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Carriage numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. A fine carriage she had.
  2. Ivan got into the carriage.
  3. He's in the first carriage.
  4. Jamie got into the carriage.
  5. His carriage is at the door.

  6. Silence fell on the carriage.
  7. The carriage arrived at last.
  8. The carriage door was opened.
  9. It appeared that a carriage.
  10. I was in this carriage house.
  11. The horse and carriage await.
  12. The carriage went off swiftly.
  13. In the first carriage, with M.
  14. Then the carriage slowed down.
  15. Ho! Within the carriage there.

  16. Albert ran to fetch a carriage.
  17. Follow me; our carriage awaits.
  18. That’s a long way by carriage.
  19. We have a carriage at the door.
  20. Meanwhile the carriage rolled on.
  21. Vronsky stepped into the carriage.
  22. You could have hired a carriage.
  23. My carriage is at your service.
  24. He was driven home in my carriage.
  25. The carriage rolled rapidly onward.

  26. Around the carriage of the pair—.
  27. She remained alone in the carriage.
  28. She came out of that carriage door.
  29. The Obscurist entered the carriage.
  30. She looked round and saw a carriage.
  31. Ferrars in the carriage with her?
  32. At the door they found the carriage.
  33. He sent us home in his own carriage.
  34. The carriage arrived at the Serapeum.
  35. The carriage ride was followed by a.
  36. The horse-drawn carriage is abandoned.
  37. And my valet can go in your carriage.
  38. The carriage shuddered violently as.
  39. The carriage was got ready instantly.
  40. The carriage drove up and both got in.
  41. They even bestride the carriage lamps.
  42. Help our new Obscurist to the carriage.
  43. The door of this carriage was fastened.
  44. The carriage moved on through the drove.
  45. Branan regarding the abandoned carriage.
  46. The carriage turned and headed downhill.
  47. On arriving at the carriage entrance M.
  48. Wait with the carriage at the entrance.
  49. But the weight of the carriage was too.
  50. I don't know who the carriage owner was.
  51. She climbs into her burned out carriage.
  52. The Carriage held but just Ourselves—.
  53. And she wanted a horse and carriage too.
  54. Could you please stop the carriage?
  55. He turned away and went to the carriage.
  56. Tell Chester to prepare the carriage.
  57. Charles stopped the carriage in front of.
  58. Mavriky won't put her into your carriage.
  59. And he wasn't equal to getting a carriage.
  60. The caravan stopped, carriage by carriage.
  61. The carriage pulled away with them inside.
  62. A footman stood opening the carriage door.
  63. He looked up and saw the carriage leaving.
  64. A glacial silence reigned in the carriage.
  65. Franz and the count got into the carriage.
  66. He reached it before the carriage arrived.
  67. Now, my carriage is a short distance away.
  68. I went out to the carriage man in a trance.
  69. She wasn’t in her bedroom in the carriage.
  70. Jamison had just driven off in his carriage.
  71. Almost all of the carriage is made of glass.
  72. By carriage it was a very pleasant journey.
  73. And Melanie sat in the carriage beside her.
  74. She jumped off the carriage and ran closer.
  75. Is the carriage ready? he asked again.
  76. The carriage stopped and I was dragged out.
  77. The door of the carriage house is wide open.
  78. This time, Miller was in the same carriage.
  79. In the middle of the crowd stood a carriage.
  80. He lies here, in this corner of the carriage.
  81. Dunyásha can go with me in the carriage.
  82. I’ll have Conrad hitch up the carriage.
  83. Linda sighed, and got back into the carriage.
  84. As soon as they returned to the carriage, Mrs.
  85. The carriage stopped at the door of the house.
  86. She found herself walking back to a carriage.
  87. The carriage proceeded rapidly towards Paris.
  88. Once in their carriage, Thomas turned to Mat-.
  89. I looked at our ticket and it said carriage 4.
  90. He stopped the carriage and called her to him.
  91. There are the wheels of the carriage, Watson.
  92. Just as the horse-drawn carriage sped away.
  93. The carriage pulled to a stop in front of the.
  94. The carriage stopped just in front of the door.
  95. Early on the morning of the 24th, the carriage.
  96. But a merry laugh was heard inside the carriage.
  97. Carrie had just settled into the carriage seat.
  98. Anne entered as soon as the carriage was parked.
  99. Would you like a lift? I'll take this carriage.
  100. Carrie watched as the carriage rolled down the.

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