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  1. I have no business save carouse and revelry.
  2. Joy of the plenteous dinner, strong carouse and drinking?
  3. My friends, in bygone days, in those amiable days of yore, people married wisely; they had a good contract, and then they had a good carouse.
  4. We carouse with the captain and those crew members not on duty for a couple of hours before Drens, pouring the last of the wine into his glass, tells us to get off to bed.
  5. Is it so very long, thought he, since this Batrishtcheff used to carouse with us, and he wore a cheap cotton shirt, and ate by himself, never inviting any one to his quarters, his eternal meat-balls and curd-patties? But now! and that expression of cold pride in his eyes, which says to you, ‘Though I am your comrade, because I am a regimental commander of the new school, yet, believe me, I am well aware that you would give half your life merely for the sake of being in my place!’.

  1. That was more important than carousing.
  2. Amidst all the carousing, Sarah could barely hear that Mr.
  3. That’s where Ian usually starts his carousing, I said.
  4. But, he never stopped his carousing with a belly full of the brew.
  5. And thus they journey on, carousing, brawling, singing, and fighting.
  6. Pretending they hadn’t heard Father, the youths continued carousing.
  7. They would get to carousing, and both money and alcohol would flow freely.
  8. There was much laughter and carousing as the young women encouraged the participants in an apple-bobbing contest.
  9. The private Greg Hart was the wild ladies’ man carousing with a known sex offender and obsessed with gambling, booze and spending.
  10. Aureliano Segundo’s old carousing comrades laid on his casket a wreath that had a purple ribbon with the words: Cease, cows, life is short.
  11. Hrun going about the business of being a hero, he realised, was quite different to the wine-bibbing, carousing Hrun who occasionally came to Ankh-Morpork.
  12. And on the other side is love—that new love which had flamed up in his heart, and for that love he needed money; oh, far more than for carousing with his mistress.
  13. It might have been supposed from his Herculean strength that one night of carousing, even accompanied by the most violent emotions, could have had little effect on him.
  14. I started off the morning feeling a touch sorry for myself, hanging in bed until around ten and nursing a bad head, the result of carousing with Sampson the night before.
  15. Hoisting each other up, they found themselves standing in the pantry, with only a door between them and the banqueting-hall, where their unconscious enemies were carousing.
  16. After a minute or two of carousing around the dance, I saw our friendly neighborhood stoners, Blacklung and Coughman with big ass 420 cheesy grins, plastered all over their faces, walking towards me.
  17. He’s still officially a squire at court here, but he has no patience with the ways of the aristocracy in general, and tends to spend as much of his time as possible out carousing among the folk of the city.
  18. And after hours of feasting we spilled out into the square outside the Commander’s villa, carousing, drinking, singing, making praise-poetry and flirting with the maids, here to serve us more and more ale and wine.
  19. The more business he got, the greater his power seemed to grow of getting at its pith and marrow; and however late at night he sat carousing with Sydney Carton, he always had his points at his fingers' ends in the morning.
  20. She was so skillful and strict that when Aureliano Segundo instructed one of his carousing companions to pass himself off as the owner of the fortune, she got him all caught up in a minute interrogation sown with subtle traps.
  21. The difference between what he had been then and what he was now, was enormous—just as great, if not greater than the difference between Katusha in church that night, and the prostitute who had been carousing with the merchant and whom they judged this morning.
  22. Yes, I shall be told, but he was carousing that night, squandering money; he was shown to have had fifteen hundred roubles—where did he get the money? But the very fact that only fifteen hundred could be found, and the other half of the sum could nowhere be discovered, shows that that money was not the same, and had never been in any envelope.
  1. The numerous young cousins caroused at the crystal punch bowl.
  2. He had been in Mokroe more than once before, he had caroused there for two days together already, he knew the old big house with all its passages and outbuildings.
  3. The soldiers dressed themselves in the long habits of the nuns; several took up their quarters in the cell of the Lady Superior, and caroused there for two whole days, inviting the young nuns to join them.
  4. They sent to Vladímir to find out what kind of a man Aksénov was, and all the merchants and inhabitants of Vladímir testified to the fact that Aksénov had drunk and caroused when he was young, but that he was a good man.
  5. The poverty-stricken prostitutes from nearby villages followed in the path of the expeditions, improvised tents in the gullies along the shore, brought music and liquor with them, and caroused across the river from the stranded vessel.

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