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Capture numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I will capture the Sun.
  2. Oh, they must capture him.
  3. Antwerp, capture of 42, 44.
  4. As I tried to capture it I.
  5. We'd do better to capture it.

  6. You may go ahead and capture.
  7. Following the capture of the.
  8. You must capture the big move.
  9. She seemed proud of her capture.
  10. Willie's efforts to capture the.
  11. Robert would have to capture at.
  12. He’s determined to capture you.
  13. NNS reported the capture of such.
  14. They no longer want to capture me.
  15. President has ordered your capture.

  16. Capture and Destruction of the Java.
  17. You capture hearts by providing the.
  18. Hehe! Can you really capture me?
  19. Sell on easy terms to capture trade.
  20. It’s where you do a screen capture.
  21. They both knew the outcome of capture.
  22. He will never capture the Attic note.
  23. Can capture yourself entertaining one.
  24. After my capture, they would subject.
  25. You ideates! You cannot capture me.

  26. So, this’ll be where they capture me.
  27. To capture these God inspired insights.
  28. Your capture is now worth one Million.
  29. Saul, afraid of capture and humiliation.
  30. If they could capture her and provided.
  31. That was how they managed to capture it.
  32. I doubt if I could capture your feet.
  33. Capture of the Macedonian and the Frolic.
  34. At last, it was time for capture the flag.
  35. Another reason for the capture was Thomas.
  36. Leave the man, capture the girl first.
  37. Did you capture that? Yakov he asked.
  38. Those are some of the ways to capture them.
  39. And if you can capture whoever it was.
  40. He had become ambivalent about his capture.
  41. If at all possible, we kill or capture him.
  42. We were able to capture quite a few of them.
  43. VCOs are paid to capture and/or kill animals.
  44. Those tunes still capture those bygone days.
  45. They wish to capture them in their invasion.
  46. I regret I could not capture you with less.
  47. But I knew I could capture the essence of it.
  48. There’s a hefty reward out for your capture.
  49. Prepare to capture one with a tractor beam.
  50. You silly Earthlings, you cannot capture me.
  51. Some VCOs can't handle a failed animal capture.
  52. If you need healing today, you must capture it.
  53. We need to capture him, Saul said calmly.
  54. The shades of the moon-try to capture its glow.
  55. Capture the monster or try and save the victim.
  56. The footage didn’t capture the gunmen on tape.
  57. Who found out that nothing can capture a heart.
  58. The reward for the capture of each killer was.
  59. We have been unable to capture one of those yet.
  60. Simon tried to capture the vision in his memory.
  61. This painting strives to capture the essence of.
  62. The detectives want very badly to capture him.
  63. Setne has evaded capture for eons, Dad said.
  64. This site seeks to capture what is true and lovely.
  65. Reorienting, you capture your carrier in your web.
  66. His eyes were flared wide in alarm at his capture.
  67. They shouldn't even have been able to capture her.
  69. Sun will not annihilate after gravitational capture.
  70. But, I was still able to capture title of 'United.
  71. Wammie trades are designed to capture strong trends.
  72. He wanted to capture members of the Woodlander clan.
  73. The details about their capture were more important.
  74. Tap the shutter button again to complete the capture.
  75. It did not take long to make the first capture, the.
  76. If they were to capture the elusive and mysterious Mr.
  77. And you’l need the same enchantment to capture the.
  79. It was the same woman who had helped him capture Darek.
  80. Any country of nation that tries to capture Jerusalem.
  81. He had taken my body, but he could not capture my mind.
  82. And they're offering a large reward for our capture.
  83. There will be breathtaking moments that I will capture.
  84. There were nine more, including the capture of Cerberus.
  85. Some fighters, no doubt, still capture our imaginations.
  86. Would ye like me tae send men tae capture her Sire?
  87. Were you able to capture some of the enemy weapons?
  88. You have to capture these with determination and courage.
  89. They were taken to England and thus escaped capture and.
  90. Theres a reward of ten thousand dollars for his capture.
  91. He intended to capture the headquarters alone if he could.
