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Border numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. His border will be on.
  2. Red Axes of the Border.
  3. The flag has a red border.
  4. Border Patrol and the BLM.
  5. This marked the border with.

  6. Customs and the Border Patrol.
  7. Carlisle just below the border.
  8. Border war with China (1962).
  9. Point to the Mozambique border.
  10. A subsequent search of border.
  11. Border? Maybe more than border.
  12. Or kiss the border of her dress.
  13. Border Patrol was ready this time.
  14. We can’t go back over the border.
  15. Forget those fuckers at the border.

  16. Hope is there--at least the border.
  17. There are hardly any border lines.
  18. It served as the territorial border.
  19. Border collies are a different breed.
  20. We’re beyond the border station.
  21. They were now near the Kazakh border.
  22. That border definitely needs some tlc.
  23. Hippocratic oath stopped at the border.
  24. The border of the Canaanites was from.
  25. A Border Patrol team retrieved the boy.

  26. She touched the border of his pubic hair.
  27. The border between Khafra and Tethys.
  28. The border that was never to be crossed.
  29. Forty-three players arrived at the border.
  30. I’m at the border and on my way home.
  31. But it's as well on the border as anywhere.
  32. Only ten more miles to South of the Border.
  33. Nothing will happen this side of the border.
  34. We’re staying over at South of the Border.
  35. Along the mountains south-easterly border on.
  36. Galeron’s laugh seemed to border on hysteria.
  37. The road took us to the state border of Oregon.
  38. River, and this was the border of the Promised.
  39. Came behind him, and touched the border of his.
  40. The Border was made with the Magic of the Light.
  41. When did we stop at South of the Border?
  42. On some streets with little traffic, the border.
  43. All of the sudden, the border approached quickly.
  44. When you do, the border to your image will appear.
  45. Gemini was across the border into Polarian space.
  46. It touched the North Sea and the Scottish border.
  47. Four kilometers south of the Soviet-China border.
  48. On the border all command posts were known as ZULU.
  49. There was no border between the sea and the skies.
  50. Prices are making another run to our upper border.
  51. This column is riding parallel with the border.
  52. Six hours later they rolled across the border into.
  53. It is as if he has a border that cannot be crossed.
  54. Instead he threw it towards the border, where the.
  55. The border activities at LOC had abruptly increased.
  56. This never happened in the South African Border War.
  57. Soon after sunrise Conan crossed the Argossean border.
  58. We’re only about two hundred miles from the border.
  59. Tourist Board located theirs over the border in Yun-.
  60. The Shadow Witch stepped forward closer to the border.
  61. SAP COIN, on the border areas, looked quite different.
  62. The Border collie originated in the border region of.
  63. Somehow she could sense the outer border of the woods.
  64. C) Minor border rectifications are out of the question.
  65. Spread sauce over the crust, leaving a 1/2-inch border.
  66. Southern Texas border with old Mexico just across the.
  67. Do you think they will cross the border by car?
  68. Once past the state border, we began to decrease speed.
  69. We crossed the border, passed in front of the CERN lab.
  70. Perhaps, the Border collie is unmatched in the area of.
  71. To reach the border I avoided the expressway and opted.
  72. They had a black and white border collie called Lassie.
  73. From the border with Switzerland, the road turned into.
  74. Border, without the 'a,' where there is snow above the.
  75. The border between the pinewoods and the suburbs moved.
  76. Brink: The exact border where the ground meets the water.
  77. She guessed he was no more than 18 weeks old, a Border.
  78. There was a criss-cross bamboo fence on the border that.
  79. I stopped the car at the border and watched in the rear.
  80. Past the orchard and cottages of the town’s border he.
  81. Here, this part of the border is a desert region, some.
  82. Beta, you’ve to fight with the enemies in the border.
  84. As soon as I was within a few feet of the border fence I.
  85. And my rental car isn’t insured to cross the border.
  86. Then, I want the enemy pushed back to the Chinese border.
  87. Correctly socialized, the Border collie can be good with.
