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Breach numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The breach was purely her.
  2. And I shall heal this breach!.
  3. Cap’n barged into the breach.
  4. He tried to find some breach of.
  5. We could not breach their gates.

  6. Yours is a serious breach, hooman.
  7. We may have a security breach sir.
  8. In short, it ended in a total breach.
  9. Maybe the breach would change things.
  10. He took a few steps toward the breach.
  11. And what about the Isfet breach?
  12. You breach the surface, catch a breath.
  13. But an Isfet breach certainly qualifies.
  14. You know what an Isfet breach is?
  15. This feeling is already a breach in Ana-.

  16. Still, a breach need not mean capitulation.
  17. It was a breach of the spirit of democracy.
  18. That is a naturally-occurring Isfet breach.
  19. Have you found the breach? Bill asked.
  20. The security breach with the satellite had.
  21. There had been no breach of Allied security.
  22. But let us say that there is an Isfet breach.
  23. Upon that the Pole had leapt into the breach.
  24. But no matter which side the relatives breach.
  25. That would be a serious breach of etiquette.

  26. More honour'd in the breach than the observance.
  27. As a result of the security breach, the tribes.
  28. He's going to use her to breach the interstice.
  29. Apparently some breach in the bottom hatch seal.
  30. MARTHA: (Sobbing behind her veil) Breach of promise.
  31. I perceive a spatial breach that has been sealed.
  32. And the one who is quick to forgive heals the breach.
  33. He would respond to any breach of shooting etiquette.
  34. Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more.
  35. One of our field agents has reported an Isfet breach.
  36. There has been scarcely any breach of the law by women.
  37. He passed through a breach and entered the town again.
  38. Mostly on sealing the breach from when the Hab blew up.
  39. Weapons fire, probably a core breach, no survivors, and.
  40. We have a breach! he nervously yelled into the mic.
  41. If there was a breach they would have plenty of time to.
  42. In any case, care to guess where the breach happened?
  43. In those 15 minutes however, she could not breach his wall.
  44. Let Preston trace the security breach back to its source.
  45. The ultimate breach of taboo would come near the end of the.
  46. M: How can you say so? Without breach in continuity how can.
  47. She hurled one in return, and the angry breach was complete.
  48. Because of the breach in security, our unit had to evacuate.
  49. I'll be in touch Dale, keep me posted on the security breach.
  50. He rushed over to search for the cause of the security breach.
  51. No ID? That’s a breach of every space-faring regulation.
  52. It was a breach of etiquette to extend a hand to a crime boss.
  53. The breach widened more and more with each passing millennium.
  54. Breach at birth, he was the first child born to a young mother.
  55. We don’t all have to be on this ship to make it breach space.
  56. In the event of a Hab breach, everyone would run to the airlocks.
  57. The teenager grinned in turn and tapped the breach of his cannon.
  58. If the landlord or tenant is in material breach of any terms or.
  59. And he could not manage to mend the breach in his wall of desire.
  60. To attempt to stabilize such a breach when it was fully formed.
  61. The full force of the Hab’s atmosphere rushed through the breach.
  62. I t gives added voice to the serpent embodying breach of the truth.
  63. This breach covered multiple locations, and there appeared to be a.
  64. Could this be caused by a local Isfet breach? the Oracle asked.
  65. If this security breach was a Brazilian tap, he had to know about it.
  66. Originally, the courts of law gave damages only for breach of contract.
  67. At that time it was thought that Frans was the victim of a data breach.
  68. A flunky nipped into the breach, whispering into the ear of the Emperor.
  69. The host passed through the breach and halted on the sloping sward above.
  70. The best way to breach another region is during sleep, in a lucid dream.
  71. They would never have dared to commit such a breach of etiquette before.
  72. It would be considered the greatest breach of good behavior not to do it.
  73. Once we found the breach, we’d seal it with the spare canvas and resin.
  74. He told his aides that the Ludhiana hand grab had been a breach of faith.
  75. Bram was not keen to have Alistair’s breach of the Guides’ rules too.
  76. Moshe suddenly realized that a major breach of etiquette had just occurred.
  77. Any breach in the tree line was welcomed, although grey clouds above were.
  78. This gross breach of hospitality had evidently hit upon his tenderest point.
  79. However, you are already one big walking breach of regulations, in many ways.
  80. Sacramentum) to abstain from theft, robbery, adultery, and breach of faith.
  81. It was Marianne who succeeded in healing the breach between Tony and bis mother.
  82. In the event of a hull breach, it is the difference between living and dying.
  83. Let us breach this Sod Stronghold and contend with the Denizens of Chaos within.
  85. Crowley the chance to grasp through a breach of reality, and save his companions.
  86. You do know I will have to come up with a punishment for that breach of access.
  87. White of course, that 'a team of horses weren't going to breach that levee again.
  88. That is when the alarm wailed in Anemone’s control room, Security breach!.
  89. Through the breach, they heard the waters pour, as mountain torrents down a flume.
  90. Matai could never learn what had caused the breach between them, but it was there.
  91. A spatial breach that existed until recently was sealed with him on the other side.
  92. First, is it in breach of the law if we run with it? Second, if not should we?
  93. Somewhere in the phone booth–sized airlock, a small breach was letting air escape.
  94. Indeed, the passion of the dambuhala had scarcely played a role in the breach at all.
  95. A hacker capable of a breach like that should also be able to cover all tracks.
  96. This breach, at first insensible, increases slowly, like all separations of branches.
  97. Just not the inner workings of the weapon like the trigger mechanism and its breach.
  98. Trojan horse, he would breach their walls of power and wound them inside their citadel.
  99. The only thing moving was a throng of undead seeping through the newly created breach.
  100. Unless of course you happen to be behind a barrier that’s impossible for the breach.

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