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Bounce numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Bounce the pictures off it.
  2. The bits jiggle and bounce.
  3. I don’t think I’d bounce.
  4. Jeff followed the bounce of.
  5. I’d bounce against the wall.

  6. Bounce the ball with two hands.
  7. These are the e-mails that bounce.
  8. There are those bounce messages.
  9. Bounce the ball on a soft surface.
  10. Bounce the ball on a firm surface.
  11. I feel the bounce of his footsteps.
  12. Things that roll or bounce or that.
  13. I also got long for the bounce at 9.
  14. Bounce the ball while moving around.
  15. I was smart to sell on the bounce.

  16. Things literally just bounce off him.
  17. There was nothing to bounce back to.
  18. Del saw the bacon bounce into the air.
  19. The longer the prices bounce off the.
  20. Shane felt the bounce but nothing else.
  21. Let the ball bounce before catching it.
  22. Sabrina watched Mimi bounce out the door.
  23. Why did it bounce all over the sky?
  24. I started to bounce my knee under the desk.
  25. If you could … bounce around a little.

  26. He saw its headlight bounce over the ground.
  27. You bounce off them and bounce them off you.
  28. The last major bounce tossed him in the air.
  29. Maybe we should bounce off and head to Spain.
  30. I thought it would bounce back and not break.
  31. We bounce around in there, and try over here.
  32. She was so content she moaned with each bounce.
  33. I crack my knuckles and bounce once on my toes.
  34. The joy in your heart, the bounce in your step.
  35. You can laser it, and the laser will bounce off.
  36. Second, there is a bounce toward the middle band.
  37. Something seemed to bounce and ping in her brain.
  38. Some people just bounce back quicker than others.
  39. Instruct the patient to bounce a ball on the spot.
  40. In this market, the best bounce candidate is Apple.
  41. Second, there was a bounce back to the middle band.
  42. You are able to bounce questions and your concerns.
  43. Consider how you could have traded the bounce better.
  44. If a work force had to go then he would bounce them.
  45. Matthew Syed discusses this in his great book Bounce.
  46. Second, there was a bounce back above the middle band.
  47. Let prices bounce around at the bottom for a while if.
  48. Dave and John bounce along on the road toward to Sueno.
  49. I bounce out of bed and dash past Luke for the shower.
  50. He wasn’t sure he could bounce back from another one.
  51. Signals can bounce off the ionosphere from anywhere.
  52. We don't wish any boys, they only joke and bounce about.
  53. His knives clatter to the floor, or bounce off the wall.
  54. Think of a shiny glass ball that thoughts bounce off of.
  55. The chest didn't even bounce as she rose to welcome him.
  56. The ball stayed low but did not bounce until it crossed.
  57. It is factually incorrect to think that they will bounce.
  58. This bounce is the thing your friends and apprentice ski.
  59. James starts to bounce his left knee up and down nervously.
  60. We call this a Spike bounce signal (see Chapter 54).
  61. This way, she says with a playful bounce in her voice.
  62. Damaging attacks might bounce off of him, or pass through.
  63. With a bounce in her feet she jumped back behind the reigns.
  64. Rafael’s throat as he watched the silky cloud bounce then.
  65. He bobbed back and forth in the chair, causing it to bounce.
  66. You need to be thinking about whether we are going to bounce.
  67. When you are trying to learn intermediate powder, a bounce is.
  68. You will bounce back from anything that may be said about you.
  69. It is factually incorrect that they will bounce off of levels.
  70. The sparks will hit the car, and they’ll see them bounce.
  71. Ella and Vaughn stare at Willie in disbelief as they bounce up.
  72. Near the close, it began to bounce back so I held the position.
  73. That bounce is what we're after; only, at this point, we are just.
  74. It was bounce after bounce and turn after turn trying not to fly.
  75. I found a flat stone and tried that thing where you make it bounce.
  76. Spheres and marbles whizz over the walls and bounce off the ceiling.
  77. They have no effect at all, except to bounce along the backs of the.
  78. ATV began to bounce in a rut uncontrollably coming to an abrupt halt.
