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Bus numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. Jump on the bus &.
  2. In the bus on the.
  3. The bus is an M-15.
  4. Wait for the bus in.
  5. So quite a funky bus.

  6. We just bus them in.
  7. He ran the local bus.
  8. The bus pulled to a.
  9. We can take the bus.
  10. I caught the bus home.
  11. The treats on the bus.
  12. The Battle of the Bus.
  13. Neil walked to the bus.
  14. At last, the bus stops.
  15. The doors of the bus.

  16. I stepped off the bus.
  17. They step off the bus.
  18. This bus was the most.
  19. Get in the bus, Lizzie.
  20. He'd have to take a bus.
  21. He Just Caught the Bus!.
  22. I waited at the bus stop.
  23. Kala never rode the bus.
  24. The bus where I was shot.
  25. Bus stop – The Hollies.

  26. He planned a route by bus.
  27. The bus is an older model.
  28. I saw my bus coming.
  29. Of course my bus was late.
  30. It should be on this bus.
  31. All cars stay on the bus.
  32. One of them missed his bus.
  33. Then the bus it will be.
  34. The bus leaves in an hour.
  35. I can see the bus on the.
  36. Sandra gets on to the bus.
  37. No need to take the bus.
  38. Put the bus in cruise mode.
  39. She was on bus duty today.
  40. Is this the train / bus for.
  41. The bus emitted a loud hiss.
  42. As she got on the bus she.
  43. Now, let’s board the bus.
  44. I boarded a bus to my home.
  45. The bus service was still.
  46. The bus was about to reach.
  47. But the band’s on the bus.
  48. Allen Drive and the bus stop.
  49. Boys were already in the bus.
  50. The bus stopped here, yes.
  51. And she was still on the bus.
  52. Does the bus (coach) stop at.
  53. The bus should be in at 5:00P.
  54. It’s a bus, she says.
  55. The bus station was deserted.
  56. It was like getting on a bus.
  57. I should take a bus this time.
  58. He motioned Michel off the bus.
  59. The bus was standing-room only.
  60. And if the bus or trol eybus.
  61. As he was waiting at the bus.
  62. It was the route 5 Fulton bus.
  63. Dean checked the bus schedule.
  64. The bus is late and so we wait.
  65. Twenty minutes on the next bus.
  66. Street behind the bus stop?
  67. The bus is stoppin' here boys.
  68. No, I’m still at the bus stop.
  69. The bus had no wheels at all;.
  70. Finally, the other bus arrives.
  71. When is the next bus (coach) to.
  72. Vouliagmenis and others, by bus.
  73. Nada, said the bus driver.
  74. Tyler sat next to me on the bus.
  75. The bus will be here shortly.
  76. Two hours later, the bus stopped.
  77. A minute later the bus moved on.
  78. Wasn’t she on the bus?
  79. This is one bus he won’t catch.
  80. The bus started rolling forward.
  81. I’d missed the bus but I was.
  82. The bus will stop here at 5:45 p.
  83. It was only four bus stops away.
  84. He rode the bus to school alone.
  85. The bus was parked in front of.
  86. I got off the bus further down'.
  87. The bus was to be my temporary.
  88. On the morning bus, Duff arrived.
  89. The bus came and she went smiling.
  90. More children ran toward the bus.
  91. Seeing the bus wasn't filled to.
  92. David run to the front of the bus.
  93. Turning towards the bus station.
  94. The bus started moving leisurely.
  95. He was still with the school bus.
  96. There was a bus in town today.
  97. Maybe I can put you on a bus?
  98. While we were on the tour bus to.
  99. Teresa gets on the bus and subway.
  100. The Stallion Bus will be here at.
  1. It falls into the same category as busing.
  2. She called her bat to come and scoop her up, but it did not respond; it was too busing being chased by Steve and Michael.
  3. They depend upon the forces of the state to redistribute wealth, to create a whole new category of hate crimes, to implement group rights, forced busing, and a host of other.
  4. Concurrently, we should prepare, but not use, a host of themes which attack McGovern’s strategy on domestic spending, inheritance, welfare programs, busing, aid to schools, national defense, etc.
  1. Steve bused it to Washington Heights.
  2. Silas bused out with a caw of laughter.
  3. For a few days, those children were bused daily from their home-base parish to a day camp in Brea which included as one of their activities one hour of swimming in the Fernández pool.
  4. Friday afternoons, the boys who’d behaved were bused thirty-five miles east to metro Boston, where for a few hours they were free to walk around Harvard Square and breathe the air into which, God willing, they might one day matriculate.
  5. The main entrance at 450 Bauchet opens into a clean, well-lit, and tiled lobby called the Inmate Reception Center, as if the IRC were a hospitality suite at a convention center rather than central booking for the two thousand inmates who are bused in daily and warehoused in this cesspool until their arraignments and trials.
  6. The body of our Lord beaten, bloody, and bused,.
  1. Stuck buses bleated like sheep.
  2. Because the buses won’t run.
  3. To the buses, said Chinedu.
  4. Buses and trol ey buses are rare.
  5. I couldn't find any autos or buses.
  6. I’ll see if the buses are running.
  7. Buses and coaches accounted for less.
  8. We’ll be on the buses on time Mr.
  9. There were some tourist buses and a.
  10. It's one of those new hydrogen buses.
  11. I heard a mob burnt two buses down in.
  12. The school buses followed the Snowplows.
  13. The buses to Rivas leave every half hour.
  14. All the buses have been hired by the.
  15. I been on Chicago buses; they smell funny.
  16. Okay, how many buses will there be?
  17. In fact, all the Toronto buses this morning.
  18. The buses? Oh, nonsense, I have to stay here.
  19. Buses and trolley buses are very good and, more.
  20. I had to learn how to behave on buses and I even.
  21. I was lucky! Buses depart normal, from the station.
  22. Cars and big red buses rushed up and down the road.
  23. I moved closer to the buses, trying to find number 8.
  24. A production capacity of hundred buses a day?
  25. Buses were running at five or ten minutes internals.
