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Buckle numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Bunty’s belt buckle on it.
  2. Even his belt buckle melted.
  3. Thomas felt his knees buckle.
  4. There is an A/Q/W on his buckle.
  5. Ashi fumbled with the belt buckle.

  6. Buckle up and grab a bag of peanuts.
  7. His hand went to the buckle of his belt.
  8. She simply said, We need to buckle up.
  9. His belt buckle, too, and this shoe sole.
  10. It threatened to buckle my legs beneath me.
  11. Provoke him, and he will buckle to a shark.
  12. He fumbled with a steel buckle at his waist.
  13. This is when our institutions start to buckle.
  14. With this he wore knee-breeches and buckle shoes.
  15. Emory undid his belt buckle and fashioned a lasso.

  16. Bunty’s belt buckle was one that had to continue.
  17. He just needed to buckle down and use what skills.
  18. He freezes, his hands on the buckle of an arm guard.
  19. I heard him undoing the buckle on Astra’s collar.
  20. The buckle rammed into Louie’s left temple and ear.
  21. Her hands were on his buckle and she removed the belt.
  22. His legs began to buckle as he collapsed to the floor.
  23. He could feel her struggle, but would not buckle under.
  24. His fingers felt clumsy as he reached for the buckle on.
  25. She adjusted her purse strap, fidgeting with the buckle.