  92. No wonder Techotl had trembled with the terror of capture.
  93. That means that I‘m using my own experiences to capture.
  94. As he returned with his capture he said in a deep voice:.
  95. Capture was an option but not a designated plan of action.
  96. They capture Delta values quicker and lock them in faster.
  97. And buying a put is a method to capture downside movement.
  98. They can never capture Reality, which happens all-at-once.
  99. This wild terrain doesn’t allow easy search and capture.
  100. Buying all-time highs is trying to capture a breakout trend.
  1. Capturing her in a teeming.
  2. Both have the gift of capturing.
  3. Capturing visitors is what you want.
  4. Capturing the moment, Tom grasped Mr.
  5. Try capturing the subject off center.
  6. Capturing The Essence Of Your Production.
  7. He stared down at her, capturing her gaze.
  8. We had just missed capturing Pierce an hour ago.
  9. A clear resentment capturing his intimidating face.
  10. Capturing Mike’s attention had never felt better.
  11. This is the kind of move traders dream of capturing.
  12. I have no intention of capturing him, Jared said.
  13. We all have heard the stories of the Roman capturing.
  14. Remember, Cora, he said, capturing me in his gaze.
  15. The cloaked figure was moments away from capturing him.
  16. The first succeeded in capturing two rings but was dis-.
  17. For our masters, capturing slaves is a difficult business.
  18. Les Gillis is pretty put out at you boys for capturing him.
  19. She succeeded this time in capturing a pea and dispatching it.
  20. Facebook page to start capturing the targeted prospects from.
  21. Lately, the Feds seem more interested in capturing me than you.
  22. There are defined, strategic rules for capturing such a position.
  23. I brought my laptop in the hopes of capturing something profound.
  24. It was an idea he had been toying with since capturing Gabrysia.
  25. The Cossacks succeeded one day in capturing Napoleon’s baggage.
  26. To prevent audio from playing while capturing video, select the.
  27. Though it would be a minute and temporary appeasement, capturing.
  28. It had become clear to Tom that the capturing of several dragons.
  29. This is a method for capturing samples of the air where you live.
  30. To begin capturing, click Start Capture, and then press the Play.
  31. This application was for capturing all the traffic on your network.
  32. When you have finished capturing, click Finish to close the Video.
  33. You said yourself that capturing a demon alive has never been done.
  34. Capturing and determining that spread is what elasticity is all about.
  35. They leaned back against the wall, capturing whatever rest they could.
  36. And boy, are they intent on capturing you, and anyone associated with you.
  37. Will the Devil and his demon children succeed in capturing enough souls?
  38. Then he spent another year capturing a great boar from Mount Erymanthus.
  39. He’s the key to capturing that Cana creature! barks Katsuya to his men.
  40. This exit is ideal for runners who are interested in capturing large profits.
  41. The cup of drunkenness, and the heavy stone refer to the capturing of any city.
  42. They would make the price of capturing Kingdom Pass a bloody one for the enemy.
  43. This may well have happened anyway, even without you capturing their attention.
  44. You can’t bank 10 cents and think you’re capturing the Opening Drive Plays.
  45. See discussions later in this chapter on taking pictures and capturing screens.
  46. Gunners believe the chances of capturing a strong trend are often quite minimal.
  47. Its success depended on capturing the infrequent large, unexpected price spikes.
  48. But the comment was as close as he could come to capturing what was in his heart.
  49. Some symbols are sleek and simple, capturing the essence of related understanding.
  50. Something, anything that would bring them closer to capturing Angelina’s killer.
  51. Do it then, he said and, capturing Simon’s hand, pressed it against his head.
  52. Your pilots learned their craft capturing renegades who stumbled into your system.
  53. He has been successful in capturing tax dollars, foundation money, and union funds.
  54. Digital camcorders offer the most professional option for capturing video and audio.
  55. In addition to capturing packets from the network, some analyzers can generate them.
  56. A longer holding period helps short volatility trades by capturing more time decay.
