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Chase numa frase em (in ingles)

And so he gave chase.
Now the chase was on.
And the chase was on.
The joy of the chase.
She cut to the chase.
You had it all, Chase.
Lead it on a chase.

I started to chase him.
I enjoy a good chase.
But there was no chase.
It's not a game, Chase.
I do not want to chase.
Let's cut to the chase.
It's in my blood, Chase.
Cut to the chase, Dr.
MY NAME IS Michael Chase.
The battle became a chase.
I’ll chase it up again.
I chase him down the hall.
Actors on a stage, Chase.
The chase was on again!.
Chase since he was twelve.
In fact, the chase would.
Why did they chase you?
I heard about that chase.
For now, the chase was over.
What has Chase told you.
Then we can chase them off.
There were others to chase.
Lets go chase this bantha.
No one joined in the chase.
She cut right to the chase.
It isn't that simple, Chase.
Komadze would not chase her.
Chase, Hank's my father, too.
To chase the nightmares away.
Let's cut to the chase, Dave.
So, let’s cut to the chase.
I chase my ambition free of.
Chase me, the cabby's caudle.
He was intent on chasing.
He just started chasing me.
No one’s even chasing him.
The man he was chasing was.
His son died chasing her.
With the Furies chasing him.
No! He’s been chasing us.
Chasing it again on all fours.
He was sometimes chasing the.
So why’s he chasing you?
The dolphins were chasing them.
He was still chasing away his.
The one you guys were chasing.
Chasing a horse is never a good.
The Tiger—the one I was chasing.
Chasing a lightning and the other.
She was up there chasing her cat.
The others began chasing the Gray.
That’s called chasing the dragon.
My brother is chasing after my wife.
Chasing returns has a bad name.
Where was Lester chasing you?
Thats the way she got me chasing her.
I’m still chasing up a few leads.
They began chasing after the civilians.
Hence, they thought he was chasing her.
I’m chasing a bunch toward the bridge.
For a long time I was chasing your tail.
They’ve been chasing us for a while.
So chasing girls is bad, it never works.
The part about chasing Avery and Avatar.
Listen, Sheena, I’m not chasing you.
What’s the reality of chasing returns?
I perceived that this also was a chasing.
Chasing stocks, like crime, doesn’t pay.
He had a gun and he was chasing me!.
Why was that guy chasing us? I asked.
But they didn’t see what was chasing her.
Daisy wants to know why you are chasing.
His fight with the man he’d been chasing!.
They chased us for two.
Then I chased them all.
They chased us all over.
I chased after Sue more.
And chased us south along.
The Hindu mob chased him.
He had chased the ladies.
I chased the thought away.
The Police had chased them.
Chased into the East Side.
Stewart as he chased Peter.
The statue of Anubis chased.
Chased, laid waste, the pull.
I chased him out of my house.
Chased a bunch of pigs though.
I ran away, but they chased me.
He dreamed he was being chased.
He chased him across the snow.
I chased him out of the house.
The remaining ships, chased by.
Eleven men chased after Sicarius.
She giggled and chased after him.
Barbara was next, chased to her.
The dog chased me, roaring with.
He chased after me and caught me.
The clown fled and we chased him.
He was being chased by six bikies.
Some of the women had been chased.
She also chased him off the street.
Only the one ship has chased us.
He had fought, chased, and killed.
We was chased by pirates one voyage.
Tony spotted the break, and chased.
No, I killed the man who chased me.
I’d chased a citizen in my own car.
But no cry came and no one chased her.
Holly! Caleb's voice chased her.
He chased the words with soft kisses.
Nobody had chased her out of the room.
Up he leapt and chased after the lorry.
But he chases after you the same.
Now running, he chases after the.
Abundance of virtue chases it away.
He never barks or chases anything.
During this time, most of the chases.
He chases me off when I steal his grapes.
But these types of chases frequently end badly.
Gregory exits the building, Madeline chases him.
Too bad everyone always chases it with bad news.
The person who chases four rabbits catches none.
He becomes excited and chases off after the animal.
The Roadrunner runs back by and Willie chases after the.
We lived for car chases but it was not something to be abused.
He slips away and chases the girl, leaving me with no one to talk to.
But your daddy was always on wild goose chases, one after another.
She chases after him as he runs away puffing and blowing like a toy train.
He still chases after the ice cream trucks… Kathy added with a grin.
Laughing, he chases her round the kitchen, as I, keeping well out of the way, watch.
The seer related tales of near misses and chases and what happened when they caught a stranger.
She chases Sigma across the network, smashing into the AI as soon as it reaches the new circuits.
Rather than being a typical lunatic who values and chases life’s bullshit and expects everything from the.
And out of sixty two sighting and chases, I have only managed to knock one of these things out of the sky.
The meal was enjoyed with a great deal of discussion of the battles, chases, and revelations of the day before.
It was life as usual for half-Demon Avery Tywella when she chases a Demon convicted of murder into a local club.
The hungry tigress chases her prey until it wouldn’t tire and fall down on the ground, and breathe helplessly.
You can fly if the cat chases you, and I may be able to outrun it, but my best defense is to leap through trees.
Out here he doesn’t know how or when or where or even if transmissions are being broadcast; out here he chases ghosts.
If everyone gets scared, and no one Chases, who will protect normal humans? They don't deserve to be slaughtered by vampires.
Ram: If it chases you, there will be a delay in paying a debt or fulfilling a promise; if it hits you, it augurs loss of money.
I felt her think, Sir, I know what demon chases you, and so long as there is any power left in me, it will never catch you.
The shadows of day races away, for wherever they come and go; as the dark of the evening chases the day, forcing an end to this show.
While perhaps receding in the popular imagination, the image of the "dirty old man" that chases after young women has not disappeared.
The spray of stinging cold salty water and hot pepper juice on open sores temporarily chases away the waves of starving, biting, stinging creatures.
And Galluk chases after the thing, leaping over small boulders and a streambed, fallen logs and deep ditch, through a small field and… And he stops, stops and cries.
No way! Haven’t you ever seen a horror movie in your life? The hockey mask guy always chases girls into the woods, and I don’t wanna be chopped up with a meat cleaver!.
Spring weddings are a favorite choice for couples; spring brings to mind sprouting greenery, flowers blooming, balmy breezes and a sun kissed world that chases away the chill of winter.
To perhaps not be able to have babies, what could be sadder? But then she thought about how she herself had refused to join in the mating play, the chases of other squirrels she had met.
Swensen’s position on liquidity has also been called revolutionary—he avoids rather than chases liquidity, arguing that it leads to lower returns on assets that could otherwise be invested more efficiently.

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