  79. I wanted to hear him laugh and see him bounce Hugo on his shoulders.
  80. The puck drops and takes a funny bounce, skittering towards the Dunn.
  81. Lift the brush to give more bounce and to speed up the drying process.
  82. I applied some hair mousse and blow-dried it; it gave it a nice bounce.
  83. POLICE OFFICERS shout as their flashlight beans bounce toward the beach.
  84. B: The bounce at B is out of character with the preceding price movement.
  85. He then threw his grenade inside, making it bounce and roll on the floor.
  86. Dips below 20 warn of oversold conditions that could foreshadow a bounce.
  87. Do not let the barbell bounce off your chest when you do the bench press.
  88. Cheerios, watching ten-year-old Tucker bounce a basketbal off the statue.
  89. The rails below the platform shine dully as they bounce beneath the weight.
  90. I’ve been sidelined as well for now but they can’t bounce me just yet.
  91. Ultrasound waves emitted by the probe travel up your vagina and bounce off.
  92. The heads and shoulders of his fellow passengers jostled with every bounce.
  93. She could bounce the apple off her knee, her elbow, her shoulder, whatever.
  94. Ordinary photons and electrons bounce off each other on their way from the.
  95. He observed that this meant that some sort of bounce (rally) was inevitable.
  96. Credit stopped when he noticed his voice bounce off the walls and echo back.
  97. There’s a certain bounce in his step, the last sign of youth in his limbs.
  98. Why can’t we just bounce? The two of us? Ethan tries to convince him.
  99. Normally each relay bounce would be recorded, at least for twenty-four hours.
  100. C: The final nail in the coffin for the uptrend was the reluctant bounce here.
  1. Lyle was bouncing in his seat.
  2. Bouncing a ball with one hand.
  3. He was all but bouncing up and.
  4. He'll be bouncing off the walls.
  5. I could hear the bed bouncing too.
  6. Grady began bouncing on the mattress.
  7. A bouncing melody reverberated out.
  8. Burby waved, bouncing on her tiptoes.
  9. Practice bouncing the ball on the spot.
  10. His erection was bouncing in front of him.
  11. She hit the floor, bouncing her head off.
  12. The Gameboy was bouncing from hand to hand.
  13. I’ve been bouncing around the idea——.
  14. We find ourselves bouncing between extremes.
  15. When he stopped bouncing, he became who he.
  16. The truck was moving but had stopped bouncing.
  17. Standing and bouncing a ball with both hands.
  18. To an awful bouncing, and a fearful trouncing.
  19. It does sounds like it's bouncing up and down.
  20. Matthew nodded, his long red hair bouncing off.
  21. The light of the midafternoon sun was bouncing.
  22. Red! she shouted, bouncing up to her knees.
  23. Liam wiggled, his hard cock bouncing in front of.
  24. She sat numbly, his words bouncing right past her.
  25. On one of those bounces the marble stops bouncing.
  26. The church’ll be there bouncing balls singing the.
  27. Invest in a play gym, baby swing, and bouncing chair.
  28. There it is! Whoadie said, bouncing in her seat.
  29. Joey nodded eagerly, bouncing on the balls of his feet.
  30. Then I quickly walked over to the door with bouncing.
  31. They could hear the bed bouncing from inside the room.
  32. Bouncing onto my hand and knees, I was more than ready.
  33. Was he bouncing the chair? Was he jerking himself off?
  34. Deville ran towards them, stomach bouncing up and down.
  35. Why? I sound breathless, bouncing on this shoulder.
  36. The track was rough, bouncing them about in their seats.
  37. Brandon nodded, his walnut curls bouncing with the motion.
  38. They were a resilient lot and were already bouncing back.
  39. Sounding positive is all hollow echoes and bouncing sounds.
  40. Mister big survived the bullets, bouncing back to Chi-town.
  41. A body bouncing off her canopy jerked her back to reality.
  42. Patch shoved Louie and he fell, bouncing back up with his.
  43. These thoughts were bouncing around in the front of his mind.
  44. Bryony turned her head to see a cabbage bouncing towards her.
  45. Tits and cocks bouncing as we ran—innocent, guiltless fun.
  46. Jason bouncing on the end of the bed woke her to a new world.
  47. The rear end of Baseball Cap was bouncing along in the waves.
  48. Bouncing from job to job was his choice not his employers’.
