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Brooch numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. This brooch is of the same.
  2. What happened to the brooch?
  3. You want a brooch, said Mrs.
  4. The exclamation-point brooch on Mrs.
  5. You said that brooch would be mine.

  6. And besides, it’s not just any brooch.
  7. A brooch committed a man to nothing, it.
  8. A garnet brooch has dropped into its grass.
  9. Then she unfastened the brooch of her robe.
  10. Frodo took the cloak and fastened the brooch.
  11. Daddy, can I have the brooch? Manda asked him.
  12. She fingered the brooch she had worn the entire week.
  13. She wore a familiar brooch on an equally familiar sweater.
  14. There was a woman’ s brooch with a large green stone; a.
  15. I even found a box with a gold brooch in it, and a bracelet.

  16. He turned the brooch over and pressed a tiny knob at the back.
  17. Manda thought it was the most beautiful brooch she had ever seen.
  18. She wore her wedding ring and a big diamond brooch on her breast.
  19. Manda had first discovered the brooch when she was twelve-years-old.
  20. A moonstone brooch big as a hen’s egg fastened it at the shoulder.
  21. Betty Flanders's darning needles are safe too and her garnet brooch.
  22. Flanders rubbed the turf with her toe, thinking of her garnet brooch.
  23. Since she had no daughters, Lizzie had passed the brooch on to Bertram.
  24. And then when she had mentioned the brooch, it had only made things worse.
  25. Nestled on a bed of white sheep’s wool lay a bride’s brooch, fashioned.