  57. Mahmud began by capturing King Jaipal in the Punjab, and then invaded Multan in 1004.
  58. By the early part of the eigth century Muslims had pushed west from Egypt, capturing.
  59. Is this Glaesum, in Chardon? You have done a wonderful job of capturing its majesty.
  60. Capturing light for the picture that you are taking is considered by some as an art.
  62. Here Jondrette evidently judged the moment propitious for capturing the philanthropist.
  63. Ships wandered into the system so frequently that capturing them became almost routine.
  64. Roy at the helm as he changed tack after tack capturing the best of what the wind had to.
  66. In December 2001, US troops came within one hour of capturing him at Tora Bora, Afghanistan.
  67. If everything goes to plan up to that point, how do you plan on capturing the capital?
  68. Thus, before you press on your shutter, try to think about the image you are capturing first.
  69. He stood there elegantly and confidently, capturing the mind of the audience, including hers.
  70. Apparently capturing them had been no easy task as there had been injuries among the captors.
  71. Nick Lowe’s production was still very much about capturing the song in a live performance.
  72. When he kills many he is called God capturing the divine victory but knows very little about God.
  73. You can use the


    tags to enlarge your text, which will not only help with capturing.

  74. Republicans were capturing control of the House and Senate for the first time in over forty years.
  75. She looked at him with a question in her eyes which he immediately answered by capturing her lips.
  76. You cannot be a successful fade trader without capturing big chunks of moves when you are correct.
  77. It’s hard to imagine more direct evidence of guilt, short of capturing the whole thing on video.
  78. If you"re successful in driving a lot of traffic to your blog but aren"t capturing that traffic in.
  79. On November 7, 1972, Nixon won a historic landslide, capturing 49 states and 61 percent of the vote.
  80. Because a user’s token changes for each logon, it can’t be reused, so capturing it is pointless.
  81. One last desperate appeal was made to convince Roosevelt of the vital importance of capturing Berlin.
  82. Expecting that there would be great efficiency in capturing lost sheep, I wanted to take no chances.
  83. It was a multicolored snake like the rainbow in the sky and the cameras were capturing every movement.
  84. The Rainbow, throughout time, has been regarded as magical and capturing the imagination of all peoples.
  85. There are no set rules for capturing profits from Vega, but I’d be happy to share my thoughts about it.
  86. That’s why I wasn’t assisting in capturing those samples with the bucket brigade that night in February.
  87. Closing his eyes his mind flashed, his memory intent in capturing a glimpse of the wreck he was last night.
  88. For example, such models have not been effective at capturing slow-moving changes in inflation expectations.
  89. The falcon named Wings had been capturing numerous cottontail rabbits among the boulders, bushes and brambles.
  90. Yes, I, er, wanted to, um, see you again to … find out if you'd made any progress with capturing the demon.
  91. Alternating between capturing her crazed lips and finding the zipper for her dress, his blood burned with need.
  92. He hadn’t seen signs of Garcia ever since Kletsova and he had proceeded towards the goal of capturing the flag.
  93. Ah, I have to tell you what happened, he said abruptly, his broadening smile capturing Gordon’s attention.
  94. They were able to kill destroy the revenants in their way, capturing their souls to be escorted to the afterlife.
  95. You can feel that somehow you should be capturing it and bottling it , but that is your mind up to its old tricks.
  96. Management is so focused on company growth through capturing new contracts that existing processes are being ignored.
  97. And every scrap of information we can get our hands on will get us that much closer to finding and capturing Raidan.
  98. When you are done capturing, press the red square button that has replaced the red round button in the bottom center.
  99. For capturing this volume the order has to be split by the broker into several parts and sent to different exchanges.
  100. Memorial services will be held in two days for the policemen who were killed while capturing the rebels two weeks ago.
