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Cause numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The cause of my joy.
  2. It is a lost cause.
  3. M: There is no cause.
  4. Babs is a lost cause.
  5. Sin is all the cause.

  6. It would cause me to.
  7. He too wanted a cause.
  8. They can cause you to.
  9. If that was the cause.
  10. Your cause is my cause.
  11. You were the cause of.
  12. What may be the cause?
  13. The cause of her agony.
  14. You can cause the gold.
  15. There is no cause for.

  16. The best way to cause.
  17. The world has no cause.
  18. And for this cause God.
  19. They cause so much pain.
  20. Cause You are my Father.
  21. In their ascent and cause.
  22. Then the cause is dead.
  23. Cause and Effect in Life.
  24. The hold must cause her.
  25. And it will cause us to.

  26. It gave me just cause to.
  27. I believe in the cause.
  28. Cause I feel the same way.
  29. Each is the cause of the.
  30. The Cause of Your Results.
  31. He will cause the creation.
  32. Cause You are close to me.
  33. Cause it's hot as an oven.
  34. I want not cause trouble.
  35. What is the cause of this.
  36. Truth, the Cause of Sorrow.
  37. Living at cause means that.
  38. Not tazing a guy for cause.
  39. So what happened to cause.
  40. I have come to cause peace.
  41. The Law of Cause and Effect.
  42. The result is not the cause.
  43. He has blessed our cause.
  44. Damn you! A lost cause!.
  45. He's going to cause trouble.
  46. This may cause a long-term.
  47. Effect Similar to the Cause.
  48. It will cause you to be ill.
  49. Everything is its own cause.
  50. Of course, he was the cause.
  51. Cause You showed me the way.
  52. You have no cause to doubt.
  53. The great cause of education.
  54. Bad teeth can cause headaches.
  55. Nobody knows the exact cause.
  56. And I will cause showers to.
  57. Its precise cause is unknown.
  58. Your cause is already dead.
  59. Lost people cause us trouble.
  60. Too much caffeine can cause.
  61. There is not the least cause.
  62. This can cause a lot of pain.
  63. There is only one small cause.
  64. However, he can still cause.
  65. Wade, it would cause all.
  66. You have no probable cause.
  67. But generally in a good cause.
  68. What may be the cause of it?
  69. Can cause many to overachieve.
  70. Saved people cause us trouble.
  71. The underlying cause must be.
  72. He knows nothing of his cause.
  73. Once you admit a cause, then.
  74. What could cause such a glow?
  75. It can cause pain and spasms.
  76. You will cause him to question.
  77. The Underlying Cause of Hatred.
  78. I think I know the direct cause.
  79. Many of these chemicals cause.
  80. It was all in the cause of art.
  81. Q: How am I the cause of fear?
  82. The root cause hardly mattered.
  83. Q: What about cause and effect?
  84. It’s easy to cause hair.
  85. I neither act nor cause others.
  86. For they fought with just cause.
  87. That will cause you to transcend.
  88. Cause there’s a light shining.
  89. They’re the cause for all.
  90. I was the cause of his accident.
  91. The most common other cause is.
  92. Nothing but cause trouble, but.
  93. They don’t cause you to gain.
  94. When cause and effect’s chain.
  95. Now, the cause of all that had.
  96. Cause I’m on my way to see her.
  97. Cause we are inside of His laws.
  98. The latter has been a cause of.
  99. Know the law of cause and effect.
  100. It is the primary cause behind.
  1. It is causing the lake.
  2. The phone rang loud causing.
  3. The hospital was causing this.
  4. You are causing an obstruction.
  5. I snorted, causing him to look up.
  6. Or was causing me to kill myself.
  7. Jaxon groaned, causing Lov to ask.
  8. Well, it was causing so much.
  9. I leaped onto her chest, causing.
  10. The pain was causing her to sweat.
  11. I'm causing anxiety, too, you know.
  12. The forces causing oscillations in.
  13. I don’t know what’s causing it.
  14. The art of causing further practice.
