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Comfort numa frase em (in ingles)

1. If it is any comfort.
2. It was a cold comfort.
3. I tried to comfort her.
4. It was such a comfort.
5. I tried to comfort them.
6. It was not much comfort.
7. In comfort of that light.

8. I wanted to comfort him.
9. What is a comfort zone?
10. He could not comfort her.
11. He found comfort in her.
12. This is such a comfort!.
13. Your comfort in your life.
14. But it gave her no comfort.
15. George moved to comfort her.
16. There was no comfort there.
17. Abbey tried to comfort him.
18. Would comfort my road into.
19. But that brings me comfort.
20. His peace and comfort will.
21. Carrie tried to comfort her.
22. There is some comfort there.
23. There is comfort in routine.
25. His words brought no comfort.
26. I wanted to comfort the girl.
27. He was quick to comfort them.
28. Maybe this will comfort him.
29. There was comfort in numbers.
30. I find great comfort in that.
31. There is comfort to the pain.
32. Find comfort of soul with an.
33. He tries to comfort her also.
34. And comfort him with My grace.
35. Go on, with every comfort.
36. There is some comfort in that.
37. Caring about your comfort is.
38. Comfort food is what you need.
39. The church offered no comfort.
40. Of the comfort you always had.
41. He could offer her no comfort.
42. Leaving the comfort of nature.
43. The purpose of a comfort zone.
44. His only comfort was a blanket.
45. He felt a sense of real comfort.
46. There was some comfort in that.
47. That’s a comfort, I said.
48. I don't know, probably comfort.
49. Trago was trying to comfort her.
50. The case admitted of no comfort.
51. This time, it delivered comfort.
52. They’re too close for comfort.
53. The only comfort he could gain.
54. And what comfort was it to him.
55. I took no comfort in his terror.
56. She found little comfort in that.
57. It was imminent that I comfort.
58. They give comfort to the masses.
59. Nothing could comfort in anyway.
60. Wendy found comfort in the smile.
61. Didn’t come to him for comfort.
62. We can consider the comfort and.
63. You always were a comfort, Teddy.
64. Second task: Is to comfort fears.
65. Dr Fiona was a great comfort to us.
66. Comfort him yes, but hit him also.
67. Take comfort that solutions exist.
68. I wanted to give her some comfort.
69. Tom settled for the comfort of a.
70. They are now too close for comfort.
71. There's little comfort in the wise.
72. Which was cold comfort to Hastings.
73. I picked her up to comfort her.
74. To comfort Him in the sorrows.
75. He had no idea how to comfort her.
76. And creates the comfort I so covet.
77. And he depends on you for comfort.
78. It’s like comfort and homecoming.
79. Creepy however, offered no comfort.
80. He had to find someone to comfort.
81. To whisper comfort, love and hope?
82. It was almost to close for comfort.
83. She tried her best to comfort her.
84. Again he smiled: I gave him comfort.
85. Marie and the comfort of a cocktail.
86. I'm only thinking of your comfort.
87. Thatcher and tried to comfort them.
88. That is to give some comfort to baby.
89. That had been too close for comfort.
90. It can be described as comfort food.
91. His words did not comfort me at all.
92. Yet, I’d found comfort in another.
93. Her soft voice seemed to comfort him.
94. Why, she said it would comfort her.
95. Comfort Yourselves With These Words.
96. Who would begrudge her any comfort.
97. And tarry for the comfort of the day.
98. I knew that he sought comfort from.
99. Comfort of the afflicted pray for us.
100. I guess, would call that cold comfort.
1. This time it was comforting.
2. It felt soft and comforting.
3. The fresh scent was comforting.
4. The sound was quite comforting.
5. He bore her comforting in silence.
6. Not exactly a comforting response.
7. That's comforting to me in a way.
8. That was not a comforting thought.
9. A comforting thought! Oh, rubbish.
10. It was a simple but comforting act.
11. I found that very comforting as I.
12. Liza stood with a comforting hand.
13. You’re right, that is comforting.
14. It was no longer warm and comforting.
15. All he wants is a little comforting.
16. All of it was beautiful, comforting.
17. This room was oddly comforting to me.
18. And that is very comforting to me.
19. He tried to raise a comforting smile.
20. Katie sighed at his comforting touch.