  1. A few had been captured.
  2. Soon he would be captured.
  3. But we had you captured.
  4. He must have been captured.
  5. They have not captured them.
  6. It was captured a month ago.
  7. We have captured a tradesman.
  8. He was captured and whipped.
  9. I was captured and tortured.
  10. She felt captured in his gaze.
  11. Was the bad man captured?
  12. Then they’d both be captured.
  13. They thought you were captured.
  14. The Arkenians who captured you.
  15. Captured by the works of Conrad.
  16. Captured there within the image.
  17. I captured the beauty of a dove.
  18. The only one ever captured, too.
  19. Kitbuqa was captured and executed.
  20. The second had captured only one.
  21. We met the day we got captured.
  22. You have already been captured.
  23. How did you get captured?
  24. He had been captured by tradesmen.
  25. His brain had captured each pose.
  26. Torgeson had captured Virgil Troaz.
  27. He had killed and captured ran high.
  28. Who else could have captured Nikita.
  29. If I haven’t been captured within.
  30. It captured the True Jesus in action.
  31. They captured the Ark of The Covenant.
  32. I’d captured the serpent’s shadow.
  33. I’ve captured her, said Herist.
  34. She’s been captured by the dwarfs.
  35. They captured him along side my other.
  36. Nathan captured the remaining two rings.
  37. The guerrillas captured the guardhouse.
  38. These two privates were captured too.
  39. One in particular captured her interest.
  40. He was finally captured, sentenced and.
  41. He looked up, his eyes captured by the.
  42. Ralph looked at the girl he had captured.
  43. The West Bank – captured from Jordan.
  44. She was knocked unconscious and captured.
  45. He would get his captured canary to sing.
  46. A 92-year-old Italian captured her heart.
  47. I captured a sheep and brought it near us.
  48. Cliff has been captured by the Moretti's.
  49. Once they captured that, time had run out.
  50. Though you know you have been captured.
  51. So, if I was captured, where was I?
  52. But that was not what captured Atlai’s.
  53. Captured by a small device and printed out.
  54. The camera had never captured him without.
  55. And what he heard captured his imagination.
  56. I was captured by a Viking, Nora said.
  57. How does anyone get captured? Carelessness.
  58. Within two weeks the PLA had captured the.
  59. Or he might be killed rather than captured.
  60. She had captured Ravan, without even trying.
  61. A bittersweet goodbye captured by the wing.
  62. They charged the cave and captured Quonez 2.
  63. I even captured the complete spread on film.
  64. Some were captured during the external raids.
  65. When we were captured by the circus we were.
  66. You aren’t captured in any of your tales.
  67. Moreover now Ren Fengping had also captured.
  68. We killed most of them and captured the rest.
  69. They must have captured the San Luis patrol.
  70. Members of my crew were captured, and my new.
  71. The captured ships were then set on fire and.
  72. If one of us had been killed or captured, the.
  73. Those who are captured by the Lantern men are.
  74. Among the captured was the leader of this force.
  75. It"s only a matter of time before he"s captured.
  76. They concluded that he’d again been captured.
  77. He’d captured the souls of the populace and.
  78. There was a girl with him, still to be captured.
  80. Some of them escaped while others were captured.
  81. Finally Rick captured a moth within cupped hands.
  82. Don't think he's lost—either left or captured.
  83. Princes were captured and in chains were bound;.
  84. Of all the drugged whales only one was captured.
  85. They were captured later on when they returned.
  86. Her innocent beauty instantly captured his heart.
  87. Fish was finally captured, arrested then executed.
  88. Where are those captured aviators, Major?’’.
  89. On the evening of the second day he was captured.
  90. I think we might have captured him on his way out.
  91. He was captured, tried, and eventually imprisoned.
  92. It could have easily been captured during the war.
  93. The ship must have been captured by Parshuram’s.
  94. Six were captured and questioned by magical means.
  95. She has found it…but, dear me, she was captured.
  96. The females were now captured by intense curiosity.
  97. Some of the captured Temple vessels were returned.
  98. They had actually captured only one whale during.
  99. She shivered when his mouth captured her ear lobe.
  100. I remembered he went to see the captured Stargazer.