  15. Ares’s power was causing my anger.
  16. Blakey had no idea what was causing it.
  17. Shoop up without causing himself injury.
  18. The winter is causing us great anguish.
  19. Captivated glimpse of reality causing.
  20. Be aware of the ripples you are causing.
  21. Max started barking and causing a ruckus.
  22. The ground shifted violently, causing Dr.
  23. Are you causing trouble, chapman?
  24. His hands on her shoulders were causing.
  25. Graveyard, causing his thoughts to wander.
  26. The Concubine causing uproar in the City.
  27. Causing them both to look at her in alarm.
  28. The first of these is by causing certain.
  29. We have to find out what’s causing it.
  30. Causing the currents of love to resurface.
  31. The mountain dogs are causing the darkness.
  32. The irony of such a grim standard causing.
  33. That man was causing her nothing but grief.
  34. But he had, now, and it was causing a fuss.
  35. Failure of discipline - causing over trading.
  36. We have to find out what’s causing this.
  37. And Amity kids would be causing a ruckus.
  38. Could that be causing their readings?
  39. The car door slams again, causing me to jump.
  40. He hit him again, causing Stuart to pass out.
  41. Sticks on dogs teeth causing tooth problems.
  42. Egyptologists have been causing quite a stir.
  43. This patient is causing a problem once more.
  44. He dropped to his knees, causing the other.
  45. No one was punished for causing these deaths.
  46. Susan didn't quit, causing me to roll my eyes.
  47. Section 3: What Is Causing The Global Shift?
  48. What are the breaches causing chakra depres-.
  49. Worshipping lies and deceptions and causing.
  50. That is what’s causing spiritual blindness.
  51. Today is causing a lot of emotions for me.
  52. I pounced on the door, causing it to open wide.
  53. Just the thought of someone else causing her.
  54. Is there a trapped emotion that is causing.
  55. She is always causing problems when I do the.
  56. It has the effect of causing the attacker to.
  57. I didn’t know I was causing that to happen.
  58. I can see that this is causing you pain, I.
  59. Each of us has had a personal part in causing.
  60. I stopped abruptly, causing her to slam into me.
  61. The cat may think the tray is causing the pain.
  62. He hesitated again causing a frenzy of response.
  63. Liam looked around hoping they weren't causing.
  64. There is no sense in causing a fight over this.
  65. Cobblestones are uneven, causing pain to horses.
  66. Not only does it pull you down through causing.
  67. Causing them neither headache, nor intoxication.
  68. He switched on the Mythos' sirens, causing the.
  69. The horse whinnied loudly and collapsed causing.
  70. It’s causing the telomerase to be regenerated.
  71. Lawrence pushed down on the joystick causing the.
  72. This was what was causing his breathing problems.
  73. Water splashed across his face causing Guzkat to.
  74. It was probably stress causing me to hear voices.
  75. Do I have a trapped emotion that is causing me.
  76. Which resulted in religious manipulation, causing.
  77. This plaque clogs arteries, causing heart disease.
  78. The sadness of causing Stuart to die consumed him.
  79. At least this time, I know what’s causing it.
  80. He shouted MOLLY! causing several heads to.
  81. We determined that there was something causing an.
  82. The force of the motion, causing its mouth to open.
  83. The intensity was so terrific that it was causing.
  84. Here‘s a way to visualise gravity causing cosmic.
  85. She sat up, causing the white room to spin and blur.
  86. Behind them, there came a scraping sound, causing.
  87. I snorted causing the odd smelling water to ripple.
  88. What is causing all this ash in the air? Xen says.
  89. Today, that very rebellion is causing me injustice.
  90. But she can distract Akons by causing immense pain.
  91. Now this was less likely causing a stronger market.
  92. I can’t stand the thought of causing you pain.
