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They brandish his notebook and tool case.
What we need are more manly priests who are not afraid to brandish the spiritual sword.
An ambitious stripling has only to brandish his sword and shout a few magniloquent words to induce them to rush to certain death.
Seeing Napoleon beginning to brandish his stick, I thought he meant to strike the colonel with it; but at that moment he stepped back with his legs spread wide apart.
The fencing has gone on for some time; suddenly one of the combatants, feeling himself wounded and understanding that the matter is no joke but concerns his life, throws down his rapier, and seizing the first cudgel that comes to hand begins to brandish it.
You are all heroes because of what you have stood for and sacrificed while in this Agency, but that work does not stop here! As you leave this Agency you take with you everything that you were here and I challenge each and every one of you to take your God-given abilities and battle won experiences and brandish them bravely in whatever community or corner of the world that you may reside in and that you might affect our world for good and never evil.
Nerissa saw him brandishing a spear.
I spun about, brandishing the kickstand.
Avast ye! The man yelled, brandishing a sword.
Ajax was brandishing a stick, pretending to be Captain Crook.
Mother! while brandishing a deeply concerned expression.
Morgan screamed with hatred and rushed at Arnie brandishing.
He was brandishing his pistol and stamping his barbarous authority.
Surya wheeled on his horse brandishing a fiery bow while he spoke:.
As David watched, he walked out onto the veranda brandishing a gun.
Help! Police! Help! and brandishing her umbrella for the attack.
Zhao Zhendong expression changed and he rose up, brandishing his knife.
It missed by mere inches as the plane rose into the air, Shoop brandishing.
Hobbs was still brandishing his knife with Becky gasping for air and her life.
Opposite him, also circling, was an unkempt figure brandishing a fireplace tool.
Brandishing its victim like a feather, one lone tentacle was writhing in the air.
In time, the attendants broke out their stunners and started brandishing them like.
He saw wild eyes blazing up at him, faces contorted with fury, fists brandishing blades.
She stood and, brandishing a hefty piece of ceiling plaster in her hand, glared at them.
These were painted and plumed, and mostly naked, brandishing spears and spotted shields.
But as I put my foot in the stirrup, Virgil Troaz appeared just ahead brandishing a rifle.
Not a chance! shouted Indio riding forward in front of Eleazar, brandishing his axe.
Jim Rourke stopped barely one pace away in front of her, brandishing his baton in her face.
Other Warriors showed up, brandishing their truncheons, but the prayer continued to the end.
Stay back or I’ll kill you all! brandishing a live grenade with the pin pulled out.
Hawkeye was in front, brandishing his terrible rifle and animating his followers by his example.
One of his officer's hastily ran to them, brandishing a knife that he quickly slit the ropes with.
He was accompanied by a handful of constables and a redcoat brandishing a long bayonetted musket.
The leader alone remained to the fore, brandishing his sword; he appeared to be exhorting them hotly.
The Warrior Commander ran down the hillock brandishing its truncheon, and the slaves quickly dispersed.
They swarmed about Conan, shouting their war-cries and brandishing their swords in their extreme emotion.
Be off, thou base slave! Touch me not! See this? shouted Makár Alexéevich, brandishing the pistol.
Nancy then took position besides D’Artagnan, brandishing the sword taken from the man she had disabled.
She barely got past the meeting building when she was stopped by two Warriors brandishing their truncheons.
Evette picked up the knife she had set down and walked over to her father brandishing the knife as she did so.
Kate and Star looked at each other nervously as four Stormtroopers thundered down the hall, brandishing weapons.
Rauros and several other members of the Harad Ghul emerged, brandishing their scimitars in an intimidating pose.
Some ragged cabmen, brandishing their reins and driving at full speed, overtook our sledge, and we laughed again.
What Sabaneyev is it he's talking about? the young man repeated, still furious and brandishing his right arm.
Bingham dropped to his knees and began wildly brandishing the pen in the hope of connecting with Stacey’s flesh.
