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Clutch numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. I had a small clutch bag.
  2. I clutch her close to me.
  3. Because I clutch the soul.
  4. Crystal moved off the clutch.
  5. I clutch the screen to my chest.

  6. I felt some one clutch me by the elbow.
  7. He was eying the spoke in Buck’s clutch.
  8. I clutch the edge of the bench beneath me.
  9. Clutch out—to you and back, Mack said.
  10. Clutch on hope to abandon the unhappy thought.
  11. Still holding onto Enzo, TK enforces his clutch.
  12. Al slipped in the low gear and let in the clutch.
  13. For some reason the clutch didn’t work either.
  14. I threw in the clutch and drew out of the stable.
  15. Ciere toys with her clutch, waiting for the shot.

  16. She shifted into reverse and eased the clutch out.
  17. Popping the clutch, the backhoe lurched forward and.
  18. Pollock's grave under it and clutch him by the ankles.
  19. The way his blue eyes smiled, and the thrilling clutch.
  20. The BMW torqued it up to max revs and popped the clutch.
  21. The mysterious hotel key is safely tucked into her clutch.
  22. She slipped the clutch and cut the power, realising the.
  23. Like wind-blown thistles that one cannot touch or clutch.
  24. The only thing she has left is her clutch and its contents.
  25. Old men clutch hurricane lamps; children shriek; dogs yowl.

