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Business numa frase em (in ingles)

1. To the business at hand.
2. We are here on business.
3. It was all business now.
4. I thought of a business.
5. I only run the business.
6. I have a business to run.
7. Business is a measure of.

8. We had business that was.
9. But rock was his business.
10. Bad business, all of it.
11. It's not any if my business.
12. A business trip, of course.
13. That none of your business.
14. I would dress in business.
15. Is there a business case?
16. Even a small business has.
17. It's business time,' I said.
18. James, to leave the business.
19. The Beauty of Info Business.
20. She looked at the business.
21. Anyway, none of my business.
22. What is our business is to.
23. That is our business, sir.
24. Of the business world today.
25. His business model is solid.
26. I was forced out of business.
27. He is unreliable in business.
28. This is a good business for.
29. Then it was down to business.
30. And this is a legit business.
31. It’s none of your business.
32. Their business knew no mercy.
33. Had to handle some business.
34. That's none of your business.
35. Business at my shop was good.
36. We have a lot of business to.
37. We have business to finish.
38. Try to keep business separate.
39. It was just business bullshit.
40. Thus, the business was fined.

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