  93. I feel rather foolish for causing such a problem.
  94. She had put him out after he started causing a fuss.
  95. The wyassies stopped, causing their escorts to pause.
  96. Causing him to fall back landing solidly in the mud.
  97. Have the law and good things ever bound us, causing.
  98. Often causing them to seek even greater stimulation.
  99. Deville froze, causing his mother to crash into him.
  100. I yawned and stretched, causing my shoulder to crack.
  1. An end caused by me.
  2. But he had caused it.
  3. I know I caused this.
  4. It also caused me to.
  5. This caused me to tip.
  6. So much so, it caused.
  7. Caused our own share of.
  8. This may be caused by:.
  9. I wonder what caused it.
  10. This caused Sue to look.
  11. It may be caused by the.
  12. Of the E aerials caused.
  13. This caused Zem to laugh.
  14. Even if the demon caused.
  15. Find out what had caused.
  16. Which really caused a buzz.
  17. Which caused me to grin too.
  18. Which caused Bev to giggle.
  19. This caused Zem to chuckle.
  20. This caused a smile and a.
  21. The death was caused by a.
  22. The event that caused the.
  23. This caused us all to laugh.
  24. Or the jealousy was caused.
  25. This caused a little extra.
  26. Maybe it was caused by the.
  27. His silence caused her 123.
  28. Which caused tears to well.
  30. The world is caused by lust.
  31. He caused us a lot of trouble.
  32. For the hurt that she caused.
  33. The pain caused her to moan.
  34. That situation caused me to.
  35. This caused us both to laugh.
  36. When he jumped it caused me.
  37. That caused despair and pain.
  38. What had caused him to drawl.
  39. This caused me to grin widely.
  40. Sarai caused Hagar to leave;.
  41. A fully-grown lion caused me.
  42. This caused Sue to grin widely.
  43. This caused me to give Sue a.
  44. This caused everybody to laugh.
  45. Caused Many Sorrows But Their.
  46. Which caused Sue and I to grin.
  47. This caused even more laughter.
  48. They have caused you to suck.
  49. And caused too many questions.
  50. What has caused you to change.
  51. It caused this chilling cold.
  52. To what caused such grievance.
  53. The electric light has caused.
  54. That caused a moment of silence.
  55. The welling anger only caused.
  56. This caused me to stop running.
  57. That caused Tags and I to laugh.
  58. The next shot caused me concern.
  59. She caused a terrible accident.
  60. It would have caused a scene.
  61. BEE had really caused an upset.
  63. They would have just caused.
  64. I do not know what caused that.
  65. I’ve never caused any trouble.
  66. This caused quite a traffic jam.
  67. The ionization of the air caused.
  68. They say a woman who caused her.
  69. What could have caused this?
  70. No mortal could have caused that.
  71. This is caused by an inevitable.
  72. Anointed that caused the crash.
  73. He said they’re caused by two.
  74. Which caused us both to utter a.
  75. This caused us to both give off.
  76. It was caused by incredible anger.
  77. This caused Bev Sue and I to laugh.
  78. This caused Cosmicblasto to panic.
  79. Which caused me to slip out of her.
  80. Which caused a surprised look to.
  81. This caused a little more laughter.
  82. His touches caused unseen bruises.
  83. The thought caused Marie a brief.
  84. I wanted to discover what caused.
  85. I was literally dying, caused by.
  86. This caused Zem and Bev to chuckle.
  87. George W Bush caused all the rest.
  88. This caused her to fall onto her.
  89. Which caused Sue to say when she.
  90. What more had caused the oddity?
  91. Sore mouths are caused by a virus.
  92. Which caused us all to laugh again.
  93. One of them caused us to briefly.
  94. I caused them on purpose because.
  95. It caused her to smile every time.
  96. For you have caused Me much grief;.
  97. Q: Is dreaming caused by thinking?
  98. This caused a little more chuckling.
  99. The noise was caused by Trattatori.
  100. Delays, if any, are caused by the.
