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Clamp numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Clamp the two.
2. A pipe clamp is similar.
3. Nurse, hold this clamp.
4. I had to clamp down on the.
5. So I mount this clamp on the gear rack.
6. The easiest way to do this is to clamp.
7. She could feel the hard clamp of his hands.

8. Then he heard the dragon’s mouth clamp shut.
9. They’ll drop if you don’t clamp them on well.
10. Roger, said Joe, and he hung his microphone on its clamp.
11. After adjustment, a good vise should clamp down on a hook with a.
12. A clamp was placed around his neck with wiring running out of it.
13. It is easy to calculate from this relation what the clamp 1 should be.
14. He didn’t clamp down on it; that would pull him out of the airlock.
15. The trailer, attached to the rover with a tow clamp, was dragged along.
16. The torsion on the clamp snapped the strong composite like a brittle twig.
17. A pair of hands came to clamp Orphenn’s arms behind his back, and an arm.
18. Over him breaks a wave of homesickness so acute that he has to clamp his eyes.
19. As soon as you plug the pin into the little clamp that holds it on, it activates.
20. The clamp had metal fangs that penetrated into the core to send and receive signals.
21. We introduce a position clamp mounted on a washer on the axle of the water wheel (turbine).
22. He took his hand away from her mouth, ready to clamp it right back on if she screamed again.
23. It was my turn to clamp a hand on his thigh, but Baba pried it loose, snatched his leg away.
24. A vampire tap is a clamp that you connected to the cable after drilling a hole in the sheath.
25. To achieve this arrangement I need to install a clamp securing the tank for this filling position.
26. A man could go up a short stepladder and slide the light up and down the pole, then clamp it tight.
27. I clamp my mouth shut and strain against the Fae compulsion, and still my vocal cords grit, Mistress.
28. I clamp my open mouth shut again, thinking, Aw, no, no, no, no, don’t do that, honey, anything but that.
29. It was essentially a laser pointer and a digital light meter, both aligned on a metal rod held in a clamp.
30. I can’t stop the soft laugh from escaping between my lips, but I clamp them firmly shut once it’s passed.
31. It might turn out during experiments that above clamp 1 could be substituted only by this hydraulic resistance.
32. After a few seconds I clamp my hand over my mouth to muffle the sound and scream again, a scream that turns into a sob.
33. I pull my foot back again, but Four’s hands clamp around my arms, and he pulls me away from her with irresistible force.
34. His left hand darted out to clamp on the beast's squat throat, his left knee was jammed hard against the brute's hairy belly.
35. The Snaggle had seized his opportunity, lunging from the darkness; he managed to clamp his jaws firmly around the guard's arm.
36. She was busy typing another witty retort when she felt a couple of hands clamp down upon her shoulders and begin to massage them.
37. But what the DPP did flew in the face of a high profile campaign Birmingham police were running at the time to clamp down on gun crime.
38. This is achieved by means of the clamp 12 and the hydraulic resistance of the liquid in the bottom section of the casing of the wheel 3.
39. I slam the explosives against the metal bar where the two doors join, and clamp down the claws around the edge of the bar so it will stay.
40. The purpose of this clamp is to create a restricting moment on the rotation of the vane wheel until the pot is filled to a certain level [13].
41. We were having a good time when suddenly I saw Colt’s face clamp tight with displeasure and I quickly turned to see what had aroused his anger.
42. There was something touching and endearing in the way she pronounced the words, "beam," "joist," "plank," "stave," "lath," "gun-carriage," "clamp.
43. Henry could feel the brakes of the train starting to clamp down on the huge metal wheels as a bit of steam drifted up from the pistons that were grinding to a halt.
44. The duty of the language police is to clamp onto the minds of American students from first grade through the colleges and universities an iron vice of conformist thought.
45. What if she changed her mind about waiting to execute me? What if this is when I die? Peter’s hands clamp around my arms and I writhe, throwing all my strength into the struggle.