  26. And you've let a clutch of idiot birds grab you by the ears.
  27. She would clutch him, wrap herself around him and sleep for.
  28. The Thenardier woman had not released her clutch on his hair.
  29. While in the lying position clutch your hands behind your head.
  30. She barely had time to clutch her peplos to her front before.
  31. Her hair was done up in a braid and she carried a clutch purse.
  32. She places her honored hand into his kind gracious gentle clutch.
  33. Older women especially, having grabbed, were inclined to clutch.
  34. I clutch the rails of the fence, my gore dribs, thinn'd with the.
  35. The bushes tear at our clothes, their branches clutch at our legs.
  36. Looking round, I felt my heart clutch as I feared I was too late!.
  37. To clutch that idol, treachery Sundered him from the thing he loved.
  38. I clutch the wilted bouquet of flowers, groping to understand what.
  39. When we reached the penthouse, I threw my clutch bag onto the couch.
  40. This is a clutch! Madeline brandished her tiny sequined bag.
  41. She started the engine and let the clutch go with professional ease.
  42. She stepped on it much too hard and failed to step in on the clutch.
  43. Now, hold the RPM’s at one thousand and slowly release the clutch.
  44. The driver pressed the clutch and put the backhoe in reverse moving.
  45. As he said this, he released me from his clutch, and only looked at me.
  46. When I start to cry, I clutch the pillow to my chest and let it happen.
  47. Can I kill her with a lipstick tube? What else do I have in my clutch?
  48. Since there was no way of getting at the clutch that lever wouldn't go.
  49. Clutch slip: Often caused by oil or grease getting on the clutch plates.
  50. I take my bad temper out on the clutch as I drive away from The Stables.
  51. Emily, that hurts! I moan as the clutch burns for the second time.
  52. She freed her wrists from my clutch and began to cry in her handkerchief.
  53. His hand had abruptly to leave my shoulder so as to clutch it down again.
  54. The doorbell rang and Cami grabbed her coordinating clutch and headed out.
  55. She snatched up her white clutch (shocker) and bounded down the staircase.
  56. I clutch the seat beneath me and try not to think of what I ate for dinner.
  57. Smith started the car, engaged first gear and took his foot off the clutch.
  58. That's some clutch stuff, but we still have an inning and a half to finish.
  59. I will stick one claw into his body, and with the other I will clutch a tree.
  60. Albert Johnson jerked his clutch in and tore loose from the grip of the crowd.
  61. All she could do was clutch at Talus and hope this wild journey was soon over.
  62. Though she was ready for the pain this time, it still made her stomach clutch.
  63. A last couplet floated through her brain,--her brain seemed to clutch at it:.
  64. One hand moved as if to clutch the window sill, but refrained from touching it.
  65. Both boys writhed in the iron-maiden clutch of hungry saurians and bristly apes.
  66. I walked back out of the closet and found my clutch in a chair where Derek had.
  67. Hear me Lord of Hosts, for thine Rudras have engaged a clutch of Yoginis that.
  68. The silly old bugger’s always here with a clutch of other simple-minded morons.
  69. Now I felt her fingers clutch the back of my neck, urging will power and strength.
  70. I clutch Tobias’s hand, and there is a moment of silence like a withheld breath.
  71. And he had let the clutch out against the brake to test for slipping clutch plates.
  72. He swallowed and this faint action of his Adam's apple dislodged her feeble clutch.
  73. I think that people clutch to the idea that they are their profession because its.
  74. We kneel together on the stone floor, and I clutch her as tightly as she clutches me.
  75. When she pushed it this time, she pulled in the clutch and left the accelerator alone.
  76. Graphic 4 connecting the reversibly moving gear by the arm of a ratchet clutch to the.
  77. They made the turn and Puller watched as Knox opened her clutch and took out the pistol.
  78. No, in Europe they wouldn't understand it yet, but that's just what we shall clutch at.
  79. I clutch the hard drive to my chest, lean my head on Tobias’s shoulder, and try to sleep.
  80. Oh God don’t let me kill him or anyone else! She pushed the clutch in and turned the key.
  81. She felt his clutch tightening and her ability to breathe slowly being stolen away from her.
  82. I clutch my ID in my hand and half walk, half run past the security barrier to the sculpture.
  83. Guarded, he kept his foot on the clutch, and then pushed up the stick shift, into first gear.
  84. The end of an arm coming out of a spherical hinge is connected with an arm in a ratchet clutch.
  85. Still, the Pharaoh was always one to clutch his grudges almost as greedily as if they’re gold.
  86. The rage inside Carroll seemed to clutch and rip at the back of his throat, tearing at his flesh.
  87. She fell into a hatching ground and landed on a clutch of 22 dragon eggs in the gelatinous stage.
  88. Alex lets out the clutch and the car rolls forward gently, edging up to the bumper of the Sierra.
  89. I kept the speed low, and made each gear change carefully, letting out the clutch nice and smooth.
  90. She would capable hands that drove out fear, could clutch Ellen’s skirts and bury her face in them.
  91. As he began slipping down, his head and arm to clutch the window sill, but refrained from touching it.