  26. You would be dead before you had done up the last buckle.
  27. Alpha buckle themselves into their helicopter located on.
  28. Gamma hops into the cockpit and buckle themselves in with.
  29. The buckle was several inches square, made of heavy brass.
  30. One day he pulled off his belt and bent the buckle upward.
  31. She felt hands buckle her in, and she fought against the.
  32. Good, now I am pricking myself on the tongue of my buckle.
  33. His pants were ripped and he wore a big cowboy belt buckle.
  34. Tobias undoes his belt buckle and slides it from its loops.
  35. She grabbed his black, belt buckle pulling him closer to her.
  36. Her knees began to buckle as she lunged into the passageway.
  37. The stones under the heaving mass began to buckle and split.
  38. His belt buckle was now on a line with Joe Clarence’s eyes.
  39. His boots had a buckle over the foot and at the top of the.
  40. I find only the frayed end of a seat belt and a broken buckle.
  41. Flint leaned down and loosened the buckle on his boot knife as.
  42. Take the whole of the nineteenth century in which Buckle lived.
  43. Out of the buckle came a whip that he used to beat his bat with.
  44. Lindsay, the bastards dripped a little beef blood on the buckle.
  45. Looking at the buckle he asked POS? What do you suppose that.
  46. Claire— Marcus caught her elbow when she started to buckle.
  47. Shoop col ected the buckle from the body and mooched off into the.
  48. Several more he twined in the buckle of the dead man’s watch-band.
  49. Marylyn had always wanted to ride around on a horse and buckle some.
  50. The moment that it locked he grinned and reached for his belt buckle.
  51. The blade of your knife could buckle when you exert too much force in.
  52. She slipped her thumb behind the belt buckle and found it still there.
  53. When he placed his jeans on the sofa the belt buckle rattled slightly.
  54. He loosened the buckle and the belt with the revolver fell to the floor.
  55. Dave touched the buckle of the belt turning the shiny, black device on.
  56. You need help, she said and began to loosen the buckle of his belt.
  57. The producer stared at the bright buckle almost hypnotically for a moment.
  58. With that in mind, I pull the door shut and look for a seat belt to buckle.
  59. His hands were at the buckle of his belt, but he hadn’t drawn his revolver.
  60. As the last buckle is finished and Lævatein is on his hip, their eyes meet.
  61. Reporters wondered whether his knees would buckle under his invisible burden.
  62. Finally he slowly brought his hand to the buckle of his belt and unbuckled it.
  63. What? Oh this! It’s a belt buckle, it stops my belt coming undone, which.
  64. The one with the belt buckle that looks like it could cut my cock in half?
  65. There was a large bronze buckle that took a significant amount of force to undo.
  66. Darren! She felt sick and for a moment her knees began to buckle underneath her.
  67. Pieces of flesh clung to the buckle of the belt like meat from a lion’s teeth.
  68. It’s a four-point harness with all the straps connecting to one central buckle.
  69. As he slid away, his belt buckle gouged into her stomach and she cried out in pain.
  70. He threw the t-shirt on the floor and his fingers reached down to his belt buckle.
  71. Henry had tried his best to button Welky’s jacket and buckle his pants to give.
  72. He kept one hand on Hassan's back and undid his own belt buckle with his free hand.
  73. Tony was tucking his shirt into his pants and trying to buckle the front of his belt.
  74. Her hands went down a bit and she undid his belt buckle and pulled the trousers off.
  75. When the pizza was gone, Pamela cracked the whip and made them buckle down and study.
  76. He reached over the dresser and grabbed his belt buckle and all but ran for the door.
  77. She grabs at his belt and in three quick, aggressive flicks she has the buckle undone.
  78. He felt his knees buckle, and the knife slipped instantly from his palm to the floor.
  79. His knees would buckle, and he'd collapse to the ground and die, lonely and forgotten.
  80. She felt the man’s knuckles strike her temple and her knees buckle, but that was all.
  81. What I should have done when faced with this adversity was buckle down and work harder.
  82. My pistol was half dissolved, and nothing remained of my gear but a buckle and one sole.
  83. The buckle of his leather stock was under his left ear instead of at the nape of his neck.
  84. A web belt with a flat buckle that contained a lodestone, garroting wire and a sharp blade.
  85. The silver belt that held up his pants had a skull belt buckle that also glowed in the dark.
  86. The walls buckle and the ceiling caves in, and tons of steel and concrete come raining down.
  87. His plaid shirt was tucked into his jeans, a rather nice belt buckle held the belt in place.
  88. Taromh tried to stand, but found his belt buckle had become entangled in the tassels of a rug.
  89. Did the Pilgrims’ pants always fall down because they wore their belt buckle on their hat?
  90. Rick is a genuine cowboy; his broad-brimmed hat, cowboy boots and big belt buckle all prove it.
  91. One of the posse stepped forward, unbelted his gun and tried to buckle it onto Chanoch’s waist.
  92. It seemed that the entire wall had begun to buckle, allowing the ceiling beyond to drop even more.
  93. He took her hands in his and looked into her eyes so intensely that her legs threatened to buckle.
  94. He hitched up his trousers, tightened the buckle clasp with a jerk, walked past Mother to the door.
  95. Twisting the key in the door, she wouldn’t turn around, nor would she buckle under and let him in.
  96. Standing a few feet away, Petra’s heart began to hammer as Emory stood and undid his belt buckle.
  97. Then Kaherdin offered the Queen a buckle of fine gold; and Queen, said he, the gold is good.
  98. The left flank began to buckle as the Tanarian troops quickly filled the void that Barrad had created.
  99. What happened to the belt buckle knife you’ve been bragging about for the last twenty years?
  100. At night, the Bird stalked his dreams, screeching, seething, his belt buckle flying at Louie’s skull.
  1. But his legs were buckling.
  2. Jack’s knee, buckling it instantly.
  3. They hang across the buckling grass.
  4. Knees buckling, the beast froze in place.