21. There was a comforting hand on her arm.
22. It is familiar to me, even comforting.
23. A comforting hand on the back of his.
24. Oh well there's a comforting thought.
25. It is their souls that need comforting.
26. Man, I really stink at this comforting.
27. Her words were comforting and validating.
28. This is comforting if you consider a 99.
29. I fall asleep with this comforting idea.
30. I found Katie’s friendship comforting.
31. The darkness was again comforting to him.
32. He was comforting me after what happened.
33. His hand was large, warm, and comforting.
34. It was quite comforting to have it again.
35. The heat was both painful and comforting.
36. Kaya Elbe, said the comforting voice.
37. The thick canvas felt strangely comforting.
38. It was determination, which was comforting.
39. It was a familiar sound; almost comforting.
40. I spot Alastair’s car; it’s comforting.
41. He had become quite good at comforting her.
42. It was comforting to know he was armed also.
43. These can be both comforting and reassuring.
44. She fumbled for something comforting to say.
45. Firm, steady hands are more comforting to a.
46. John placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.
47. The next few days were not at all comforting.
48. She's one of those hoes that need comforting.
49. Brian clasped her arms in a comforting embrace.
50. He gave her a comforting smile, Soon I hope.
51. He’d only meant the gesture to be comforting.
52. I hope these answers will be comforting to you.
53. She wrapped her arms around him, comforting him.
54. It was a strange yet comforting sensation to be.
55. Still comforting Helga, several minutes passed.
56. That’s a comforting thought, she replied.
57. But, she wears a very comforting smile this time.
58. Pulaski had always found it comforting down here.
59. Yet strangely she was also profoundly comforting.
60. I thought of Chris, his comforting arms around me.
61. He kept comforting and convincing me that he was.
62. It was comforting, and he held his arms round her.
63. Wrapping a comforting arm about her he said nothing.
64. It was unpleasant, but comforting at the same time.
65. He then looked up with a comforting smile to Rhonda.
66. Comforting her made him feel a little less useless.
67. It was just as she remembered, warm and comforting.
68. Charly put a comforting hand on the girl's shoulder.
69. They were the most comforting words I've ever heard.
70. I listened to her heartbeat; it was oddly comforting.
71. The adults moved from child to child comforting them.
72. That’s terrible, I said in a comforting voice.
73. Samuel placed a comforting hand on a distraught Sage.
74. And it’s strangely comforting, justifying, it has.
75. Strangely, he found the memory of him comforting now.
76. I felt a soft, comforting feeling growing in my heart.
77. Urged into some effort at comforting her, he said—.
78. Oddly it is simultaneously comforting and frightening.
79. It was familiar somehow, and comforting, but agitated.
80. Her buxom chest offered a soft and comforting cushion.
81. He rested his hand against her shoulder, comforting her.
82. The father wept openly despite his wife’s comforting.
83. Strangely this thought of foreign heads was comforting.
84. It was a good feeling; the smell of her was comforting.
85. There was Ashley who was strong and wise and comforting.
86. She wanted comforting, indignation, threats of vengeance.
87. Was she trying to comfort him or was he comforting her?
88. You’re so sweet, she said in that comforting tone.
89. Come on, Sally said, placing a comforting hand on his.
90. It was very smooth and comforting to know that at least.
91. That is not a comforting thought, Greg mused aloud.
92. It was somehow comforting to hear the stress in her voice.
93. Donald placed a comforting hand on his friend’s shoulder.
94. You can be an irritating as well as a comforting friend.
95. She probably didn’t put on the comforting hat very often.
96. Caleb joined him, putting a comforting hand on his shoulder.
97. Turn Phases--- It's comforting to know that any given turn.
98. It was Doc Zab’s turn to lay a comforting hand on Father.
99. There was precious little attempt at comforting one another.
100. The King placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, but then.
1. The Lost One felt comforted.
2. I comforted him with a hug.
3. But somehow he was comforted.
4. She seems comforted by this.