  92. That, I realize as I clutch my stomach, is exactly what I would have done if I had been in her position.
  93. When the driver appeared on the road Yvonne delayed no longer in dropping the clutch and speeding away.
  94. Men will clutch to the skirt of a Jew and say, Take us with you, for you know God, Zechariah 8:23.
  95. Luke hands our coats over at the coat check while I stand holding the tiny clutch that matches the dress.
  96. The last dragon left a clutch of five, and they have more on Dragonstone, old ones from before the Dance.
  97. Her fingers clutch at the bedclothes convulsively, clinging to their reality as her memory took her back.
  98. Jesus did not die to ransom man from the clutch of the apostate rulers and fallen princes of the spheres.
  99. Everybody has been rolling downhill, and every one has known for ages that they have nothing to clutch at.
  100. And here’s a secret about Larry Pulaski: a clutch situation, late innings, lives on the line, he’s Mr.
  1. He cried out, clutching it.
  2. We’re clutching at straws here.
  3. Adam squirmed clutching his chest.
  4. He swayed, clutching at Sam's arm.
  5. Clutching forks and knives to eat.
  6. He doubled over, clutching himself.
  7. Greg joined them, clutching his head.
  8. Each was clutching a semi-automatic.
  9. I was clutching my gun and trembling.
  10. Clutching Matthew’s arm, she wel-.
  11. The baby was clutching a blue rattle.
  12. Clutching the book, tears filled the.
  13. Virocana reeled, clutching at his face.
  14. He doubled over, clutching his middle.
  15. The party was now clutching at straws.
  16. He and Dixon were clutching each other.
  17. Found in the riverbed clutching rushes.
  18. He doubled over, clutching his stomach.
  19. Yet this clutching on with blind belief.
  20. He was clutching his head in both hands.
  21. Mothers screamed, clutching onto their.
  22. Clutching the wall, he inched himself up.
  23. She was still clutching Allen in her arms.
  24. Bridget knew she was clutching at straws.
  25. She woke in a sweat, clutching her throat.
  26. They moved to the door, Lisa clutching her.
  27. His wife Hattie waited, clutching his arm.
  28. He was clutching a skateboard at his chest.
  29. His hand clutching his blood stained shirt.
  30. Lezura saw him clutching his hands and said.
  31. He turned to Lezura, clutching his shoulder.
  32. He is clutching a gigantic book in his arms.
  33. He was asleep but was clutching onto an axe.
  34. Passion's fist clutching Adoration's bouquet.
  35. Pippin suddenly, clutching at Gandalf's cloak.
  36. He dropped to his knees, clutching his chest.
  37. Something seemed to be clutching at my heart.
  38. Basilard reentered, clutching a pen and paper.
  39. Behind the column, Kate was clutching the wand.
  40. Chandio shouted in pain, clutching at his face.
  41. He’s still clutching the piglet dissection.
  42. It was obvious they were clutching for straws.
  43. I coughed and stumbled on, clutching the knife.
  44. Uncle Hobart fell over, clutching at his chest.
  45. Brooke gazed at the poem she was still clutching.
  46. Clutching his shirt, I opened my lips under his.
  47. The man was dazed, the woman clutching her elbow.
  48. I followed him, clutching the war hammer tightly.
  49. The father fell to the ground clutching his neck.
  50. He dropped to his knees, clutching a broken nose.
  51. His clutching hand found what it was looking for.
  52. Victor was standing over me clutching his pistol.
  53. It’s true, Cathy said, clutching his hand.
  54. She was clutching a smal urn tightly in her hands.
  55. Clutching at his arm, she nodded smiling to Levin.
  56. My God! Cardiff cried, clutching his notepad.
  57. She looked confused, her hand still clutching his.
  58. He went in, and came out, clutching his ‘loot’.
  59. I noticed Mothers hands clutching the bowl tightly.
  60. I stumbled back up to my feet clutching the pistol.
  61. The edges crumbled off under his clutching fingers.
  62. She was sitting up in the bed, clutching the blan-.
  63. Russell stumbled to the ground clutching his stomach.
  64. Chloe stood at the door, clutching her teddy bear.
  65. For a moment he stood, gasping, clutching his breast.
  66. He reached out in desperation with a clutching hand.
  67. Clutching the boy, he stumbled to Isabella and Johan.
  68. Joey reeled in anguish and yelled, clutching his arm.
  69. My fingers knotted in his hair, clutching him to me.
  70. Aazuria, he groaned, clutching his bleeding arm.
  71. Steng flies back, clutching his eyes, howling in pain.
  72. He was jerked to his feet, a hand clutching his throat.
  73. Joey shrieked on his back, clutching his bleeding hand.
  74. Holmes kept gasping for breath and clutching his hands.
  75. He dropped his daggers clutching his shoulder in agony.
  76. The man began screaming frantically, clutching at his.
  77. The Guildsman yelped and danced back, clutching his leg.
  78. Clutching the stopwatch, he pulls the magic around him.
  79. Ooooh, that hurts, Cali said, clutching her chest.
  80. Robbie, red-faced and clutching his hand, glared at her.
  81. After clutching the handle of the duffel bag until her.
  82. She dropped to the snow, clutching her knee and moaning.
  83. Rojan looked up at Tammas, clutching his gut with both.
  85. He stood in a corner clutching the towel tight around him.
  86. Vaughn fell to his knees and screamed, clutching his chest.
  87. Travis staggered sideways, clutching the door for support.
  88. Libuse rose slightly from her crouch, clutching her spear.
  89. Clutching the parcel tighter, I hurried on to the bookshop.
