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Capture numa frase em (in ingles)

I will capture the Sun.
Oh, they must capture him.
Antwerp, capture of 42, 44.
As I tried to capture it I.
We'd do better to capture it.
You may go ahead and capture.
Following the capture of the.

You must capture the big move.
She seemed proud of her capture.
He’s determined to capture you.
Robert would have to capture at.
Willie's efforts to capture the.
They no longer want to capture me.
President has ordered your capture.
NNS reported the capture of such.
Capture and Destruction of the Java.
Sell on easy terms to capture trade.
You capture hearts by providing the.
Hehe! Can you really capture me?
He will never capture the Attic note.
It’s where you do a screen capture.
They both knew the outcome of capture.
Can capture yourself entertaining one.
You ideates! You cannot capture me.
After my capture, they would subject.
Your capture is now worth one Million.
To capture these God inspired insights.
So, this’ll be where they capture me.
I doubt if I could capture your feet.
Saul, afraid of capture and humiliation.
Capture of the Macedonian and the Frolic.
If they could capture her and provided.
That was how they managed to capture it.
Another reason for the capture was Thomas.
At last, it was time for capture the flag.
Leave the man, capture the girl first.
Those are some of the ways to capture them.
Did you capture that? Yakov he asked.
And if you can capture whoever it was.
He had become ambivalent about his capture.
Capturing her in a teeming.
Both have the gift of capturing.
Capturing visitors is what you want.
Capturing the moment, Tom grasped Mr.
Try capturing the subject off center.
Capturing The Essence Of Your Production.
He stared down at her, capturing her gaze.
We had just missed capturing Pierce an hour ago.
A clear resentment capturing his intimidating face.
Capturing Mike’s attention had never felt better.
This is the kind of move traders dream of capturing.
I have no intention of capturing him, Jared said.
We all have heard the stories of the Roman capturing.
Remember, Cora, he said, capturing me in his gaze.
The cloaked figure was moments away from capturing him.
The first succeeded in capturing two rings but was dis-.
For our masters, capturing slaves is a difficult business.
Les Gillis is pretty put out at you boys for capturing him.
She succeeded this time in capturing a pea and dispatching it.
Facebook page to start capturing the targeted prospects from.
Lately, the Feds seem more interested in capturing me than you.
I brought my laptop in the hopes of capturing something profound.
The Cossacks succeeded one day in capturing Napoleon’s baggage.
There are defined, strategic rules for capturing such a position.
It was an idea he had been toying with since capturing Gabrysia.
To prevent audio from playing while capturing video, select the.
This is a method for capturing samples of the air where you live.
Though it would be a minute and temporary appeasement, capturing.
It had become clear to Tom that the capturing of several dragons.
To begin capturing, click Start Capture, and then press the Play.
When you have finished capturing, click Finish to close the Video.
This application was for capturing all the traffic on your network.
You said yourself that capturing a demon alive has never been done.
Capturing and determining that spread is what elasticity is all about.
They leaned back against the wall, capturing whatever rest they could.
And boy, are they intent on capturing you, and anyone associated with you.
Will the Devil and his demon children succeed in capturing enough souls?
Then he spent another year capturing a great boar from Mount Erymanthus.
He’s the key to capturing that Cana creature! barks Katsuya to his men.
This exit is ideal for runners who are interested in capturing large profits.
A few had been captured.
But we had you captured.
Soon he would be captured.
He must have been captured.
They have not captured them.
I was captured and tortured.
It was captured a month ago.
He was captured and whipped.
We have captured a tradesman.
She felt captured in his gaze.
Was the bad man captured?
The Arkenians who captured you.
Then they’d both be captured.
They thought you were captured.
Captured there within the image.
I captured the beauty of a dove.
Captured by the works of Conrad.
The only one ever captured, too.
You have already been captured.
How did you get captured?
The second had captured only one.
We met the day we got captured.
Kitbuqa was captured and executed.
He had been captured by tradesmen.
His brain had captured each pose.
Torgeson had captured Virgil Troaz.
He had killed and captured ran high.
If I haven’t been captured within.
Who else could have captured Nikita.
It captured the True Jesus in action.
They captured the Ark of The Covenant.
I’d captured the serpent’s shadow.
I’ve captured her, said Herist.
She’s been captured by the dwarfs.
These two privates were captured too.
Nathan captured the remaining two rings.
The guerrillas captured the guardhouse.
They captured him along side my other.
One in particular captured her interest.
He looked up, his eyes captured by the.
A Bill relating to captures.
Shareholder yield captures them both.
These days, she mostly captures unwary visitors.
The next step captures the reduction of your loan.
It is life that captures material to form a body.
Carry captures an asset’s income return over time.
About our captures, about whose idea all of this is.
He captures the hearts of the people with one clench and.
Supervisors that captures real time information about the.
Whoever captures the mongrel-head will receive five hundred.
The heart is freed by loving, but Love never captures a heart.
The Straddle captures the full move of the equity in-the-money.
The very first section captures the cost of the property, the.
The pup yelps, a haunting cry that captures the misery of existence.
For, as the wind captures the boat on water, just so even one of.
The mantis captures, holds and devours many different bothersome insects.
Before Sloth can answer the wolf, the animal captures his arm with its teeth.
On top of that, there are rules for once you captures set person's attention.
Bemused enrapture captures casual intricacies throughout the days leisure in.
Mondale captures just his home state of Minnesota and the District of Columbia.
The one in Bart’s lounge captures exactly the primitive feeling of wrestling.
A bond’s yield to maturity captures this feature despite its other shortcomings.
In a coastal capitol town a bobbing camera captures cars being burned in the darkness.
The verse that perfectly captures this big picture revelation is the following verse:.
An artist can shape things to their vision, a photographer just captures what is there.
It’s a magic topic that captures people’s imagination and it lures a lot of.
As soon as the two bullied saw their captures, they started with the threats and insults.
The House resolved itself into a Committee of the Whole on the bill relating to captures.
If the story captures the attention and imagination of the reader, he or she rarely needs.
He captures them in Africa and then returns to Cuba and some southern cities for their sale.
The script command captures everything that is printed on your terminal and saves it to a file.
The more accurate word, the only word that captures the horror of these crimes, is execution.
I hope the book captures both the wonderful times we shared, as well as the missed opportunities.
Finally, here is a short fairy tale about Being, which captures some of this freedom in a story:.
The rate on solo ads is higher than on all other potential options, but it also captures readers'.
The final letter—E—fully captures her left nipple, which appears to have been gnawed or torn off.
He knew, too, that they seldom lost much time before consummating the fiendish purpose of their captures.
Its unique emotional lure, dating from ancient times, captures the imagination of investors the world over.
As of the end of this day, there would be no more captures and no more ships destroyed during the rest of.

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