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Clap numa frase em (in ingles)

1. We all had to clap.
2. Clap the rhythm and count.
3. When I clap my hand as a.
4. The guests clap and whistle.
5. Clap is quite another Story.
6. ZOE: Clap on the back for Zoe.
7. One Vet slowly started to clap.

8. Clap! went the catcher’s mitt.
9. They loved it and began to clap.
10. There was a thunderous clap as Ge.
11. A clap of thunder produced by the.
12. A good clap for Ms Samiya Mittal.
13. More audience members cheer and clap.
14. He had just found his clap of thunder.
15. The children began to jump up and clap.
16. People always clap for the wrong things.
17. He rose from his seat and began to clap.
18. I wouldn't even want them to clap for me.
19. As the crowd started to clap, Chuck posed.
20. Drummond smiled and then gave a slow clap.
21. They all started to clap as Tom made his.
22. They flung up their hands to clap the air.
23. You weren’t supposed to clap or anything.
24. Instinctively I clap my hand over my mouth.
25. Buttworst clap a few soft claps to himself.
26. The clap of thunder caused by its return to.
27. A moment later there was a small thunder clap.
28. Let's give her a clap and just appreciate her.
29. Just then, with a mighty clap of thunder, the.
30. Valera closed the book with a loud clap and Dr.
31. Stoke greeted Woodruff with a clap on the shoulder.
32. Predictably the audience began to clap and shout.
33. Kate had dy’d of a Clap, pregnant with his Child.
34. Clap hands over ears with as much force as possible.
35. Early this morning there was a loud clap of thunder.
36. And as they did, a few of us began to clap our hands.
37. At the other end of the bench someone began to clap.
38. Billy got up and tried to clap it between his hands.
39. Harker began to clap her hands and her eyes sparkled.
40. She shut the door as a clap of thunder rolled across.
1. One hand clapping for the.
2. They joined in the clapping.
3. Doc came in clapping his hands.
4. The Sound of One Hand Clapping.
5. The others joined the clapping.
6. Everyone was clapping and shouting.
7. He waited for the clapping to die.
8. My mother was standing and clapping.
9. They’re all laughing and clapping.
10. The crowd cheered her while clapping.
11. She could hear the audience clapping.
12. Christina stood clapping in response.
13. More cheers and whistles and clapping.
14. By the way, Clapping Hands is my name.
15. And Clapping Hands has contacted me.
16. The clapping and stomping got louder.
17. The hall sounded with clapping for long.
18. Rajan was clapping slowly with the song.
19. The Chief nodded and clapping his hands.
20. What’s the sound of one hand clapping?
21. Loud cheers and clapping broke out as he.
22. The bridge erupted into cheers and clapping.
23. He could not refrain from clapping his hands.
24. Clapping his hands with delight, he ran to.
25. Joey, she said, clapping the book shut.
26. Everyone stood up clapping and shouting more.
27. Baggins! he said, clapping Bilbo on the back.
28. Thats why the audience is clapping so hard.
29. After the initial clapping had worn down, the.
30. Elise has been in touch with Clapping Hands.
31. Some of them started clapping and applauded me.
32. The group came alive then, clapping and cheering.
33. Good riddance to her, Sierra said, clapping.
34. The audience started clapping madly, passionately.
35. It worked! Talia laughed, clapping her hands.
36. A flurry of clapping ensued, which stopped quickly.
37. Good, Novak said clapping his hands together.
38. Clapping her hands to her mouth, she stood frozen.
39. I loved every golf clapping laughing minute of it.
40. Sod off! said Indio and he started clapping.
1. They clapped him on the.
2. The man clapped his hands.
3. The Orcs clapped and hooted.
4. The judge clapped his hands.
5. The crowd hooted and clapped.
6. Master Joe clapped his hands.
7. All clapped to hear the news.
8. The Bishop clapped his hands.
9. Miles clapped her mouth shut.
10. The folk cheered and clapped.
11. I clapped Wash on the shoulder.
12. I clapped my hand to my chest.
13. Phil clapped down on the bird.
14. A hand clapped over his mouth.
15. Andy clapped Doug on the back.
16. He clapped his hands together.
17. She clapped her hands together.
18. Ash clapped his hands together.
19. The crowd cheered and clapped.
20. Yaf clapped his hands in triumph.
21. He clapped his hands in delight.
22. The Arboreans clapped and cheered.
23. Ryan clapped Tony on the shoulder.
24. Xen clapped her hands in delight.
25. The audience cheered and clapped.
26. I clapped my hands for attention.
27. The crowd clapped as Ish took a.
28. Everyone clapped and cheered at us.
29. Niki laughed and clapped her hands.
30. She clapped her hands in delight.
31. As they approached, Rich clapped.
32. Cleopas shook his head and clapped.
33. Scott clapped his hands and cackled.
34. Aunt Liz clapped her hands together.
35. Long Fei clapped his hands and said.
36. Again the folk cheered and clapped.
37. Dorro laughed and clapped his hands.
38. Went clapped his hands several times.
39. They clapped their hands three times.
40. When he heard them stir he clapped.
1. Ted walks on and claps.
2. The audience claps and cheers.
3. Tobias claps Kevin on the shoulder.
4. The crowd stands, claps and cheers.
5. He claps me on the back, chuckling.
6. The audience claps and cheers again.
7. The crowd claps and cheers for them.
8. There were even a few claps and cheers.
9. And the room echoed with sound of claps.
10. Our waiter chuckles and claps his hands.
11. A couple of claps could be heard—the.
12. At first a few claps came and then they.
13. Buttworst clap a few soft claps to himself.
14. Sound of claps with birthday song filled the.
15. He claps me on the shoulder and rests it there.
16. A flash of light and then more claps of thunder.
17. Claps ran through the crowd as Ananya’s mother.
18. She gives me a final once over, and claps her hands.
19. Scorch drops the pipe and claps both her wrist together.
20. The crowd claps and cheers on hearing the guilty verdict.
21. She pumps her fists in the air and claps above her head.
22. Christina smiles at me, and Zeke claps me on the shoulder.
23. The claps died when the rest of the crowd did not join in.
24. Wrath, tempest, claps of thunder, foam to the very ceiling.
25. So begob the citizen claps his paw on his knee and he says:.
26. He claps Four on the shoulder, a little too hard, and gets up.
27. Claps and cheers again rang out throughout the classroom and.
28. He, Dave, Marlon and Ray leave the stage as the crowd claps again.
29. Random claps and a few ‘bride and groom’s’ wafted round the.
30. This time I was given a few dirty looks instead of claps on the back.
31. I knows a lady what's got a white swelling quick as I claps eyes on her.
32. Orcher stops in the center of the stage and claps with rest of the audience.
33. They ate in silence to claps of thunder and a steady rain in the dark afternoon.
34. Orcher claps with them, then turns sideways and motions for the Recruits to stand.
35. Princess Bithia claps with glee when she sees her cat dragging the bird toward her.
36. Claps thicken the air, and two holograms of the Undil Embassy crest form behind the Director.
37. I’m a little nervous facing these kids, but then a third boy claps his hand on my shoulder.
38. Then he claps his hands, as if ready for action, but the paleness of his face suggests otherwise.
39. Will and Christina slap hands, and then Will claps me on the back with a hand bigger than my shoulder blade.
40. An hour later, Arty, Dave, Marlon and Ray finish their performance as the crowd cheers and claps their hands.

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