  90. Chris left the clinic clutching his plastic bottle of pills.
  91. No—no—no! muttered Lebedeff, clutching at his arm.
  92. He yelled out and dropped to the ground clutching his head.
  93. That’s not true! I shouted earnestly, clutching my.
  94. I OPEN MY eyes, terrified, my hands clutching at the sheets.
  95. Claire sat on the boulder, clutching her head in her hands.
  96. Troy turned back to the inspection hatch, clutching his can.
  97. Clutching the Professor’s papers Max leapt out of the car.
  98. Clutching his chest, he fell to his knees in the high grass.
  99. She was clutching a smal photograph, which she raised up to.
  100. Clutching his stomach where a dark stain grows on his shirt.
  1. Nem clutched at the bag.
  2. Then I clutched his hand.
  3. She clutched at his shirt.
  4. He clutched at his throat.
  5. She clutched at this straw.
  6. I clutched at his overcoat.
  7. Dan gasped as he clutched.
  8. He clutched at the edge of.
  9. She clutched his arm tighter.
  10. Gasping, he clutched his head.
  11. A spasm of fear clutched at me.
  12. Her hands clutched at the wheel.
  13. He clutched at Caleb’s sleeve.
  14. My daughter clutched it to her.
  15. Darek clutched his chest while.
  16. I clutched the suitcase tighter.
  17. Anne clutched his hand, relieved.
  18. She clutched his hand decisively.
  19. Pierre groaned and clutched his.
  20. He clutched her hand to detain her.
  21. She clutched her stomach, Leave.
  22. Wincing, Sorren clutched his hand.
  23. Darek clutched his side, grimacing.
  24. The two Fathers clutched each other.
  25. He clutched the rifle in his hands.
  26. The man beside him clutched at him.
  27. He clutched his letters and hung on.
  28. The pirate clutched his broken nose.
  29. But still his hand clutched softness.
  30. Its arms were clutched to its throat.
  31. Tiece clutched a doorknob and held on.
  32. He winced and clutched at his abdomen.
  33. They clutched at the straw he offered.
  34. He clutched on to the bar for support.
  35. Emily groaned and clutched at her thigh.
  36. A flash of panic clutched at her chest.
  37. It swirled and clutched at their coats.
  38. Joey clutched his shoulder and grimaced.
  39. I clutched the post at the end of my bed.
  40. Her arms were clutched around his waist.
  41. He clutched whatever it was and held on.
  42. His hand clutched his heavy black staff.
  43. She tenderly clutched her throbbing chest.
  44. It put out a claw and clutched the bundle.
  45. A tattered quill was clutched in her hand.
  46. But she still clutched the little Maglite.
  47. The raga soothed and clutched at my heart.
  48. And then held him back, clutched him to me.
  49. I clutched his hand even tighter as I said.
  50. Travers moaned and clutched at Parker's arm.
  51. She clutched at her tender right shoulder.
  52. Breckenridge clutched the reins and leaned.
  53. He clutched his heart and fell to his knees.
  54. Her legs quivered and she clutched her belly.
  55. She clutched the pills tightly in her left.
  56. The hospital? Manda clutched her chest.
  57. She clutched her chest cringing at the pain.
  58. Daphnie still clutched the book to her chest.
  59. My hands were clutched tightly as I ran to her.
  60. The machete fell to the stone still clutched.
  61. Rich stood, clutched his folder and forced a.
  62. The hand of embarrassment, clutched his throat.
  63. He clutched me by the shoulder and stopped me.
  64. When suddenly, the Ultra clutched at its neck.
  65. She clutched her teddy-bear close to her chest.
  66. His heart skipped a beat, and he clutched the.
  67. Her hand reached out and clutched Travis' coat.
  68. She cried out and clutched her shoulder in pain.
  69. She clutched my new driving license in her hand.
  70. Bajrang clutched his collar and lifted him two.
  71. Cristian clutched his chest as the pain subsided.
  72. The prime minister clutched his hand and wailed.
  73. She clutched the vial of mystic acid in her hand.
  74. She gazed thirstily at him and clutched his hands.
  75. He looked at the phone still clutched in her hand.
  76. She clutched at her chest, which started to heave.
  77. Clutched in her hand was a wadded piece of paper.
  78. He clutched onto that strength and held it close.
  79. As I clutched my blanket to my sides, I remembered.
  80. His sister clutched onto his arm, fearful as well.
  81. I clutched at my chest, as my breath came in gasps.
  82. The straw they clutched was obviously a crazy one.
  83. Levin clutched at his head and ran out of the room.
  84. Ali pulled him close, clutched him with tenderness.
  85. The automatic rifle was still clutched in his hand.
  86. He clutched his stomach and started laughing harder.
  87. He clutched that something in his hand and forearm.
  88. She still clutched the device at her neck, wheezing.
  89. Gania, left alone, clutched his head with his hands.
  90. Coenter yanked her hand from Yeltsa and clutched it.
  91. She clutched Valera’s hand and sank into a chair.
  92. He clutched a greasy sack that read Curi’s Bakery.
  93. Our hero shrieked and clutched his head in his hands.
  94. He clutched the armrests so tight his fingers ached.
  95. He clutched the back of her head with his left hand.
  96. He waited about, his hands clutched behind his back.
  97. Ryan clutched at the back of his head and looked at.
  98. Mr Snickerty halted mid-step and clutched the railing.
  99. A flutter of panic clutched at the pit of her stomach.
  100. Rafe staggered and clutched his chest in mock surprise.
