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Cheating numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Aquana was cheating on him.
2. I’ve been cheating on Amy.
3. A salt made without cheating.
4. Was he cheating on you?
5. Of course she had been cheating.
6. I caught him cheating at cards.
7. I think he’s cheating on me.
8. Oh, no way, that’s cheating.
9. The sum of Egypt’s cheating lie.
10. You are cheating, Tuvok said.
11. I knew Dad was cheating on Mom.
12. Students must accept cheating to.
13. Just in case somebody was cheating.
14. Not all men were cheating bastards.
15. He’s been cheating on both of us.
16. In the end we got away with cheating.
17. What should be considered cheating?
18. They were cheating on their husbands.
19. He's been cheating on me with Nikki.
20. Ever live by cheating at play? Never.
21. He thinks he wife is cheating on him.
22. This is cheating, the heckler said.
23. They may not even be aware of cheating.
24. They're cheating, she said to them.
25. But, as you see, Cam was cheating on us.
26. You've been cheating on me all this time.
27. There is no cheating and giving of more.
28. We were engaged and he was cheating on me.
29. Playfully, she’d accused him of cheating.
30. Yes, Jaden, this is considered cheating.
31. I felt as though I was cheating on Spencer.
32. No delegation and no cheating is possible.
33. It’s not even about my supposed cheating.
34. What a splendid idea this was for cheating.
35. Apparently, cheating would not be tolerated.
36. Not cheating on the exam, but cheating the.
37. That… was cheating, one said, laughing.
38. He was wrongfully accused of cheating at cards.
39. To prove that she was a lying, cheating whore.
40. It’s about her cheating on him with Jonathan.
41. Only, there could be no cheating the Black Rabbit.
42. She said, I hated myself for cheating on Sandy.
43. I was going to tell you that she's cheating on you.
44. He seemed way too honorable to be the cheating type.
45. I can’t waive the school’s policy on cheating.
46. She knew her mom did not tolerate cheating and she.
47. Is it about the cheating? Mia asked hesitantly.
48. When did it come to light that he was cheating on.
49. Don't allow cheating but don't get too stressed by it.
50. The effervescent rush of cheating death filled Silas.
51. After cheating on my husband with a man I later came.
52. You're just another lying, cheating bitch like my wife.
53. Holy shit, he was cheating on you? He must have balls.
54. Elements of cheating need not be conceived or exhibited.
55. Came to find out later that guy was cheating on his wife.
56. As far as we know, she’s never been accused of cheating.
57. That’s cheating! he shouted and chased after her.
58. The court room was about half full and Mark’s cheating.
59. It implies they are sexually cheating on their wives due.
60. How could you possibly know that, without cheating?
61. I began cheating on my husband because he was verbally and.
62. I feel like I’m cheating on him, now that I’m with you.
63. Game playing, cheating, their constant need for power and.
64. Apparently you don’t know that Janet was cheating on you.
65. It’s a song about a guy who is cheating on his girlfriend.
66. The bastard had been lying to me; he had been cheating on me.
67. We can't tackle the quarterback… that's kind of cheating.
68. All the charges, including those of cheating the system and.
69. The incident of the cheating at cards was hardly touched upon.
70. I would apply this policy to cheating, fraud, misappropriation.
71. What other ways of cheating the banks have you devised?
72. After all, the lying, stealing and cheating were for his family.
73. M: But you are cheating yourself in your ignorance of your true.
74. Like I said before, I’ll take full responsibility for cheating.
75. Get past the moral issue that says copying is cheating! It is not.
76. She wondered with amusement if he felt guilty for cheating on her.
77. Even lovers sent children to watch partners suspected of cheating.
78. So, though I didn’t have to do that, I wasn’t exactly cheating.
79. I didn’t want her to think I was cheating on her when I wasn’t.
80. I have some plans about cheating death that I can only divulge to.
81. I mean cheating on your diet…and reaping some unexpected benefits.
82. According to the folder, she does this cheating thing professionally.
83. That… why, that was cheating! You have shadow-cast my move!.
84. Is the body in the hole the girl he was cheating on you with?
85. The world of sports is another example of untruths by way of cheating.
86. It leads to too much stress, health problems, and of course, cheating.
87. Do you see what kind of guy he is? He is a lying, cheating bastard.
88. On the other deviling is a name for treachery, cheating and hypocrisy.
89. That’s fecking cheating! screeched the Fat One, seething with.
90. Binks was a cheating dickweasel, but, you know, marriage is compromise.
91. In your experience with your friends, do you consider cheating to be a.
92. There are far too many signs of cheating when it comes to your partner.
93. I caught him cheating with my best friend Tanya, I said monotonously.