  5. Oh please, he groaned, buckling his belt.
  6. I felt my knees buckling and grabbed hold of the counter.
  7. Lanson’s knees were buckling with exhaustion and only.
  8. He nodded and finished buckling the bridle behind her head.
  9. In one black moment he felt his legs buckling up face him.
  10. In places buckling of the hull plates was plainly visible.
  11. An armada was sailing over us, canvasses buckling in the wind.
  12. Buckling his restraints, Vogel said, We are far past balance.
  13. Alex, he said calmly, buckling himself in and glanced at me.
  14. He closed his little black bag, buckling the golden clasp together.
  15. Then she started crying, buckling under the pressure of the moment.
  16. There it is, he thought, trembling, legs shaking and knees buckling.
  17. Heaving and buckling, to his horror, a huge cavern opened before him.
  18. Whereas force or pressure is exerted from the top with buckling, knives.
  19. And these solid steel bars were buckling, bending, bulging out of their sockets.
  20. The helicopter then lifted up in a hurry as they were buckling their seat belts.
  21. He teetered through the exercise sessions, trying to keep his legs from buckling.
  22. Then he kissed her on the cheek, before buckling himself into the seat beside her.
  23. My voice was choppy and my legs continued buckling for an additional minute or two.
  24. When he reached the cabin he fumbled for the door handle but his legs were buckling.
  25. Martínez turned, nonchalantly buckling on the white pants as the interns brushed past.
  26. For an instant he reeled on buckling knees, and then fell in a sodden heap on the floor.
  27. The other walls were buckling from the mines beneath them, the towers leaning drunkenly.
  28. Not realizing what was happening, she tried to stand but her legs kept buckling beneath her.
  29. I will tell you about it in the air, Hiss answered, buckling the seatbelt around his girth.
  30. Adem grunted before buckling on his sword belt and fastening his bow case straps across his chest.
  31. The buckling of the land thrust up great mountain ranges in the central part of the northern continent.
  32. With his powerful hands he sent me buckling to the ground, while his companion did the same to Conseil.
  33. Manda leaped down the porch steps and ran around the cabin, her legs almost buckling under her like a newborn colt.
  34. While she was buckling hers, Rachel commented, Look! Grenades! A Marine without grenades is like a bull without balls!.
  35. Here and there buckling towers reeled drunkenly against the morning sky, and broken pillars jutted up among the decaying walls.
  36. Sandra was terrified, her mouth so dry that she couldn’t scream, her knees almost buckling when the cat’s eyes fixed on hers.
  37. Some were buckling on armour as they went, often with a member of their family hurrying alongside with breast plates and other gear.
  38. Sideways leaning, we sideways darted; every ropeyarn tingling like a wire; the two tall masts buckling like Indian canes in land tornadoes.
  39. Tina, her face impassive, acknowledged Dana’s statement and went to sit in her command chair, buckling her harness before giving her next orders.
  40. The 3rd attribute is staying power toughness which is the health and physical robustness to endure sustained bouts of stress and pressure without buckling.
  41. Knees buckling, voice cracking, and hands grasping the lectern so hard his knuckles turn white, Alexander Haig proclaims his authority to the nation on live TV.
  42. Rather than buckling the rear safety belts around the cockpit cushions, Shapiro was confronted with the steel cylinder, still wrapped in blue vinyl dental blankets.
  43. As the hot night wore on and their backs were aching and their knees buckling from weariness, Scarlett and Pitty cried to man after man: What news? What news?
  44. She was actually dusting the thesh with a handful of flour to help it stick when that hit her and she wafted the flour over the basin while buckling up with laughter.
  45. She did not pause one moment, putting her hands up over her head once it was settled, allowing Leland to wrap the belt and scabbard around her waist, buckling it into position.
  46. Placing first Eli in the high chair and buckling his belt, Nancy then took out of her slung pouch a pot of baby food, a bottle of milk and a spoon, then a bib that she tied around his neck.
  47. Ingrid then showed the example and sat in one of the seats, buckling her safety belt as a major exited the cockpit and went to sit beside her after saluting the divers with a nod of the head.
  48. The guards stuffed her arms into a long-sleeved jacket in the front, hugging them around her body and behind her, pulling the extra length of sleeves around her back and buckling them closed.
  49. Once washed, she put on a clean combat uniform, buckling as well her pistol belt around her waist to remind the men around the station that she was a combatant, and not simply a pretty toy for their entertainment.
  50. From the land side to the tops of the piles stretched transverse beams, two and three yards apart; more beams lower down, constituting stays against the piles buckling; the whole a giant scaffolding embedded in the bowels of the earth.
  51. Buckling around her waist the fanny pack she had inherited from Nancy, she put in it her Discman CD player and connected to it a pair of light headphones, then went out to the back of the building, where she would be partially out of sight.
  52. A Jewish community shell-shocked at the destruction of Israel, ashamed that their government did nothing to stop it and appeared to be buckling in to the demands of the triumphant Arab states, opened their wallets as they’d opened their homes.
  53. Of the eight 1,000-pound armor-piercing bombs they released from mast height, two hit the water just short of the ship and exploded, buckling badly underwater hull plates, one missed the ship by mere feet and flew across the forward deck, while the five remaining bombs hit squarely the cruiser.
  54. The car had slowed and they gazed over at that narrow concrete strip with the green grass buckling it gently here or there and sprays of wildflowers nestling up close to either side and the morning sunlight coming down through the high elms and maples and oaks that led the way toward the forest.
