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Bountiful numa frase em (in ingles)

You are the Bountiful Giver.
It’s to be called Bountiful.
Hide'n'seek with a bountiful reward.
By the force of this bountiful giving.
The universe was bare and bountiful.
No 'emanations from the bountiful universe.
And then, everyone would love her as Bountiful.

Matched to their numbers, blessing the bountiful or.
They will have forgiveness, and a bountiful provision.
It’s called, ‘The Universe Is Bare and Bountiful.
The captain had bountiful portions of food sent to them.
The bountiful hunt should see us through the cold winter.
This year will be bountiful and the goats will give much milk.
God and His Messenger are most bountiful and most gracious.
When the trend is up, bulls feel rewarded by a bountiful parent.
We bowed our heads as we each thanked God for this bountiful food.
He is all-prevailing, bountiful, omnipresent, and infinitely kind.
The chaste spouse of Leopold is she: Marion of the bountiful bosoms.
At the end of the first year under the new regime the harvest was bountiful.
With the profits from another bountiful lemon crop and many bales of wool, Tragus.
We worship the most beauteous, the bountiful Immortal, endowed with eternal light.
Forgiver of sins, Accepter of repentance, Severe in punishment, Bountiful in bounty.
You are sowing seeds into the lives of others, and you will reap a bountiful harvest.
Earnshaw carved bountiful platefuls, and the mistress made them merry with lively talk.
The beautiful view was glorious and a true image of Gods bountiful love for all mankind.
I talk a lot about sowing seeds of greatness in the lives of others to reap a bountiful harvest.
By using the spirits of the dead, the ancient Aztec rulers could partake in this bountiful floodlight.
Many areas that had been planted with cereal crops were being enveloped by fruiting bushes and bountiful trees.
The Lady Bountiful was also very remarkable; she came on in an old worn-out muslin dress, which looked like a rag.
Whereas the maze of tunnels and dungeons was lifeless and depressing the view before them was alive and bountiful.
He who has a bountiful eye shall be blessed; for he gives out from his bread to the poor; cast out the scorner, and.
On the one hand, bountiful human errors, false assumptions, and a vast store of intelligence information badly handled.
The mang-aanis had a bountiful harvest of sinapoy for that season and Datu Ilak announced a grand night of thanksgiving.
The nourishment from the bountiful meal was making a difference, and William was concentrating more on resolving his dilemma.
The sea is very bountiful, even when covered by twenty yards of ice, and the land beneath the snow pack has vast mineral resources.
The sea is very bountiful, even when covered by twenty meters of ice, and the land beneath the snow pack has vast mineral resources.
As for man, when his Lord tests him by bestowing favors on him and blessing him, does he say: ‘My Lord is bountiful to me’?!.
A feat she’d managed to put together, from the bountiful amount of leftovers she’d derived from the family feast she’d prepared earlier that night.
He told of the cascade of good things that had followed Pete’s acts of devotion, and the bountiful lives that he and Pete had found in guiding children.
Sometimes, we wonder why those who maltreat us, abuse us, cheat on us are becoming richer, more bountiful, more influential, and seem to be the way on top.

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