46. Wheezed roars of fright erupted from their clamped throats, as I felt the Spirit of Ruach, that was heavy upon me, clamp off the ability of these monsters to perform any more evil than they had already done.
1. A clamping of his jaw.
2. Then her hands are clamping around his.
3. Nuuke's sword, clamping it to the ground.
4. Clamping hands over his ears, That….
5. She rolled Young Halfshaft on top of her, clamping.
6. So do you, she almost added before clamping her mouth shut.
7. A creaking turn and the vice clamping his head was loosened.
8. Of course it is! she yelled out, her teeth clamping with anger.
9. He hung for a moment, his wet hand clamping down on a pea-sized rock.
10. Mark is interrupted by a large black hand clamping down on his shoulder.
11. You smell that? Darek asked with his fingers clamping his nostrils shut.
12. All at once, Louie snapped his hand shut, clamping down on the bird’s legs.
13. Gohdard would have no problem clamping the necessary tight security into place.
14. But before he had the chance, she held him back quite firmly, clamping his arms.
15. Sven took action, clamping his hands on either side of Orphenn’s face to look.
16. A sorrow as black as the night outside invades me, and I feel my throat clamping.
17. Surya heroically resisted, preventing this monster’s maw from clamping down on him.
18. Clamping down on his worry, he continued on, footsteps silent on the dura-steel floor.
19. She had bent one end to a right angle by clamping it in a drawer and bending the long end.
20. Frank felt the world close in, clamping his teeth together as the anger mounted inside his head.
21. Op14 fitted a spare device to the unresponsive Gerrid, clamping it to click reassuringly around his wrist.
22. And how the little shit must have relished the idea of clamping a cold pair of handcuffs on Mike’s wrists.
23. Yes, she whispered, quickly clamping her lip between teeth to prevent her chin from quivering, I was.
24. Immediately the people convulsed and hollered in agony, clamping their hands over their ears in their retreat.
25. Stretching his arm out again, clamping his teeth against the pain in his foot, Fin strained as hard as he could.
26. What was worse though was the sudden clack of teeth clamping together through something soft and squishy sounding.
27. In seconds, they had drawn tight clamping my wings and I fell to the ground where immediately, a score of men attacked me.
28. One big eye above that face, and the wickedest jagged blades clamping on each side of the pincer-circled, slobbering mouth.
29. It was too far away to tell so he pulled himself up on the wing, clamping his feet against the bird’s underbelly to help.
30. Stedder gagged, clamping both hands over his mouth, and desperately gulping air he pressed Nyreea back out through the shadows.
31. With his arms locked behind his back, he couldn't stop her from wriggling him over to his back, still clamping him inside her.
32. Alec sneered as he returned the handshake, clamping down on his supple flesh until his grip was beyond firm and nowhere near friendly.
33. We also decide to introduce a clamping washer on the inner side to push the spheres out through the openings (windows) on the dial face.
34. He hefted her into the back seat of his car, clamping the moist acrid smelling cloth over the lower part of her face for not even a minute.
35. RAF……! I had started to scream, but a hand came across my mouth, while an arm slid around my middle clamping my arms to my sides.
36. Clamping a magnificent animal such as that (fifteen hundred pounds of pure, living, muscle), between her legs and bending its will to hers was, to her, the ultimate sport.
37. Before the girl could answer her, a pair of arms went around her from behind, one hand clamping shut her mouth while an arm wrapped around her waist, dragging her forcefully backward inside a dark and narrow alley between two houses.
38. You see, he’s got these tremendous claws called talons that are so incredibly sharp and strong that many times with a swift grasping and clamping he can not only crush the skull of his victim (ouch!) but also knead its body (ouch again!), thereby giving it a first-round knockout blow (with no ten-count) and simultaneously preparing it for a soon-to-be scrumptious munching down (yum!).