  88. Don’t live in a border province, it’s too close for.
  89. Border collies are easily trainable and love to be please.
  90. Martha, my affectionate Border collie, met me at the door.
  91. It was 7:05 PM when Gordon and Agnes crossed the PA border.
  92. Border Patrolmen in the vehicles were fast approaching us.
  93. The Border collie is one of the most intelligent dog breed.
  94. Our camp is on the border of the prairie and the mountains.
  95. INTERPOL and Australian Border Patrol are hot on this one.
  96. A waiter was sent to the Delhi border to fetch the whisky.
  97. I have no papers that will permit the border to be crossed.
  98. The lack of border between where flesh ended and heat began.
  99. At one of the borders the girls were offered to the border.
  100. The demarcation, the boundary, the border, no longer exists.
  1. It was bordering on humiliation.
  2. The smell was aftershave bordering on gin.
  3. It grew wild in some of the bordering regions.
  4. This is not funny, she said, bordering on rage.
  5. Dan Arkin’s former ranch bordering The Greenbrier.
  6. His love of 80s cars was bordering on the obsession.
  7. He missed her with a passion bordering on obsession.
  8. How could they do that? She knew she was bordering.
  9. Working on a string of impulses, bordering illumination.
  10. Levi was bordering on the truth, he knew nothing about me.
  11. Her spontaneity was bordering sometimes on the imprudence.
  12. He was able to find one, bordering Tagaytay City and Mendez.
  13. Bordering Gujarat, it had a large tribal and rural population.
  14. The terrace? A nervous laugh, bordering on a giggle, escaped.
  15. The tension emanating from the Director was bordering on physical.
  16. Pacific Grove and Monterey sit side by side on a hill bordering the bay.
  17. Each of these had a narrower strip of gold bordering them in the inside.
  18. The fern has a short licorice flavor, bordering on both sweet and bitter.
  19. The forest bordering the cottage looked to be a suitable place to escape to.
  20. But this, he added with a look bordering on condescension, you must.
  21. We chose a lovely spot high on a wooded slope bordering on a nature reserve.
  22. He felt something bordering upon despair, which he had never known till then.
  23. I’m sure of that, she agreed a little too enthusiastically, bordering.
  24. Just here and there a complete paralysis of thought comes, bordering on a panic.
  25. He immediately threw up his hands in the air as he faced her, bordering on panic.
  26. Tall gum trees stood in a thick line bordering both sides of a narrow, sandy track.
  27. This is bordering on ridiculous, she muttered, pushing thoughts of him aside.
  28. You watch the road while I watch the houses bordering the road on its northern side.
  29. Athene shuddered at the casts of the figures, their realism was bordering on creepy.
  30. He then found himself facing one of his sailors, who seemed to be bordering on panic.
  31. The invaders would soon reach the picket line bordering their region with Mystic Down.
  32. But this, he added with a look bordering on condescension, you must already know.
  33. To Ailia’s delight, the rest of the trip had been uneventful, even bordering on drab.
  34. Then she spotted the fence bordering the far side of the field and broke into a run again.
  35. Because of stubbornness bordering on psychosis, both camps have remained blind to pivotal.
  36. We searched the area and, as I said, we found the gun in the hedge bordering your property.
  37. BUT I CAN’T STAY LIKE THIS! Shouted the now hysterical secretary, bordering on tears.
  38. Standing before Cruzel, the girl was confused and a little scared, bordering on the intrigued.
  39. Pleasure at the jump they’d made from mere acquaintances to something bordering on friends.
  40. They had ended the night late in an exotic frenzy mixed with passion bordering on the violent.
  41. Items such as fences and stone walls bordering certain areas of your backyard can add interest.
  42. Colling found a suitable place to conceal a horse-drawn wagon in the forest bordering the road.
  43. He stops at the lobby bar for two Volcano’s and walks into the lush yard bordering the beach.
  44. As he lay there on the bank bordering the beach, guilt flowed through him and sapped his desire.
  45. Lester was in good company: two of the three other programmers were bordering on temper tantrums.
  46. The cotton curtains bordering paralel sides of the pane danced to the cool breeze blowing outside.
  47. It is about a week’s journey by horse, toward the south-west, bordering on the ocean, he said.
