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Cloudy numa frase em (in ingles)

It was cloudy and dirty.
Now the skies are cloudy.
It was mostly cloudy, with.
Today it was unusualy cloudy.
It was cloudy when we woke up.
Her eyes were pale and cloudy.
Today was cloudy and blustery.

The weather was cloudy and cool.
Sky cloudy with mist in the air.
The evening sky is partly cloudy.
Use them even when it’s cloudy.
The sky was cloudy and the moon.
It was a cloudy, gusty, rainy day.
They made the cloudy sky reappear.
It was kind of a cloudy, misty day.
He looked up at the dark, cloudy sky.
It was to remain cloudy throughout.
It was a cloudy but dry and warm day.
The waxing moon sank into the cloudy.
It was chilly in the morning, cloudy.
They looked into his cloudy eyes that.
I glanced up at the ominous cloudy sky.
Her cloudy hair as golden as the leaves.
Topside it was a cloudy, dank day, the.
The cloudy substance was straight ahead.
I feel a little cloudy this morning though.
Her eyes were too cloudy to tell their color.
The sky was cloudy, but the clouds were well.
She had the cloudy memory that made her think.
Don't worry about the cloudy water that results.
The cloudy overcast held in the summer-like heat.
The bathroom is now cloudy with steam… and hot.
On a cloudy day, it's more common than you think.
Few stars glittered in the partly cloudy night sky.
These thoughts ran through Mark's cloudy mind as he.
That much I remember, but everything else is cloudy.
While the storm had passed, the skies remained cloudy.
Now it didn't matter if became cloudy or covered in.
However, I had seen the cloudy sight in mother’s eyes.
His mind, however, was still somewhat cloudy from the.

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