5. She consoled and comforted me.
6. Nic held me and comforted me.
7. She was comforted to see him.
8. Im comforted to hear that.
9. Scott was not at all comforted.
10. We have comforted and heated.
11. He would not be comforted now.
12. Rebecca could not be comforted.
13. Its fine,’ she comforted her.
14. She comforted him, changed his.
15. The pastor and others comforted.
16. The gift of boats comforted him.
17. Comforted when gazing across at.
18. Then she will be comforted again.
19. She was the person who comforted.
20. I comforted him as well as I could.
21. The servant comforted her mistress.
22. Some women wept, others comforted.
23. Jones, who had far from comforted.
24. Vera comforted me as best she could.
25. I had the notion I’d be comforted.
26. Sarah's words comforted him and he.
27. Every soul is tried and is comforted.
28. Comforted, she pushed the door open.
29. Isaac was comforted after his mother's.
30. Comforted a little by this, Nikki went on.
31. It comforted him to hear these arguments.
32. And she comforted me… She encouraged me.
33. Emma at least took comforted in that fact.
34. Sobbing, she kissed and comforted Natasha.
35. His look of sincere concern comforted her.
36. He could go to hell before I comforted him.
37. Hey, it’s ok, Preeti comforted her.
38. Sobbing, she kissed and comforted Natásha.
39. God, but her words comforted and calmed him.
40. Wonderful Wizard, and would not be comforted.
41. At that thought he was completely comforted.
42. Be comforted! Things have not turned out as.
43. My mother comforted him in the best way she.
44. And you shall be comforted even in Jerusalem.
45. He comforted, he was there, and he loved her.
46. In his black depths he was somehow comforted.
47. Thy rod and Thy staff, they have comforted me.
48. He felt his heartbeat slow and felt comforted.
49. The mere thought of his cassock comforted her.
50. Never was sick woman so much comforted as Mrs.
51. At first, she smiled, comforted by the vision.
52. Spock and I comforted Cynthia as best we could.
53. Andrey Antonovitch was comforted and forgiven.
54. Aladdin comforted her, and left her for a while.
55. She was comforted by the strong smell of horse.
56. He nodded, strangely comforted by her certainty.
57. David ran to his wife's side and comforted her.
58. Then she went on: I comforted the poor little.
59. When I was scared, you always comforted my fears.
60. Victoria comforted me in ways you never could.
61. What was it for? It somehow comforted him.
62. He breathed a sigh of relief, comforted by the.
63. None of us spotted it, Preeti comforted her.
64. To be otherwise comforted was out of the question.
65. Tarantula was with Annah comforted me just the same.
66. My master comforted me and told me she was not lost.
67. As I comforted her, I began to be comforted myself.
68. There was a breadth in his tone which comforted her.
69. Two comforted children sat in the midst of delights.
70. I lay in the dark, breathless, warmed and comforted.
71. Be uplifted, motivated, comforted and guided by its.
72. It comforted him to sing the strange guttural sounds.
73. Ruacha pulled Joshie over and comforted him this time.
74. She held out her hand, for she needed to be comforted.
75. He took her hands, drew her to him, and comforted her.
76. It comforted me to have someone around me all the time.
77. I was always comforted when I would ask my therapist.
78. Therefore we have been comforted in your comfort.
79. Comforted by his answer, she moved close and cuddled up.
80. They didn't and that should have comforted us a little.
81. Happy are they who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
82. Yes, ma’am, I’m right here, Hope comforted her.
83. Consolation: The act or state of being greatly comforted.
84. Matthew comforted her as he saw a tear fall from her eye.
85. Please don’t blame yourself, Lyndi! comforted Aina.
86. He comforted himself by taking that sobriety for disgust.
87. Once the elevator began to race upward he felt comforted.
88. Alice heard their shrill cries and was comforted by them.
89. I had wanted to comfort him and ended up being comforted.
90. You waste places of Jerusalem; for the LORD has comforted.
91. I felt deeply comforted for the first time in a long time.
92. The King comforted her by saying, This night leave your.
93. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted.