Czechoslovakian flags and the students ran on, brandishing the red and white flags with their distinguishing blue triangles.
I brandished the crook and flail.
She brandished a menacing Bowie knife at us.
His blade was brandished, and his terrible cry.
But he brandished his club laughing, and said:.
Each of the goons brandished a horrifying machete.
Instead of thanking me he brandished his cell phone.
Link brandished a stack of twenty dollar bills and then.
The elderly clerk brandished a giant oatmeal cookie then.
Nelly reached over to her left and then brandished a cane.
Tabitha brandished a weapon of some sort that couldn’t.
But instead of worry painting his face, Wynne brandished.
We ran to the window, Carmen brandished his house key and.
Instantly, the barber brandished his scissors at me and then.
Handing over the reins, he glared at me and brandished the pistol.
The man’s face contorted into a mad grin, as he brandished a knife.
He and the others brandished stun weapons; only Summers was unarmed.
This is a clutch! Madeline brandished her tiny sequined bag.
Sam yelled and brandished Sting, but his little voice was drowned in.
Jack then screeched to a halt and got out of the car, brandished a 9.
Therefore, the two authoritative concepts brandished by the USA that.
The officer brandished a pair of zip cuffs; a horror to all cats, indeed.
It brandished vicious fangs and whipped its fishing rod with pant wetting.
The convicts spit into their hands, brandished the rods, and began to flog.
She picked up the jug of water in the middle of the table and brandished it.
Brandished in its captain's hands, the Nautiluswas simply a fearsome harpoon.
Shouts erupted from the surrounding Fae as they brandished daggers before them.
His body leaning slightly back, Ned Land brandished his harpoon with expert hands.
While the leaders spoke, the others brandished their weapons in case things got out of hand.
When brandished, the sun lit the blade so that the entire battlefield was hammered by its glare.
We brandished our heavy hammers, and dealt such formidable blows, that we admired our own strength.
The driver and his passenger exited through the door of the passenger side and they brandished shotguns.
He withdrew Kin Slayer from its scabbard and brandished it above his head, showing it to the now fully risen moon.
Lucas turned around to Karyl, whom he knew waited in the woods, and brandished his sword triumphantly over his head.
They dusted off the grime from their faces and brandished their weapons so that they could join their comrades in war.
The lust was on the two-leggeds also; they brandished their lances and loosed flights of arrows into the seething mass.
They brandished a variety of firearms, all impressive, and stood rigid, side-by-side, in dark grey camouflage with black berets.
Barnes, still following the draconian rules of the department, brandished his identification and cautiously kept his distance as he spoke.
Burning with impatience, Raskolnikoff brandished the hatchet, ready to strike the corpse and sever the confounded string at the same blow.
Five Picts were dancing about them with fantastic leaps and bounds, waving bloody axes; one of them brandished the woman's red-smeared gown.
When the javelin thrower had cast all six of his missiles, the male on the ground brandished his axe and yelled defiantly at the pair in the air.
He brandishes his.
It's only the government that still means to resist, but it brandishes its cudgel in the dark and hits its own men.
She takes two strides up to him, grabs a wooden tool Ralph does not recognise from the draining area and brandishes it in his face.
For now he rises from the Bed of Bliss (tho’ not my Bliss, I’ll warrant) and brandishes his Sword (where before he had brandish’d nought but his Cock) and swears Vengeance upon ’em all.
On the reverse is a royal or divine figure, of large size, holding in one hand the heraldic design of Sirpula (an eagle with the head of a lion), while the other brandishes a war-club over a crowd of prisoners, who are tumbling one over another in a sort of net or cage.
Therefore, any menace that threatens the native sovereignty or damages the economic, the political or the security sides makes the state brandishes to use that deadly weapons against those who threaten its benefit, though the danger of these weapons will not be limited to the opponent power only, yet it will transcend it to spread almost over all the humanity.

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