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1. As the cable car made.
2. STP cable used with, 92.
3. He put a cable on her desk.
4. Reduce your cable bill, too.
5. The single cable weighs 37.
6. I had the cable disconnected.
7. Now Mahr is back on cable TV.

8. I wrote out the cable myself.
9. Cut the cable, Jesse said.
10. I’m hauling it on a cable.
11. Chapter 4: Cable TV and the FBI.
12. Following the cable with his 377.
13. I took the cable out of my pocket.
14. She squirmed against the cable ties.
15. WITHOUT a television (and/or cable).
16. Babsie unwinds the cable from the.
17. It was on cable, King replied.
18. Insert the new cable in the same hole.
19. You guys got RJ45 cable here?
20. Never carry or move cable with bucket.
21. A cable dispatch announces that at the.
22. Graham dropped the cable he was looping.
23. Probably the cable was damaged somewhere.
24. Discovering all the uses of a cable modem.
25. We need to cut that cable with the lasers.
26. Marta by the cable from the other seaboard.
27. In her neck, there was a cable of fiber.
28. Pioneer Base has no cable connections.
29. When no longer needed, disconnect the cable.
30. Halfway to Uig my accelerator cable snapped.
31. So Mahr’s show was sent back onto cable TV.
32. Tighten the nut and lock the cable in place.
33. NOTE For its multimode cable options, the 802.
34. Attached by a cable dangled a tank holding 7.
35. I wadded the cable and shoved it in my pocket.
36. The second time I experienced cable was about.
37. Figure 5-2 A cross-section of a coaxial cable.
38. I shudder as Zeke hangs my sling from the cable.
39. In the middle of the beams is a cable bundle.
40. A steel cable ladder was connected to the hook.
1. Cabling Together: Is That Comcastic?
2. NOTE See more information on cabling in Chapter 5.
3. Peter busied himself trying to trace cabling, looking for.
4. Is there anything going on that I should be cabling HMG about?
5. The cabling was easy to detach, too, just a couple of complicated plugs.
6. See Chapter 4 for more information on network cabling and cable installation.
7. Point) which uses much heavier cabling – check if one exists already as this.
8. The cabling guidelines for Token Ring networks were based on the use of passive MAUs.
9. Twisted-pair cabling, for example, is available in shielded and unshielded varieties.
10. Network consultants typically outsource all but the smallest cabling jobs to outside companies.
11. NOTE Remember, when upgrading cabling, all of the network components must be rated at the same category.
12. Another possible cause of late collisions is a network that does not fall within the Ethernet cabling guidelines.
13. Prior to 1991, the cabling used for networks was specified by the manufacturers of individual networking products.
14. Type 3 UTP cabling largely supplanted Type 1 in the Token Ring world, mainly because it was much easier to install.
15. In addition to testing the viability of an installation, cable testers are good for troubleshooting cabling problems.
16. Cabling issues have, in recent years, become separated from the typical network administrator’s training and experience.
17. Because no collisions occur, the cabling restrictions intended to support the collision detection mechanism are not needed.
18. In fact, many private homes now being built include twisted-pair network cabling as part of the basic service infrastructure.
19. In many cases, the use of twisted-pair cable has resulted in telephone system contractors being responsible for the network cabling.
20. You should also detach the cabling plug to the moving trailer, as braking mechanism lights burns out if the box leaks when under water.
21. Over the next ten minutes Bernie took us through the back-stage tour and how he wanted the cabling to run from the stage to the soundboard.
22. The only exception to this was in cases of networks that spanned longer distances than 100Base Ethernet could support with copper cabling.
23. The wirings are usually run through wireways, conduits, or ceiling spaces of each floor and can either be plenum cabling or internal wiring (IW).
24. The Ethernet specifications have a certain amount of leeway built into them that makes it possible to exceed the cabling limitations, within reason.
25. The other cabling system used on Token Ring networks, called Type 3 by IBM, used standard unshielded twisted-pair (UTP) cable, with Category 5 recommended.
26. The original IBM Token Ring implementations used a proprietary cable system designed by IBM, which they referred to as Type 1, or the IBM Cabling System (ICS).