94. The warmth of her body comforted him as the wind hurled by.
95. As Vinny tried his best to convalesce, he comforted himself.
96. We soothed and comforted her by such words as we could find.
97. Helga, comforted by the doctor’s wife, regained her compo-.
98. Jane was a little out of it, but was comforted by her husband.
99. Not a second passed by that his parents hadn’t comforted him.
100. Rory wrapped her in his arms and comforted the silent weeping.
1. We all move from the comforts.
2. And comforts they used to enjoy.
3. It comforts me in hopes of heaven.
4. Not enjoying the comforts of his.
5. It comforts me in a really odd way.
6. The warranty of Your favor comforts.
7. I had many comforts and some success.
8. It comforts Trevain to have you around.
9. There were no comforts provided for them.
10. Breathe in a way that calms and comforts.
11. With comforts that thy providence proclaim.
12. Frugal comforts excessive force relieves.
13. God comforts those who are in trouble (2.
14. Finland, comforts of traveling in, iii, 378.
15. Baker comforts him in the midst of his sobs.
16. Randy missed these creature comforts to be sure.
17. But I have a belief of my own, and it comforts me.
18. I don't need the comforts of the bedroom, but if.
19. You will forgo comforts; you will live by duty alone.
20. It holds and comforts me as it guides me through the.
21. As one whom his mother comforts, so will I comfort you.
22. Three minutes later, we were in the comforts of the car -.
23. We relish physical comforts and the enjoyment of the senses.
24. You may bring a radio, television, or other comforts of home.
25. For those who seek comforts, ours is surely the wrong address.
26. How the root gives purpose to the plant which it comforts with.
27. He just wants to survive and enjoy a few comforts before he dies.
28. Like too many others, you’ve built it around creature comforts.
29. Some non-shamans tried their best to secure comforts from others.
30. Thank god for the comforts of America, but the irony is that our.
31. Still, you're in a position now to have all the comforts, I suppose.
32. There was no creature comforts or anything that suggested modernity.
33. In the multitude of my thoughts within me thy comforts delight my soul.
34. After renouncing his state and the stately comforts, he became a saint.
35. How the mother's lullaby comforts the irritability of a baby and sends.
36. I was four hours from the comforts of home, and I suddenly found myself.
37. The car had all sorts of conveniences and comforts not usually available.
38. Increase in material comforts, it may generally be laid down, does not in.
39. Our country abounds in the necessaries, the arts, and the comforts of life.
40. If it comforts you, some of them insist that it isn’t as bad as it seems.
41. The City comforts some, protects others, and provides sanctuary for most.
42. The tent’s exterior left him ill prepared for the comforts he found within.
43. The laborer has now more comforts than the farmer had a few generations ago.
44. In the comforts of a closed indoor space, you can work out to your heart’s.
45. It appears that schools are for teachers comforts not to educate the children.
46. If it comforts you at all, I can also tell you that time is only in your head.
47. She ignored his comforts because her only other alternative was to believe him.
48. And it comforts me, sending warmth all throughout me, and I’m not so scared.
49. She comforts me as best as she can, kneeling by my chair and holding me tightly.
50. The other man was very old for her age but showered her with temporal comforts.
51. Realizing that the Shelto was nothing more than a massive child, he comforts it.
52. It comforts, proper and sober, for all what she is, is a mother figure of option.
53. One of the great comforts of being a pessimist was that it was okay to be wrong.
54. She could not be imagined otherwise than surrounded by all the comforts of life.
55. The color scheme comforts me, as nothing else in my life is so tidily delineated.
56. Van Helsing comforts me by telling me that I am fully armed as there may be wolves.
57. The small upper rooms were rented to travelers who could afford such small comforts.
58. But still, the great inner peace irradiates from him and comforts everyone who listens.
59. The vision she related told what this miserable room might be if it had comforts in it.
60. When Mary sings, I know that my pains are echoes of Her own, and that always comforts me.
61. He gave his sons all possible comforts of life but the greedy sons could not wait for his.