1. His eyes clamped shut to.
2. Sir Richard had clamped down.
3. Caris clamped her mouth shut.
4. But he clamped his mouth shut.
5. Nerissa clamped her teeth shut.
6. Tom’s legs clamped her tightly.
7. She clamped her mouth shut tighter.
8. Aunt Rose's jaw had clamped at that.
9. Brice clamped his fist and pulled.
10. I clamped the knife into a vice and.
11. Maggie clamped shut her eyes, tightly.
12. Baba's hand clamped down on my thigh.
13. He clamped his thick paw over her hand.
14. I think we could use a floor clamped.
15. He clamped his eyes tight, teeth tight.
16. Joey flinched and clamped his mouth shut.
17. An icy hand clamped down on my shoulder.
18. Hands like a vice clamped around her waist.
19. He held his hand clamped to his right ear.
20. Indio shrank back and clamped his mouth shut.
21. Fenton clamped his mouth shut and turned away.
22. The probe pin should be firmly clamped using.
23. Wynne looked away, and clamped his eyes shut.
24. Stil the wolf clamped his jaws on his victims.
25. He clamped down harder and whispered in her ear.
26. His hands were clamped on an enemy’s shoulders.
27. There was a clunk as her teeth clamped together.
28. One meaty arm clamped in a vice around her ribs.
29. The thing was clamped open on the autopsy table.
30. In revolt, his hand clamped her shoulder, hard.
31. He nodded silently, his jaw clamped tightly shut.
32. She clamped her lips shut and walked out the door.
33. My hand clamped over my mouth twelve seconds too.
34. A great sweaty hand clamped on her right buttock.
35. The man raised his head, his jaws clamped tightly.
36. It twisted its head and clamped its mouth around.
37. One of his eyelids opened a crack but clamped shut.
38. Adam’s lips parted, but then he clamped them shut.
39. She clamped it under her armpit to soothe the pain.
40. No! I choked as his hand clamped over my mouth.
41. Something leather was being clamped around her hands.
42. Barry led her to a pipe and clamped the handcuff on it.
43. One hand clamped over her mouth, smothered her scream.
44. She clamped hands to ears but couldn’t shut them out.
45. Vogel stood beside him, his boots clamped to the floor.
46. Judging from all the lids clamped on this story, it's.
47. Star woke Max and clamped her hand firmly over his mouth.
48. I clamped my eyes shut and tried to think of better times.
49. Gary appeared and clamped his hands down on her shoulders.
50. He clamped his eyelids shut to buy himself thinking time.
51. He clamped his arms around her and threw her on the floor.
52. She screamed as his cold dead hands clamped against her arm.
53. Clayton clamped his lips shut as his embarrassment deepened.
54. His chest feels like it has a metal band clamped around it.
55. Carlisle clamped a hand behind my head and one over my mouth.
56. Russell clamped his lips together, his eyes darting at Glen.
57. His jaw clamped tightly shut until he could hear his teeth.
58. Molloy’s meaty hand clamped on my arm and jerked me around.
59. The giant’s horrified face abruptly clamped shut in terror.
60. Bart’s mouth clamped into a thin line of contempt and anger.
61. It was a full operation and it looked like they had clamped.
62. His left hand clamped over her mouth as she tried to call out.
63. His jaw clamped down solidly and the pulse at his throat began.
64. His eyelids soon became as heavy as iron and they clamped shut.
65. I slipped an arm around his throat from behind and clamped down.
66. Monica reached over and clamped her hand over Christina’s mouth.
67. Truman clamped both hands on hips and leaned his back to the wall.
68. She clamped her hands over her mouth trying to conceal her horror.
69. It would have been a scream if my teeth had not been clamped shut.
70. I clamped my lips together, using the back of my hand to dry my eyes.
71. Wynne could see he was rigid with power, clamped up within him, and.
72. Its feet stiffly clamped the arms of the cross over the statue's crown.
73. They lifted it into the hearse where the stretcher was clamped in place.
74. Roman’s hand stopped the rest of the sentence, clamped like a claw on.
75. Heather opened her purse at the ticket window, but Roman clamped it shut.
76. Two large hands clamped around his head and lifted him high into the air.