  1. It clutches a ball point.
  2. Away from the clutches of G.
  3. Guilt clutches at my stomach.
  4. The name clutches at my stomach.
  5. Evan to keep you out of her clutches.
  6. Werner clutches the hem of the flag.
  7. Escaping from the clutches of a ski-masked.
  8. Ren clutches a small cigar between her teeth.
  9. I'll get him in my clutches and laugh at him.
  10. Typical clutches are three to five white eggs.
  11. With his right hand, he clutches his left wrist.
  12. That he kept you out of Helmis clutches?
  13. Who had freed from the clutches of saebeline hand.
  14. She looked at Vaughn in the clutches of Kyle and.
  15. We have not found any of their egg clutches lately.
  16. God keep you out of the clutches of such a man as he.
  17. Mom clutches Dad’s polo shirt and cowers beside him.
  18. This however, did not liberate him from their clutches.
  19. He can’t get out of the clutches of the world easily.
  20. Iverson clutches the microdrive in the palm of his hands.
  21. Onyx clutches his interlocking fingers and firmly presses.
  22. Taking his time to settle into its clutches, the creaking.
  23. She clutches Uriah’s hand, which stays limp on the sheets.
  24. As soon as my goodies were in the clutches of my incredible.
  25. Nearly four hours later, Kyle finally let me out of his clutches.
  26. And then he goes and clutches at my ear and gives it a good pull.
  27. She clutches it tightly while pressing her fist against her chest.
  28. No hours so dark had Pippin known, not even in the clutches of the.
  29. An avidactyl swooped pass with Bahit in its clutches by his shoulder.
  30. Her eyes close and she clutches Uncle Dylan's arm hard to her mouth.
  31. He clutches his gut, his shoulders hitting the wall, and fires again.
  32. And she meant to get you in her clutches, do you realize that?
  33. In this hopeful sanctuary, and under the clutches of this harpy, did we.
  34. Over ten years ago, my twin sister was in your clutches for quite a bit.
  35. And while it sucks it clutches at your bosom with its little hand, plays.
  36. But looking at you, I thought, I'll get him in my clutches and laugh at him.
  37. He noticed that they formed little clutches, sort of semi-permeable cliques.
  38. Christina clutches me tighter as he walks past us, without even looking at me.
  39. She clutches the dress to her chest, and then stares at the three smiling faces.
  40. MOTHER IS HERE!—A little fawn in the clutches of a fox bleats loudly for help.
  41. Gervais clutches at his door handle, all the while still holding his phone aloft.
  42. He is always thankful to God for escaping from the clutches of the cruel tyrant.
  43. Those of us who had not already gotten beyond their clutches were cast up beyond.
  44. Half the peasants of their district owed them money, and so were in their clutches.
  45. We kneel together on the stone floor, and I clutch her as tightly as she clutches me.
  46. We stopped there by the way, and there was no getting my wife out of their clutches.
  47. Vermes’ efforts to bring this material out of the clutches of Vatican operatives and his.
  48. You have insinuated that you ran only to overtake me, not to escape the clutches of the lion.
  49. Once again in his tormenter’s clutches, Louie descended back into a state of profound stress.
  50. Unfortunately, trying to free Mary from the clutches of the Gestapo was not a realistic option.
  51. I will try to break you from their clutches once you have made an attempt to take back the key.
  52. They rocked gently, her eyes still those of a child awakened from the clutches of a night terror.
  53. Be careful that you do not escape the clutches of one civilization, only to be trapped by another.
  54. I'd simply had a timely warning and a lucky escape from the clutches of both the law and religion.
  55. More than half the peasants were in his clutches, every one in the neighborhood was in debt to him.
  56. The next person to enter this room was going to feel my wrath I was going to escape the clutches of G.
  57. A second after his abrupt movement he cringes as if in slow motion, and clutches at his throbbing head.
  58. The girl fought her way out of the clutches of the black; and she fell as it passed over a mountain range.
  59. It was the first time he'd been out of his father's clutches and he was determined to make the most of it.
  60. No one but the Queen knew that she and Altera had hatched a plan to keep Sonia out of Lord Boras’ clutches.
  61. And he wriggled like an eel and made indescribable efforts to slip out of the clutches of the green fisherman.
  62. All the time I expended in Mike’s front office doing copying and faxing kept me away from Maria’s clutches.
  63. I leaped out of the window and then continued my trek onwards, hoping to escape the clutches of the law forever.
  64. She was determined to set her life on a new course on her own terms, out of the clutches of government and men.
  65. Never heard of him, oh hang on was he the guy that tried to get Owl out of the Walfs clutches, Troy asked.
  66. How else could she have escaped the clutches of Thorne? She must have known about Thorne's plans the whole time.
  67. So he waited patiently, trying to stay out of Saul’s clutches while some other agent arose to do God’s bidding.
  68. The wheelwright and the stable-man, in despair at the prospect of the traveller escaping their clutches, interfered.
  69. He was sensitive about something financial, she was being followed and he was in the clutches of an obvious bait girl.
