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Bun numa frase em (in ingles)

Hair in a bun and.
The bug sat on the bun.
Bun hit her head first.
As soon as the bun was.
And take a piece of that bun.
Yeah, I’m all right, Bun.
You could have toasted my bun.

He chewed his bun as if he hated it.
She pinned her hair up into a bun.
Same kind of hair, apart from the bun.
Her hair was tied tightly in a severe bun.
Sara found some comfort in her remaining bun.
He was halfway through munching on a bread bun.
Her eyes were red and her hair was in a messy bun.
Ah, said the lady with her grey hair in a bun.
Bridget's hair was sandy blond and done up in a bun.
I saw that a few hairs had slipped free of her bun.
Serve on a bun with pea shoots and teriyaki mustard.
Friday was baking day, and there was usually a hot bun.
I run my fingers through my hair and smooth it into a bun.
She had sleek black hair pulled back in an unforgiving bun.
I sat down and she put it on me; the veil came behind my bun.
Saffron bun and milk and soda lunch in the educational dairy.
She was wearing a plain work apron, her hair tied up in a bun.
Bun ran around in little circles of the cage purposely banging.
LeClaire was an elder woman, hair in a bun, tighter than a drum.
Often the red mess would be in a bun to bring out her dark eyes.
She turned my hair into a complicated bun with braids around it.
She had pale skin and blonde rogue curls falling from a high bun.
How had he managed to get a toasted bun? Hers was cold and doughy.
She also wore her extremely long hair wrapped up tightly into a bun.
The nurse drew a hairpin from the bun, then used it to stab the doll.
She was a pretty Asian woman with red highlighted hair tied in a bun.
Long as it ain’t a bun, he joked, trying to lighten her mood.
He watched William rip off pieces of hot-dog bun to toss to a pigeon.
Consider the phrase a bun in the oven to indicate a pregnancy.
Slender, her hair in a tight bun, she was a fixture of quiet authority.
She burned her hand on the steamer rack and tossed his dog into the bun.
She soon returned with his burger, the bun hot and crispy from the grill.
Someone began to tug her hair into a bun, while another placed a coiled.

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