94. So, him cheating on her; where'd that come into play? Nicole asked.
95. You’re just hanging out with friends but they think you’re cheating?
96. Basically you are cheating by jumping the ranking systems so that search.
97. It is the faith we shown that they misused for their scandalous cheating.
98. If there’s one thing stops me cheating on Annie it’s blind naked fear.
99. Gary might blab, but she’d have to deal with that cheating bastard later.
100. Besides cheating on his wife, there was one more interesting fact about Mr.
1. I cheated on him to.
2. The fact is he cheated.
3. She had cheated on him.
4. My Wife Cheated On Me!.
5. You will not be cheated.
7. Ok, I cheated a bit here.
8. Not to be cheated by a.
9. I cheated, he can cheat.
10. It cheated first, it did.
11. I felt I had been cheated.
12. Cheated in the work place.
13. Israel had cheated on God.
14. That's why I never cheated.
15. That you are being cheated.
16. Actually, I cheated on her.
17. No worker should feel cheated.
18. She's cheated us, said Imran.
19. And I never cheated on Massie.
20. He also hadn't cheated on her.
21. I’faith, I cheated The Cheat.
22. Eve felt she was being cheated.
23. She: have u ever cheated on me?
24. Thank God my wife cheated on me!.
25. They had escaped! He felt cheated.
26. They cheated themselves and their.
27. Yes, prince, we both cheated you.
28. You cheated! she yelled at him.
29. It left her feeling slightly cheated.
30. Eight months earlier his wife cheated.
31. He cheated on his mistresses as well.
32. I never cheated on anyone with Luke.
33. Still, she tried, She cheated on you.
34. I cheated already, I can’t believe it.
35. Suddenly, I felt Joseph had been cheated.
36. Ah they still cheated! Andy shouts.
37. I don’t think Mark ever cheated on me.
38. I never cheated on you, she gasped.
39. Who does he thing he is? Probably cheated.
40. Why have you cheated me? Alves asked.
41. You have cheated on your wife haven't you.
42. Have you cheated on Cindy? I asked him.
43. I told her that Nurgul had cheated me– I.
44. You cheated! Give me the gun and I'll kill.
45. I often asked him why he cheated on his wife.
46. Someone in the crowd said, That LP cheated.
47. First I being told that Katelyn cheated on me.
48. I cheated simply because I was being pragmatic.
49. You cheated on the Kobayashi Maru test and.
50. People have asked me why I cheated on my husband.
51. I almost feel cheated! Moshe thought aloud.
52. He affirmed that the Poles had cheated at cards.
53. Kirk never cheated, Crusher said, adamantly.
54. If you’ve cheated the guy in the glass (mirror).
55. Alvin was still irate that he had been cheated on.
56. Mitch had cheated on her and she had ended things.
57. That he cheated on Maud? With her? That’s a lie.
58. There have been moments when I thought he cheated.
59. I'd have been more surprised if you hadn't cheated.
60. I've been cheated on before and I can just sense it.
61. These fellows cheated the customers of their money.
62. How do you know your friends haven’t cheated.
63. Still, she couldn’t help but feel cheated somehow.
64. He sat down on the bunk feeling a little bit cheated.
65. She cheated on him with Dempsey what did you expect.
66. You may get cheated, robbed, and murdered in London.
67. Cam told me that Claire cheated on him with Derrick.
68. Consumers are manipulated and cheated and sold lies.
69. Last year, Claire cheated on me… with Derrington.
70. Yeah, we all know you cheated, another chimed in.
71. So what is the point of this? Bane felt cheated.
72. In fact, he cheated on his wife Hera dozens of times.
73. Instead of savouring victory, however, he felt cheated.
74. Alexandra cheated me out of that, Eve thought bitterly.
75. Do not let yourself to be cheated by the appearances!.
76. I didn’t rank at all and I think you were cheated.
77. Jamie thought of how easily he himself had been cheated.
78. I do not feel that I have been cheated out of anything.
79. If they do not make a profit… then they feel cheated.
80. But who on Earth could imagine being cheated by their.
81. He knew Uma believed that fate had cheated her daughter.
82. Why you cheated on me, she said crying on my chest.
83. He had never cheated on Isabella, never even come close.
84. He would be cheated of the learning that didn’t occur.
85. Hitler cheated the hangman and escaped the wrath of the.
86. Could she know that he cheated and she was just testing.
87. So what did you do to scare her off? You cheated?
88. He hugs Cass, and then whispers, You cheated death boy.
89. He cheated! Captain Maht said, breathing better now.
90. Though at times he felt his childhood cheated in some way.
91. I think they, along with Mister Levine, cheated me, yes.
92. After all, natural mechanisms can neither be cheated nor.
93. Some men feel cheated when they suspect that their date is.
94. When we are cheated or by our own folly we happen to lose.
95. I was angry at the world, and that is why I cheated on.
96. Bay of Pigs? Tried to invade Cuba? Plus he cheated on his.
97. I liked Brixby thinking you'd cheated him out of his money.
98. I regularly cheated on her and I feel racked with guilt at.