  48. They converted a meadow bordering the lake into a flight apron for the cargo tug and the P I ships.
  49. There were still a few tears on her cheeks but her eyes now showed resolution bordering on ferocity.
  50. Think of other areas where you can keep plant life thriving in relation to your bordering plant beds.
  51. For a woman to have a drink amidst the company of men, even with her husband present was bordering sin.
  52. Near it they saw a second large walkway that lead to a wide field near the trees bordering the forest.
  53. This done, he moved with slow step and abstracted air towards a door in the wall bordering the orchard.
  54. The mixture of rain and sun we’ve had lately has had major impact on the hedgerows bordering the lane.
  55. Her rag-wrapped feet crunched through the crusty snow bordering the path between the camp’s buildings.
  56. He was doing sixty-five and ached to crash the Jag into the stately fieldstone wall bordering the avenue.
  57. He flipped to the chapter on Hroon and read from the microscopic blurbs bordering the edges of the page.
  58. This is the land where the stars glow, bordering the infinite sky, and where the heavens meet the earth.
  59. The lands bordering on the Mediterranean are semi-arid areas, with long hot summers and short dry winters.
  60. There were still no households bordering this street that grew more food than they ate, not by any means.
  61. She had to repeat herself before two heads appeared out of what must have been a ditch bordering the field.
  62. Sandra walked to the wooden fence bordering her garden, holding on, standing on tip-toe, peering over the top.
  63. It wasn’t long thereafter that those shape-shifters were surreptitiously dispatched to the woods bordering.
  64. I found it very difficult to think quickly while at the same time trying to look relaxed, bordering on boredom.
  65. After the last two days spent in solitude and unusual circumstances, Pierre was in a state bordering on insanity.
  66. As soon as the car stopped, Aunt Martha hopped out to inspect the flowerbeds bordering the police station car park.
  67. Sandra walked to the wooden fence bordering her garden, holding on, standing on tip-toe as she peered over the top.
  68. His was the farm bordering the camp, and he had seen the Russians driving to and from the place on many occasions.
  69. A lot of questionable dealings happen in Cyprus, due to its proximity to many countries bordering the Mediterranean.
  70. The deep shadows of the bordering wood lapped at the darkening road, sliding patches of night across Mahood’s face.
  71. Now he was in a state bordering on ecstasy, and all that he had drunk seemed to fly to his head with redoubled effect.
  72. On their disconsolate way back to the car a slight sound sent them scurrying for the trees bordering the private road.
  73. Reports remain of Denizens of Chaos lingering in the wilderness beyond the picket line bordering my region with Arkadia.
  74. It must have the strangest appearance! It would be something so very unceremonious, so bordering on disrespect for Mrs.
  75. The moon was up several hours when they broke through the thickets bordering the northwest corner of the Melaleuca grove.
  76. It seemed to be coming from the trees bordering the perimeter wall and he tried to peer through this newly-leafed bower.
  77. She wasn't even looking up as Massie spoke to her, but bordering the first page of her notebook with a pink highlighter.
  78. Not a state where he enjoyed the confusion, but a state where he appeared to be bordering on some form of mental breakdown.
  79. I moved deeper into the ruins set atop the bordering ring of stones that walled the village off from the rest of the island.
  80. Göring's delusions, bordering on lunacy, as far as the German troops at Stalingrad were concerned, grossly misguided Hitler.
  81. The barracks and buildings bordering the tarmac had mostly been blown away, with some human screams of pain coming from them.
  82. All sorts of stories were written - some were sad, romantic, funny, inspiring, violent while others were bordering absurdity.
  83. Really? Well, the poppy will come out of Afghanistan and into a processing operation I’m setting up in bordering Pakistan.
  84. He was thin, in a wiry way, possessing no muscle and very little fat; his skin was pale bordering on almost yellow and sallow.
  85. In the early twilight of the November afternoon the wooden houses bordering her street stood out clear-cut and fearlessly ugly.