27. Well, you must consider that cabling is expensive, and he didn't care to put more than one word, and if there had been two it might have made you still angrier.
28. Inspection cameras can also easily be inserted through keyholes, through any small aperture drilled through a wall, through ventilation grilles and cabling ducts.
29. The ability to connect servers, printers, scanning devices, and workstations without dragging cabling through walls is the biggest advantage of wireless networking.
30. Originally, most LANs consisted of computers connected with coaxial cables, but eventually, the twisted-pair cabling used for telephone systems became more popular.
31. LANs connect computers using various types of cabling patterns called topologies (see Figure 1-1), which depend on the type of cable used and the protocols running on the computers.
32. As with the original Ethernet standards, the cabling guidelines in the previous sections are no more than rules of thumb that provide general size limitations for a 100Base Ethernet network.
33. Connections between campus buildings, for example, require a network medium that is suitable for outdoor use, such as fiber-optic cable, while the LANs in each building can use more inexpensive copper cabling.
34. This resulted in the incompatibilities that are common in proprietary systems, and the need was recognized for a standard to define a cabling system that could support a multitude of different networking technologies.
35. Gradually he thought out a course of action; he would telegraph to Lopez to send him a detailed account, cabling the answer at his expense, and until this reply came he thought himself justified in concealing the news.
36. The T568 standard, in coordination with other TIA/EIA standards, provides guidelines for the types of cabling within and between these subsystems that you can use to create a wiring plan customized to your site and your equipment.
37. To facilitate the backbone cabling, the best arrangement is for the wiring closets on each floor to be on top of each other, with a chase or wiring conduit running vertically through them and connecting all of the closets in the building.
38. To address this need, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), the Electronic Industry Association, and the Telecommunications Industry Association, along with a consortium of telecommunications companies, developed the ANSI/EIA/TIA-568-1991 Commercial Building Telecommunications Cabling Standard.
39. This is in marked contrast to other high-speed technologies such as Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) and Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), for which upgrades can require extensive infrastructure modifications, such as new cabling, as well as training and acclimation for the personnel supporting the new technology.
1. The New York World cabled for a special.
2. These examples apply to cabled networks, however.
3. We cabled to the last address we had, but there was no answer.
4. In practice, the DS is typically a cabled network using IEEE 802.
5. Ramsden, cabled for a warship to remove the people under his care.
6. When this erroneous news was cabled to headquarters, the order to:.
7. Cleo immediately cabled Don to the 3-D video recordings of the EURO-lab.
8. Wireless networks don’t have a concrete topology like cabled ones do.
9. She read about your accident in a local paper and cabled me immediately.
10. Four agents walked over to Roman, picked him up by the cabled ropes that.
11. On November 15, he cabled Winston Churchill, Financial storm definitely passed.
12. An Ethernet network using UTP is the simplest type of cabled network to install.
13. Token Ring networks use a logical ring, but the computers are actually cabled using a star topology.
14. The main difference between a traditional, cabled network and a wireless network is the way the data is transmitted.
15. The AP enables multiple wireless stations to communicate with the systems on the cabled network but not with each other.
16. Late at night, General Shafter cabled Washington that his aggregate losses were ''above four hundred; of these not many are killed.
17. It’s possible for the DS to function solely as a means of connecting APs and not provide access to resources on a cabled network.
18. Look how complete it is now! The news of Barrios' movement will be cabled to the United States, and only in that way will it reach Sta.
19. Figure 12-2 illustrates how the MAUs themselves were cabled in a ring that was extended by the lobe cables connecting each of the workstations.
20. Ethernet is sometimes called a topology when the topology actually refers to the way in which the computers on the network are cabled together.
21. Rodney Wenz of your Salem office provided the beneficiaries foreign address, and notice of approval was cabled to the United States Consulate Gen.
22. I therefore cabled to my friend, Wilson Hargreave, of the New York Police Bureau, who has more than once made use of my knowledge of London crime.
23. Prior to the sailing of the vessel the postal authorities of Southampton cabled the New York authorities that 3435 bags of mail matter were on board.
24. The most immediate application for wireless local area networking is the situation where it is impractical or impossible to install a cabled network.
25. It is because the AP is permanently connected to the cabled network and not mobile that this type of network is said to use an infrastructure topology.
