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  1. In the eternal holy cleft.
  2. Again, he came to her cleft.
  3. Oh! his soul felt that it was cleft.
  4. Benign as he appeared, Cleft had his.
  5. A dumb belch of hunger cleft his speech.
  6. Cleft had a fetish for patriotic songs.
  7. The Universe is a smiling eternal cleft.
  8. I’ll give you moisture in the cleft.
  9. The cleft in the chin, the dimples that he.
  10. The tunnel was some way behind; the Cleft a.
  11. The cleft was longer and deeper than it seemed.
  12. He broke out from a cleft to confront the bay.
  13. She pressed it there as her moist cleft parted.
  14. To the far left in somewhat of a cleft, was my.
  15. THE LOITERERS: (Guffaw with cleft palates) O jays!.
  16. She walked out of the cleft wincing with each step.
  17. Slowly it began to separate, to cleft in the middle.
  18. Gasping, he broke out from a cleft to confront the bay.
  19. Then darkness fell, deep and black in the mountain cleft.
  20. The head of the orc-company appeared in the Cleft right.
  21. Finally, the creature thrust his cold nose into her cleft.
  22. We didn’t stop until we reached a cleft in the hillside.
  23. It goes up to a high cleft and so down to -- that which is beyond.
  24. The servant was prophesied to place the anointed child into the cleft.
  25. Cleft projected enthusiasm and his smile was as inspiring as his baton.
  26. Up close, she noticed his unusually square jaw and the deep cleft in it.
  27. Even when cleft or bored through it is not comprehended in its entireness.
  28. She was facing the cleft in the rock where the Ghost Raider had ambushed them.
  29. Someone had filled the largest cleft in its mud bricks with shards of pottery.
  30. Having said that, the conquering Ashura cleft his enemy in halves from within.
  31. When the steppe came to an end, the road entered a cleft between two mountains.
  32. Out of the cleft, hesitantly, came the hooded figure they had seen by the stream.
  33. Bryce’s nose was slightly crooked and there was a white scar near his chin cleft.
  34. The avalanche had swept past the spot and had flowed into a deep cleft in the mountain.
  35. But the demand for cleft repair often outstripped the supply that Operation Smile could offer.
  36. It was at a point where the face of the cliff was for the first time split into a narrow cleft.
  37. It wasn’t really a cave at all; more of a cleft; although it was roofed with stone in places.
  38. You know, I think you’re ready, he commented when his cock rubbed hotly against her moist cleft.
  39. There was a sooty cleft in the wall a few feet from the floor, and some of the smoke found its way out there.
  40. Robert is buried at the bottom of that cleft, under all the rocks and dirt that came down with the avalanche.
  41. Upon his Feet, he wore pointed Shoes with cleft Toes, and they were of the same russet Leather as the Maid’s.
  42. The answer to the warmth could be found in the steam rising off the water of several pools throughout the cleft.
  43. Altamirano, and the surrounding areas, for some reason, has a large number of cases of hare lip and cleft palate.
  44. Behind me was the road climbing through a long cleft in the hills, which was the upper glen of some notable river.
  45. The animal hung to the mountain only by his front paws, which had somehow managed to find a cleft in the rock face.
  46. It was just the instincts of this body that turned her head when big, broad-shouldered men with cleft chins walked by.
  47. They had hidden in a small cleft in the landscape a half mile from the battle which gave them the element of surprise.
  48. It had to be close to 50 degrees within this cleft of the Earth, while I doubted it was much above zero outside of it.
  49. I had noticed a cleft in the rock there earlier and into this I half shoved Gavin and then stuffed myself into as well.
  50. They were in a hidden cleft of rock on the other side of the mountain, still near the peak, sitting around a small fire.
  51. Of the ice bridge nothing remained and I wasn’t sure if the birds had enough room once in the cleft to maneuver their wings.
  52. The boy frowns and reaches out to him, but the scribe shakes his head and stumbles to a halt in the cleft between two jagged rocks.