  86. It took another fourteen minutes before she saw some movement behind houses bordering the northern side of the road, about 250.
  87. The tall sedges bordering this swampy area were alive with movement as the night hunters retired and the day creatures took over.
  88. At 58, never married and, through a self-dependency bordering on the severe, was not about to meet someone at this stage of life.
  89. Easing around a stand of trees bordering some lagoons that miners used for mine tailings, Laura could see movement in the distance.
  90. Bordering on the Merchants’ Quarter, it offered more refined surroundings than the squalid areas they had passed through earlier.
  91. The massive mob of soldiers huddled in the cities’ main streets tried to avoid the bordering houses that were wreathed in flames.
  92. As Hu Lyang’s men stepped out of the entrance to Jenni’s apartment, a lithe form slipped into the shadows bordering the elevator.
  93. Their leader, clutching the rolled-up fleece, was on a plane to Pakistan, and headed for a mountainous region bordering Afghanistan.
  94. There were short shrubby bushes bordering the cliff edge overgrowing the path in places, fingers of branches reaching across the gravel.
  95. The grenadier he had posted to watch the cliff bordering the east side of his company’s mountaintop position whispered once near Otto.
  96. With the ejection of these nineteen men the Sanhedrin was in a position to try and to condemn Jesus with a solidarity bordering on unanimity.
  97. We still have to cross the plain and then we’ll see a small forest bordering Bourlox Bridge and would have to wait for the night to cross it.
  98. But when I reached the open grassy area bordering the parking lot, Knotcher was there waiting for me, along with two of his brain-trust buddies.
  99. Never! She sprinted in the direction of the fence bordering the field, climbed over it, and ran as fast as she could through the knee-high snow.
  100. The age of this gentleman of ours was bordering on fifty; he was of a hardy habit, spare, gaunt-featured, a very early riser and a great sportsman.