  49. The crowd got to bouncing so much she feared for the building.
  50. Cloud by the window, bouncing on her toes as she fell into her.
  51. These questions have been bouncing around in my head for years.
  52. The thought of Louk hitting the tree and his helmet bouncing off.
  53. I’ve got into the habit of bouncing things off him, poor sod!.
  54. By repeating his name, by bouncing the echo of his voice off the.
  55. Before Jeff could respond, Rich Runyon came bouncing into the room.
  56. Saint Paul was still bouncing when he was persecuting Christians.
  57. She's bouncing around and motormouthing it, but when she sees him.
  58. He grinned widely while bouncing on the bal s of his feet excitedly.
  59. The gate rattled in the darkness, bouncing inward for a brief moment.
  60. The two gripped each other’s arms to keep Beck from bouncing away.
  61. He was thrown onto a hard bunk, his face bouncing off the metal frame.
  62. The thermos falls from his hand, clanging and bouncing on the ground.
  63. Flies buzzed all around, bouncing off the lights in a state of frenzy.
  64. Then, abruptly, the frantic bouncing stopped and the concrete outside.
  65. If the bed is still bouncing, that means they're still going at it!.
  66. His voice is strong and clear, bouncing off the old, pitted brickwork.
  67. Floy, the freckles on her high forehead, her hair bouncing on her back.
  68. The chain broke, the talisman sliding off it and bouncing in the grass.
  69. She steps back and whispers to the others, Yeah it's bouncing alright.
  70. Even those who usual y hang low can be bouncing off the wal s, looking.
  71. The wheelchair continued to get closer, bouncing over the uneven terrain.
  72. He could see what looked like prices literally bouncing off these lines.
  73. Absolutely! Leeta shouted, bouncing on her toes, and hugging Garcia.
  74. I felt the cock blade slowly rise, jabbing and bouncing against my thigh.
  75. Kirillov was bouncing a big red india-rubber ball on the floor before it.
  76. The bouncing stopped, she was lifted down from someone’s shoulders, she.
  77. Like a pinball bouncing off the flippers in a heavily sloped machine, his.
  78. The question that kept bouncing around inside Tristan’s skull was: why?
  79. That would be much appreciated, Adams said, bouncing Joss in her arms.
  80. He steps back and whispers to the others, "I still hear the bed bouncing!".
  81. We’re just bouncing around in there, and we’ve skipped the Book of Acts.
  82. The backhoe was pitching fore-and-aft like a boat, and bouncing on its tires.
  83. The sparkling illumination of so many colors was bouncing all over the place.
  84. Guat the farmer ran past, his belly bouncing over his grimy leather loincloth.
  85. He leads the way through the house, bouncing the squealing boy he’s carrying.
  86. I thought about how I would sit here, bouncing my own bundle of joy on my lap.
  87. After bouncing on the donkey’s back for hours, it had come completely loose.
  88. The gazelle was bouncing around oblivious to the dangers lurking in the bushes.
  89. It sounded like several skulls bouncing down the steps of some distant dungeon.
  90. Well Christine and I heard the bed bouncing and banging against the wall!.
  91. He tapped his index fingers together in time with his bouncing foot for a while.
  92. Her knee bouncing, I want to be… She put her finger to her lips, thinking.
  93. Everyone was shouting and hooting, as a young woman came bouncing across the floor.
  94. Standing with the feet together and bouncing a ball with one hand Therapist's aim.
  95. Several giggling girls entered the room, bouncing and jiggling their bodies in an.
  96. The minivan took it like a champ, bouncing over the uneven ground without tipping.
  97. The rancher‘s thoughts vanished as faint bouncing lights appeared in the darkness.
  98. Cassie was practically bouncing, and Mamie’s bouffant trembled with her agitation.
  99. The Renegade Angel! I’ve wanted to meet you all my life! He was bouncing on his.
  100. As he was riding around the town, the head bouncing at his side, a miracle happened.
  1. He bounced off a tree.
  2. It bounced off the wall.
  3. His gaze bounced off hers.
  4. It bounced a second time.
  5. She bounced away after it.
  6. Shannon bounced off to help.
  7. Runyon bounced into his room.
  8. The stock bounced around $4.