  55. As his buckling knees hit the floor, the board Eddie had clutched simultaneously gave way, and down he went, his limbs banging against the chute’s walls as he plummeted the remaining two-and-a-half stories, where he landed on a dilapidated wooden platform, which, giving way, helped break his fall.
  56. Buckling quickly the pistol belt around her waist and slinging the first aid bag across her chest, Sylvie looked at the coordinates of the cave entrance visible in a corner of the viewing screen of her observation station, mentally reading them so that the computer of her implanted time distorter could register them.
  1. I thought he was buckled.
  2. Thankfully, he was buckled up.
  3. His legs buckled for a moment.
  4. But she buckled, and they went.
  5. I zipped up and buckled my belt.
  6. My knees buckled and everything.
  7. The steel vambrace buckled loudly.
  8. His knees buckled against his will.
  9. Her knees almost buckled under her.
  10. Her knees buckled and she collapsed.
  11. One look at him and my knees buckled.
  12. The door to the thing’s cage buckled.
  13. One portion of the ceiling had buckled.
  14. Sean’s knees buckled and the two men.
  15. Nate quickly buckled up while he laughed.
  16. The salesman’s knees buckled and he fell.
  17. Her knees buckled and her eyes drifted shut.
  18. Ash barely caught her when she buckled over.
  19. The young travelers sat down and buckled up.
  20. Inside was chaos: overturned, buckled cash.
  21. The ice screamed and buckled under my weight.
  22. He buckled over with his hands on his knees.
  23. I jumped into the copilot seat and buckled up.
  24. He buckled as if stabbed, hands to his belly.
  25. They buckled themselves into their spiderwebs.
  26. Chevalier buckled her into the seat, He left.
  27. He buckled one ankle strap as she did the other.
  28. The entire bottom of the fuselage has buckled.
  29. He turned to face her and she buckled the straps.
  30. With a rending shudder the portal buckled inward.
  31. I buckled to my paddle and they laid to their oars.
  32. The gates were buckled and the door was in pieces.
  33. Jeff settled into his aisle seat and buckled the.
  34. Each stair creaked and buckled, aged with neglect.
  35. In his drugged condition his legs buckled under him.
  36. A short while later, Martha buckled up, shifted the.
  37. This time, as she pulled, the edges buckled outward.
  38. He got the boy buckled in and slid into his own seat.
  39. You look fine to me, he said as they buckled up.
  40. Afterwards, he got knock-kneed then his knees buckled.
  41. Delta hovers, still buckled and seated in the SUV’s.
  42. The cry ‘Hardin, Hardin’ buckled Davis’ controls.
  43. I buckled down and school started to get easier for me.
  44. The vet buckled to the sand, quivered in his own blood.
  45. I kissed him buckled up my seat belt and held his hand.
  46. The Doc's knees buckled slightly and he shook his head.
  47. Her knees almost buckled as her muscles began shaking.
  48. Rod tried to stand up, but his legs buckled beneath him.
  49. It’s a bulkhead wall and the whole thing has buckled.
  50. The men scattered in all directions buckled over in pain.
  51. She shuddered, the stitcher fell, her knees buckled….
  52. I buckled up, and to tell you the truth I still didn’t.
  53. Most baking trays buckled over the head in one minute.
  54. Mitch’s leg buckled; he collapsed to the floor in agony.
  55. Bassam’s knees buckled then he began to sweat profusely.
  56. Vinny buckled his seatbelt and pretended as if everything.
  57. He buckled over and vomited a mixture of ale and saltwater.
  58. Franco, but when I stood up, my knees buckled underneath me.
  59. Cerian’s legs buckled as she pressed her hands to her head.
  60. They buckled on their parachutes, snapped their safety belts.
  61. The ice buckled, and rippled almost all the way to the shore.
  62. It buckled in the middle, the barn creaking like a dying ship.
  63. He watched her head back to the crevice while he buckled them.
  64. The car impacted and the engine buckled, throwing me forwards.
  65. She climbed into the passenger seat and buckled her seat belt.
  66. The buckled door was on the floor of the container just inside.
  67. I’m not sorry I hit you, I said as I buckled my seatbelt.
  68. My knee buckled and he grabbed hold of my arm, turning me around.
  69. His leather jacket had been tightly buckled once at his waist to.
  70. After the four of us were buckled in the doors whirred shut again.
