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Closing numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. The closing of a door.
  2. The hour is closing in.
  3. The time is closing in.
  5. Closing the door as he.

  6. The times are closing in.
  7. They are closing us down.
  8. The Sluagh was closing in.
  9. I laughed closing the door.
  10. Closing date was October 4.
  11. Closing in behind when he.
  12. He nodded, closing his eyes.
  13. Closing my eyes, I took a.
  14. Closing her eyes she laid.
  15. They’re closing in on us.

  16. A green kite was closing in.
  17. Which was closing in on him.
  18. I saw the undead closing in.
  19. The click of a closing two.
  20. Yes, I use the word closing.
  21. The families were closing in.
  22. Her eyes closing due to the.
  23. Fifty yards and closing fast.
  24. They are closing in on us.
  25. Closing his mouth again, he.

  26. That meant closing the church.
  27. We’re closing in on the guy.
  28. Closing the door to yesterday.
  29. Hamet from closing the crossing.
  30. It was someone closing me in!.
  31. Hillary felt like closing her.
  32. The bul was closing fast, the.
  33. It’s a closing strategy that.
  34. This is a sign of hedge closing.
  35. You’ve been closing your eyes.
  36. Sam followed, closing the door.
  37. The closing door came to a halt.
  39. Both horses were closing the gap.
  40. It was the cemetery gate closing.
  41. They rushed in closing the door.
  42. The hour of change is closing in.
  43. Everything was closing in on her.
  44. In the closing paragraph of the.
  45. We looked at markets closing up 1.
  46. Saikia asked, closing her nostril.
  47. Why the Closing Price Is Important.
  48. The men were closing in around him.
  49. His eyes were closing with fatigue.
  50. Closing in at forty thousand mc's.
  51. We were closing out our Vancouver.
  52. Sir, the Russians are closing in.
  53. The closing price February 7.
  54. Erin is closing in on Tammy’s flag.
  55. I rubbed them while closing my eyes.
  56. Lorry closing the little procession.
  57. It has to be closing in on the 22nd.
  58. Closing his eyes, Locke concentrated.
  59. Distance: 9, 300 meters and closing.
  60. Avoid closing your accounts (usually).
  61. That's when he began closing the door.
  62. Closing the throttles, the front of.
  63. We left a few minutes before closing.
  64. The Doors were closing for the night.
  65. He settled into it, closing his eyes.
  66. Closing the door he sat down heavily.
  67. Definition fades with the closing in.
  68. Fifty yards and closing the gap, the.
  69. The following is today’s closing vol.
  70. Two of the assassins were closing fast.
  71. Just before closing the exercises, Mr.
  72. There were zombies quickly closing in.
  73. Sales, however, is about closing the.
  74. Rick was closing the gap between them.
  75. I had a closing door painted sky blue.
  76. Carolina was closing the last of them.
  77. Aidan came to the shop at closing time.
  78. I don’t mind staying till closing.
  79. Closing her eyes she drank in the aroma.
  80. Also, we have a weather front closing.
  81. Please, she paused closing her eyes.
  82. Kernan, closing his mouth and pulling.
  83. Offer to pay part of the closing costs.
  84. He was closing up shop and that was it.
  85. The closing ceremonies were interesting.
  86. Sir, she sighed, closing her eyes.
  87. Every night,before closing your eyes?
  88. Bye, bye, he said, closing the door.
  89. I got back to the bar near closing time.
  90. Her throat felt like it was closing up.
  91. The walls were closing in all around me.
  92. The closing meeting was held in Meriden.
  93. He went out, closing the door behind him.
  94. Victor’s army was closing in on them.
  95. If yesterday’s closing price was 1058.
  96. Thatcher was closing his lunch tin and.
  97. I stepped in, closing the door behind me.
  98. Yesterday was the closing study on the.
  99. He smiled wanly, his haloed eyes closing.
  100. Aspen followed him in, closing the door.
  1. I went closed to her.
  2. As he closed in, he.
  3. Then I closed my eyes.
  4. It closed on his heels.
  5. Esther closed in on him.
  6. He closed it after us.
  7. Then he closed the book.
  8. The girl closed her eyes.
  9. He closed his eyes and.
  10. The sale closed May 1995.
  11. For she closed the door.
  12. She felt dry and closed.
  13. She had her eyes closed.
  14. He closed the flap and.
  15. He sighed and closed it.
  16. They closed it behind me.
  17. When she closed the door.