  70. Not so much lately, but every time the nervous chill clutches at your guts you realise youve lived with it all your life.
  71. Clutches of expensive cars, fluorescing affluence, were clustered together on sweeping driveways of freshly washed gravel.
  72. As you said earlier, if the public turns on him, they will remember that you kept him out of the clutches of the Israelis.
  73. The turnips were reluctant to release their victim, snapping and hissing as Bryony tried to haul Zach from their clutches.
  74. I became a teacher, carrying on the work here in Pravik, keeping true history alive and out of the clutches of the Empire.
  75. At Orcha Napoleon burned his baggage with his own hands in order to prevent it from falling into the clutches of the enemy.
  76. This realization was hard to swallow, but after escaping the clutches of the perverted pastor, I was happy to just be alive.
  77. I always wanted to compliment the courageous lady who saved young Princess Henriette-Anne from the clutches of Cromwell.
  78. Several weeks had gone by and the MCU had accepted that Jessica Harper had probably got away from their clutches for the moment.
  79. French molt is a strange disease that sometimes attacks clutches of young budgies at the age when they should be leaving the nest.
  80. A bandy child, asquat on the doorstep with a paper shuttlecock, crawls sidling after her in spurts, clutches her skirt, scrambles up.
  81. If he instead released his soul from his ego’s clutches, it would be free to become part of the universal soul, the mighty Brahman.
  82. Derek’s clutches once more and job or no job, she would still have to endure seeing him again on painful visits at her house or theirs.
  83. Her conscience pricked for an instant, when she remembered how she had envied Carla and even contemplated luring Max into her own clutches.
  84. There was state of terror all over the country and Zulimistan had mounted the word of terrorism on the world was itself under its clutches.
  85. He knew that once he had spread the ashes, had released them into the river’s clutches, he would be done with this world, with this life.
  86. CAMERA CUTS TO SARAH as she clutches her open mouth in shock, then swiftly tiptoes to her room where she picks her cell and call the police.
  87. Less than twenty-four hours before she had actually been in the clutches of a man who police believed could well have been the serial killer.
  88. An arm of the main conflagration had shot out a half mile south of its parent to embrace this tiny strip of road in its implacable clutches.
  89. Oh, by the by!’ he shouted through the doorway after Pierre, ‘is it true that the countess has fallen into the clutches of the holy fathers.
  90. He had already demonstrated the format for the writings, making it as exact a copy as he could without having the book in his clutches for an example.
  91. It knew that its victim could never escape its clutches and by teasing with a slow journey to an agonizing death, it could prolong the mental torture.
  92. She’d had to watch her blond hair fall out from the chemotherapy treatments; then she’d had to adapt to life in the iron clutches of her wheelchair.
  93. In her wake, a man who was foolish enough to try to grab her ass as she passed clutches a broken and bloodied hand, and howls with drunken pain and fury.
  94. The clutches of reality were inescapable though and he snapped back to it when the sweat running down his forehead had turned into a small, steady trickle.
  95. This monster that had almost claimed her seemed to jealously guard all that it had stolen, her birthright, only the edge of which had escaped its clutches.
  96. First, she’d been responsible for the Kidnapping of Belinda; then she’d caus’d the Murder of Cocklyn, bringing us both into the Clutches of a Villain.
  97. Being a bit of a piper himself, he was giving "Jock" a lift and was incidentally the means of fetching this little band away from the clutches of the enemy.
  98. I confess I was in a tremor, I was prepared for great deeds; my heart was beating like a kitten's when some bony hand clutches it by the scruff of the neck.
  99. She was loathe to admit that the thrill of leaping over blue water in the clutches of a Latin Lothario was part of the reason she wasn't angrier about this.
  100. It was indeed a carnivorous plant, and when we had rescued our companion from its clutches, we held our nostrils and examined the depths of the odoriferous flower.

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