  71. In silence the men buckled on their armor and mounted their horses.
  72. The woman's knees buckled under her and she slumped to the ground.
  73. We rented an apartment, furnished, at $15 per month and buckled in.
  74. Gusto’s wings buckled and Millie fired four shots into his chest.
  75. The scariest part came at the top of the bridge where it had buckled.
  76. Alex moved around to face Astra, having buckled the saddle into place.
  77. She grabbed the belt, which held her sword and buckled it around her.
  78. Once I was seated and buckled in, he smiled at me and closed the door.
  79. She didn't even move as he buckled her in and deftly slipped into the.
  80. My skis were wooden, with black boots that buckled tightly up my ankle.
  81. My knees buckled and I reached for the back of a chair, but I faced him.
  82. My knees buckled as I stood up and followed the doctor out of my prison.
  83. Every couple of thrusts, a new tooth buckled and fell to the stony beach.
  84. They buckled themselves with a savage cruelty worse than Scythian custom.
  85. His knees buckled, and a man who looked to be a family friend caught him.
  86. The tiny green jacketed creature wore a buckled hat and a mischievous grin.
  87. Suddenly the guard threw his hands to his helmet and his knees buckled as.
  88. Her legs buckled and she lost her grip on the latch, crumpling to the floor.
  89. Sheathing the sword Ardor buckled it around his waist, and went on his way.
  90. They all laughed and buckled themselves into the remaining seats in the bus.
  91. She filled two mugs of water, as Kena buckled his belt and put the sword in.
  92. To subdue him, they pushed him into a wicker laundry basket and buckled the.
  93. A wave of energy surged through the ground and the bridge buckled, lurched to.
  94. He buckled the watch onto his wrist and then returned to fitting on his shoes.
  95. We were only steps away from the safety of the car when Harry’s knees buckled.
  96. Jozef gripped what he could as the Mercedes buckled under the constant collisions.
  97. Suddenly, my knees buckled and I would have fallen had Joseph not held me tightly.
  98. His front legs buckled and now he lay bleeding, motionless within the long grass.
  99. He cried even harder when Megan buckled him into the back seat and shut the door.
  100. When I came out of the galley area, Veronica was buckled into the seat facing mine.
  1. The buckles grip at any size.
  2. Yes, bruises where the buckles are.
  3. We'd have to do something about buckles.
  4. The SUV buckles them in, rolls the windows.
  5. The straps and buckles jangled in their newness.
  6. Now she too buckles on the hookboots and turns a graceful.
  7. My hands fumbled as I tried to do up Astra’s saddle buckles.
  8. THAT WAS … Vince turns on the car as Emerson buckles up.
  9. But my wife wants a gold chain, and I want a pair of silver buckles.
  10. Del placed the restraints around Patrick’s wrists and pulled the buckles.
  11. There’s a strongman smashing eggs with a heavy hammer that buckles up his legs.
  12. My pantyhose were gone, but I was still wearing my black pumps with the gold buckles.
  13. The priest nodded and turned on the heels of his square-toed shoes with bigsteel buckles.
  14. There were high-heeled boots with tremendous golden buckles that jingled like wind-chimes.
  15. I forgot to tell you that the profit was greater still on the buckles without tongues than on all the rest.
  16. Barry Sutton and Saipele Manaea had earlier worn themselves out swashing their buckles, then done some shooting.
  17. She grabs your hair, a sharp knee into your chest buckles you with half of her weight coming down on top of you.
  18. Maroon and yellow, streaked much like the surrounding foliage, no fancy buckles, and gold braid or stylized animals.
  19. Shooting tequila? Polishing belt buckles? An angry lynch mob? Cowboys brawling in the streets? Screw Dallas, honey.
  20. Buckles are made with a violet glass which is stuck fast, by means of this wax, to a little framework of black iron.
  21. A moment later she heard a crashing sound, which sounded like metallic objects such as snaps and buckles hitting the rocks.
  22. He cinched the buckles on Ser Glendon’s ill-fitting armor, fastened his helm to his gorget, helped him mount, and handed him his shield.
  23. Curious fish will attack a shiny object drawn through the water: try coins, buttons, pieces of tin can, buckles — anything that glitters.