  1. A Bill relating to captures.
  2. Shareholder yield captures them both.
  3. These days, she mostly captures unwary visitors.
  4. The next step captures the reduction of your loan.
  5. It is life that captures material to form a body.
  6. Carry captures an asset’s income return over time.
  8. About our captures, about whose idea all of this is.
  9. Supervisors that captures real time information about the.
  10. He captures the hearts of the people with one clench and.
  11. Whoever captures the mongrel-head will receive five hundred.
  12. The heart is freed by loving, but Love never captures a heart.
  13. The very first section captures the cost of the property, the.
  14. The Straddle captures the full move of the equity in-the-money.
  15. The pup yelps, a haunting cry that captures the misery of existence.
  16. For, as the wind captures the boat on water, just so even one of.
  17. The mantis captures, holds and devours many different bothersome insects.
  18. Before Sloth can answer the wolf, the animal captures his arm with its teeth.
  19. On top of that, there are rules for once you captures set person's attention.
  20. Bemused enrapture captures casual intricacies throughout the days leisure in.
  21. Mondale captures just his home state of Minnesota and the District of Columbia.
  22. The one in Bart’s lounge captures exactly the primitive feeling of wrestling.
  23. A bond’s yield to maturity captures this feature despite its other shortcomings.
  24. In a coastal capitol town a bobbing camera captures cars being burned in the darkness.
  25. The verse that perfectly captures this big picture revelation is the following verse:.
  26. It’s a magic topic that captures people’s imagination and it lures a lot of.
  27. An artist can shape things to their vision, a photographer just captures what is there.
  28. As soon as the two bullied saw their captures, they started with the threats and insults.
  29. The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the bill relating to captures.
  30. If the story captures the attention and imagination of the reader, he or she rarely needs.
  31. He captures them in Africa and then returns to Cuba and some southern cities for their sale.
  32. The script command captures everything that is printed on your terminal and saves it to a file.
  33. The more accurate word, the only word that captures the horror of these crimes, is execution.
  34. I hope the book captures both the wonderful times we shared, as well as the missed opportunities.
  35. Finally, here is a short fairy tale about Being, which captures some of this freedom in a story:.
  36. The rate on solo ads is higher than on all other potential options, but it also captures readers'.
  37. The final letter—E—fully captures her left nipple, which appears to have been gnawed or torn off.
  38. He knew, too, that they seldom lost much time before consummating the fiendish purpose of their captures.
  39. As of the end of this day, there would be no more captures and no more ships destroyed during the rest of.
  40. Its unique emotional lure, dating from ancient times, captures the imagination of investors the world over.
  41. After training, one of my first captures was my uncle who was secretly trading food with a comrade for years.
  42. With iron, the same way Inspector Jayne does with the Unseelie he captures and keeps until someone slays them.
  43. The album named Camera Roll appears when you take pictures with your iPhone’s camera or take screen captures.
  44. The squeeze indicator captures the moment when the market goes from a low-volatility to a high-volatility state.
  45. The following morning, the headline of the Citadel Sentinel reads, HERO COP CAPTURES WEISS SINGLE HANDED!.
  46. After a long moment of reflection she nodded her head and said, The pretty well captures the picture I’d say.
  47. The expense of such an establishment would have far exceeded the amount in value of captures made since that period.
  48. But if the Blue team captures the Runner and delivers him to the opposing goalie, the Blue team would get 300 points.
  49. There are many ways to plan an estate and the one that captures your interests in the most thorough way is the best.
  50. Carry and value indicators have key roles in such a building block analysis:• Carry captures the first building block.
  51. It captures the essence of spiritual inquiry and provides the reader with a real transmission of Presence on every page.
  52. Although it fluctuates and shifts to reflect immediate conditions, no other measurement so precisely captures investor.
