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Bolt numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It was a bolt of.
2. So I bolt for my life.
3. She was about to bolt.
4. Tap the bolt with a hammer.
5. The bolt had almost gone.
6. The bolt handle was rusted.
7. She sent a freeze bolt at him.

8. He felt the urge to bolt away.
9. Brother Bolt! Come with us to.
10. I expect him to bolt for the.
11. Steve suddenly sat bolt upright.
12. He sat bolt upright in bed and.
13. The lightning bolt flew into it.
14. Now, though, she wanted to bolt.
15. The master bolt was still there.
16. So let what stays bolt, that is.
17. To be precise: a lightning bolt.
18. He set a bolt on the track and.
19. The bolt threw, the door opened.
20. Bolt upright lik surgeon M'Ardle.
21. The bolt rested against the jamb.
22. He stooped to bolt the lower bolt.
23. Held back by the bell and the bolt.
24. Aakash came to the door to bolt it.
25. Terry Bolt is on the witness stand.
26. That meant you needed a bolt hole.
27. My fingers found the bolt without.
28. I had a door I could shut and bolt.
29. Bolt smiles, faces begins to twitch.
30. The blue bolt hit him in the chest.
31. He was white-eyed and ready to bolt.
32. Not even a floating bolt in our way.
33. The Black Stone didn't need to bolt.
34. A bolt from a crossbow shot past him.
35. A bolt of agony jagged up his spine.
36. An accurate, bolt action stainless.
37. I figured this was my chance to bolt.
38. Bolt shakes his head, grins stupidly.
39. The house had an inside bolt so he.
40. I went to bolt out of the car to run.
1. Bolting to get it over.
2. Ben tried to keep himself from bolting up.
3. It was all Moses could do to keep from bolting to.
4. So that’s why! He exclaimed, bolting to his.
5. Then you are not in the habit of bolting your door.
6. With the urgency of a bolting animal, he wanted to run.
7. When the bolting Rottweiler was within a few feet of the.
8. At home I started bolting the main gate of our house at night.
9. After bolting his food, Tom joined the others from his intake.
10. It was all I could do to keep from bolting upright in my seat.
11. The idea of bolting without a word presented itself to his mind.
12. They burst the door open just as I was bolting it, and chased me.
13. Pa held up both hands like he was stopping a team of bolting mules.
14. He still felt Ash’s eyes on him, still sensed how close she was to bolting.
15. She made ready for any monstrosity that might come bolting out of the shadows.
16. I had to keep a firm hold of Peter Pienaar to prevent myself bolting out of that house.
17. Samsung came to a halt and turned around in time to see Brale bolting through the doorway.
18. The pain of Lauras bolting gradually faded but a tenuous shadow never completely left me.
19. That made her think of Cam and wonder how long he was going to stay mad at her for bolting.
20. Diomed! Spiorad capall! I heard an answering bugle and exploded bolting for the stalls.
21. She interpreted as an auspicious sign the ability to cross Bowery without bolting for safety.
22. I turned around, with my nerves still on edge, only to see a lioness bolting out of the tall grass.
23. After some drilling and bolting, I got the brackets attached to it and then mounted it back on the rover.
24. There was a sudden cessation of sounds in the forest and he was bolting even before Arianell said anything.
25. Bolting in the opposite direction, he bit open his wrist, dripping a trail of his blood for them to follow.
26. She considered bolting, but the passage behind her was clogged with more people who had come to join the crowd.
27. Like a Shepherd after a bolting ewe – with a gleeful grin for a fresh chase – the trooper sprang to his feet.
28. Intrigued, they traced his position back to the time when he would have had to keep the horses from bolting away.
29. But you should know that our dinner companion has a history of bolting at the first sign of emotional complication.
30. He flew across the water faster than he had ever moved before on any conveyance for he had never ridden a bolting keda.
31. Murphy caught sight of the Prince’s group and dropped low to buzz their horses which startled two into bolting and Corwin’s to rear.
32. Carefully he lifted Tarzan to the cot, and then, after closing and bolting the door, he lighted one of the lamps and examined the wound.
33. The flat top was the mounting plate, which had four holes in it, for bolting to the engine, and a large hole in the middle for the prop shaft to pass through.
34. Only two things kept me from bolting: Dorian’s presence and his revelation the night before that if she did bite me, it would kill her as surely as it did me.