  1. His tone bordered on the surly.
  2. He was a Shakya prince who bordered.
  3. They were bordered with currant bushes.
  4. Sexual relations that bordered on rape.
  5. The expression she wore bordered on hatred.
  6. Dialectical connection at a bordered region.
  7. It bordered upon stupidity, moral stupidity.
  8. They were pink satin, bordered with swansdown.
  9. Twitter-chants bordered every AS turned arena:.
  10. What?! Alex’s voice bordered on shouting.
  11. Georgian terrace had a garden that bordered this.
  12. Somehow, they stood in a place bordered by clouds.
  13. The road, a narrow strip of seal bordered by dust.
  14. He was pruning the hedge that bordered the sidewalk.
  15. Of the trio of doors that bordered the left side of the.
  16. A dreamy quiet lay over the woods that bordered the blue bay.
  17. She was still so wired that her speech bordered on incoherent.
  18. Nepal was a part of Northern India and bordered China and the.
  19. In a moment of stubborn aversion, death bordered him with stare.
  20. The alleys were bordered with gloomy and very erect little shrubs.
  21. Beyond Poseidon, Therese could make out a river bordered by forest.
  22. Those Pyramids he mentioned bordered the western edge of the region.
  23. The path was now plain before them, well-tended and bordered with stone.
  24. I met Ned, a brilliant twenty-something young man who bordered on genius.
  25. It was white wool, bordered with squares of green satin and cloth-of-gold.
  26. They had it to themselves, a square mile of water bordered only by forest.
  27. A small stream, no more than run-off from the hills to the south, bordered.
  28. They played in an alley of the garden bordered with a few shabby fruit-trees.
  29. But it seemed to him she had behaved with a pride that bordered on insolence.
  30. Sitting down, he pushed his teacup aside and opened a folder bordered in red.
  31. She strode across the white cobblestones and scaled the hedges that bordered.
  32. As time passed the two developed a sixth sense that bordered on mind reading.
  33. He kept as far as he could from the branches which bordered both sides of the.
  34. Bordered by the Pacific to the east and the Atlantic to the west, South America.
  35. A few feet beyond the waterfall was the edge of the pool, bordered by thick bush.
  36. All bordered by yellow bands of light connected to floating spheres in intervals.
  37. I just smiled, as I walked along the dusty ground that bordered one of the pools.
  38. The wide and broken road bordered by the remains of the parkland swallowed him up.
  39. Another correspondent writes that the transport of the crowd bordered on delirium.
  40. That was no hindrance to their desires of conquest because Berke was bordered by.
  41. But in avoiding the sensational, I fear that you may have bordered on the trivial.
  42. She loved the man as a father, and had a respect for him that bordered on worship.
  43. We drove along the semi circular road that bordered the club to go to the stables.
  44. Every time he engaged in this she restrained him because it bordered on disrespect.
  45. His head shaven, it reflected the flashing lights that bordered the ceiling entrance.
  46. The terraces which crown the peristyles of the theatres were bordered with spectators.
  47. Pure reluctance and dread bordered Anne, but with the remembrance of her precious life.
  48. And Austin on its hills among the bordered lakes might be across the world from Dallas.
  49. The question—raised in a fashion that bordered on the rhetorical—made Crystal grimace.
  50. Graffiti stained the sides of the forest-green colorbond fence that bordered the property.
  51. Under a seemingly bluff exterior there was a tenderness that bordered on femininity almost.
  52. Then we'll turn westward, and try to land on the shore bordered by the uninhabited steppes.
  53. The cry was echoed by others all along the far edge of the jungle that bordered the clearing.
  54. The road which the carriage now traversed was the ancient Appian Way, and bordered with tombs.
  55. The woodland that bordered the road had only just started to appear and Suzy watches intently.
  56. By the God of Moses, that bordered on brilliant! Moshe thought, That's three of them! Flashing.
  57. It’s very sensitively and realistically represented and bordered by a beautiful worked frame.
  58. As they walked away he felt a pang of grief over their sorry state that bordered on embarrassment.
  59. Grandpa’s property was bordered by the interstate to the east and Indian tribal land to the west.
  60. The town had a village square, bordered by stonewalls and pleasantly grassy with large shade trees.
  61. Some creeks penetrate to near the centre of the island, and are bordered by extensive salt meadows.
  62. It was a pleasant room, overlooking the well-kept gardens which bordered this side of the building.
  63. The square is paved with cobbles and bordered on two sides by white-painted, stucco-covered houses.
  64. That said, they made up for that sometimes, with just ‘dumb luck’, and bravery that bordered on.
  65. She was wearing the most beautiful white silk dress, bordered with intricate crochet floral patterns.
  66. Well, Moshe answered, in a tone that bordered on conspiratorial, I'm expecting a big bunch.
  67. It was perfect and clean, with a lovely stereotypical picket fence that bordered the cemetery grounds.
  68. Longest beach garden: The beach at Santos, Brazil, is bordered by a garden that is 5.
  69. Hungry flames raced through the interconnected houses and the alleyways that bordered the main streets.
  70. On her part, she was struck at once by the frenetic atmosphere in the building, which bordered on panic.
  71. Grass plants with thick stems and over six feet tall bordered the path and swept away in all directions.
  72. They filled the waters and subdued them, their power limited only by the land that bordered their domain.
  73. The staff car was soon rolling north towards Manila along a narrow road bordered by jungle on both sides.
  74. This man, however, was leaning against the railings which bordered our field and was looking earnestly up.
  75. Sabrina understood that Captain Darwin studied her enemy with a level of detail that bordered on obsession.
  76. Behind the church was a six acre cemetery, bordered by a wooded area on two sides and a canyon to the west.
  77. Around the pasture was a high fence of wooden poles and crossbeams that bordered the pasture from the forest.
  78. A wide band of shiny forehead extended up and over between his ears, which were bordered by short brown hair.
  79. On the other hand, grebes and coots are eminently aquatic, although their toes are only bordered by membrane.
  80. He was surprised when they instead encountered the outer fringes of the reed marshes that bordered the river.
  81. The trail emerged at a state park that bordered a convenience store and post office, but that was enough for me.
  82. After a half-hour, he climbed out onto the rocks that bordered that part of the pond and set out to make dinner.
  83. It appeared that we were on a peninsula bordered by a large bay to the northwest and a long estuary in the north.
  84. Three sides of the bus were covered with large transparent glasses and the Saturn curtains bordered it graciously.
  85. There, bordered by a few glimpses of tentacle, was a huge, whorled, calloused, potion-stained and unfocused thumb.
  86. The C-87 soon approached one of the two airfields, whose dirt and gravel strips were bordered by a sparse vegetation.