  9. Maldynado bounced on his toes.
  10. Rollo bounced out of his seat.
  11. It hit the glass and bounced.
  12. They bounced along in silence.
  13. It bounced around in her chest.
  14. A small pebble bounced across.
  15. The rain bounced back the sonar.
  16. This results in a bounced check.
  17. Several of the bounced bullets.
  18. Citron had bounced the ball off.
  19. She bounced the girls towards a.
  20. She bounced in the back, but she.
  21. The force bounced it into the air.
  22. Her cute ass bounced as her knees.
  23. The ball bounced to Ali's shoulder.
  24. Petra sagged and bounced against him.
  25. ATV bounced along the uneven surface.
  26. I bounced off, she snapped back.
  27. As they bounced their way along the.
  28. It seemed as if the chopper bounced.
  29. Ahead, Petra bounced against Marshall.
  30. Another bounced off Molly's shoulder.
  31. Shrill squawks bounced from the walls.
  32. But one evening Aunt Atossa bounced up.
  33. They had bounced back after ‘911’.
  34. I bounced around for a couple of years.
  35. As we waited, we bounced from foot to.
  36. He bounced off me and flew in the air.
  37. All at once, everyone bounced to their.
  38. The lad usually bounced with life, but.
  39. The rock bounced off of the force field.
  40. I bounced off of it and fell once more.
  41. Our voices bounced off the walls making.
  42. He fell and bounced off of the mattress.
  43. It hit the man’s chest and bounced off.
  44. It bounced off and landed in the doorway.
  45. Ruby bounced into the hallway and twirled.
  46. He was again bounced in his seat as the.
  47. Tommy and goons bounced west, landing in.
  48. The spade bounced from his jaw with clang.
  49. The pistol bounced and slid over near Samos.
  50. Or control was bounced off his apparatus.
  51. They bounced all over the room and hit me.
  52. He gave me a peck on the cheek and bounced.
  53. That's why he "bounced back" when he got a.
  54. Yup, Yup, Yup! she bounced in her seat.
  55. The case bounced around over the years and.
  56. He bounced five different ones on the ground.
  57. Sue bounced a little and said, Go faster.
  58. Bounced emails, also known as undeliverable.
  59. A beer bottle bounced off the back of his head.
  60. Onk's earrings bounced in tune with his steps.
  61. Our conversation bounced around like a bell-.
  62. The waves in his dark hair bounced as he moved.
  63. Grey’s round had bounced off his breast bone.
  64. This time when Tammas bounced he hit his head.
  65. Norman bounced up and seized her reluctant hand.
  66. It bounced off the tip and returned to his hand.
  67. He bounced again, What? I haven't seen anything.
  68. She bounced back up and cast her eyes deck-ward.
  69. Before she could say anything he bounced up and.
  70. The plane bounced twice, skidded a few yards, and.
  71. His gaze bounced off the surfaces around the room.
  72. It was an argument that she and Jason had bounced.
  73. Dakota asked as she bounced up to the three of them.
  74. Her jet-black hair bounced as she gave a brisk nod.
  75. The boat bounced across the island, and the driver.
  76. Blazin' bounced into the middle of the action next.
  77. Another arrow bounced off the tower behind Twoflower.
  78. The spinning tops bounced and shot all over the room.
  79. A ding, ding, ding sound bounced off the walls and.
  80. The lasers bounced off the many mirrors and hurried.
  81. She bounced on her toes, waiting for Kal to reappear.
  82. Dempsey bounced a little, the other lads did fine.
  83. The door smashed inward and bounced back off the wall.
  84. The price bounced off it twice, at point’s В and C.
  85. The auburn-gold hair bounced conspicuously with each.
  86. It bounced off without doing any great damage, which.
  87. The man bounced off the large leg and tumbled to the.
  88. The big car bounced and groaned over the tumbled earth.
  89. Another volley of bullets hit Ice One, and bounced off.
  90. Ashi stared at the colorful blob and bounced the baby.
  91. Two gangsters bounced off the walls, tumbling down the.
  92. In this case, the mashed potatoes bounced off the wall.
  93. He tried to fight back but his punches bounced feebly.
  94. It bounced once, then came to rest in Smitty’s grasp.
  95. Next thing I knew, my head bounced off the porch floor.
  96. Then it bounced to the board and teetered for a moment.