77. Susan balked at his persistent hostility but clamped down on her own anger.
78. Archer furrowed his brow and clamped his hands together in a prayer stance.
79. I closed the distance between us quickly and clamped a hand over his mouth.
80. Slovan clamped a hand over his mouth to stifle an improbable fit of giggles.
81. His hand came up again and clamped under my chin, cutting off my air supply.
82. She rocked back and forth for a while, hands clamped tightly over her ears.
83. I took his hand playfully, wrapping my fingers around his as he clamped on.
84. He pounced, going for the throat He clamped down ,cutting off his air supply.
85. A hand was suddenly clamped over her mouth from behind and somebody hissed:.
86. Trevain clamped the thought by the neck before it could gasp its first breath.
87. Colonel Friedlander, stubby cigar clamped in his mouth, came up next to Court.
88. Monique had on the medical gown and was on the table with her feet clamped in.
89. Startled, George's mouth fell open, but he clamped it shut and pointed to his.
90. He clamped on a fresh sheet of paper and made a list, checked it twice, then.
91. Her throat had clamped up so much that she could not continue reading out loud.
92. Then her mouth clamped shut, and she glanced at all her papers for a half-second.
93. Slokym looked less than convinced, but he clamped his jaw on any further protest.
94. Once an adhesive is applied to adjacent wood surfaces and the pieces are clamped.
95. Before she could reply, a hand clamped her right shoulder and twisted her around.
96. Ceder clamped her hands over her ears and huddled protectively over Jai’s body.
97. I tried to step away, but his hand shot out and clamped around the back of my neck.
98. Strange sounds sang in his ears, as if over them had been clamped great sea shells.
99. The boy coughed and spasmed, but Chaz clamped a hand over his neck and held him fast.
100. You trusted Godwyn, but I did not, Caris thought, but she kept her mouth clamped shut.
1. Colin finished tightening the clamps.
2. He clamps his palm to his right ear.
3. Jutta clamps her hands in her armpits.
4. She clamps her lips together, holds in a gasp.
5. Morris pressed another button to close the wheel clamps.
6. A man stood on his dropping barge, between clamps of turf.
7. Colin popped open the hood and began to loosen the battery clamps.
8. I removed two clamps on the undercarriage and it dropped right out.
9. Jay grabs and clamps down on the textured husk with his power-glove.
10. The mousy-haired girl clamps her hand over her mouth and stifles a sob.
11. Bending down, he clamps his teeth around my lower lip and pulls gently.
12. The wood clamps came out, the bulbs holding Austin’s shattered jaw open.
13. Langemann pointed with his right index the rings and their docking clamps.
14. Then he awaited the command to release the hoist clamps by electrical control.
15. Release docking clamps and power us away, prepare for the jump to transwarp.
16. Insulated earth rods with clamps shall be used and the person using the earth.
17. Clamps – there are a number of clamps used to squeeze pieces of wood together.
18. You weren’t interested in much but hose clamps and gas equations that last year.
19. Every hose attached to a seacock used two steel hose clamps, just in case one failed.
20. With one of the clamps of my bedstead; and this very tool has sufficed me to hollow out.
21. I try to readjust my arm to relieve some of the pressure, but he only clamps down harder.
22. With loud metallic snaps, all four clamps popped open, releasing Dave from the metal chair.
23. Correction, he was attached to the chair with thick, metal clamps at his wrists and ankles!.
24. Colin smiled as he loosened the clamps, then slid the old battery out and popped the new one in.
25. How do I do this? Dave asked as he tested the strength of the clamps around his wrists again.
26. He took the heaters apart and mounted the individual heating elements to the tubing with hose clamps.
27. My shoulders felt like they were being squeezed in a vice grip and my jaw wired shut with iron clamps.
28. If she wants to kill in a hurry, she clamps her hands onto human flesh, creating an unbreakable suction.
29. They got teeth about like this," she indicated a bit less than a half inch, "but no fangs and no clamps.
