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  1. Yet, in saying this, I do but indirectly burnish a little brighter the noble merit of the poem and the poet.
  2. Energy and focus on the sublime ourselves, which still have time to care about what others say, burnish, with moral sense to purify their negative emotions and morbid psychology.

  1. In time, she will learn to balance the two, burnishing her image by switching to power suits and a simple strand of pearls.
  2. Over his shoulder he looked at his manicurist, Miss Weldon, who was busy burnishing the scraggly fingernails of a farmer named Gilpatrick.
  1. His hair shone like burnished gold.
  2. Underneath this, a pair of burnished gold hands (no.
  3. There was heat in his words; heat like burnished gold.
  4. His cuirass was burnished to such a sheen that the 85.
  5. Sprinkled with the burnished orange stars we’ve created.
  6. Un demi setier! A jet of coffee steam from the burnished caldron.
  7. The boat had begun to drift, and was alone on the burnished water.
  8. But Tristan, standing, drew his sword, his burnished sword, and said:.
  9. The moonlight reflected from their burnished surfaces as he flexed them.
  10. A burnished mass of night-black hair set off the whiteness of her ivory body.
  11. Now burnished buildings and cars slipped free of her outline on the bus’s window.
  12. When Yasmela again drew the curtains, a Conan in burnished steel stood before his audience.
  13. But if you saw her Dalgleish! Her hair is red, the colour of burnished copper flecked with gold.
  14. Still pulling together as one, they crept across water burnished to bronze by a late afternoon sun.
  15. He opened the door and my attention was brought to rest on a brightly burnished copper beaded gown.
  16. They drank coffee at a stall where the urns were burnished and little lamps burnt along the counter.
  17. The fierce assassins did not hesitate and engaged the standing villagers with their burnished blades.
  18. The high-piled burnished mass of hair that caught the torchlight in dull bronze gleams quivered slightly.
  19. Enormous cogs and gears from the original bulb factory had been burnished and highlighted to terrific effect.
  20. He pulled out a burnished wooden stool under and shoved it, almost hitting the trembling knees, to the stranger.
  21. Old Russell with a smeared shammy rag burnished again his gem, turned it and held it at the point of his Moses' beard.
  22. She did this and the guide slipped away into the darkness and out into the street where the cool moon burnished the fenders of his taxi.
  23. No one is sending you away from us, we swear it, Killian said, the light of the dorni turning his burnished hair a rich, red color.
  24. Before they reached it, a band of knights in burnished armor rode from among the trees, and their leader sternly ordered the travelers to halt.
  25. His head, a burnished silver oval with holes for his artificial eyes but just a slit for a mouth, he guessed also had the same ergonomic efficiency.
  26. Perfectly round, with a burnished sky about it, such as may sometimes be seen when the circle is absolutely full, the white disk hung in the heavens.
  27. The sun struck through the green liquors that poured about the pier; struck, caught and burnished an idle whiteness that drifted in the offshore ripples.
  28. On it stood a silver tray of smokables and a burnished spirit-stand, from which and an adjacent siphon my silent host proceeded to charge two high glasses.
  29. Without a backward glance he rode toward the city, a supple, erect figure, gleaming in his burnished armor, his stolid, bearded henchmen jogging beside him.
  30. He said in reply that they spoke the truth in every respect except as to the dagger, for it was not a dagger, nor little, but a burnished poniard sharper than an awl.
  31. The entire array, moreover, clad in burnished steel, and with plumage nodding over their bright morions, had a brilliancy of effect which no modern display can aspire to equal.
  32. The last of these he favored mostly because as it aged its color evolved from that of old ivory to a golden honey hue that harmonized with the burnished red of the cedar hulls.
  33. Samson offered him one, as he knew a friend of his who had it would not refuse it to him, though it was more dingy with rust and mildew than bright and clean like burnished steel.
  34. Horizontal shafts of golden sunlight light illuminated one side of the vast valley, leaving the other in sombre shadow apart from the tallest trees whose tops shone burnished gold.
  35. He showed Joe wood planes, their wooden handles burnished by decades of use, their blades so sharp and precise they could shave off curls of wood as thin and transparent as tissue paper.
  36. Guards were running through the garden, all converging toward the palace, where the clamor momentarily grew louder—tall men in burnished cuirasses and crested helmets of polished bronze.
  37. Scarcely breathing, Antony stared vacantly at the sky and an ache filled Jag’s chest as he gazed on the handsome, hairless youth with skin that reflected the sunlight like burnished bronze.
  38. Frail, fine-boned, so white of skin that her flaming hair seemed to have drawn all the color from her face into its vital burnished mass, she was nevertheless possessed of exuberant health and untiring energy.
  39. His reputation as an ace investigator would forever be burnished into his bosses’ minds and he likely would receive an award or promotion or both for his superb management of a sensitive and complex investigation.
  40. In his early thirties, he was about twenty centimetres taller than his visitors, perfectly proportioned, flawless skin like burnished blue-black ebony, wearing a short sleeveless tunic of a coarse material that barely reached mid thigh.
  41. He liked the way the light poured in through the windows of the enormous sliding doors, the stacks of burnished shells on their racks, the hiss of steam in the radiators, the banging of locker doors, the intermingled scents of cedar and varnish and sweat.
  42. Her gray velvet riding skirt was lifted high enough to reveal her dainty riding boots; her hair, bright and burnished as a fox’s coat, fell in curls about her shoulders, and mischief gleamed from her tawny eyes, even as mischief parted her red lips over teeth as white as pearl.
  43. In a very few minutes they heard the whistle of the locomotive as it drew out of the station, then, an instant before the engine itself came into sight round the bend, the brightly polished rails were illuminated, shining like burnished gold in the glare of its headlight; a few seconds afterwards the train emerged into view, gathering speed as it came along the short stretch of straight way, and a moment later it thundered across the bridge.
  44. In swift-moving scenes the pageant of his life passed fleetingly before his mental eye—a panorama wherein moved shadowy figures which were himself, in many guises and conditions—a skin-clad barbarian; a mercenary swordsman in horned helmet and scale-mail corselet; a corsair in a dragon-prowed galley that trailed a crimson wake of blood and pillage along southern coasts; a captain of hosts in burnished steel, on a rearing black charger; a king on a golden throne with the lion banner flowing above, and throngs of gay-hued courtiers and ladies on their knees.

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