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Change numa frase em (in ingles)

1. As a change in data.
2. I and I shall change.
3. I seek to change this.
4. I can no more change.
5. There was a change of.
6. It's too late to change.
7. He needed a change of.

8. No one can change this.
9. But I change my mind.
10. All of that will change.
11. I had to change his mood.
12. His form began to change.
13. It's not going to change.
14. It was time for a change.
15. It was a change that he.
16. This is a change in the.
17. But can we change that?
18. A sea change she thought.
19. Change the shock by money.
20. I am hoping for a change.
21. A change shook through him.
22. The change may be slowed.
23. I didn’t want to change.
24. And a change of clothes.
25. Come on, I need to change.
26. That would have to change.
27. The phase we would change.
28. He did change his clothes.
29. You can't change the past.
30. Change is coming for many.
31. Of things we cannot change.
32. The bosses will change now.
33. No one can change the past.
34. I would try to change it.
35. Change the nature of that.
36. I had to change the subject.
37. They seek change all right.
38. Else we should change our.
39. He's never going to change.
40. But this is about to change.
41. As they try to change their.
42. There needs to be a change.
43. There was a change, however.
44. Some things wil never change.
45. Carter began to change shape.
46. Change is substance and form.
47. But that’s about to change.
48. Pick any habit and change it.
49. The girl was sensing change.
50. My goal is to change history.
51. Get him a change of clothes.
52. Not even a change of clothes.
53. The rules of the game change.
54. She sighed; she hated change.
55. He tried to give him change.
56. And you must change yet more.
57. Change the locks as soon as.
58. Things are starting to change.
59. Change - Deliver the solution.
60. Wow, some things never change.
61. And it will never change back.
62. We need the Word to change us.
63. He can’t change the plans.
64. Men say that all things change.
65. Just chump change for a Boyce.
66. First of all, change your mind.
67. Mayhap I can change your mind.
68. This is change for the better.
69. Because I can’t change it.
70. You will not change the system.
71. Humans will not change their.
72. Are they the sound of change?
73. A sudden change in atmosphere.
74. But nothing could change the.
75. But it doesn't change anything.
76. Yes, I should change what I do.
77. On the restless winds of change.
78. Q: What brings about a change?
79. Two please, keep the change.
80. Uh, I'm sorry, I'll go change.
81. Is It a Change in Assumptions?
82. I needed to change the subject.
83. It is time for a career change.
84. Everything was about to change.
85. I decided to change the subject.
86. I will change if it annoys you.
87. And this is how you will change.
88. After the change of government.
89. To change anything at his wil.
90. It will be a refreshing change.
91. So how can ‘things’ change.
92. He saw the look suddenly change.
93. I will have to change the name.
94. CINDY: You can't change the past.
95. But then I had a change of plans.
96. I can't change it, not the past.
97. Then she slid into a change of.
98. They stopped to change batteries.
99. Oh yeah? Why the sudden change?
100. Many things change in ten years.
1. But that is all changing.
2. She was changing her dress.
3. But it is changing rapidly.
4. He sat on a changing room.
5. By changing the URLs, the.
6. I was now changing as a man.
7. Day by day, he was changing.
9. The future is always changing.
10. After changing my clothes I.
11. She was changing, that much.
12. But his city is changing now.
13. I rolled my eyes changing it.
14. It kept subtly changing shape.
15. The Times They Are a Changing.
16. A woman stood there, changing.
17. The changing room was freezing.
18. The changing of life and death.
19. But the weather was changing.
20. He just started the Changing.
21. The world is changing, you say.
22. Mother was changing tack again.
23. Things are changing so quickly.
24. He was changing murder weapons.
25. Things are always changing in.
26. The shape was changing by the.
27. Things were changing for me too.
28. M: It is the changing that dies.
29. There are also changing nothing.
30. The changing faces that I loved.
31. The seasons are always changing.
32. Start by changing your thinking.
33. Changing the subject, he said:.
34. The Earth will be changing again.
35. She hesitated, changing her mind.
36. Changing the content of the URL.
37. Changing the subject, she went.
38. Changing the color of the heart.
39. The changing face of Shrewsbury.
40. Unchanging men, in changing times.
41. The landscape is always changing.
42. Here’s an example of changing.
43. This status is changing gradually.
44. At the guest house – changing.
45. Trevor asked, changing the subject.
46. Life is changing swiftly and the.
47. Then it lay there, changing color.
48. He knelt there, his face changing.
49. Anyway, stop changing the subject.
50. But I believe things are changing.
51. There is no changing to His words.
52. Paul felt life changing around him.
53. Things were changing in music, too.
54. Changing the subject, he continued.
55. He talked about changing partners.
56. Sven flew up the stairs changing.
57. Changing the Username and Password.
58. The changing of Life and death to:.
59. Changing exercises is not necessary.
60. Whoa… he keeps changing direction.
61. In the bright early changing light.
62. He is changing things in your favor.
63. Changing the subject, she continued.
64. Changing The Shape Of The Eyebrows.
65. I can’t see you changing sides.
66. The changing of life and death to:.
67. Chen, changing the subject, cut in.
68. Are we changing Jill's persona.
69. Changing jobs and moving to a new.
70. It went on and on, Jimmy changing.
71. No changing the subject, this time.
72. Are you changing the subject?
73. She asked us if we were changing.
74. Changing the medicine or dose will.
75. The atmosphere was changing suddenly.
76. We're just changing the rules a bit.
77. The Changing Face of Shrewsbury Town.
78. On it was constantly changing shapes.
79. Changing stories are a huge red flag.
80. Sensei, the guys ran to the changing.
81. Changing the perspective is the idea.
