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1. Scully, Clegg and you Wolf.
2. Alex Clegg is dead and buried.
3. The Clegg brothers were no more.
4. Clegg didn’t have to be there.
5. They got stitched by Anton Clegg.
6. Clegg is stable, but unable to speak.
7. One faint ray of hope is Clegg himself.
8. Would Clegg have given him access?
9. Clegg remained quiet, but ever watchful.
10. Clegg, Wolf & Co would be none the wiser.
11. He wouldn’t believe this was Alex Clegg.
12. Clegg took the phone with a gleam in his eye.
13. He was a package deal courtesy of Anton Clegg.
14. Would a man like Anton Clegg pay extortion?
15. Tripp said Clegg and Vatavai were inseparable.
16. Who other than you and Anton Clegg has access?
17. He didn’t want it to be Alex Clegg in that casket.
18. So they aren’t involved in the Clegg business?
19. And Anton Clegg, what was your arrangement there?
20. It would be difficult though for Clegg to get on a plane.
21. Clegg rose from his chair and honed in on the drinks cabinet.
22. Anton Clegg, pictured left, died in traumatic circumstances.
23. Tripp went with Anton Clegg to the bank to collect the money.
24. There was a funeral, a cremation when the first Clegg died.
25. Then to the job in hand which was the torment of Anton Clegg.
26. A new car can only be a good thing and Clegg dead, even better.
27. Anton Clegg, whom you say was well known to you, was cremated.
28. Lorene gave her a shot and Clegg smothered her with a plastic bag.
29. Was that brain still around? Was he dead? Sir Alex Clegg had died.
30. He came from Australia twelve months ago to work to work for Clegg.
31. Clegg, who died many years before I had the opportunity to meet her.
32. Inside Clegg would be chaffing at the bit, but he had a shock coming.
33. This action didn’t fit the low profile prescribed by Clegg earlier.
34. Ten to one; not bad odds, but with no doubt at all this is Alex Clegg.
35. Blauner was equally involved, but it was with Clegg this had all begun.
36. More important to Rudolph was the task to hand with the Clegg conundrum.
37. Clegg lay back on his bunk and leaned his fat shoulders against the bars.
38. Clegg saw he had Rudolph’s full attention and slowed down his responses.
39. Sir Alexander Clegg was on view with one third of the casket lid hinged open.
40. Is it in Scully’s power to take such action? Is that what Clegg wants?
41. We can find no evidence that Anton Clegg had been the subject of any such threat.
42. It had been decided that Anton Clegg, dead or alive, was the villain of the piece.
43. It seemed everyone wanted to talk to Sir Alex Clegg and he was talking to no one.
44. I was thinking that Clegg was the master mind, but that has gone down in flames.
45. As would be expected the digit was one of ten removed from the corpse of Anton Clegg.
46. We must ask who other than Clegg and Tripp had access to the safe, said Rudolph.
47. Heaps of good stuff, like, for instance, the last will and testament of Anton Clegg.
48. Clegg now sat with his head in his hands then raised it in despair to look at the inspector.
49. Two hours of sex with Wolf had been the ultimate, but the session with Clegg had left her cold.
50. The death of Delmage could be deemed as a bad break for Blauner and Clegg, alias Adrian Clements.
51. Clegg was next on the list and today he looked a different man when brought to the interview room.
52. So what had Clegg done with the second fifty? It could have been a pay-off for his Judas Vatavai.
53. Jazz - And when did you first learn about the large amount of money Clegg had placed there?
54. I see it the original target was one man, Anton Clegg, for a motive that has yet to be determined.
55. It greased the wheels no end when Alex Clegg finally popped his clogs and hurried things along nicely.
56. Jazz had to keep reminding herself that there had been no Clegg in the casket at the time of cremation.
57. He thanked Clegg and withdrew with Jazz, as the man closed his eyes in acknowledgement and resignation.
58. Firstly, a dead man as the target then several other dead men, but the target, Anton Clegg, start there.
59. Anton Clegg had been the obvious target and victim, with his little friend Bates caught in the backwash.
60. The inspector’s side of the ledger was looking very cosy; and now he was on target to talk with Clegg.
61. We’ve got to know what his movements were between then and the time he brought Clegg to the cold store.
62. Clegg was one of these and when he stopped running he obviously sprayed a fair amount of the stuff around.
63. It is enough to say we were looking for something, but it is Anton Clegg who is the subject of my visit.
64. Anton Clegg and Bates are linked by place of employment and from what we have gathered by their sexuality.