35. She thought about bolting upstairs to the full bath, but she was strangely stuck and dumbfounded in the Twilight Zone–like, bathroomless dimension of the first floor.
36. I made a small sound, so as not to startle her, but instead of bolting away she only stopped and looked at me, sniffing in my direction before slowly continuing toward me.
37. The black craned his neck to stare into the starlit road behind Conan; but he opened the gate without comment, and closed it again behind the Cimmerian, locking and bolting it.
38. Death to the Great Satan! one youth screamed defiantly from the back of the hall, bolting out the side seconds later, fumbling across a pile of merchandise, spreading it around the ground.
39. It would be Vulwulf himself who would at last take action: he would somehow haphazardly make his way to the doors and throw them open, bolting into the rainy night in hopes of ending the attack.
40. I was strapped securely to as wild and unmanageable a thoat as I had ever seen, and, with a mounted warrior on either side to prevent the beast from bolting, we rode forth at a furious pace in pursuit of the column.
1. I bolted for the exit.
2. Bubba bolted up to me.
3. She bolted into the wood.
4. I bolted out of the room.
5. The door had been bolted.
6. Carlos bolted to the door.
7. A chill bolted up her arm.
8. He bolted for the bathroom.
9. We bolted inside the cabin.
10. As the silly filly bolted.
11. She bolted the French lock.
12. They bolted for Tony's pad.
13. He wasn't fooled and bolted.
14. Rosemary bolted off the chair.
15. The men bolted for the doors.
16. The fossil bolted out of her.
17. Alan bolted upright out of bed.
18. The horse shrieked and bolted.
19. He shut the door and bolted it.
20. Something bolted from the woods.
21. He bolted back towards the tent.
22. Otherwise he might have bolted.
23. But now it was locked and bolted.
24. He had bolted that door securely.
25. What? He bolted off the bed.
26. The rat bolted down a small hole.
27. He bolted his iron fist at Darek.
28. Automatically she bolted the door.
29. He bolted towards the parking lot.
30. My income bolted to over $3000 a.
31. He had bolted with money, they say.
32. He bolted upstairs to the top deck.
33. Okay! Henry bolted to the door.
34. He bolted first, as I understand it.
35. Felix and Alyssa bolted for the exit.
36. Fred shut and double bolted the door.
37. Holly bolted up to a sitting position.
38. Ellie turned and bolted for the door.
39. He bolted inside with his gun raised.
40. I BOLTED UP, confused but also afraid.
1. There were no bolts now.
2. Bolts leaned over towards Mrs.
3. The guard leaves, bolts the door.
4. The hook and bolts were actually.
5. The bolts on the sign were missing.
6. He shot bolts of red lightning at.
7. Both were provided with heavy bolts.
8. Electric bolts writhed from the rift.
9. The nuts and bolts of MLP investing.
10. The bolts? No, I told him about them.
11. I got new dead bolts for the doors.
12. Reuben gently took the bolts from Wendy.
13. Lightning bolts are striking to the east.
14. He steps silently aside and Loki bolts in.
15. The bolts of the Dagonites shattered them.
16. Listen, he’s put new bolts on the door.
17. Spinning quickly, Amy bolts towards her car.
18. Once again red phasor bolts lit up the dawn.
19. The Nuts and Bolts of Creating Your Product.
20. Electric bolts sparked off of her fingertips.
21. When you look at the bolts they look the same.
22. Aiden's bolts of energy had actually connected.
23. Several more times the bolts continued their.
24. The bolts were unnecessary, or should have been.
25. With doves on her shoulders or lightning bolts.
26. Theo fumbled with the bolts, his hand trembling.
27. I added the spare bolts to my hardware stockpile.
28. I needed holes where the bolts would pass through.
29. How many ships do you think have these bolts?
30. The bolts would have spun off within an hour’s.
31. The disruptor bolts did indeed hit the accumulator.
32. After April some of the bolts were the wrong bolts.
33. Both bolts were completely consumed by the explosion.
34. She undoes both dead bolts and opens the door halfway.
35. They guided their barrage of electric bolts at Tiamat.
36. Whatever the reason, their bolts fell uselessly short.
37. Lightning bolts were striking to the ground over the.
38. The bolts of the Harad Ghul struck Taliesin and Sharon.
39. He explained about the stop sign and the sheared bolts.
40. He loosened the bearing bolts and pulled out the piston.

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