  97. The boy looked at tennis balls and bounced a few of them.
  98. Countless women have bounced back and have been able to.
  99. Wiggles sat on the bottom bunk and bounced a blue rubber.
  100. Her left leg bounced up and down rapidly under the table.
  1. Way 9: Dead cat bounces.
  3. There are also bounces because.
  4. It bounces off the closed window.
  5. A ball hits the floor and bounces.
  6. He bounces onto the cliff's wall.
  7. It bounces off the mountain across.
  8. The rover bounces into the compound.
  9. Onto the ground it bounces & bursts.
  10. His body slowly bounces up and down.
  11. She pauses and bounces on your chest.
  12. The fifth shot bounces off the limousine.
  13. Notice how many times the price bounces off.
  14. She bounces off the bed, rushing for the door.
  15. Nothing can enter the mirror, it bounces off.
  16. Yeah, that’s the way the old ball bounces.
  17. The stick connects, bounces off, and falls away.
  18. Bounces are part of downtrends that zigzag lower.
  19. Holden bounces on his toes, looking at each of them.
  20. On one of those bounces the marble stops bouncing.
  21. Bounces are messages that are undeliverable to the.
  22. I watch as Kevin jumps up and bounces back into the.
  23. The old Jeep bounces around the curve and John breaks.
  24. When light (electromagnetic energy) bounces off these.
  25. How accurate is the list (how many bounces out of total.
  26. It bounces onto the windowsill and rolls into the glass.
  27. The market bounces off support: At-the-money Call option.
  28. SMB trader: If the market bounces and if FB holds above $38.
  29. The revolver bounces out of my hand on impact with the floor.
  30. Every time that pulse bounces back, it gets a little stronger.
  31. If a market tests –1,000 and bounces back, that’s a probe.
  32. There should be more opens than bounces, or else the list is.
  33. They could be soft bounces due to temporary issues such.
  34. He bounces over to the pool table on the other side of the room.
  35. He grabbed a fist full of loot between the bounces of the ball.
  36. Uriah bounces on the bed a few times when he moves to the edge.
  37. We are all embarrassed when we have no money or a cheque bounces.
  38. You frog splash into the bed next to her, she bounces up and down.
  39. I throw the empty gun, but it bounces harmlessly off it's shoulder.
  40. Bolt is in the back of the pickup as it bounces along in the desert.
  41. Sparks fly as it wavers and bounces between the narrow brick walls.
  42. The Opel bounces down roads that are hardly more than cattle trails.
  43. All in the day’s work, I thought; that’s the way the ball bounces.
  44. The market bounces and retests this level again before moving higher.
  45. She attempts to hide her laughter as he bounces upon it several times.
  46. Khalid winces with pain as the truck bounces along to god knows where.
  47. He bounces over to you, balls swinging in step with wriggling hard on.
  48. He fiddles with his hands, looks away, and bounces his leg, as though.
  49. The crashing sound bounces against the mountains and causes avalanches.
  50. Rapunzel scurries in that night, bounces onto his bed, and grins at him.
  51. Primary detection works by sending a ping that bounces off the airplane.
  52. He gets out of his car and bounces up the steps with flowers in one hand.
  53. She yelped and sank to the bench seat over the pumps for a couple bounces.
  54. There are bounces that happen or occur because the server was busy at that.
  55. If a trend bounces away from support or resistance, it reveals its weakness.
  56. As John drinks, Russ tosses a nerf football that bounces off of John’s head.
  57. His face shines flawlessly and his hair bounces in place, curling at the tips.
  58. It bounces and hits the knees of one player, and she charges at the second Recruit.
  59. The view bounces up and down a slight bit as the hunters run toward their idiot prey.
  60. The ball of paper flies across the room, bounces off the rim of the bin and onto the.
  61. Bounces fall short of previous highs, and people begin to sell even more aggressively.
  62. Alastair suggests that she goes over just before seven and she bounces out of the kitchen.
  63. The words bounced around in my head like, like… like something that bounces around a lot.