26. While wireless networks are certainly useful and have their advantages, they have some definite disadvantages when compared with wired (cabled) networks.
27. As soon as they had reached the little port, D'Arnot had cabled his government of his safety, and requested a three-months' leave, which had been granted.
28. On a cabled network, outside interference can affect signal quality, but there is no way for the signals from two separate but adjacent networks to be confused.
29. I didn't want him to get the whole Mediterranean Fleet out, so I cabled him from Constantinople that I was quite well and would he send money to the Ottoman Bank.
30. The Pope from Rome cabled his greetings in response to a cable from the Congress, saying: 'The Sovereign Pontiff gladly and proudly blesses you with all his heart.
31. Any mobile station that moves within the AP’s sphere of influence is associated into the BSS and becomes able to communicate with the cabled network (see Figure 6-2).
32. Wireless networking products typically use some form of radio or light waves; these are called unbounded media (as opposed to bounded media, which refers to cabled networks).
33. Without sufficient artillery he could do nothing, and just as the fleet steamed out and accomplished for itself the main object of our expedition, he cabled the following despatch:.
34. Churchill cabled to Roosevelt that the plan for a landing in France in 1942, should be discarded, and went on to urge, once again, the case for Torch as the sole means by which the U.
35. This arrangement is typically used for corporate installations that have a permanent cabled network that also must support wireless devices that access resources on the cabled network.
36. She had not been able to get hold of one in Australia and had cabled me, and I had found a firm that made them and got hold of one with a good deal of difficulty and some small payments on the side.
37. He had also cabled his bankers for funds, and the enforced wait of a month, under which both chafed, was due to their inability to charter a vessel for the return to Tarzan's jungle after the treasure.
38. On the evening of 10th February, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, cabled General Wavell, the British commander in the region, stating: There must be no thought of saving the troops or sparing the population.
39. Some forms of Ethernet use a bus topology, in which each of the computers is cabled to the next one in a daisy-chain fashion, while the star topology, in which each computer is cabled to a central hub, is more prevalent today.
40. Since it would assuredly have resulted in the loss of one or more vessels, the sinking of which would have closed the channel, Admiral Sampson declined to make the attempt and on July 4th, Shafter cabled to Washington as follows:.
1. Laying of the underground cables.
2. There was a tangle of cables inside.
3. This broke / cut the cables automatically.
4. He followed the cables around the edge of.
5. Had the cables been replaced since then?
6. Devoid of their load, the cables rose again.
7. The group grabbed the side cables to hang on.
8. We passed the cables through that hole and.
9. The cables began humming, almost singing, as.
10. Well, quite rocking the cables, she said.
11. Are cables at Dn box away without touching it?
12. The sounds of the cables and the elevator car.
13. The batting cages hung on cables and could be.
14. The cables are removed and the ship floats free.
15. Unplug some cables to give yourself enough room.
16. Claire looked at all the cables she had unplugged.
17. Checking the cables straight away, he tried again.
18. Since Cat 5 and 5e cables fall in the range from 0.
20. Optical fiber telephone cables bend light every day.
21. No stray cables trailed from the back of the drawers.
22. Placed in the ceiling connected by fiber optic cables.
23. These are standard cables of common width and length.
24. His great muscles quivered, knotting like iron cables.
25. The lift abruptly paused, the cables outside screeching.
26. Plug in the cables you have unplugged and close the case.
27. They are cables allowing the rapid flow of information.
28. He connected up the feed cables to the cone-shaped device.
29. When not at work patching network cables into routers and.
30. The process was slow—the cables were wound tightly around.
31. The navy of our fathers employed cables, ours employs chains.
32. Rory had to raise his voice as a small truck with cables and.
33. This was assumed to be the path for the communications cables.
34. After a quick EVA to switch the cables, I got back to driving.
35. Figure 13 Cables protected from the weather by pipe insulation.
36. Anchored to it were the mooring cables of the Hercules and the.
37. The lines that are tied to the boats are actually cables that.
38. She yanked on the cables so hard that the monitor twisted around.
39. Arcing wires at the end of the cables soon shorted out the local.
40. Cables generally are available in both nonplenum and plenum types.

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