  53. In Iced, she kills Barrons and Ryodan then captures Christian MacKeltar (the latest Unseelie Prince) and carries him off.
  54. Once your mind kicks into gear and captures your attention, your ability to hold onto the experience of happiness vanishes.
  55. The irrational mind when captures the upper hand it produces negative emotions through feelings to change the rational mind.
  56. While this study captures survivorship and backfill bias, it is unable to quantify selection, liquidation, and lookback biases.
  57. To that was added the great injury which our commerce sustained by the extensive captures made by her cruisers during that year.
  58. As he struggles for an answer for his exit from the park, the quiet, motionless chick with long black hair again captures his eyes.
  59. Opposite: This bird’s eye view of the organ at the historic First Baptist Church, captures the scope of the impressive instrument.
  60. The great battles of Moscow, Stalingrad, and Korsk went with huge captures and losses, and turned the tide against the German forces.
  61. The residents call the thing a god, a kind of creature, but I think it is more like an OS and the souls it captures are like its users.
  62. The proof that exactly the Shiva is the Cain is the fact that Rudra-Shiva captures part of the sacrifices of Vishnu and Brahma with the battle.
  63. But at this fall fund-raiser at the McLean house, there was one tiny inkling, a moment that, in retrospect, captures something of the friction.
  64. It was his observation that sexual liberties on new captures created problems further down the line, complicated battles, and delayed conditioning.
  65. When you run a network analyzer on a system with a single network interface, the application captures the data arriving over that interface by default.
  66. The enormous captures made of their property had reduced merchants to the alternative of staying at home, or having no commerce but with Great Britain.
  67. Carry captures an asset’s income return over time or, more broadly, an asset’s expected return if the capital market environment stays unchanged over time.
  68. YTM clearly captures the yield income (carry) component, and the yield spread between two bonds may also predict capital gains if the spread is mean-reverting.
  69. The email not only captures his instant interest, but causes him to seek out the woman who’d sent it, for it’s obvious she’s in danger and is need of help.
  70. Despite this caveat, to me the insight that people or institutions become more risk averse when they become poorer captures something essential in investor behavior.
  71. Dynamic rebalancing (composited back-testing) is superior to single-month analysis because it captures the entire profile of a factor rather than a single data point.
  72. When you are watching a movie that you are engrossed in, driving down a long monotonous road, listening to music that captures a mood or engrosses you, you are in hypnosis.
  73. If any particles absorb the Energy (Information) emitted by other particles, so it captures a Memory of it, takes over the Spirit of this particle, writes a Chronicle of it.
  74. Bassett, from the Committee on the Naval Establishment, presented a bill relating to captures; which was read twice, and committed to a Committee of the Whole on Wednesday next.
  75. I believe God is trying to tell us something very important with this statement, and the apostle Paul perfectly captures what that something is in the second verse I will list below.
  76. To understand it better, I would like to refer to how the Catholic Church deals with the idea of the sacred writer, the writer who captures what he understands to be the word of God.
  77. Psychopathically driven to complete her unfinished, tattered gown of guts, she captures and kills anything in her path, using insectile, lancelike legs to slay her prey and disembowel them.
  78. Didn’t he write in those idiotic broadsheets that anyone, ‘whoever it might be, should be dragged to the lockup by his hair’? (How silly!) ‘And honor and glory to whoever captures him,’ he says.
  79. It has another agenda: to reduce all the universe and everything in it to a simple material process—a single mathematical equation that captures yet diminishes the complexity of life, reality, and the cosmos.
  80. The CinemaScope camera captures all seventeen of the dazzling production numbers, including the title song and Alexander’s Ragtime Band, with Marilyn also scoring well in her solo production number, Heat Wave.
  81. Generally speaking, if you are able to produce the type of original and engaging content that is not freely available on the internet and captures the passion you have for your industry, it will be very effective for you.
  82. Creating a budget captures in its expression and meaning, both the excitement and the apprehension most of us feel when we have to face our financial situation and or lack of planning and accountability in that area.
