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Captive numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He has no captive to send.
  2. Captive of the Witch Queen.
  3. He, too, was taken captive.
  4. Just whose captive was I?
  5. A man who held her captive.

  6. Here a captive heart busted.
  7. They are a captive audience.
  8. No parent should fall captive.
  9. Rachel had her captive face down.
  10. Kimberly, her captive and smiled.
  11. Pjodarr looked toward his captive.
  12. And let the captive Jews return.
  13. Within it’s captive dance of love.
  14. Mac stepped in front of the captive.
  15. Chin Wei was her captive in every way.

  16. Of this the captive seemed conscious.
  17. He held us captive, Stokes added.
  18. Like I said I was a captive; a hostage.
  19. Have your captive Octavia fetched here.
  20. Another captive set free, he said.
  21. And now she is as much as your captive.
  22. A captive kept as a blood source, yeah.
  23. He turned to his willing captive and said.
  24. Teaching is acting with a captive audience.
  25. You have a large captive audience every day.

  26. Lest her own captive else should her subdue.
  27. In this warren of captive men, he was alone.
  28. He knew he had an entirely captive audience.
  29. She went into the light with her new captive.
  31. Everyone was taken captive by the valley kings.
  32. Time and space ceased to exist for the captive.
  33. Rugged motions for their captive to get back up.
  34. Their captive was caught completely by surprise.
  35. The ranking officer stared coolly at his captive.
  36. The room became silent as fear took them captive.
  37. Once outside again, Saul turned to their captive.
  38. She glanced at the captive and lowered her voice.
  39. I think it will, piped in the captive angel.
  40. I saw the guitar and the captive who wasplaying it.
  42. Visola smiled down at her captive with satisfaction.
  44. The Alderfolk stood, and viewed his captive audience.
  45. Bewilderment took them captive and led to their fall.
  46. Feed the hungry and visit the sick and free a captive.
  47. Rhal was impressed with the will power of his captive.
  48. One of the boys had been held captive for a long time.
  49. So Judah was carried away captive out of his own land.
  50. Lorry roused the captive, and assisted him to his feet.
  51. She was back where she had started, the captive of Sim.
  52. He was made a captive after a great battle in a desert.
  53. Much of the world is still in darkness and held captive.
  54. One captive mind services another in joined activities.
  55. The Orcs whom we pursued took captive two of my friends.
  56. He led captive a host of captives (Ephesians 4:8, 9).
  57. He now had a captive audience and it was time to deliver.
  58. The captive believed that Hirose may have saved his life.
  59. The number of bears held captive in farms is a stark and.
  60. Several wolves held the dogs captive, pinning them to the.
  61. I hear a collective sigh of relief from a captive audience.
  62. The captive didn’t answer at first; a look of terrified.
  63. Also, Adam Clarke says most of those taken captive above.
  64. Because of the hectic pace of plant work, the captive bolt.
  65. Macho, Hawk said, bending over to examine his captive.
  66. That might force the kidnappers hand to harm their captive.
  67. Instead, you likely are a captive of your limiting beliefs.
  68. Women and children were taken captive to be sold as slaves.
  69. But he played a captive before and knew how to handle the.
  70. Your Corporate is doing their best but you are held captive.
  71. Your love, oh Lord, destroys yokes and sets the captive free.
  72. It took an hour for everyone, captive and free, to calm down.
  73. The alternative is being held captive by rhetorical promises.
  74. Nothing you’ve told me suggests that you were taken captive.
  75. Val spoke Saxon, spoke to the captive, who answered, Elfrid.
  76. The captive that was in the dungeon (bohr) Exodus 12:29.
  77. Then, pushing open the grille, they entered with their captive.
  78. The captive that was in the dungeon (bohr) Exodus 12:29.
  79. There was no way to keep Thorne from taking the Galaef captive.
  80. He did not know his captive had caused the war with the dragon.
  81. God’s people were taken captive for seventy years to Babylon.
  82. He himself shall be kept captive until they are over the border.
  83. His eyes seemed to penetrate into the dark heart of the captive.
  84. As the captive of many years sat looking fixedly, by turns, at Mr.
  85. The Dinos and the Ultimans followed her with Rhonda still captive.
  86. The captive looked at us all, around the standing circle about him.
  87. Rhal Der-Han stood over his captive, fighting futilely against the.
  88. His captive hopped out of the trunk and immediately charged Murdam.
  89. He was doing all of the guarding of their captive, Brother Matthew.
  90. LD had a captive audience, and the anger was driving everything, now.
  91. He is still proclaiming life to the dead and freedom to the captive.
  92. And after fearing him as much as she did, here she was, his captive.
  93. Herbert with his captive balloons and his colored butterflies and Mr.
  94. Hale, The Captive Press in the Third Reich (Princeton, NJ, 1964), p.
  95. No one else has been held captive by each of the Consortiums but me.
  96. The captive picked it up, dropped it again, then did it a third time.
  97. She wondered if they were preparing to protect her or keep her captive.
  98. Not a word would our captive say; but he glared at us from the shadow.
  99. He knew Pierre’s intent—to rape and possibly kill the young captive.
  100. The movement made the captive lock yank painfully at Melodía’s scalp.

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