  18. He’d had it closed off.
  19. He closed his eyes tight.
  20. He closed his eyes again.
  21. His eyes were half closed.
  22. She closed her eyes and.
  23. Then the case is closed.
  24. The woman closed her eyes.
  25. I closed my eyes and was.
  26. The door closed after him.
  27. Some of the mouths closed.
  28. I back to the closed door.
  29. He closed and locked the.
  30. As he closed the door he.
  31. And closed with the beast.
  32. The crowd closed around me.
  33. She closed her eyes again.
  34. The matter was now closed.
  35. I closed my eyes in scared.
  36. The door opened and closed.
  37. You have closed that door.
  38. He closed the door behind.
  39. His eyes were closed tight.
  40. The damn lid barely closed.
  41. The door closed behind him.
  42. She nodded with eyes closed.
  43. Veturi had his eyes closed.
  44. I closed the tap, Lucky.
  45. He closed his eyes for an.
  46. His father closed the door.
  47. Cloud closed his eyes again.
  48. The court will be closed.
  49. Brent closed his eyes and.
  50. The door closed behind her.
  51. Calvin closed his own eyes.
  52. I just closed my eyes and.
  53. It was still tightly closed.
  54. I closed my eyes and prayed.
  55. He agreed, and I closed up.
  56. She has it closed off with.
  57. I closed the other door too.
  58. Once the door was closed,.
  1. It closes in on them.
  2. Behind it the hole closes.
  3. The pilot closes his eyes.
  4. This one closes the door.
  5. He closes the box back up.
  6. A hand closes down on hers.
  7. If the trin closes above 2.
  8. Now, Simon closes his eyes.
  9. The door to the studio closes.
  10. Before this day closes, if M.
  11. He closes the door behind him.
  12. Shop closes early on Thursday.
  13. The crowd closes in around him.
  14. He moans and closes his eyes.
  15. He closes his eyes, and relaxes.
  16. Now, Hartstongue closes his eyes.
  17. Paul closes his eyes and groans.
  18. The last one in closes the boot.
  19. The server closes the connection.
  20. Closes his eyes for the last time.
  21. One door closes and another opens.
  22. On August 3, the ES closes at 1097.
  23. He stands still and closes his eyes.
  24. Billy closes his eyes and swallows.
  25. On August 23, the ES closes at 1097.
  26. Mary closes the door behind herself.
  27. Stay! I cry as the door closes.
  28. We have learned that he closes Gates.
  29. Devon opens his mouth, then closes it.
  30. It specifies that if the user closes.
  31. Cherrie walks out and closes the door.
  32. Shaking her head, Amy closes her eyes.
  33. The latter closes and automatically.
  34. The after-hours market closes at 8 P.
  35. Examples of alternative closes are:.
  36. He closes his eyes and shakes his head.
  37. Mary closes her eyes and goes to sleep.
  38. My mouth closes over the tip as I obey.
  39. I cannot help you once the door closes.
  40. She stops and closes her hands together.
  41. Her husband closes the door behind her.
  42. The second day also closes off its low.
  43. Aaron bows his head and closes his eyes.
  44. The second day closes down for the day.
  45. He closes his eyes, cuts out the lights.
  46. He closes with you in this consequence;.
  47. Conversely, there is nothing that closes.
  48. The waking of the hunter closes the trap.
  49. Then the stock closes below the boundary.
  50. Johan closes his eyes and shakes his head.
  52. He closes his eyes and prays for a second.
  53. He closes his eyes for a moment and counts.
  54. Ambrose closes his eyes and opens his mouth.
  55. Consider how often a stock closes within 12.
  56. Just as long as Great White closes the show.
  57. Things end, we choose if the end closes a.
  58. Willie closes in and catches up to the car.
  59. She closes her eyes while embracing herself.
  60. The front door closes and the house is quiet.
  61. Are you working until the stores closes?
  62. He will see it every time he closes his eyes.
  63. Anthony hesitates and then he closes his eyes.
  64. Caleb closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.
  65. One door closes and another one slams shut.
  66. I watch them until the door closes behind them.
  67. He closes his eyes to hash out his inner chaos.
  68. There are several types of Closes, including:.
  69. She closes her eyes as water starts to fill them.
  70. She closes her eyes and lets the world drift by.
  71. She closes long, elegant fingers around the hilt.
  72. Nina closes the chain and put it in her dresser.
  73. Anthony closes the book and then hops off the bed.