  24. They had chosen a suit of deep violet color with a golden vest, white silk hose and high-heeled black leather dress shoes with diamonds on the buckles.
  25. You must also bring all the items you were issued at bootcamp and we suggest these additional uniform items; extra work uniforms, belt & buckles, and boots.
  26. There was a big-name coffee shop sandwiched between a store selling leather belts with silver buckles, and a store selling china plates with fancy patterns.
  27. Clothing may catch fire as well as patient having electrical burns, which will be more severe where watches, jewellery, buckles or other metal objects are worn.
  28. They waited a long time, but there was only the shake of their horses' nervous skin like black velvet tambourines jingling the silver stirrup buckles, softly, softly.
  29. The flash of the four silver buckles on the outside of Jagger’s black left boot were the last things that Rappone saw before his miserable existence was snuffed out.
  30. Albert was impatient to see how he looked in his new dress—a jacket and breeches of blue velvet, silk stockings with clocks, shoes with buckles, and a silk waistcoat.
  31. The sides were all tooled leather over cedar panels and two sewn down wide black leather straps which encircled the trunk and secured it when closed with brass buckles.
  32. He is paying farmers near Cancale to butcher lambs and rabbits; Claude buckles the meat into his wife’s matching vinyl suitcases and carries them himself by train to Paris.
  33. The children saw for the first time that he wore long black trousers—soaking wet and clinging wetly to his legs—tucked into high leather boots with rusted silver buckles.
  34. The robots began disconnecting themselves from their frames, from the buckles and wires that kept them in them, and lining up at the side of the one that had become their leader.
  35. Charlie grabbed his backpack, checked that all the buckles where secure, and swung it over his shoulder, picked up his toolbox and was ready to spring into action as soon as he could.
  36. He was looking up so intently, so still, and he saw her kick the ball and perhaps he could see the bright steel buckles of her shoes if she swung them like that thoughtfully with the toes down.
  37. During the bustle Jo had scarcely spoken but flown about, looking pale and wild, with her things half off, her dress torn, and her hands cut and bruised by ice and rails and refractory buckles.
  38. When will people realize that all corporations are as corrupt as legally and as illegally as possible… as long as the consumer buckles under? Huge scandals of corporate corruption hit the press.
  39. The buckles, however, were to be all their own, and no other human creature was to have any share of them; whereas, in the more ancient method of expense, they must have shared with at least 1000 people.
  40. The Revealing appeared above Dren’s head six meters on a side, and showed a tired-looking human with black hair, slumped on a stone bench and holding a mug of water, the buckles of his battle-gear loosened for comfort.
  41. The Revealing appeared above Dren’s head twenty feet on a side, and showed a tired-looking human with black hair, slumped on a stone bench and holding a mug of water, the buckles of his battle-gear loosened for comfort.
  42. BLOOM: (In babylinen and pelisse, bigheaded, with a caul of dark hair, fixes big eyes on her fluid slip and counts its bronze buckles with a chubby finger, his moist tongue lolling and lisping) One two tlee: tlee tlwo tlone.
  43. Tom buckles me in and heads for home, but at Route 27, he turns west instead of east, and if you grew up out here like us, that’s not something you can do by accident no matter how hard it’s raining or how tired you are.
  44. It signified that you were rich enough to waste prodigious amounts of money upon frivolities, upon luxuries, upon fripperies, upon small, intricately carved ivory boxes, shoe buckles made from solid gold, lace handkerchiefs etc.
  45. For a pair of diamond buckles, perhaps, or for something as frivolous and useless, they exchanged the maintenance, or, what is the same thing, the price of the maintenance of 1000 men for a year, and with it the whole weight and authority which it could give them.
  46. There were other objects lying on the bureau that I didn’t recognize---silver comb and hand brush, a jade box that held gold and ruby cufflinks, daguerreotypes of a couple that must have been his parents and one of a young boy in fancy knee pants and shoes with silver buckles.
  47. He wore a very old and very well brushed round hat; a coarse coat, worn perfectly threadbare, of an ochre yellow, a color that was not in the least eccentric at that epoch; a large waistcoat with pockets of a venerable cut; black breeches, worn gray at the knee, stockings of black worsted; and thick shoes with copper buckles.