  87. But first she stole back to the northern edge of the cliffs, and looked down into the woods that bordered the beach.
  88. At the top of this fountain, where the water arched and fell into a pool bordered with golden bricks, was a rainbow.
  89. The coach and brougham exited the bailey onto back lanes bordered by huge elms and oak trees, heading back into the city.
  90. In fact, the door didn’t even fit properly in the door frame, as it was bordered by a one-inch gap all the way around.
  91. Bordered by Turkey, this is full of turquoise lakes, lush forests with bears and rocky highlands, and semi-desert flowers.
  92. Sometimes the banter between Bridget and Matthew bordered on sarcasm and she was more than able to give as good as she got.
  93. At times, his obsession with relocating his dream of Guinier bordered on debilitating: distracting him from his actual life.
  94. Southwest of Colorado Springs, located in south central Colorado, the land contained a stream and bordered a national forest.
  95. I was standing on a mown lawn that ran to the horizon, bordered by rows of trees that narrowed the strip to about twenty yards.
  96. There were no doors on the east side and I had no better luck at the back of the chapel, which bordered the edge of the woods.
  97. The houses which bordered the lane on the right concealed the rest of the wine-shop, the large barricade, and the flag from him.
  98. This bordered on a strange theme, the flesh, before which that immense and innocent love recoiled with a sort of sacred fright.
  99. The bailiff, beaming all over, like everyone that day, in a sheepskin bordered with astrachan, came out of the barn, twisting a.
  100. Coalition naval forces achieved success in Desert Shield-Desert Storm by controlling the seas that bordered the Arabian Peninsula.
