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Most of them do not enter Canton at all.
In the end, they agreed to try for Canton.
What seems to be the problem, Canton?
About four years ago, Wong Min died at Canton.
Where? Way north at Canton, NY, up on the frozen St.
John's, Newfoundland, and at Canton, China, xxxviii, 265.
The citizen of the canton of Uri was hanging there behind the door.

The streets of Canton were congested with people coming and going.
Why, old Judge Canton used to throw sheep’s eyes at you till I—.
The Zeughaus was an arsenal in the old town of Altdorf in the Swiss canton of Uri.
In the 1870’s Chinese, mainly from the Canton Province, immigrated to South Africa.
If he professes himself to be of any other, indeed, the law obliges him to leave the canton.
The real issue was whether the Umhlanga Region was being targeted as part of a new Chinese Canton.
The canton of Berne is the single republic in Europe which has amassed any considerable treasure.
Then he composed General Statistics of the Canton of Yonville, followed by Climatological Remarks.
This policy of lending money to foreign states is, so far as I know peculiar to the canton of Berne.
A missionary at Canton writes me that the mother of one of our brethren lives near his mission-house.
He was spoken of after his death as the distinguished native pastor of the Baptist Church in Canton.
Over the next few minutes it was agreed Fu would meet Teller in the Friar Tuck, an English pub in Canton Road.
In the neighbourhood of Canton, many hundred, it is commonly said, many thousand families have no habitation.
Knowing that their chances of making Canton were slim, they considered Howland, but then recalled the pitted runway.
Once he left the Polytechnic he retraced his steps to the Kowloon Canton Railway where he located a public telephone.
In the province of Canton, several miles from the city, there once lived two rich Chinese merchants, retired from business.
In the canton of Berne it is so high as a sixth part of the price of all noble fiefs, and a tenth part of that of all ignoble.
They left just before midnight, refueled on Canton, and flew to Funafuti, the tiny atoll from which they would launch their attack.
As Super Man touched down on Canton, its tail settled lower than it had been in the air, causing the last drops of fuel to shift back.
Debs was arrested in Canton, Ohio, for criticizing the war effort and sentenced to ten years in prison under the Espionage Act of 1917.
In a Swiss canton, or in some of the little states in Italy, it may, perhaps, sometimes be necessary to restrain the exportation of corn.
The result was that at once, on reaching Canton, he began evangelistic work, opening a room for the distribution of Bibles, and preaching.
IN FEBRUARY 1943, DURING A BRIEF VISIT TO THE EQUATORIAL island of Canton, the Super Man crew had its first encounter with exploding sharks.
Only a few eastward islands had been spared, among them the Hawaiian Islands, Midway, Canton, Funafuti, and a tiny paradise called Palmyra.
The canton of Underwald, in Switzerland, is frequently ravaged by storms and inundations, and it is thereby exposed to extraordinary expenses.
Teller had decided against the mass transit railway and rode a Kowloon Motor Bus instead, all the way to the Kowloon Canton Railway depot at Hung Hom.
Happer’s mission in Canton, where he was fitted to be a very able missionary, for he had a very good Chinese education before he became a Christian.
At the bottom of Canton Road where the traffic lights beamed red, Teller handed him a piece of paper with the address written on it in Chinese characters.
What may be the amount of the whole expense which the church, either of Berne, or of any other protestant canton, costs the state, I do not pretend to know.
Canton was a seething purgatory in the shape of a pork chop, consisting mostly of coral and scrubby plants huddled close to the ground, as if cringing from the heat.
He returned to Canton about two years since, and sought out, at one of the missions, a Christian wife; and so, in his one room in California, he has now a Christian home.
Maurice Collis, Foreign Mud: Being an Account of the Opium Imbroglio at Canton in the 1830s and the Anglo-Chinese War That Followed (Nova York: New Directions, 1946), 297.
The entry showed him to be forty-three years old, born in Canton, married and father to three children, the holder of a BA and MA from the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

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