  48. He wore a vest of garnet-colored velvet, with buttons of cut gold; a silk waistcoat covered with embroidery; a Roman scarf tied round his neck; a cartridge-box worked with gold, and red and green silk; sky-blue velvet breeches, fastened above the knee with diamond buckles; garters of deerskin, worked with a thousand arabesques, and a hat whereon hung ribbons of all colors; two watches hung from his girdle, and a splendid poniard was in his belt.
  49. Ranged on benches down the sides of the room, the eighty girls sat motionless and erect; a quaint assemblage they appeared, all with plain locks combed from their faces, not a curl visible; in brown dresses, made high and surrounded by a narrow tucker about the throat, with little pockets of holland (shaped something like a Highlander’s purse) tied in front of their frocks, and destined to serve the purpose of a work-bag: all, too, wearing woollen stockings and country-made shoes, fastened with brass buckles.
  50. Then Riol too was on his feet, and they both fought hard in their broken mail, their ’scutcheons torn and their helmets loosened and lashing with their dented swords, till Tristan struck Riol just where the helmet buckles, and it yielded and the blow was struck so hard that the baron fell on hands and knees; but when he had risen again, Tristan struck him down once more with a blow that split the helm, and it split the headpiece too, and touched the skull; then Riol cried mercy and begged his life, and Tristan took his sword.
  51. Heads of social organizations, institutions, the concept of a Supreme head-being: God, the making of bread by cutting off the heads of grain, the head of a bed, the head of a burning cigar or cigarette: knocked of as ashes: getting ‘ahead’, the concept of progress as the most important thing in life, competition: getting ahead of your competition, the concept of competitive elimination: ‘heads will fall’, ‘if you are not up to snuff’, snuff: sneezing your head off by taking a pinch of snuff to clear your head, giving ‘head’ sexually, warheads, bombs, firearms, bullets, artillery: any weapon that shoots something: slingshots, arrows, spears, rocks, the heading of a page, a header in grammar, the heading on a page, the heading on a sentence, the heading on a paragraph, somersaults, head-over-heels, crowns, the crowns of Corinthian pillars, pillars do not have heads: all pillars are decapitated, all segments of pillars: all decapitated columns, the idea of decapitating pillars of the community, the idea of dethroning kings, the eating of fruit like grapes, apples, etc; all edible things like coconuts, papaya,, unpeeling the head of a banana and eating it, all vegetables in the shape of a head like onions, cabbage, lettuce, the picking of leaves, the picking of fruits, the picking of beans: all drug foods the picking of spices: creating every single drug we call food, ice cream cones, all ice cream in the shape of a decapitated head, all food portions in the shape of a head, all toppings on all food, decapitated flowers, the Rose Parade: hundreds of millions of decapitated heads of flowers, all fire with flames that are decapitated, all fireworks, the crushing of spices, the picking of decapitated heads like mushrooms, eating nuts, cracking their shell, eggs, corks and bungs used to seal barrels and bottles, the tops of bottles, the sealing and taking off the tops of bottles, jars; all tools that have a head, the head of a hammer, nails, the head of a nail, pounding the head of a nail, the cutting off of the heads of large trees before decapitating them, cutting off the heads of animals to kill them and eat them, all mathematics: the counting of heads, or I’s and adding them up, the using of tools to create decapitated segments, all sports, all balls used in sports, the hitting of all balls, ping-pong, badminton, bowling, bowling pins: the decapitation of bowling pins by a bowling ball, kingpins, kings, jewelry, stickpins with diamond heads on them, canes, walking sticks with metal heads, staffs, any artifact denoting being the head of something, scepters, globes, flyswatters, turbans, musical instruments that blare out sound: decapitating it; using holes in wood and brass instruments to decapitate the natural sound into a shorter wavelength, all fretted and unfretted musical instruments, pressing on a fret to make the note shorter, like a violin or guitar, drums, drumsticks, cymbals, the heads of shoelaces, the detached mentality called the ego: decapitated and disconnected from all the other needs and energy flows of a human being, the concept of life after death as a detached form of spirit, the structure of all hierarchy, all capitalist companies and corporate bodies being ruled and controlled by detached heads of business, the capitalization of letters at the head of a word or sentence or paragraph: especially in ancient sacred Christian texts: where the first capital letter is huge, the eating of fish by decapitating them first, the use of all drugs, narcotics wine, coffee, pills: to create a disconnection between the brain and the rest of the human being, the concept of anesthesia, using drugs to numb the brain or prevent it from feeling