  83. Told with great suspense and style, sparkling with warmth and humor, Wild vividly captures the terrors and pleasures of one young woman forging ahead against all odds on a journey that maddened, strengthened, and ultimately healed her.
  84. But after a while, you‘d realise the only way to explain the music is to assume there are invisible radio waves in the air, and this box simply captures those waves and translates them into sound – even though you couldn‘t prove it.
  85. Our public ships and private cruisers, by their activity, and, where there was occasion, by their intrepidity, have made the enemy sensible of the difference between a reciprocity of captures, and the long confinement of them to their side.
  86. An easy way to visualize this room to the left rule is to draw a rectangle on your chart that captures the area of the chart that is unique to the two-candlestick big-shadow formation and extend this rectangle as far as possible to the left.
  87. The static carry portfolio captures an average relation—currencies like NZD and AUD have relatively high yields in every decade while JPY and CHF tend to have low yields—but it wholly misses time variation in the relative yields of currencies.
  88. Would you like to find the trade that captures a critical turning point in the market? You're probably like most traders: You would like to make a trade that catches the market just as it starts to turn around and never returns to the turning point.
  89. The authors argue that use of their world premium captures the bulk of any survivorship or selection bias given that the 19 countries in their database may have accounted for 90% of world equity market capitalization at the start of the 20th century [3].
  90. Raoul and Fred expressed their appreciation to Roger for having taken them to the Herrería, for that unique relic of arts and crafts of old captures the imagination, curiosity and interest of the visitor in a way that no other remnant of ancient technology does.
  91. Its beauty captures the mind and when it prances around it makes one’s heart beat at its unabashed coquetry; you have a lot of experience and knowledge about horses so please would you come and use your expertise to examine it before I buy it… for you’re the only person I trust.
  92. A revocation or modification of these decrees, so that they should cease to violate our fair commerce, therefore, would look as well to an indemnity for the past as a security for the future; it necessarily includes a restoration of the property already taken, as well as an engagement against future captures.
  93. Soon he observed that she was tripping gayly back and forth with flushed face and dancing eyes, pretending to be busy chasing schoolmates, and screaming with laughter when she made a capture; but he noticed that she always made her captures in his vicinity, and that she seemed to cast a conscious eye in his direction at such times, too.
  94. A recent example of the technology-enhanced ability to have everyone manage processes was described by Denis Pombriant in his look at Right90, which captures and tracks changes to the business forecast (all the things that can and should be forecasted in addition to revenue, so that a company can keep its supply chain informed of coming changes) in real time.
  95. In this chapter, I argue that level-dependent inflation premium and a safe haven premium are key drivers of the BRP; that the survey-based BRP captures relatively well the true ex ante BRP while historical variation in the yield curve shape is contaminated by mean-reverting rate expectations; and that the predictable time variation in bond returns reflects both time-varying risk premia and systematic forecast errors.
  96. Having presented this view of the relations of the United States with Great Britain, and of the solemn alternative growing out of them, I proceed to remark, that the communications last made to Congress on the subject of our relations with France, will have shown, that since the revocation of her decrees, as they violated the neutral rights of the United States, her Government has authorized illegal captures by its privateers and public ships; and that other outrages have been practised on our vessels and our citizens.
  97. The Duke of Massa writes to the President of the Council of Prizes as follows: In consequence of this engagement entered into by the Government of the United States, to cause their rights to be respected, His Majesty orders that all the causes that may be pending in the Council of Prizes, of captures of American vessels, made after the first of November, and those that may in future be brought before it, shall not be judged according to the principles of the decrees of Berlin and Milan, but that they shall remain suspended; the vessels captured or seized to remain only in a state of sequestration, and the rights of the proprietors being reserved for them until the 2d February next, the period at which, the United States having fulfilled the engagement to cause their rights to be respected, the said captures shall be declared null by the Council—and the American vessels restored, together with their cargoes, to the proprietors.

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