62. All the comforts and power we enjoy today comes directly from 10,000 years of civilization.
63. Sheila said this new life would save me from the comforts of my middle-class- white-anglo-.
64. These can be translated to financial --- money, comforts, and luxury as well as recognition.
65. Your love comforts me and allows me to experience the manifestation of Your visions and dreams.
66. Cushioned in sedative comforts, relax your mind and the missing fact will find its way back to you.
67. We were not told that destroying our environment in the quest for our worldly comforts is immoral.
68. This busy modern city is very accommodating with many comforts for visitors and residents to enjoy.
69. She said he was the only boy she’d ever cared about and so it kind of comforts her to pray for him.
70. Irrespective of the construction materials used, certain comforts are always provided inside the shed.
71. I took an easy way out to pay for college and selfish comforts that I thought I couldn’t do without.
72. There is a slight, but undeniable, alteration in the sound of the human voice that somehow comforts us.
73. I could not survive without the comforts of civilization; Coca-cola, Macdonalds and multi-plex cinemas.
74. It was thus, he was known to avoid material comforts, save his fondness for perfumes, apart from women.
75. It can either be done within the vicinity of local health spas or inside the very comforts of your home.
76. The soft tenderness of the divine birth comforts our mind and emotions to guide our behavioral responses.
77. There were few comforts here; he was forced to sleep on the bare ground with a few skins to keep him warm.
78. If it were up to me, I would see you stay at the castle and enjoy the immeasurable comforts of Coral Wing.
79. He couldn’t stand the thought that she’d chosen to live without the wealth and comforts he could offer.
80. They live for the blessing of heaven and the freedom of the captives rather than the comforts of this world.
81. He is so pure and have been one of the sweetest comforts to my poor heart, which has already suffered so much.
82. We should say something here of the comforts and conveniences provided for the passengers on these early lines.
83. There were some that adopted all the army methods and had infantry, artillery, staffs, and the comforts of life.
84. And there were no phones, TVs, books, or iPads—none of the comforts that most of us take for granted these days.
85. His wife is restless, and his teenaged children are hungry for the tantalizing material comforts he cannot provide.
86. They were only shepherds, so they didn´t have many comforts to share; and could not afford to stop working either.
87. You cannot ameliorate this matter by any kind of amusements, comforts, powders, but only by turning over a new leaf.
88. Not much like most of the colored people’s houses—log-huts, dirty, low, and only one room, with so few comforts.
89. Just days before, hope had died, hope that he would ever again enjoy the basic comforts of living, of family, of friends.
90. He got on well with his golfing partner and as long as he could live his life and obtain his comforts, it didn’t matter.
91. Some people deny themselves the necessaries or comforts of life in order that they may be able to help to fatten a publican.
92. All the colored arts and comforts of old Europe flew westward to beautify the Panamanian houses at the call of golden lumps.
93. The comforts and security of civilization have come at a terrible emotional price and, in my opinion, have not been worth it.
94. And she kisses and hugs me, comforts me, and you know she has such faith, such faith in her fancies! One can't contradict her.
95. This capacity to sacrifice his personal comforts and even that of his family showed a very strong desire for community service.
96. Blessed be God for the privileges of his house; and those comforts with which he makes his people joyful in his house of prayer.
97. No matter how dark, how tragic its tone becomes at times, it is a song that always comforts us on the most profound human level.
98. And she kisses and hugs me, comforts me, and you know she has such faith, such faith in her fancies! One can’t contradict her.
99. As he tumbled through the absence of things, the circle and the cane went with him, strange comforts in the unaccountable light.
100. We’ll be camping out—a few pots to cook and wash in, and mattresses and comforts, lantern and buckets, and a piece of canvas.

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