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Bum numa frase em (in ingles)

bum in her hand.
about in my bum.
Ah, he was a bum.
Your bum should.
"Oi!" the bum yells.
"Bum step," he says.
The bum had vanished.

Throw the bum out.
coming out of his bum.
He was a bum speaking.
And her bum, did it glow.
„And your bum and pubes.
bum, handing him the check.
The bum returned his stare.
Rory was getting a numb bum.
reminded her of a baboon bum.
congressman dressed as a bum.
Let go! he told the bum.
He had a special y made bum.
old sow to stick it up her bum.
The early bum catches the food.
I worked and lived like a bum,.
He stuck his bum out, and made.
Rogers had been living like a bum.
Don’t bum out on me, please.
He said to her, On the bum?.
But, don’t let that bum you out.
'Skirts half up to your bum French.
Pissy Ann Mary had been a street bum.
You remember what the bum said?.
It’s actually quite a gorgeous bum.
loitering and bumming around nearby.
‘He was probably bumming his way home.
anything but bumming out on a nearby bench.
I’ve got used to bumming around in jeans and a t-shirt.
She was bummed.
I’m bummed too.
usual, but bummed out.
bummed out and lonely.
me was also bummed out.
I was so bummed out and.
I was so bummed out by the.
I was too bummed out to fake it.
think he knew that I was bummed out.
sustained than just being bummed out).
I think we were also really bummed out.
kind of bummed out now, thinking about it.
In truth, we were so bummed out when 11:00 P.
I am a bit bummed that it turned out that way.
I left the kitchen a bummed out terrified cat.
medical pension, so he had just bummed around with.
looked pretty bummed about losing it this afternoon.
bummed out then later slept on the bench until noon.
I majorly bummed when I seen it was her, he says.
I walked away from Chip bummed out but certain that I’d.
Cynthia, if you’re ever bummed out, even in the restroom.
I’m still pretty bummed from all of this shit with my mom.
One of the reasons I am so bummed about my mom is that I am.
I nodded, though I was bummed out, Tess normally went with us.
have a feeling you’re going to be bummed out when you leave.
I was bummed out when we prepared to leave the site Sunday afternoon.
When the bell rang and he didn’t even show up for class, I seriously bummed out.
I arrived home and Mark was already there, sitting on the couch, bummed beyond belief.
He bummed a ride to San Francisco on a navy plane, hitched his way to Letterman, and walked in.
The fellow shrugged and pointed out three bare bummed women in thongs, sunbathing while their toddlers played.
He bummed five hundred kronor off a young woman in the bar to pay for a taxi to Saltsjöbaden in the middle of the night.
It bums me out.
Move your bums!.
The ski bums were nestled.
Bums and winos filled the rooms.
"All three of you have terrific bums!".
Bullhead bums a cigarette from Devlin.
Why those lazy bums, he said out loud.
comfortable, but bums were soon complaining.
A bunch of bums were standing before a can.
Now: even homeless bums buy lottery tickets.
Yeah, but where are those surfie bums?.
doctors, brick layers, bums, babes, you name it.
the ones wearing leggings over wide arched bums,.
heck, more than half of them see themselves as bums.
father dock tails from woolly bums and castrate rams.
It’s too nice a name for the likes of these bums.
and a bunch of invisible bums than I ever did in our house.
They’re all old with fat guts and sagging tits and bums.
It was a couple bums back of town, both drunk, nothing to it.
That left plenty of room to let some bums and thieves slip in.
by a group of bums warming themselves by a barrel of fire came.
Tried to make friends, and they rebuffed him—a bunch of bums.
and screamed in a way that the local bums thought that someone.
sleeping on the grass like a bunch of bums and when I was on the.
with him! at least for the Powers-That-Ski and the Ski Bums they.
of bums and winos who had squatted in the big Plasti-board hovels.
instructors are there to help you reach you full potential; the bums.
at their bums and punch their arms as hard as a little girl ever could.
When they bent over their tunics rode up and you could see their bare bums.
Crumbs For Bums), the homeless shelter soup kitchen—ten loaves per person.
She rushed out from there and cried at her subjects, Find Zetor, you lazy bums.