82. Something inside me is also changing.
83. Okay, so I’m changing the rules.
84. Changing my focus would also help my.
86. The ‘watch’ was obviously changing.
87. Consider changing what you’re doing.
88. Before him were stars, barely changing.
89. They turned around, changing direction.
90. Elena’s world was changing fast, too.
91. We are changing our course to meet it.
92. So, he said, changing the subject.
93. Changing the Outside to Fit The Within.
94. Keep changing the envelope every month.
95. MoNat is using this, changing our fray.
96. The man made "Hell" is forever changing.
97. I mean, if you’re changing and stuff.
98. Changing the mood and tone of the Opera.
100. Changing the subject, would Penny mind.
1. He was a changed man.
2. He was changed a lot.
3. And He is not changed.
4. It needs to be changed.
5. I have changed my mind.
6. But that can be changed.
7. It has only changed form.
8. The park had not changed.
9. It can never be changed.
10. He never changed a note.
11. My, how we have changed.
12. Had He changed His mind?
13. Now, that has all changed.
14. Then he changed his mind.
15. They changed that in 1967.
16. How the world has changed.
17. Had I changed too? What.
18. But the game had changed.
19. But then, it all changed.
20. I changed in those years.
21. Not that it changed his.
22. Granny changed gears on us.
23. The world had not changed.
24. It was also what changed.
25. I found the locks changed.
26. But if this changed, and.
27. India and changed his life.
28. So he changed the subject.
29. Had he changed his mind?
30. My, how things had changed.
31. Maybe that has changed now.
32. So Raphael changed my world.
33. God my tastes have changed.
34. I had already changed the.
35. She again changed the topic.
36. His torso has also changed.
37. I changed her into a human.
38. He changed his life around.
39. HE hadn't changed his mind.
40. But his clothes had changed.
41. The crying changed in pitch.
42. Jean – changed the subject.
43. Ayi, but yes, it had changed.
44. She had not changed at all.
45. It is this that has changed.
46. And the melody changed them.
47. The smile changed to a grin.
48. He was sure they had changed.
49. But, things have changed now.
50. Then, she changed her tactics.
51. Sir Harald had changed a lot.
52. Homer hadn’t changed a bit.
53. James came over, that changed.
54. The only thing that changed.
55. I’ve changed for the worse.
56. Things had changed there too.
57. Has he changed at all?
58. They changed into new clothes.
59. Come tell me how I've changed.
60. She has not changed one iota.
61. A lot of things’ve changed.
62. That changed mommy and daddy.
63. His skill has not changed,.
1. Changes had to be made.
2. The way it feels CHANGES.
3. Big changes are going on.
4. It changes all the time.
5. In the evening he changes.
6. As octave changes in music.
7. Be prepared of the changes.
8. Job changes are also afoot.
9. He had noticed the changes.
10. It changes too many things.
11. Or, rather, the changes in.
12. And with the needed changes.
13. Here should come the changes.
14. Call me if anything changes.
15. There were not many changes.
16. The changes are long overdue.
17. The ground beneath me changes.
18. To the fairly simple changes.
19. I guess you read the changes.
20. The display changes to 37475.
21. Rapid changes test even the.
22. Some of those changes were;.
23. Yeah for changes, he thought.
24. Once the wind changes the.
25. And changes a perspective, in.
26. Click OK to apply the changes.
27. She knows that it changes.
28. Usually, the changes are small.
29. Changes will be coming to you.
30. Have you noticed any changes?
31. He quickly changes the subject.
32. He changes this from a nation.
33. I have seen the changes, a.
34. Time changes people, even me.
35. The object changes all the time.
36. The water changes should help.
37. Notice how the feeling changes.
38. That changes things between us.
39. In that moment, my life changes.
40. Soon here come the great changes.
41. Levels and changes of the risk.
42. He had one of his sudden changes.
43. There may be changes to this.
44. How should I know? He changes.
45. He changes having land etc.
46. That changes one�s life notion.
47. Cyclical changes in the economy.
48. Where you can, make changes to.
49. This changes the love attitudes.
50. Then one day everything changes.
51. More changes were on the horizon.
52. Some even roll with the changes.
53. A number of functional changes.
54. It changes and complicates the.
55. Any … changes to the plan?’.
56. No need to make dramatic changes.
57. I said she stopped the changes.
58. This invocation changes his luck.
59. As the energy of atoms changes e.
60. There were few changes in me too.
61. The Hour that Changes Everything.
62. And help us with the new changes.
63. Becoming a mother truly changes.
64. It changes the biblical view of.
65. With a few slight changes to the.
66. That could cause changes in your.
67. Click on the Save changes button.
68. Less changes than you might think.
69. Advise me if she changes her tune.
70. But there are also career changes.
71. The key here is that changes are.
72. These changes of mood wear us out.
73. This accident changes him forever.
74. Calling us with changes to their.
76. Not only will production changes.
77. Changes in the shares of the main.
78. I reckon that changes things a bit.
79. It was time to enact some changes.
80. Unless Arlan changes this thinking.
81. Some cannot adapt to these changes.
82. Look for changes in its reflection.
83. And there could be others changes.
84. Even small changes to products or.
85. The fear of six changes into seven.
86. Nothing is really late for changes.
87. In the face of it, the changes of.
88. These changes wil be given to the.
89. The trail changes from year to year.
90. There must have been some changes.
91. He changes the "we have borne" to.
92. What effects have the changes had?
93. As the functions of atoms changes e.
94. It is time to celebrate the changes.
95. It actually changes the persons DNA.
96. Samuel changes having land etc.
97. The time of global changes has come.
98. If enough look within, changes can.
99. There are big changes going on here.
100. It also changes the taste of things.

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