  64. Amy screams, scrambles backwards, and hits the backboard of her bed so hard her head bounces.
  65. The training bullet hits the outer circle of the target and bounces off, rolling on the floor.
  66. Give me fifteen, your bobbing head bounces toward the slope, I’m pissing in this pool.
  67. The key will be judging the bounces that are in the direction of the original (preclimax) trend.
  68. Alex bounces off just as if he were made of rubber, then falls to the floor holding his shoulder.
  69. It bounces with each of my footsteps, but Christina holds it steady for me until I reach the top.
  70. How each one bounces off the other: and how each one bounces off in a new direction from the other.
  71. When a downtrend hits support, it bounces like a diver who hits the bottom and pushes away from it.
  72. Buy pullbacks following an upward impulse move, or short bounces after strong selling impulse moves.
  73. The 7° comes about by the concentration of the atmosphere and this bounces the spaceship outwards.
  74. But its sure as hell more fun! Can players throw the ball so it bounces off an opposing player? Yes.
  75. You just want to be sure to buy as the stock bounces up off resistance rather than falls through it.
  76. Every time our mystery man sends a file, it bounces all around the world on its way to the recipient.
  77. The rock bounces off Grailem as if he was made of rubber and rebounds directly back to the huge brute.
  78. When the currency bounces off these levels under heavy volume, the significance of the trend increases.
  79. She bounces down on the bed, holding an envelope that has the Undil Embassy crest printed on the front.
  80. The light hits the page bounces from the page and contact the lens of my eye where the lens conveys the.
  81. In other words, buy into the pullbacks in uptrends and short into the pullbacks (bounces) in downtrends.
  82. The plane bounces and shakes through some bad turbulence as Russ snores while holding a drink in one hand.
  83. Opening gaps are often followed by bounces, giving nimble traders an opportunity to get out at a smaller loss.
  84. Siren wail bounces off building fascias, startling late night pedestrians as they wind their drunken way home.
  85. Now scroll forward and you will see that price in the future bounces off of these support and resistance zones.
  86. The operative concept here is usually lower highs into support, as successive bounces find fewer willing buyers.
  87. Spiral state of economy is different than circular state which bounces back, a grey road traveling under a grey sky.
  88. But the trade was actually really easy, and it’s not scary like most bounces because WIN was a clean, liquid stock.
  89. The reflected beam in a standard holographic machine is the wave that bounces off the holographic film in the machine.
  90. Notice how the market bounces off of the support zone and the resistance zone several times on the four-hour USD/JPY chart.
  91. You yell, "Bite!" The ball nearly hits the stick, bounces twice, but unfortunately releases off the green onto the back fringe.
  92. The market immediately reverses against them and bounces higher locking them instantly into a losing position, which then worsens.
  93. She beams at them, then dashes forward, skidding to a stop next to Eugene to kiss his cheek before she bounces over to her father.
  94. But then the index keeps going up, and the first pullback in late September bounces cleanly off the 50 MA without going through it.
  95. This time it bounces back off the blisters as each has their own clear invisible energy shields that light up over their left arms.
  96. Two pocket pivot buy points occur in the uptrend as it bounces up off the 10-day moving average on October 27 and November 13, 2006.
  97. The gong bounces me into the Healing Space, and I see myself standing next to the big flat red rock based in the center of the Space.
  98. In a downtrend, the downtrend line, or the supply line, shows where additional sellers have come into the market to arrest the bounces.
  99. The entry signal is given when the price starts to retrace from 0% level (green circle) and the RSI bounces off the 30 oversold conditions.
  100. Halfway between the 1st support level and the second support level, the RSI (indicated by the blue arrow) hits the 20 oversold level and bounces up.

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