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Channel numa frase em (in ingles)

1. He is the channel for.
2. The channel was then cut.
3. We raced along the channel.
4. On turning the channel, he.
5. The Comedy Channel has 131.
6. English Channel and North Sea.
7. I think it’s a UHF channel.

8. Channel 19 is the one to use.
9. Like on the History Channel.
10. The right channel begins at.
11. The Channel Two crew packed.
12. He stopped on KHJB Channel 48.
13. It’s tuned to channel one.
14. David flipped back to channel 8.
15. Every show on that channel.
16. High above my head and channel.
17. Open the channel, he said.
18. Have a Youtube channel that you.
19. The church can be a channel of.
20. They headed towards the channel.
21. They came to a channel between.
22. The water ran in the new channel.
23. A channel line is such a movement.
24. The channel of the river stilled.
25. All can channel energy to others.
26. Across the Channel, and to London.
27. Who reads the news on Channel 5.
28. Drive revenue through the channel.
29. A channel is a stretched line on.
30. Clear this channel, Captain Glor.
31. Change the station or the channel.
32. We have another textbook channel:.
33. Hey, Osaka, turn to channel 62.
34. Other names for the left channel.
35. It’ll just take another channel.
36. As in their channel first they were.
37. All he needed to do was channel it.
38. It was tuned to an African channel.
39. It is our channel of communication.
40. The radio channel is full of static.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

Infelizmente ainda não possuímos quaisquer frases de exemplo para esta palavra.

1. Energy moves by the channels.
2. Fade Move Outside the Channels.
4. Whenever the channels are being.
5. Rival channels, late to the party.
6. CAN channels, ideas started to flow.
7. Channels are uni or bi-directional.
8. The radio was static on all channels.
9. ATR channels work not only with prices.
10. TV channels had reached Godhra station.
11. Long-term charts require wider channels.
12. The TV channels which promote the Stock.
13. There are other dedicated news channels.
14. I was astonished to see so many channels.
15. Opening and purification of channels.
16. They were in uptrends with clean channels.
17. As it channels, the power slowly builds up.
18. All communication channels are still secure.
19. Section of ancient Channels of Streams, 285.
20. Comments were being presented on TV channels.
21. He flipped through the channels as he waited.
22. He flicked through the channels on the small.
23. The next step is to cleanse channels in the.
24. The human soul moves in many channels, and Mr.
25. There are a number of communiqué channels.
26. One of the most important human energy channels.
27. These are the channels of the twenty-four places.
28. This information channels in to the subliminal.
29. Creativity; meditation is a door to open channels.
30. This did make the water in the channels smoother.
31. These channels and elements, which are by nature.
32. Hence, the solidity of very old channels (e.
33. You can achieve this through a variety of channels.
34. Plan B was to activate the communications channels.
35. The channels were dead in all the countries we had.
36. Spots were taken on FM channels in all small towns.
37. The music channels showed songs of everlasting love.
38. His channels, but God is the source of the blessing.
39. Then God will use us as His channels, to bring the.
40. Set the audio recording Channels selection to Mono.

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