  53. A cool breeze blew through the habitation, coming in through a cleft in the rocks and exiting somewhere at the rear of the complex.
  54. It is an extremely painful condition that can result from hairs being trapped in an indentation located above the cleft of the buttocks.
  55. When he reached the little cleft where the road came through, the afternoon wind struck him and blew up his hair and ruffled his shirt.
  56. Over it a trickling water dripped, through a wide cleft that seemed to have been carved out by a fall that had once been strong and full.
  57. When a baby girl in the United States is born with a cleft lip or palate, it is routinely fixed at an early age, leaving just a small scar.
  58. When the mission was over and the Americans were driving away, Mullaney saw Soccer Boy chasing after their bus, his cleft lip still unrepaired.
  59. Even the poor wee floweret fading in a cleft of the bank, which would show itself when spring began, fixed my attention and would draw my tears.
  60. How is it, then, that in our enjoyment we become blind, and do not see the cleft in which we have pinched those men who suffer for our enjoyment.
  61. Just opposite me is the steep hillside, grey with shaly rock, and yonder on its flank is the dark cleft which marks the opening of the Blue John Gap.
  62. Of course one of the burning questions is why are there so many cases of cleft lip and palate in this area? I have no answer for that question.
  63. At last they stood upon the summit, and looked down into a dark pit: the great cleft at the end of the mountains: Nan Curunnr, the Valley of Saruman.
  64. But if that same girl is born to poor parents in India, the untreated cleft would likely bloom into a horrible jumble of misshapen lip, gum, and teeth.
  65. Jarek followed by squeezing himself into a narrow cleft, then pressing hands and feet against the sides while hoisting himself little by little to the top.
  66. You’ve seldom seen raw robusta—round beans with a straight cleft (slit in the bean), as opposed to the more oval bean and curved cleft of Arabica beans.
  67. As the sheer sides of the Cleft closed about him, before he reached the actual summit, before he looked at last on the path descending into the Nameless Land.
  68. About a mile northwest of this corner, the rocks are cleft in several places, and in one, to such a depth, that the snow and ice remain here through the year.
  69. Suddenly, while Jody watched, the black dog stiffened, and backed out of the hole and looked up the hill toward the cleft in the ridge where the road came through.
  70. Inside the cleft was a second guidance mark, which pointed right up it with the tip somewhat elevated, as if the spot indicated were above the level of the ground.
  71. I stood up and looked at him, at the square, cleft jaw and broad, lined brow and the firm folds of cheek, and began to think that here at last was an ally worth having.
  72. One had her face cleft almost clean in two from a battle-axe, another had a slit across her throat which made her head wobble up and down as she ran (as if on a hinge).
  73. It was tiny, but the nuns would find it – in just the kind of place they thought the devil was most interested in: on the left side of her vulva, just beside the cleft.
  74. Once he had led all comers in the mountain race, but now he climbed a bit, then rested on a stone, and climbed again—up and up into the cleft and over the rock shoulder.
  75. He imagined her sculpted face with the oh so tiny cleft on the tip of her nose and a matching shadow of a cleft on her chin being so distinctive as to make her unforgettable.
  76. Serpentine, with impossible angles not imposed upon creatures that climbed trees and waved through deserts, its cheeks are hollow, its jaw strong, its chin cleft, its lips painted.
  77. He led the way through a cleft then up to a ledge, invisible from below, that fronted a smooth-floored cavern several metres deep in which he sometimes spent the night at weekends.
  78. Others kept their original monster forms, displaying a variety of characteristics, usually a mixture of several animals with cleft paws, reptilian skin, cat eyes, and various horns.
  79. It was the river that forged this cleft in mountains north of the Kaiama Ranges and south of the Coromandel Peninsula, the waters of time cleaving a gap on which man could capitalise.
  80. He encountered a valley that went his way for awhile and had the opportunity to walk down the middle of a pebble-strewn stream that gurgled thru a shallow cleft of beautifully-eroded rock.