65. Jazz - And what of the other deceased, Lionel Bates? He was, shall we say ‘friends’ with Anton Clegg.
66. After the constant stress and demands of the Clegg investigation police activity had simmered to a low level.
67. Yes, but that’s something I shall be asking our friends Scully, Clegg and Blauner when I catch up with them.
68. Across the aisle Clegg was dozing not concerned with the thought of exposure and was relaxed in his new identity.
69. Our sender also sent a, ‘good night nurse,’ which everyone seems to have missed, including our man Clegg.
70. Clegg lay propped on pillows in a white surgical gown in the centre of the bed, the coverlet raised to his armpits.
71. In the Harbour Rocks Hotel it was clear to her she would get nowhere with Clegg who showed no interest in her body.
72. They’d cross the street and possibly share a latte with the likes of Anton Clegg in his Italian suit and silk tie.
73. You are saying Anton Clegg sent Vatavai to collect the Hatfields? Why would he finance his own assassination?
74. John Delmage had been the bearer of bad tidings announcing the death of Sir Alex Clegg at a half hour past midnight.
75. Clegg was laid out in state like he was ready for the morgue, dead centre with three feet of bed on each side of him.
76. Until lunch time today I was satisfied it was Anton Clegg laid out in that bed in Clevedon playing doctors and nurses.
77. The internment of Sir Alex Clegg had provided strong motivation for them to meet today, but it wasn’t the prime reason.
78. Logic told them it was Clegg with nothing factual to support either theory other than a stream of circumstantial evidence.
79. When Anton Clegg was declared dead Rudolph’s focus had turned to Alex Clegg, Sir Alex, as the mastermind of the project.
80. Clegg was sipping champagne on the rumpled bed in a white towelling robe, seated with his back hard against the headboard.
81. Sale and purchase agreements for properties owned by Clegg, his companies, thirty seven of them make interesting reading.
82. He studied the names; five disciples lost in space and the list continued to grow with Sir Alex Clegg added to make six dead.
83. He and Delmage have full power of attorney over anything Clegg had and all of us have joint signing authority on the new trust.
84. She was on hold while he pondered the analogy of Anton Clegg and the gang member in the Nazi helmet he had just met in the rain.
85. Why would he? Because by my reckoning it was Anton Clegg who went to Malaysia and brother Alex who met his end in the cold store.
86. I’m wondering how Anton Clegg coped with the fact that his faithful servant Vatavai elected to change camps, said Rudolph.
87. The concierge had left the hotel and it was Jazz who went in search of him armed with a selection of photo studies of Clegg and co.
88. Wolf ended the call and pocketed his phone, looking expectantly at Clegg who held up four fingers which didn’t conceal his smirk.
89. Sunday, 7am and Clegg awoke with bars of sunlight cutting across his bunk and plastering themselves to the wall of his Mt Eden cell.
90. From day one it had been firstly Clegg, then his sweet little friend Bates who had been followed instantly by Vatavai with Lou Strong.
91. The last man standing was Alex Clegg and they buried him today, said Evans, and from what I see they buried any motive with him.
92. The inspector had his laptop open on the kitchen bench and he brought up a power point display of the Clegg brothers and known associates.
93. Anton Clegg had dabbled in her favours, but derived more pleasure from the control he had over his peers who coveted her acts of kindness.
94. Eileen Cauldron didn’t miss a blink as she studied what was supposedly an image of the brain of Alexander Clegg provided by Lorene Eagles.
95. The trial of Clegg and Scully had finally happened and into its fourth day, it had been adjourned to allow the jury to visit a crime scene.
96. Rudolph constructed the crime from his perspective; the way Sir Alex Clegg, as the guilty one, now himself deceased, would have planned it.
97. They are not aware of Delmage’s death and they don’t know we know about his new ID therefore Clegg may retain the alias Adrian Clements.
98. Elaine Cauldron’s morning had been a test of character with the exhumation of a Clegg corpse that had had little time to cool in its grave.
99. It appears many of the properties have changed ownership in recent days and I don’t mean the transmissions from one dead Clegg to another.
100. You’ll have something to consider when I tell you we picked up Clegg at the Rocks at the same time as we got you; and in the same condition.

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