  74. He closes his eyes momentarily, savoring my words.
  75. Walk in it, but a short time then the door closes.
  76. Slowly she closes the drawer until it locks shut.
  77. May 16 = Distribution day because closes down -0.
  78. The front door then closes and locks behind Dana.
  79. For all practical purposes, the closes are equal.
  80. He then steps back and closes his apartment door.
  81. The second day closes at the low of the first day.
  82. Neumann One opens and closes the bolt of his rifle.
  83. The words come at him again and he closes his eyes.
  84. He closes the draw, but has something in his hand.
  85. Move quickly, before it closes, he whispered.
  86. She sadly walks out as the door closes behind her.
  87. She turns off the bedside lamp and closes her eyes.
  88. When he shuts it off, quiet closes over the museum.
  89. He returns and closes this chapter of the story of.
  90. He touches his forehead to mine and closes his eyes.
  91. He closes his eyes and looks to be counting to ten.
  92. And all the while it closes in like a tender noose.
  93. However, the price then closes below the trend line.
  94. Russ closes the binder, waves his hand dismissively.
  95. He closes the door all the way shut behind himself.
  96. A hand closes around her arm and yanks her sideways.
  97. Badde pushes her inside, goes in and closes the door.
  98. Arlan closes his eyes and listened again, carefully.
  99. He jumps into the van and closes the door behind him.
  100. He closes the door behind us and slips off his shoes.

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1. It was a close call.
2. It was close to noon.
3. As it got close to.
4. I got close to the.
5. Too close to my home.
6. That was a close call.
7. I tried to close my.
8. He was so close to me.
9. I was so close to her.
10. He was that close to.
11. He is so close to her.
12. And to keep in close.
13. I have been close to.
14. It's a close run thing.
15. The lid began to close.
16. I was very close by now.
17. Learn how to close the.
18. How to close the gap?
19. I can't close the gate.
20. His lips were so close.
21. Zeno was close to tears.
22. He was never close to.
23. It is close at hand—.
24. I sat close beside him.
25. Close by it he slowly.
26. They were close to the.
27. There were no close ones.
28. It was close to sunset.
29. As I cling close to thee.
30. It was close to starting.
31. I have close ties with.
32. Manu, who lives close by.
33. Tony and I were close.
34. That was a close attack.
35. There's a town close by.
36. He held her close to him.
37. I said close your eyes.
38. She leans in close to him.
39. It was going to be close.
40. He leans in close to John.
41. God drew me close to Him.
42. Buey Dan ran close to Tui.
43. You can bet he’s close.
44. He is so close, so close.
45. Ilmal sat close to Tymio.
46. We're very close, he and I.
47. That was too close a call.
48. She looked close to tears.
49. And she was so very close.
50. Close to her story anyway.
51. This is too close to home.
52. Now that we're this close.
53. She then got close to them.
54. He pulled her close to him.
55. And I was so close to her.
56. I stay close to Christina.
57. We have to draw close to.
58. There’s a town close by.
59. It hadn’t come close or.
60. She waited til he was close.
61. I was standing close to it.
62. Close them again and relax.
63. This one is close to death.
64. But I felt so close to him.
65. He held his nose close to.
66. However, there is a close.
67. They didn't close the door.
68. She pulled him close to her.
69. Hope you guys were close.
70. Having him close was more.
71. Not up close, he says.
72. Here, I will lean close.
73. That was a bit too close.
74. Pulling him close so that.
75. And we were … close, once.
76. His eyes can now see close.
77. His face moved close to hers.
78. Until she was so close to me.
79. It was not a close election.
80. Rex motioned her close again.
81. Michael could close the door.
82. She starts to close the door.
83. We had become close friends.
84. They were close to a forest.
85. He put me under close watch.
86. Their faces were very close.
87. Land us as close as you can.
88. But to see one up close, I.
89. Her set had come to a close.
90. Should she close her eyes?
91. She smiled at the close call.
92. She was close to starvation.
93. Are you close to her?
94. Now it was almost too close.
95. In fact, it is so close to.
96. He tried to close his mind.
97. No, in fact not even close.
98. The Lord is very close to you.
99. It was too close to pull out.
100. You’re about this close to.