99. And haven’t I cheated The Cheat once? cries Lancelot.
100. They robbed; they cheated; they exploited Chinese coolies.
1. Bru hated cheats of any kind.
2. He cheats! Professor Heart said.
3. What if you’re Wife Cheats on You?
4. Whoever cheats us, he is not one of us.
5. You are born a looser under sexual cheats.
6. What if you’re Husband Cheats on You?[2].
7. He cheats! Alex whispered to me, grinning.
8. The one where the girl cheats on his man in.
9. Harlequin: A clear sign that your lover cheats on you.
10. He lies, cheats, steals and thieves like all of them.
11. Gwenny cheats! Boyfriend John left heartbroken!.
12. Kyle was standing in the corner grinning, But he cheats.
13. Better business bureau: Yes, they have a long list of cheats.
14. Money rides over everything; cheats echoes the voice of money.
15. The truth shown in transparency fabricated cheats instead of honesty.
16. I want to kill my husband because he cheats on me with another woman.
17. In the cities the world over, you get the ill mannered and the cheats.
18. Carrie Underwood’s song Before He Cheats kept playing in my mind.
19. And even now the wind of thy hope cheats thee and wafts up Anduin a fleet.
20. A state is like a mother, and a mother never deserts or cheats her children.
21. Divorce shouldn’t be an option in a marriage, unless of course your mate cheats on you and.
22. When all doors are open, we won't need keys to win, cheats to survive, or firewalls to protect us.
23. He will kill a man for no reason, cheats at cards, and some say he has a hideout way up in the mountains.
24. Esther took Wendy and Rashi to the study and demanded to be shown the cheats on the latest version of Pirate.
25. It will show the world that cheats do not prosper and it will clear the air as far as their business is concerned.
26. He cheats them by selling them food and he does know that it will demolish bodies, cause them illnesses and great pains.
27. I believe, she said, I was quite mista’en in my thoughts of you: but there is so mony cheats goes about, you mun forgie me.
28. Although he deliberately cheats others and is quite conscious of his lies, he appears unable to distinguish adequately between his own.
29. So those that remain in the traditions of men, do it at the expense of our relationship with them, and that cheats us, just like it does them.
30. And, moreover, at this fair there is at all times to be seen juggling cheats, games, plays, fools, apes, knaves, and rogues, and that of every kind.
31. Its true he wavered between the art of the cheat and the sheer power of Seaboy's stroke play, but eventually he felt he had wisely chosen the cheats.
32. Big Business now has a global work force of dishonest cheats, and thieves; who are never on time and cannot be relied upon to do anything competently.
33. Whoever doesn't cheat now? That who cheats, does he cheat the Jews, disbelievers and atheists, although this is not legal? No, by Allah, he cheats his believer brothers.
34. Thieves, plunderers, murderers, cheats, who commit acts that are recognized as evil by themselves and by all men, serve as an example of what ought not to be done, and deter men from evil.
35. No, all he heard and saw, from the older workmen and his companions, since he came to live in town, was that he who cheats, drinks, swears, who gives another a thrashing, who goes on the loose, is a fine fellow.
37. With this he comforted himself somewhat, though it made him uncomfortable to think that the author was a Moor, judging by the title of "Cide;" and that no truth was to be looked for from Moors, as they are all impostors, cheats, and schemers.
38. When he hears of devils he turns pale and trembles like a leaf; he would like to run away, but is afraid of his master; besides, he is hungry, he is voluptuous, he is sensual, stupid, though cunning in his way, and, as before said, a poltroon; he cheats his master every moment, though he fears him like fire.
39. Just so they will not feel any enmity against the evil bastards, the killers, thee brutes, the robbers, the criminals, the cheats, the liars, the evil-doers… who if they did not use laughter to cover up their outrage and anger… would be shot, jailed, killed and we would get rid of the worst influences in human society.
40. If he wins one pound in something, he wants ten pounds to become a millionaire and he says to himself that he will perform pilgrimage and Omrah and give charity to the poor and the needy after that or build a mosque, he cheats himself or his self cheats him and he thinks he can cheat Allah? Because these things need legal (halal) money and the beloved prophet says:.
41. Who follow this Hadeeth? Who apply this verse among us? The man who in spite of a thousand observers watching him, he thinks that he won't be right unless he cheats his believer brother even if he is his relative or his lover and after that he looks forward to Allah's generosity, how come? If Allah looks at our markets, our prophet who organized our treatments says:.
42. But when he cheats on me I'm not going to allow it,.

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1. The mind is a cheat.