  1. The camp has magic borders.
  2. Those borders form part of.
  3. Borders and other online bookshops.
  4. Borders used by the Migrants Table 6.
  5. You are near the borders of the Shire.
  6. When he arrived at one of the borders.
  7. Both lines are then channel’s borders.
  8. Amazon, Borders and other online bookshops.
  9. Prepare to defend the ship against borders.
  10. After all, his place is within its borders.
  11. Borders were constantly under attack from.
  12. That is why diabetes borders on consumption.
  13. Along both sides, on the borders of the green.
  14. The borders of the gate were different, though.
  15. The creative imagination borders on the mystical.
  16. I almost forgot, we will secure the borders so.
  17. Yes, sir; near Farnham, on the borders of Surrey.
  18. Yes, sir, near Farnham, on the borders of Surrey.
  19. He wore a silk veshti and jibba with gold borders.
  20. What beyond the borders of the infinite universe?
  21. Palestine to respect the borders drawn up by the E.
  22. Love does not construct fences, but opens borders.
  23. Mostly from notoriety outside the Imperial borders.
  24. The individual borders between sectors of the Slums.
  25. That stuff is out of the wiredrawn borders, you know.
  26. Tom's country ends here: he will not pass the borders.
  27. Why not risk ourselves on a Territory without borders?
  28. Send a message to the king to keep watch on the borders.
  29. Her spirit still helps protect the borders of the valley.
  30. These giants wash the country’s east and west borders.
  31. God knows how many borders they must have crossed by now.
  32. A place within the borders of my people’s ancestral land.
  33. We will achieve the achievements of Jewels Without Borders.
  34. Borders of thin bodies are rather amorphous and changeable.
  35. At one of the borders the girls were offered to the border.
  36. I never before traveled beyond the borders of Coermantyr.
  37. I have often kept watch on the borders of the Shire in the.
  38. We cared little for what lay beyond the borders of our land.
  39. Approaching one of those borders now, upon passing through.
  40. Sheri walks with her friend LISA along the outer borders of.
  41. We are not a secure nation as long as we have porous borders.
  42. The borders of every region, Ingrid, are governed by emotion.
  43. That is serious stuff, the Judge said, It borders on.
  44. Our borders with Lebanon are an example of the type we desire.
  45. However the word came, revolt ran like a flame along the borders.
  46. Families Across Borders: The Effects of Migration of Family.
  47. Illogical borders; imposed for the sake of others at the expense.
  48. They were heavily loaded and were flying toward the Iraqi borders.
  49. Children and women are traded in countries and across the borders.
  50. In some cases this lust for land and power spilled across borders.
  51. The provision to protect our borders seemed especially reasonable.
  52. You know of the borders built around the Outskirts, out in the.
  53. I have been moved to the very south of our borders, namely Alsace.
  54. It has no borders and no right to exist anywhere and is disgusting.
  55. And sooner or later as he lurked and pried on the borders he would.
  56. The silky hair that covered round the borders, now smoothed and re-.
  57. I traced my fingers along the gold-colored stitching on the borders.
  58. And then the Pictish invasion burst in full power along those borders.
  59. But borders of thin body don’t coincide with the borders of chakra.
  60. The pen left the completed soldiers to work on the numbers and borders.
  61. There are no books (that I know of) about SAP COIN on our own borders.
  62. When they saw Him they begged that He would depart from their borders.
  63. I figured outside the camp borders, there must be a blizzard happening.
  64. Above the borders of the Forest there was whistling, crying and piping.
  65. He is a madman; he has a hatred for the Queen that borders on insanity.
  66. The point is, the borders are sealed to keep mortals and monsters out.
  67. I’m tired of sharing borders with such an uncivilized group of humans.
  68. A man we do not want within our borders, agreed Kay wholeheartedly.
  69. Such a stock return is not impossible, but it borders on the miraculous.
  70. It seemed reconciliation was not realistic---it borders to impossibility.
  71. Banbassa, Tikunia and Rupaidiya are the most frequent borders used by the.
  72. Trying to get his leg up on the top of the railing that borders the balcony.
  73. He had to go, for it was his duty to serve our king across foreign borders.
  74. MA remained within the trading range borders and tracked price very closely.
  75. He explained all the borders, police and army, were on the lookout for Pon.
  76. Apparently an entire clan was murdered at the borders of the Campaspe river.
  77. At that stage SAP COIN had camps everywhere along the international borders.
  78. In 2009 Borders, a huge book retailer, went out of business, and in 2010 the.
  79. As had been the case in many of the borders that they’d had to cross, they.
  80. I am sure it is very easy to cross the borders of Mexico and the United States.
  81. Cut the CIA down to eyes and ears functions (cut 90%), and secure our borders.
  82. I will send out my Rangers to the borders of Khan and see what they can find.
  83. Next day, early in the morning, they came down again to the borders of the Road.
  84. This three level goes beyond borders which also stands for the risk of deviance.
  85. Changes in our borders must be major, something in the nature of the Allon Plan.
  86. However, it concerns knowledge which cannot leave the borders of your own head.
  87. It had yew-hedges and thick clumps and borders of yellow crocuses round the lawn.
  88. The Russians repelled the German attacks and advanced towards the Polish borders.
  89. We have recently had a report that the Giants have reappeared within our borders.
  90. Others went to Botswana or Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) and the Mozambique borders.
  91. Let us say that a book is sold on the first of April, through Borders Books online.
  92. The states would control the land within their borders and could determine its use.
  93. They continued eastward, overthrowing a Hyrkanian army on the borders of Brythunia.
  94. Whilst in hospital, the reality of the war on the borders of South Africa was made.
  95. It spread like a blanket over the witches and witch-hunters, regardless of borders.
  96. This includes the sending of troops to its borders with Germany and Austro-Hungary.
  97. Half an hour after that, his frontline troops would rush the enemy borders at dawn.
  98. Toward this end, we must do away with nation-states, national borders, and national.
  99. Now I know what you're thinking, what about TOUGH LOVE? Don't I have to set borders.
  100. Hence the need for a unified force across our northern borders, Woole countered.

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