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Cause numa frase em (in ingles)

It is a lost cause.
The cause of my joy.
Babs is a lost cause.
M: There is no cause.
Sin is all the cause.
It would cause me to.
He too wanted a cause.

They can cause you to.
You were the cause of.
You can cause the gold.
If that was the cause.
The cause of her agony.
The best way to cause.
There is no cause for.
The world has no cause.
What may be the cause?
Your cause is my cause.
They cause so much pain.
And for this cause God.
Cause You are my Father.
The hold must cause her.
Then the cause is dead.
And it will cause us to.
In their ascent and cause.
Cause and Effect in Life.
Cause it's hot as an oven.
He will cause the creation.
Cause I feel the same way.
The Cause of Your Results.
Each is the cause of the.
I believe in the cause.
Cause You are close to me.
It gave me just cause to.
I have come to cause peace.
Not tazing a guy for cause.
What is the cause of this.
So what happened to cause.
I want not cause trouble.
Truth, the Cause of Sorrow.
Living at cause means that.
It is causing the lake.
The phone rang loud causing.
The hospital was causing this.
You are causing an obstruction.
Or was causing me to kill myself.
Jaxon groaned, causing Lov to ask.
Well, it was causing so much.
I snorted, causing him to look up.
I leaped onto her chest, causing.
The art of causing further practice.
The pain was causing her to sweat.
The forces causing oscillations in.
I don’t know what’s causing it.
I'm causing anxiety, too, you know.
Ares’s power was causing my anger.
Blakey had no idea what was causing it.
Captivated glimpse of reality causing.
Shoop up without causing himself injury.
Be aware of the ripples you are causing.
The winter is causing us great anguish.
Max started barking and causing a ruckus.
The ground shifted violently, causing Dr.
Are you causing trouble, chapman?
His hands on her shoulders were causing.
The Concubine causing uproar in the City.
Graveyard, causing his thoughts to wander.
The first of these is by causing certain.
We have to find out what’s causing it.
Causing them both to look at her in alarm.
Causing the currents of love to resurface.
The mountain dogs are causing the darkness.
But he had, now, and it was causing a fuss.
That man was causing her nothing but grief.
The irony of such a grim standard causing.
This patient is causing a problem once more.
The car door slams again, causing me to jump.
Egyptologists have been causing quite a stir.
And Amity kids would be causing a ruckus.
We have to find out what’s causing this.
Failure of discipline - causing over trading.
But he had caused it.
An end caused by me.
I know I caused this.
It also caused me to.
This caused me to tip.
So much so, it caused.
This may be caused by:.
I wonder what caused it.
Caused our own share of.
This caused Sue to look.
It may be caused by the.
Of the E aerials caused.
This caused Zem to laugh.
Even if the demon caused.
Which really caused a buzz.
Find out what had caused.
Which caused me to grin too.
The death was caused by a.
The event that caused the.
This caused a smile and a.
Which caused Bev to giggle.
This caused Zem to chuckle.
This caused us all to laugh.
Maybe it was caused by the.
His silence caused her 123.
This caused a little extra.
Which caused tears to well.
Or the jealousy was caused.
What had caused him to drawl.
For the hurt that she caused.
When he jumped it caused me.
That situation caused me to.
This caused me to grin widely.
Sarai caused Hagar to leave;.
The world is caused by lust.
The pain caused her to moan.
That caused despair and pain.
He caused us a lot of trouble.
This caused us both to laugh.
He who causes to be.
Causes a lot of pain.
This it is that causes.
What I see causes me to.
If your right eye causes.
This not only causes bad.
It causes dread in us all.
This attack causes 1 die.
What Causes of Body Acne?
Many causes have led to it.
One of the causes is - the.
But who causes it? Who?!.
YaHuWaH, He who causes to be!.
This is exactly what causes.
I don't believe in lost causes.
Causes of Snoring in Children.
What causes death and disease.
Identify the causes of stress.
It causes tension and anxiety.
Every action causes a reaction.
The causes are complex, a mix.
This year causes Cass to wonder.
Fear causes hatred and despair.
There are seven causes of anger.
Two causes were better than one.
The causes are many and complex.
Various Causes of Bond Collapses.
What causes it? Kyle asked.
The explosion causes a spewing.
It is unknown to the causes of.
Each thing has innumerable causes.
Causes for This Changed Viewpoint.
Causes are necessary to promote.
What causes fear of being alone?
Disability and the hidden causes.
Your god, causes others to blame.
Medical causes of easy bruising.
Stress causes the production of.
It causes all of the unnecessary.
It causes marked distress and is.

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