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Come numa frase em (in ingles)

She had come for me.
He will come at six.
But you can come in.
The song has to come.
I knew it would come.
So the time had come.
Or come up with ways.

She told me to come.
What will come to be.
I'll come up with it.
Yet he will come to.
He would come for her.
You know it will come.
Come on then, get in.
Why has he come back?
The time had come to.
They had come for him.
At least they had come.
It didn't come to that.
Ray had come up trumps.
If it had come to that.
Again u come up with it.
You knew it would come.
Come on to the ECR and.
The One, who is, is come.
That is why I have come.
Sharon had come to him.
Said he would come again.
This is where you come in.
You need to come with me.
I told him to come over.
I've come to arrest you.
He wants to come with us.
Here, come to the pantry.
Come back to me quickly.
Come on, let’s get out.
So, come back with me.
That’s where you come in.
But I come to you in the.
Can you come and help her.
Then I see her coming.
No one saw us coming.
The tide is coming in.
M: There was no coming.
He was coming for her.
He is coming for me.
She met Jerry coming up.
I saw the trick coming.
She was coming up and.
He knew who was coming.
I didn’t see it coming.
I noticed a man coming.
He seemed to be coming.
Coming forth, one by one.
The coming of the lord:.
And it is coming soon!.
Coming to the altar in.
I heard you were coming.
She was not coming back.
He knew what was coming.
You saw that one coming.
A little baby is coming.
Upon coming out of the.
Coming are but a minority.
I think I saw this coming.
Then I see Chan coming in.
He never saw them coming.
KNOW that they are coming.
Many were coming up the.
The world is coming into.
Dad’s coming to get me.
And now they were coming.
Is she coming here also?
It was al coming to him.
They were coming for her.
Over coming it is another.
I saw his attacks coming.
Coming out of the Shadows.
For their reward is coming.
He comes to my aid.
Comes out in the end.
It all comes down to.
A smile comes to Mr.
It comes to the same.
He That Comes To God.
It comes from the sky.
He comes to rule the.
Here it comes, I think.
I know what comes next.
When it comes to our.
But it comes at a cost.
The word comes in two.
In comes the heavy mob.
When he comes again to.
It comes from you, John.
M: It comes to the same.
But then it comes to me.
He comes to the doorway.
It comes with the job.
He comes out of the car.
Alec Davis comes to tea.
He Comes from the Dark.
But what comes next M.
If it comes to a battle.
The will comes into use.
What Comes and Goes has.
It comes from within us.
The Yogi comes to know.
If it comes to trial.
All that comes is vanity.
And then it comes to me.
But it comes even worse.
It all comes down to this.
When he comes to see you.
I guess it comes to that.
It really comes down to.
Life comes and life goes.
When it comes to sexual.
As it comes to the shore.
The man came to me.
He came to my house.
He came across a car.
And so it came to be.
He came thru the door.
When she came to me.
Frank came up to her.
In the end, he came!.
The boy came in and.
They came in the dark.
Next I came up with.
It came out all wrong.
The pain came in waves.
The Chief came to my.
Beth came in and said.
And so it came to pass.
It came from up ahead.
Her hands came to my.
And then the snow came.
Suddenly he came to it.
The boss man came in.
It came out as a plea.
The Train Came On Time.
Jesus came out of the.
Books came over to help.
And her mother came in.
Since you came on the.
Tony came back from her.
Eric came to his rescue.
The demons came at him.
We came out of the shop.
A smile came to my face.
When she came out, she.
The agony came in waves.
Out of the tunnel came.
Just then a call came in.
And then it came to him.
The boulder came to life.
Came here in the winter.
She came to the parties.

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