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Clear numa frase em (in ingles)

We are off and clear.
It was clear to her.
It is clear that the.
I would have a clear.
Are we clear on that?
Are we clear on this.
I made sure to clear.

This is the clear path.
My mind began to clear.
It was clear that was.
If you have clear and.
There is a clear break.
The way ahead is clear.
He’s in the clear now.
The second one is clear.
Nor is it clear that a.
To help clear things up.
It was clear that even.
He was very clear to me.
My head isnt clear yet.
As it became clear that.
I was very clear on that.
It is clear that Athens.
I saw it clear as crystal.
And Paul was very clear.
Paul made it clear that.
The choice is clear here.
It should be clear that.
It is clear the bag was.
We were now in the clear.
Her mind was clear though.
The clear night air was.
It is clear that I have.
The air was crystal clear.
The message is clear in.
The path is already clear.
Stay clear of the caverns.
His eyes were clear green.
That was a clear warning.
That much was clear by now.
I was in the clearing.
And the fog is clearing.
Place them in a clearing.
It was Mr Oak’s clearing.
They broke into a clearing.
We are in a forest clearing.
Look for a natural clearing.
It helps clearing the mind.
Thanks for clearing that up.
Thanks for clearing this up.
Clearing his throat, he read.
Clearing his throat, he asked.
They came to a small clearing.
He looks across the clearing.
It was an elevated clearing.
We started clearing the trees.
Silas stepped into the clearing.
She started clearing the table.
A tree stump, a small clearing.
I knelt by her in the clearing.
Reward for clearing the hurdle.
Then, we came upon this clearing.
Clearing up the house on a night.
And peer through the hazy clearing.
Clearing her throat, she continued.
Ruby looked at the packed clearing.
Since you worked on clearing her.
She eyed the clearing suspiciously.
Colleen pointed across the clearing.
They heard Tulip clearing is throat.
Catwhiskers was himself clearing up.
Clearing her throat, Leah responded.
It stood in the middle of a clearing.
The HS2 swooped down into a clearing.
Chrissie got on with the clearing up.
The clearing was full of curious men.
After a time we came into a clearing.
I have used his methods of clearing.
Mannheim), to clearing out the role.
The city itself stands in a clearing.
This cleared up a lot.
Gary cleared his throat.
Mack cleared his throat.
Otto cleared his throat.
She cleared her throat.
Izzy cleared her throat.
Joad cleared his throat.
Evan cleared his throat.
He cleared his throat.
Zion cleared her throat.
Adam cleared his throat.
Oleg cleared his throat.
Brale cleared his throat.
Dunk cleared his throat.
Derek cleared his throat.
Randy cleared his throat.
Maury cleared his throat.
Saito cleared his throat.
Tyler cleared his throat.
Jimmy cleared his throat.
Petra cleared her throat.
Slade cleared his throat.
Ed cleared his throat.
Sobek cleared his throat.
As the sun cleared the.
Rohan cleared his throat.
Wait till the check clears.
The woman clears her throat.
That always clears my head.
The first clears his throat.
I’m sure that clears it up.
When it clears I see Mount.
The captain clears his throat.
The perfumer clears his throat.
After a moment the dust clears.
I’ll stay until it clears.
Finally Teekra clears her throat.
His face clears a little at that.
The shop owner clears his throat.
It clears your mind and gives you.
The rocketship clears the launch pad.
Well, I guess that clears that up.
Maxx calms down and clears his throat.
Others will be born when it clears.
Maxx coughs aloud and clears his throat.
He clears his throat, then meets my eyes.
We have to wait until your check clears.
The doctor clears his throat a few times.
It rains a lot, but it also clears up a.
Future Xzavier clears his throat once more.
Finally, he drops his arms, clears his throat.
This caulking goes on white and dries clears.
It clears the lungs and gets rid of unwanted.
Mother clears her throat and draws my attention.
The Eldest clears his throat and wipes his cheeks.
It changes our perspective and clears our thoughts.
Well, that clears up those blessed accounts anyhow.
It brings justice and clears the past of its wrongs.
Well, that clears up everything for me! I said.
Let’s hope that it clears in the next few hours.
The SEC clears proxy materials before they are mailed.
The sun hardly clears the horizon before sinking away.
Rationalization of your truth clears fear from fright.
There is complete silence as Robinson clears his throat.
Simon clears his throat, looks at him, looks away again.
Grapefruit stimulates the senses and clears up stale air.

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