  26. Over her shoulders was thrown a lace shawl pinned with a massive gold brooch.
  27. This was your mother’s he said, holding out the brooch, Cerian took it.
  28. This brooch has been valued at four thousand pounds and is a collector’s item.
  29. He took out a large brooch set with rubies and pearls, in the form of a butterfly.
  30. Then he saw that she was looking at her own chest, the butterfly brooch pinned there.
  31. Upon learning his true identity, Oedipus puts out his eyes with Jocasta's brooch, and.
  32. She opened the little box and peered at the brooch, resting on a bed of white cotton batting.
  33. It was the brooch she had loved so much, the one he had promised to give her for her birthday.
  34. His was dressed in fine orange and red robes; a golden phoenix brooch was pinned to his chest.
  35. Of course, her brooch could be pinned over the spot, but perhaps it darkened her eyes to emerald.
  36. She buttoned her black basque up to the chin and pinned down the collar with Pittypat’s mourning brooch.
  37. Before it came to him, the brooch had been lost three times and had always found its way back to the family.
  38. The brooch that pinned the cloak at his shoulder was a gift as well; an ivory spider brooch with silver legs.
  39. It was the angel brooch, the one she had wanted so long ago, when their father had given it to Sierra instead.
  40. They left a little gold brooch that had belonged to Mrs Fletcher with the headman as payment for the food and.
  41. If Bertram had thought the story would make Manda understand why she couldn’t have the brooch, he was mistaken.
  42. Oh, oh!' As she said the words the brooch flew open, and the Queen clutched wildly at it, and tried to clasp it again.
  43. Judge Johnson wore a big diamond brooch at the neck of her robe, and her hennaed hair was held back with a gold headband.
  44. Two weeks later, on Christmas Day, Marilyn Monroe presented Natasha Lytess with an antique ivory cameo brooch framed in gold.
  45. Tamarlan sat in the middle of the northern plains, like a fancy jewel set in the middle of an otherwise unembellished brooch.
  46. His left hand keeping pressure on the cut, he had to use his right to undo the pin of the brooch and slide it from her low-cut dress.
  47. The brooch had been the clearest sign to her that their father loved Sierra more than he loved her, if she ever had doubted it before.
  48. She promised the brooch would bring me through the night alive, and whether the jewelry had anything to do with it or not, I did survive.
  49. He tried to explain how he had originally planned to give Sierra the brooch since she was older, but had forgotten when Manda asked him for it.
  50. Just to take off the plainness of the dress, she wore a gold bangle with matching earrings and pinned to the left side a small gold owl brooch.
  51. Flanders's twopenny- halfpenny brooch for ever part of the rich accumulation? and if all the ghosts flocked thick and rubbed shoulders with Mrs.
  52. She was just fastening my veil (the plain square of blond after all) to my hair with a brooch; I hurried from under her hands as soon as I could.
  53. She hurried back into her room and hastily gathered from their hiding place the bracelets, brooch, miniature and cup she had found on the dead Yankee.
  54. She wore a dark blue silk dress decorated with a matching scarf pinned with a gold brooch, elegant dark blue shoes, hair scraped back into a tight bun.
  55. She stood in a small courtyard of hard-packed earth, she slipped her cloak off and pocketing the brooch she threw the cloak over the chestnut’s withers.
  56. And so it had been firmly planted in Manda’s brain that in a few short weeks the beautiful brooch that had once belonged to their grandmother would be hers.
  57. Yet for all the love he had showered on Sierra, and the many times he had chosen her over Manda, Sierra had ended up tossing the brooch away, and him with it.
  58. Instead of the brooch as she had expected, inside the box was a watch – a grinning, white-gloved Mickey Mouse walking across the face with his big yellow feet.
  59. He wore a velvet ruby jacket trimmed with silver, trousers, and tunic with a brooch, his long hair tied back into a ponytail, and he had a slight frown on his face.
  60. I say nothing, Ambrosius corrected her, I gave that brooch you wear to your mother on board ship, the fact that you wear it and that you know about your mother is proof enough for me.
  61. He then explained this affectionate apostrophe, by touching his brooch representing the lady and the weeping willow at the tomb with the urn upon it, and saying, "Had it made for me, express!".
  62. That’s how you pick ’em, not by the clothes or the cars, but by the extra touches: an antique brooch (rich women always have antique brooches) or lip-liner that was blended just the right amount.
  63. Later, when she had pinned the brooch to the sleeve of the sweater that I wore under a bulletproof vest, just before I went into action against the cult in Nevada, she admitted that it meant none of those things.
  64. If she didnt see proof of her existence, she would go mad! She might find some clue MacFife had missed, and she wanted to see if the brooch she had been promised was there, or if her mother had taken it with her.
  65. He is even persuaded, when she has invested in a diamond brooch and a brocaded front, that she has become a woman of rare elegance, belonging to that type which energetic newspaper reporters depict as a leader.
  66. It was only when the man came forward that the shadowed face beneath the cowl took on the familiar features of Ser Maynard Plumm, the pale eye no more than the moonstone brooch that pinned his cloak at the shoulder.
  67. Then Aragorn took the stone and pinned the brooch upon his breast, and those who saw him wondered; for they had not marked before how tall and kingly he stood, and it seemed to them that many years of toil had fallen from his shoulders.
  68. I judged him to be a bachelor from the frayed condition of his linen, and he appeared to have sustained a good many bereavements; for he wore at least four mourning rings, besides a brooch representing a lady and a weeping willow at a tomb with an urn on it.
  69. A goldsmith’s wife had lost a valuable brooch; an innkeeper’s chickens had all died; a widow developed a painful boil on her bottom – a complaint that caused laughter, but also carried conviction, for witches were known to have a malicious sense of humour.
  70. Every lady in the audience was presented with a tasteful souvenir of the occasion in the shape of a skull and crossbones brooch, a timely and generous act which evoked a fresh outburst of emotion: and when the gallant young Oxonian (the bearer, by the way, of one of the most timehonoured names in Albion's history) placed on the finger of his blushing fiancée an expensive engagement ring with emeralds set in the form of a fourleaved shamrock the excitement knew no bounds.
  71. Gardner I hope hell come on Monday as he said at the same time four I hate people who come at all hours answer the door you think its the vegetables then its somebody and you all undressed or the door of the filthy sloppy kitchen blows open the day old frostyface Goodwin called about the concert in Lombard street and I just after dinner all flushed and tossed with boiling old stew dont look at me professor I had to say Im a fright yes but he was a real old gent in his way it was impossible to be more respectful nobody to say youre out you have to peep out through the blind like the messengerboy today I thought it was a putoff first him sending the port and the peaches first and I was just beginning to yawn with nerves thinking he was trying to make a fool of me when I knew his tattarrattat at the door he must have been a bit late because it was l/4 after 3 when I saw the 2 Dedalus girls coming from school I never know the time even that watch he gave me never seems to go properly Id want to get it looked after when I threw the penny to that lame sailor for England home and beauty when I was whistling there is a charming girl I love and I hadnt even put on my clean shift or powdered myself or a thing then this day week were to go to Belfast just as well he has to go to Ennis his fathers anniversary the 27th it wouldnt be pleasant if he did suppose our rooms at the hotel were beside each other and any fooling went on in the newbed I couldnt tell him to stop and not bother me with him in the next room or perhaps some protestant clergyman with a cough knocking on the wall then hed never believe the next day we didnt do something its all very well a husband but you cant fool a lover after me telling him we never did anything of course he didnt believe me no its better hes going where he is besides something always happens with him the time going to the Mallow concert at Maryborough ordering boiling soup for the two of us then the bell rang out he walks down the platform with the soup splashing about taking spoonfuls of it hadnt he the nerve and the waiter after him making a holy show of us screeching and confusion for the engine to start but he wouldnt pay till he finished it the two gentlemen in the 3rd class carriage said he was quite right so he was too hes so pigheaded sometimes when he gets a thing into his head a good job he was able to open the carriage door with his knife or theyd have taken us on to Cork I suppose that was done out of revenge on him O I love jaunting in a train or a car with lovely soft cushions I wonder will he take a 1st class for me he might want to do it in the train by tipping the guard well O I suppose therell be the usual idiots of men gaping at us with their eyes as stupid as ever they can possibly be that was an exceptional man that common workman that left us alone in the carriage that day going to Howth Id like to find out something about him l or 2 tunnels perhaps then you have to look out of the window all the nicer then coming back suppose I never came back what would they say eloped with him that gets you on on the stage the last concert I sang at where its over a year ago when was it St Teresas hall Clarendon St little chits of missies they have now singing Kathleen Kearney and her like on account of father being in the army and my singing the absentminded beggar and wearing a brooch for Lord Roberts when I had the map of it all and Poldy not Irish enough was it him managed it this time I wouldnt put it past him like he got me on to sing in the Stabat Mater by going around saying he was putting Lead Kindly Light to music I put him up to that till the jesuits found out he was a freemason thumping the piano lead Thou me on copied from some old opera yes and he was.

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