit boastful of his sexual prowess I will admit, and everyone did hear you in the sleeps.
This was not an accident of a very boastful marine transportation; this was a real casualty of the sea.
Shantanu got two letter marks in Social Science and Hindi, she answered with boastful exclamation.
They halt wherever they find it convenient instead of consulting the wishes of our boastful friend Murat.
Without trying to sound theatrical or over boastful there is no sense even in contemplating to read these.
People have become boastful and arrogant: one resident explains that everyone has to do this just to fit in.
That, to be sure, was a bit flamboyantly boastful; to exhibit a love token is as criminal as to boast of a kiss.
Their feeling will not be loud nor boastful, nor even stated unless one member is criticized, but the feeling will be there.
After winning several archery contests a boastful young man challenged a Zen master who was renowned for his skill as an archer.
You find them in mysterious nooks of islands and continents, mostly red-nosed and watery-eyed, and not even amusingly boastful.
They were boastful, triumphant; it seemed to both that they had read every book in the world; known every sin, passion, and joy.
As for the once famous television gardener, he soon found that many years of proud and boastful behaviour makes for a rapid fall from grace.
The young man went on to have several more knife fights after his boastful stories of returning from the dead and seemed to acquire quite a taste for it.
Lorry's usual desk, with Monseigneur swarming within a yard or two of it, boastful of what he would do to avenge himself on the rascal-people before long.
He tolerated the boastful chatter for the opportunity it provided him to join in on high rolling gambling binges, where chips were handed him by the fistful.
With a boastful laugh he repeated his assertion that it didn't take much courage to open a sealed door, especially when there might be a fortune concealed behind it.
They were even boastful of its eminence in those particulars, and were fired by an express conviction that, if it were less objectionable, it would be less respectable.
Nikolay Vsyevolodovitch would, perhaps, have looked down on L—n, and have called him a boastful cock-a-hoop coward; it's true he wouldn't have expressed himself aloud.
Once upon a time, by the riverbank of Far Away Land, Jack the Boastful Deer challenged his friend, Joe the Meek Snail, who between them could reach the end of the river faster.
They are loud and colorful, and perhaps a little more boastful than other Alaskans, but what's certain is that they keep to the old traditions of working hard, playing hard and drinking hard.
The company who owned her had no agents, authorised or unauthorised, giving boastful interviews about her unsinkability to newspaper reporters ready to swallow any sort of trade statement if only sensational enough for their readers--.
Frightfully bold! said the drummer, not loudly, but so that his words were audible, turning to another soldier, as though justifying before him the words of the commander, and persuading him that there was nothing boastful or improbable in these words.
Yes! Yes! This was true! A great truth! Sulaco was in the forefront, as ever! It was a boastful tumult, the hopefulness inspired by the event of the day breaking out amongst those caballeros of the Campo thinking of their herds, of their lands, of the safety of their families.
At every fresh avowal he professed the deepest repentance, and described himself as being bathed in tears; but this did not prevent him from putting on a boastful air at times, and some of his stories were so absurdly comical that both he and the prince laughed like madmen.
But Mike had tweaked her curiosity with endless boastful stories of his exploits there, so she had asked to be taken and while in a taxi bound for the place, learned from excited conversations that Mike’s source of pride with regard to it was his claim to have had sex with every girl in the place.
She did not seem like a Lady of Quality with all her boastful Talk, and i’faith her Daughters titter’d behind their Fans in a most disrespectful Fashion, and said nothing but “If you please” and “Thank you,” as they pass’d the Dishes of Bohea Tea, the Sugar Bowl, the Cakes, Buns, and Sugar Plums.
And this womanish, boastful babbling was afterwards the cause of terrible mia-fortxmes, for that detail about Tatyana Pavlovna and her lodging was naturally caught up and retained by a scoundrel who had a practical mind for little things ; in more exalted and important matters he was xiseless and unintelligent, but for such trifles he had a keen sense, nevertheless.

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