the body’s pain, all cultures that value stoicism, macho pigs who cannot love, the concept of the hero as a stone face refusing to face the truth, refusing to feel love, refusing to feel any emotion whatsoever, refusing to cry, the stone carvings of all the ancient Kings, the decapitated carvings of all Kings on coins, the insane idea of all kings ruling by only using their decapitated heads as decapitated coins to spread their authority, all stone busts, plaster busts, the stone faces of all heroes in modern media who refuse to feel human emotion, ping-pong, the computer game: pong, King Kong: the King cut off from State: King Kong falling off the Empire State building: all the video games that are based upon decapitated heads decapitating other heads, which are all based on the old arcade pinball machines that shot decapitated heads that bounced around scoring points hitting and scoring on as many stationary targets of decapitated heads as possible, the decapitation of hair… haircuts, shaving daily, cutting your nails, the idea of assassination as a political tool, the concept of character assassination used in all human societies to cut off people who are thought too uppity or stick out too much, and do not conform… the detached form of observation that only use instruments for the eye: microscopes, telescopes, star-gazing, stamp collecting, the collections of anything from bric-a-brac to gold coins, portraits, still pictures of decapitated heads, cameos, brooches, belt buckles, shoe buckles, still photographs of decapitated heads, talking heads, heads on celluloid talking, heads on screens, moving pictures of talking heads, the idea of a leader as a talking head, all pictures on money of decapitated heads, mouthpieces, microphones, the idea of one person speaking for another, speechwriters, lawyers, politicians, amplified music coming out of a loudspeaker, amplifiers of singing-talking heads, the idea of doing nothing but talking as being the only form of social activity allowed in polite societies, the heads of shoelaces, all knots, topknots, tying hair into knots, the idea of cutting up sounds into words, into letters, into decapitated abstract symbols of meaning separated from thee body of the meaning by segmentation, all segmented forms of tool-use, all tools that segment things into decapitated heads, all decapitated forms of awareness-thinking-feeling, all forms of specialization, all segmented ways of living-doing-seeing, decapitating the natural order of things into decapitated insane pieces: decapitating a family into age groups, decapitating a community into alienated isolated individuals, all mass butchery of living animals by cutting off their heads, morse code, ticker tape, all digitalization of signals into meaningless decapitated codes, the invention of the glass tube: the first decapitated head that could mechanically receive and send energy through nerves called wires, the invention of the transistor: the first sold decapitated head that could send and receive signals, the invention of microchips: tiny decapitated heads with their own tiny brain circuits that could perform more complicated functions than the first huge glass-blown giants called vacuum tubes: because there was nothing inside them, all glass blowing, blowing up molten glass with hot air and then decapitating it to make a glass vase or bottle, all containers from bottles, jars, gourds, ladles, to pitchers and teapots with decapitated lids, all containers, chests, holding treasure, wealth, valuables, all spices and decapitated herbs, all furniture made from decapitating trees, all houses made into decapitated heads where the people living inside them only use their heads and not their hearts or bodies, the steam engine: decapitating steam to explode out in puffs of decapitated destroyed power, all wheels, all round wheels used in machines, all watches, with dials pointing at the decapitated numbers of a disconnected circle, the decapitation of all circles into wedges, pie slices, the invention of the wedge, the invention of the axe as a metal decapitated head to stick on a wooden decapitated piece of branch, all idols, all icons, all figureheads, all abstract symbols representing the head, the pinnacle, the top, the apex, the height of anything, all hierarchical awareness and structures that deem the head as the most valuable, the best, the most noble, etc; Jack-in the Box, all boxes, everything that is put into a box or container, FedEx: the obsession of transporting boxes and parcels, the song; ‘Pop goes the Weasel’, all mass-produced goods that are boxed and shipped, the detachment of specialized labor and work, the creation of holes, digging, all mining, piston heads, engine heads, everything that is called the ‘head’ of something, the froth on the top of a glass of beer,: to be blown away, the use of all zeros and ones: as in Japanese Zeros decapitating American ships, zeros and ones being created and then decapitated inside computers, the use of all zeros and ones in mathematics, scalping, the taking of heads, the shrinking of heads: which the computer microchip is the latest evolution of, ….

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