30. Releasing docking clamps and maneuvering to threshold, the Elf recited her actions as she performed them.
31. When it is fully submerged wait for my command to release the hoist clamps and allow it to sink into the depths.
32. He undid the clips and folded up the bike, stowing it in his newly installed clamps at the back wall of the airlock.
33. Duncan moves his hand upwards, clamps his fingers on the scribe’s forehead and penetrates his mind as he did before.
34. The bed had iron clamps, but they were screwed to the wood, and it would have required a screw-driver to take them off.
35. She handed Max the clamps and showed him where to place them, and how to separate the base of the appendix from the mesoappendix.
36. Blockage Matrix Above the head, In the Head, In all of the chakras, in the base Chakra, beneath the Base Chakra and the G Clamps.
37. A dull roar hums through the walls, a sign that the thrusters have engaged, and the craft sways when the docking clamps release it.
38. It was only a dream, a lie; and the sound of water faded; and his hands and legs stretched out, unrestrained by chains and metal clamps.
39. He walks over to the table and reaches for the bottle of brandy but Maggie clamps her hand around the neck and pulls it toward her chest.
40. He had no trouble recognizing hoses, clamps, various metal collars in racks upon what could only have been the classic wooden pallet or skid.
41. Sim looked at the supine figure in the bed, with hoses, clamps, electrodes, taped all over him, with monitors bleep-bleeping and his heart sank.
42. Suddenly he heard a sharp crack as the clamps that held the cargo in place, were released, and the crates instantly began sliding towards the ramp.
43. It was most probable that it was because I had laid over the clamps of those doors garlic, which the UnDead cannot bear, and other things which they shun.
44. Once he was safely buckled in she got into the driver seat, locked the handles of the silver bag with clamps at the foot of the seat and strapped herself in.
45. A Pioneer marked with a big white 2 on its torso stands in the center of the room, its legs restrained by thick steel clamps that fix the robot to the floor.
46. These hoses were attached to their seacocks with stainless steel bands called hose clamps that tightened around the outside of the hose, holding it firmly to the seacock.
47. As for the prefabricated module elements of Station Eris, they were already hooked up to the cargo module clamps along the flanks and the bottom surface of her giant ship.
48. But for the experienced driver consciousness covers not only his brain and body, but also all the clamps and rods and spring-coils connecting it to the world outside the truck.
49. The sharp pain of clamps and knives as the old motherfucker violated me with a metal phallus, too impotent to rape me, yet still the torture, the sting of knives that cut deep burrows into my back.
50. The MAU connects to the coaxial cable using a device called the medium dependent interface (MDI), which clamps to the cable and makes an electrical connection through holes cut into the insulating sheath.
51. After the final touch, a red cape, had been secured to her shoulders with golden clamps and her amulet found its home against her ample cleavage, the women placed Isabel before a piece of reflective glass.
52. So it seemed to Gabriel Andersen; and a sense of cold, intolerable shame gripped him as between two clamps of ice through which he could see everything without being able to move, cry out or utter a groan.
53. She didn’t miss as well the thousands of workers in spacesuits and the robots engaged in feverish work inside, particularly around a massive structure forming four successive rings, with docking clamps attached to the inside of the rings.
54. But then, by and by, with practice, his mind would forget about the foot on the unfamiliarly s haped gas-pedal, about his hand reaching out for the lever in the complicated configuration of the gear-box, about his eyes searching for the rearview-mirrors, about the spring-coils, clamps, studs and other parts sending his messages to the big machinery in front.

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