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Chap numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. So if this chap --.
  2. There is also a Chap.
  3. There was a chap in.
  4. Nice young chap he is.
  5. For I am an ugly chap.

  6. He's a very good chap.
  7. No? Queer kind of chap.
  8. Oh, what a clever chap.
  9. Hear what John says, chap.
  10. The 15th Charles II, chap.
  11. Best get hopping old chap.
  12. He was a good chap, really.
  13. No better than that chap!.
  14. As we point out later (Chap.
  15. By the 8th of Elizabeth, chap.

  16. In our earlier discussion (Chap.
  17. Matt and the new chap, Larry.
  18. John also it occur, thus, chap.
  19. One chap bought six sports cars.
  20. The version in the Acts in chap.
  21. You can have my best chap here.
  22. The chap who used to sit here.
  23. This proved true with this chap.
  24. See notes re casseroles in Chap.
  25. See also the Supplement to chap.

  26. He was not a nice chap at all.
  27. I suppose that chap would think.
  28. Still he was a courteous old chap.
  29. No, it has to be the same chap.
  30. Josephus (compare Wars, book V, chap.
  31. And the old chap will agree at once.
  32. The chap in the macintosh is thirteen.
  33. Brave chap, observed the Captain.
  34. He's a clever chap, too, with the pen.
  35. Thanks for the suggestion, old chap.
  36. Next chap rubs on a new batch with his.
  37. John in the phrases of the proem, chap.
  38. In Book xviii of the Antiquities, chap.
  39. Paul thus writes to the Galatians, chap.
  40. Don't try it again, there's a good chap.
  41. That chap must have been a superb actor.
  42. I have a young chap in mind but I am a.
  43. Ben, dear chap, are you interested? Good.
  44. He is a very pleasant chap and humanoid.
  45. For reasons previously detailed (in Chap.
  46. But this wee chap, there's much we share.
  47. Anyway, what a thoroughly lovely chap Mr.
  48. In particular, as was pointed out in Chap.
  49. Chap you know just to salute bit of a bore.
  50. Keep me informed, there’s a good chap.
  51. Mum was seeing a chap called Brian by then.
  52. The chap in the red box is my father.
  53. Chap called Samson from the Mitchell River.
  54. So who is this handsome young chap?
  55. Up to fetch a chap and his family yonder.
  56. That chap in the Burton, gummy with gristle.
  57. About 25 miles I think the chap replied.
  58. Put a pin in that chap, will you? My tablets.
  59. The Northern Pipe Line example, given in Chap.
  60. Doctor Roberts was a slightly odd-looking chap.
  61. The night before I went home the chap next to.
  62. Or old rich chap of seventy and blushing bride.
  63. What could a chap do? I shot the interpreter.
  64. My sister was in the front with her chap, the.
  65. Poor chap, I don't suppose he would have cared.
  66. Jonathan Edwards in his Reply to Chauncy, chap.
  67. Hot stuff! Not for a pious chap like you, Tommy.
  68. That’s the chap we are expecting, he said.
  69. Well, I didn't say anything then, but this chap.
  70. Look there! that chap strutting round the corner.
  71. Yet these very persons he speaks of thus in chap.
  72. This chap is laying the Rosabelle and she is gay.
  73. If that is the case then this chap was beyond the.
  74. And this is what Josephus relates in his Life, chap.
  75. The important difference is that under the new Chap.
  76. I should think I was a pretty lucky chap if I could.
  77. Information regarding these issues was given in Chap.
  78. No better than that chap! [Pointing to the old Cook].
  79. He lived a life as suggested in Bhagavad Gitā, Chap.
  80. Now there’s another odd chap, commented Robin.
  81. It will be noted from our discussion here and in Chap.
  82. A useful chap to have on your side, he thought.
  83. Chap in the mortuary, coffin or coffey, corpusnomine.
  84. He must be a very decent sort of chap, I should think.
  85. That chap, Stephen Treadwell, asked for you yesterday.
  86. They’ve got this clever chap works for them, Durning.
  87. The chap decided these two were weird, but in a nice way.
  88. In short, Luke wasn't the sort of chap they wanted as a.
  89. The chap who, until I took over, was Head of Section 11.
  90. Well Eva, how about this young chap we have here?
  91. Chap in the Burton today spitting back gumchewed gristle.
  92. Wonder who was that chap at the grave in the brown macin.
  93. Thing is, I can’t remember what the chap inside told me.
  94. He was a pleasant chap and they seemed very happy together.
  95. It’s a chap called Dickson Mawimbi, replied Bwonqa.
  96. This chap was amazed to find he real y had so few troubles.
  97. Chap in the paybox there got away James Stephens, they say.
  98. As we pointed out in our discussion of bond selection (Chap.
  99. Aw, that’s awfully decent of you, old chap, said Jim.
  100. Was this homeless chap talking about Radar? What kid?

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