2. They think me a cheat.
3. What is a Cheat Sheet?
4. I cheated, he can cheat.
5. He's a liar and a cheat.
6. No one could cheat death.
7. Then you can’t cheat me.
8. He didn’t cheat on her.
9. Why can you cheat? Because.
10. The Psychology of Cheat Day.
11. He’s a liar and a cheat.
12. Cheat Days and Why They Work.
13. I had a right to cheat on her.
14. Joe would never cheat on you.
15. We will lie, cheat, and steal.
16. You calling me a cheat? Smack.
17. How could you cheat on me?
18. Basic rules for the cheat day:.
19. I’faith, I cheated The Cheat.
20. Avoid alcohol on your cheat day.
21. Why does this cheat thing work?
22. It has no right to rob or cheat.
23. He shouldn't be allowed to cheat.
24. Fear not! His hope will cheat him.
25. To cheat us as science always do.
26. She would never cheat on him again.
27. I’ll know if you try to cheat me.
28. When we cheat, we know that we cheat.
29. Conversion and Reversal Cheat Sheet.
30. When it suits she’ll lie and cheat.
31. Do not cheat and look up the answers.
32. An d to not cheat them out of their.
33. He told me he’d never cheat on me.
34. You can't really cheat on Surface Speed.
35. Yes, you do cheat them with your tails.
36. Cheat? That was an odd thing to call me.
37. But I didn’t have to be a cheat, too.
38. Your father is both a liar and a cheat.
39. Something about him being a cheat?
40. If you do not hesitate, or cheat, this.
41. In a nutrition plan you get a cheat day.
42. The end is here, feast, cheat, and be lazy.
43. I wasn’t trying to cheat on you Nina.
44. I didn't cheat on him, I did what he asked.
45. That’s because they cheat, Afu said.
46. How does the cheat day help this, you ask?
47. Okies also lie, cheat and kill innocent men.
48. Let no man cheat you of your eternal reward.
49. Yes, my father would never cheat on my mother.
50. Save it for your cheat day and simply enjoy.
51. Friendship, return to us, or force the cheat.
52. I can't cheat, why should he be allowed to?
53. Melville-Briggs didn't just cheat on his wife.
54. It was like finding the cheat codes to a game.
55. Nobody was going to cheat him out of his money.
56. Or she’d cheat and ask Celeste for a summary.
57. Jamaal would you cheat on me? I asked him.
58. When you cheat, you steal the right to fairness.
60. I tried not to wince at her disgusted tone: cheat.
61. You'd better find out, or else they'll cheat you.
62. If you’re going to cheat, enjoy it as much as.
63. Look for the W and then pull out your cheat sheet.
64. You will not believe me, but I did not cheat once.
65. The best thing to do is have your cheat day on a.
66. So there's no way a student can cheat in a chal-.
67. We cannot cheat them by wearing these stupid veils.
68. The world cannot cheat a wise man - only he himself.
69. Will knew that Lucy would not cheat on him, and in.
70. No one calls me a cheat and lives to tell about it.
71. Also, she wants a man who’ll never cheat on her.
72. There is no reason for a woman or a man to cheat if.
73. But when they measure or weigh to others, they cheat.
74. She went into the shadows to cheat age and death—'.
75. And I didn’t cheat on Mark until this crazy weekend.
76. You have my permission to cheat on me with me anytime.
77. Peter then asked, "Did you ever cheat on your wife?".
78. Playing cards with a girl who is a renowned card cheat.
79. However, if PAX is just a scam to cheat the government.
80. They wouldn’t want to cheat Hurd out of his pleasure.
81. The system creates an incentive for affiliates to cheat.
82. On this kind of diet, you could have a tendency to cheat.
83. Shedmeyer, that you are a notorious liar and cheat?
84. This kind of spell is a compromise - a cheat if you will.
85. Adding a weekly cheat day can offset this unwanted effect.
86. You think he wants to cheat us? asked David naively.
87. I hate to cheat ye out of a bath, sir, but we gotta go.
88. He suddenly felt bad for thinking Claire would cheat on him.
89. He got into a game with a known cheat, Dan Arkin, and Dan.
90. For this plan, we use Saturday as our cheat meal day, fol-.
91. The only way to beat the test is to cheat, McCoy said.
92. I’d rather die than cheat on you, He cupped her face.
93. They called Dan a cheat and busted the place up quite a bit.
94. And haven’t I cheated The Cheat once? cries Lancelot.
95. Jody, you broke my heart! How could you cheat on me with.
96. In summary, a cheat sheet is basically a player ranking sheet.
97. You damn cheat! You smelly son-of-a-whore! said the man.
98. You saying your old man’s a cheat, Ben? Smack, smack, smack.
99. Poor Fanny! not allowed to cheat herself as she wishes!.
100. Deceive, cheat, lie, make our position look better than it is.

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cheat cheating adulterous dirty foul unsporting unsportsmanlike

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