  26. I don’t know; it’s getting late for the buses.
  27. And stopped gassing them in buses with carbon monoxide.
  28. The buses waited, rumbling near the front of the school.
  29. Across the street, they count buses and tattooed girls.
  30. The Metro stations and city buses were within walking.
  31. As it was quite late in the night, local buses were not.
  32. By the way Harvey, are all the kids on the buses yet?
  33. He found another at the stop where he used to change buses.
  34. My guess is they got their hands on some old OWG buses.
  35. At the local government level, buses were left in harms way.
  36. Certainly wasn’t built for tour buses, Hedy said.
  37. They boarded a couple of small mini buses which drove off.
  38. Exhausted from the days and nights aboard buses, where she.
  39. A jet engine? The Gambling City buses idled without a sound.
  40. Black and shiny, long but shorter than the buses Locke rode.
  41. The concrete, the shops, the car fumes, the screech of buses.
  42. There are buses and trains but we are unsure about using them.
  43. Near Equator gravity is too strong, so the buses can't float.
  44. All major roads, buses and trains are under Police inspection.
  45. Everlasting Heroes must be like Melbourne trams or London buses.
  46. Once at the airport, the buses rolled to a waiting Boeing B747.
  47. Being a killer is not easy when you have to rely on buses, trains.
  48. You could spend your time saving me from buses and trains and cars.
  49. Not a lot of business for buses around here, he thought to himself.
  50. Overcrowded buses were filling in even more commuters, a rickshaw-.
  51. Both of us were used to living in London where buses ran all night.
  52. Come on, be fair, Molly, the buses had to cost you that much alone.
  53. There were no buses that went all the way to Sierra City, we learned.
  54. No buses go in there, and by the way you must have the exact fare.
  55. Don’t worry about transportation: I will send buses to your orphanage.
  56. Business opportunities are like buses, there is always another one com-.
  57. A lot of chattering accompanied the loading of the buses with the State.
  58. Buses are inspected and refueled in Department of Transportation garages.
  59. The mood aboard the buses transporting the passengers and crew of Pan Am.
  60. The tourists had come early and as we arrived, we saw several buses leave.
  61. Sure! Subways are fun, buses are fun, martinis and drunken friends are fun.
  62. Everyone travelled on the buses, there was no other form of transportation.
  63. The school buses pick the children up right at the park and bring them back.
  64. The Intifadah and all those public bombings, buses, cafes, shopping centers.
  65. We’ll need to get some buses to evacuate the elderly, said the mayor.
  66. Each group that got off the buses didn’t know anything about the other.
  67. Okay, Cathy said, while Paul proceeded to walk past a row of parked buses.
  68. The city buses are crammed going up and down Main and into the downtown area.
  69. Countless white youths stabbed on buses and the streets by feral black youths.
  70. Not being picked up by those who drove VW buses made me particularly indignant.
  71. You know, so Stick and I could see the inhabitants and the shops and the buses.
  72. It was a depressed, morose and quite disturbed crowd that final y boarded buses.
  73. Table 3-l lists the characteristics of these buses and their respective bus speed.
  74. One or two school buses passed by still empty on the way to their first pick-ups.
  75. SST’s and limousines always got a subject around quicker than trains and buses.
  76. I heard Brady’s voice coming over my car radio asking for the buses to come in.
  77. Are you mental?! We have 5 more buses and have u seen the size of these buses?
  78. After much climbing on and off buses the three of them arrived at the large station.
  79. Few places are far from human noise -- cars, buses, motorcycles, tractors, lorries.
  80. What if white Christians boycotted buses with Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King, Jr.
  81. Trains and then buses took the city kids to a Cheshire village, south of the Chester.
  82. A nice elderly gentleman with white hair gave me this advice and pointed out the buses.
  83. Trucks and buses will take you away, away to some place where you will be detained.
  84. The buses don’t go uphill, they use tunnels to go from one neighbourhood to the next.
  85. A few more children edged forward, but we still didn’t have enough to fill both buses.
  86. The buses parked in a large open area, engines were shut down and then, nothing happened.
  87. Shipra was standing at bus stand where some boys and girls were waiting for their buses.
  88. According to Country Guardian, the hole is large enough to fit three double-decker buses.
  89. He doubted even whether such buses ran anymore in these times of universal car ownership.
  90. The buses, and most other vehicles, too, are powered by reactors which serve two purposes.
  91. The buses ran in all conceivable directions as indicated by the stylized chart on the wall.
  92. The area is a sprawling mass of buses and travelers, crisscrossing streets and check points.
  93. He strode across, above the crawling cars, buses, trucks and daredevil motorcyclists below.
  94. There are currently proposals in China for buses that straddle over cars passing underneath.
  95. We even talked about it, remember? The buses and every single other vehicle we saw, floated.
  96. People could catch buses here for destinations like Pali, Mount Abu, Udaipur, Ahmadabad etc.
  97. Adverts appeared on buses and taxis, on billboards, in the press and of course of television.
  98. The hotel has a generous offer, whereby, for $5, I can travel all day on their private buses.
  99. They caught rides and buses to rejoin the PCT farther north, at lower elevations, he told me.
  100. For example, tourists have been drugged and robbed while sleeping on buses or in bus stations.

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