  1. He who causes to be.
  2. Causes a lot of pain.
  3. This it is that causes.
  4. What I see causes me to.
  5. This attack causes 1 die.
  6. It causes dread in us all.
  7. This not only causes bad.
  8. If your right eye causes.
  9. What Causes of Body Acne?
  10. Many causes have led to it.
  11. One of the causes is - the.
  12. YaHuWaH, He who causes to be!.
  13. But who causes it? Who?!.
  14. This is exactly what causes.
  15. I don't believe in lost causes.
  16. What causes death and disease.
  17. It causes tension and anxiety.
  18. Causes of Snoring in Children.
  19. Identify the causes of stress.
  20. The causes are complex, a mix.
  21. Fear causes hatred and despair.
  22. Every action causes a reaction.
  23. This year causes Cass to wonder.
  24. There are seven causes of anger.
  25. It is unknown to the causes of.
  26. The explosion causes a spewing.
  27. Various Causes of Bond Collapses.
  28. What causes it? Kyle asked.
  29. The causes are many and complex.
  30. Two causes were better than one.
  31. Stress causes the production of.
  32. Each thing has innumerable causes.
  33. What causes fear of being alone?
  34. Medical causes of easy bruising.
  35. Disability and the hidden causes.
  36. Causes for This Changed Viewpoint.
  37. Causes are necessary to promote.
  38. Your god, causes others to blame.
  39. Now, about those good causes, sir.
  40. There are many causes of back pain.
  41. What causes it to imagine itself.
  42. It causes marked distress and is.
  43. This simple step causes us to be.
  44. It causes all of the unnecessary.
  45. The causes of delayed ejaculation.
  46. Just now it was due to both causes.
  47. Causes of Weight Gain and Obesity.
  48. The causes of these increases are.
  49. Early spring ice melting causes a.
  50. It causes various kinds of a sore.
  51. Some of these causes are directly.
  52. Major Causes of Slow Reading Speed.
  53. He gives life, and He causes death.
  54. Desire and Interest are the causes.
  55. And that causes the death of Caesar.
  56. Look, I bought this causes a.
  57. As long as there are causes, there.
  58. You start with little common causes.
  59. Birth Defects Causes of Infertility.
  60. And I saw, when for all the causes.
  61. In order to address root causes of.
  62. What Causes Pain In The Upper Back?
  63. What causes historical events? Power.
  65. Understanding the causes of failure.
  66. There can be many causes of Chronic.
  67. It is desire that causes repetition.
  68. But this plant causes hallucinations.
  69. Upper Back Pain Causes and Solutions.
  70. A jolt of energy causes me to stiffen.
  71. Localized areas? What causes? These.
  72. Those who feel that God causes wars.
  73. Goitre, causes of, iv, 339; xxii, 355.
  74. Cure what actually causes the problem.
  75. The Unexplained Causes of Infertility.
  76. The deprivation of water causes veal.
  77. Causes and effects can be illustrated.
  78. And this causes me to change my plans.
  79. Since sluggish liver not only causes.
  80. The reason that causes you to have a.
  81. Here are some of the biggest causes:.
  82. Will always be the causes of suffering.
  83. And we know that God causes al things.
  84. The causes are much more complex and.
  85. Every time they try, she causes chaos.
  86. What causes that? Chevalier asked.
  87. He causes the night to overlap the day.
  88. Causes, The Solutions? I said, No.
  89. Lack of serotonin causes fear and panic.
  90. Furthermore, there are so many causes.
  91. Depressant anyway causes low sex drive.
  92. Fear causes you to perceive that your.
  93. Abnormal function of liver causes old.
  94. If something causes you stress try to.
  95. Without enough biotin, it causes cell.
  96. Q: Is it not karma that causes rebirth?
  97. Winds and storms, proximate causes of, E.
  98. What Exhibit The Causes Of Infertility.
  99. Causes of the Prosperity of New Colonies.
  100. Hormone Imbalance Causes of Infertility.

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