  81. This cleft thru the hills cuts off over twenty miles on the route to henarDee, but it is cut into the sandy hillside up to two hundred seventy five feet, over a hundred feet most of the way.
  82. In preparation for their surgery, children and sometimes young adults with harelip or cleft palate from the surrounding area are called to the hospital at least a week before the planned surgery.
  83. This shortcut was a stairway that ran up thru some old abandoned factories just up off the Hyadrain floor that were in a deep cleft in Rankor's bedrock just beyond the base of Thebudia's elevators.
  84. She was pretty, yes, but her slurred speech due to her cleft pallet and her hardness of hearing both made it hard to communicate with others in a way that didn’t require a certain type of clemency.
  85. She helped herself to some whisky and a piece of chocolate, then went out onto the terrace and from there to the rock slope where she carefully reconnoitred the terrain, noticing a small cleft part way down.
  86. Here was the thin, patrician nose, full lips and cleft chin I saw most mornings yet, without the apparently ingrained arrogance of a man used to ordering millions of soldiers to fight and die for his Emperor.
  87. Jarvis, could one read them year in, year out--the unpublished works of women, written by the fireside in pale profusion, dried by the flame, for the blotting-paper's worn to holes and the nib cleft and clotted.
  88. I swallowed hard as my eyes involuntarily followed the path of several rivulets of water as they ran off her face and down her neck to disappear into the cleft of her breasts visible above the leather halter top.
  89. Indeed, when he pitched Operation Smile to reluctant governments, Mullaney sometimes referred to cleft children as nonperforming assets who, with a simple surgery, could be returned to the economic mainstream.
  90. The main host of the Nemedians is in confusion—and look! Their flank is protected by the cliffs, but there is a defile left unguarded! It is like a great cleft in the wall that opens again behind the Nemedian lines.
  91. His chin was large and extraordinarily long: the eyes were pale blue, very small and close together, surmounted by spare, light-coloured, almost invisible eyebrows with a deep vertical cleft between them over the nose.
  92. We passed through a cleft between the sand dunes and over the heavy sands of the upper beach, and as we ran my indifference to the storm seemed to win me a reluctant esteem, for he condescended to answer some of my questions.
  93. Pausanias by his mention of the cleft in the earth through which the waters of the flood disappeared and of the yearly offerings of the honey-cake in connection with this, shows the high antiquity of certain rites here celebrated.
  94. Meanwhile, by a cleft between two walls of rock, following a path worn by a torrent, and which, in all human probability, human foot had never before trod, Dantes approached the spot where he supposed the grottos must have existed.
  95. It hardly seemed fair, the way dissolution made him look even better, the steel-blue shadow tracing the strong line of the jaw, the blue eyes wounded, the off-center cleft on his brow that used to appear only when he was deep in thought.
  96. So then, seeing they were all mad, I drew my sword and cleft the judge's skull; then I cut my way out of the court, and seeing the high constable's stallion tied near by, I rode for the wharfs, where I thought to find a ship bound for foreign parts.
  97. There they are again, the pillars, the pediment, the Temple of Victory and the Erechtheum, set on a tawny rock cleft with shadows, directly you unlatch your shutters in the morning and, leaning out, hear the clatter, the clamour, the whip cracking in the street below.
  98. The fighting-madness of his race was upon him, and with a red mist of unreasoning fury wavering before his blazing eyes, he cleft skulls, smashed breasts, severed limbs, ripped out entrails, and littered the deck like a shambles with a ghastly harvest of brains and blood.
  99. He "had" me indeed, and in a cleft stick; for who would ever absolve me, who would consent that I should go unhung, if, by the faintest tremor of an overture, I were the first to introduce into our perfect intercourse an element so dire? No, no: it was useless to attempt to convey to Mrs.
  100. Twelve increasingly fit, already slightly tanned, alert and silent young men emerged from their concealment only a dozen metres from the pool, and silently slithered in, dived, swam, and sat under the trickle of water that fell in a drop of about thirty metres from a cleft in the rocks above.

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