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Comforter numa frase em (in ingles)

1. Plump pillows and a comforter.
2. I'm promising you a comforter.
3. The comforter was like a cloud.
4. She covered him with a comforter.
5. A thick embroidered comforter was.
6. Great Comforter to assuage his pain.
7. She is buffer, comforter, and cook.
8. She looked over the comforter at him.
9. Convincer, the Comforter, the Sanctifier.
10. I'm scared, he sinks under the comforter.
11. Aiden magicked a thick fleece comforter and.
12. She rolled over and looked up at her comforter.
13. The Comforter has come, the comforter has come!.
14. Torin, you have been my comforter thru the years.
15. But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send.
16. Jesus has promised the Holy Ghost, the Comforter.
17. I'm going to send you another comforter or father.
18. A deep red comforter with the royal crest rested on.
19. The comforter is resting at his waist, his chest bare.
20. He likes to jump on the comforter when I shake it out.
21. She turned toward Roman keeping the comforter over her.
22. She took the warm comforter from her room and covered.
23. Food is often a comforter when one faces vulnerability.
24. Comforter, that he may abide with you for ever; Even the.
25. Tussie stared, arrested in the unwinding of his comforter.
26. Comforter, the Helper (God’s spirit) will abide in them.
27. I blushed when I realized I was naked under the comforter.
28. He covered our bodies with the comforter and grinned at me.
29. Let us, then, hope for the best; hope is so sweet a comforter.
30. Aidan fumbled with the comforter and covered our bodies with it.
31. Read 1st Corinthians 6:11 Jesus said He would send the Comforter.
32. That He should send the Holy Spirit of God, as the Comforter, xvi.
33. He helped me changed my clothes and tucked me under the comforter.
34. I unrolled the mat on the floor and wrapped my comforter around me.
35. That does it, said Manley, you're fired as a comforter my.
36. His fingers touched a tendril of hair that snaked over the comforter.
37. Time, however, that great comforter in ordinary, began to assuage the.
38. I was on top of ruffled bed covers and comforter, and it was very cold.
39. Under the silken comforter, parts of an old man had been buried with her.
40. Pulling the comforter to his chin, he turned away from the clock radio as.
41. We have been given the Comforter to comfort those who are heavily burdened.
42. I stood at the door watching Lily as she tucked Nathan under the comforter.
43. The brown comforter had purple and pink flowers running in vertical stripes.
44. He sat up, and I followed suit, draping the top comforter over my shoulders.
45. I wrapped our bodies with the comforter again and kissed the top of her head.
46. Her phone buzzed from somewhere in her comforter, jerking her out of her reverie.
47. His comforter stayed in Priscilla's parlour, on the chair where he had flung it.
48. The comforter and bed linens lay in a heap on the floor surrounded by used condoms.
49. He then rolled over, covering his ears and eyes with the thick feathered comforter.
50. She stood up and lifted a goose down comforter from the floor that must have fallen.
51. He smirked and leaned down to kiss me again while his hands tugged on the comforter.
52. The sheets and comforter were the color of driftwood, reminding me of my lonely life.
53. An iron bed-frame in black or white, covered with a striped black and white comforter.
54. Next to that wall was an enormous platform bed with a velvety blue and black comforter.
55. He lay down on the soft comforter, settling himself against the pillows, and stared up at.
56. She lay facedown on the absurdly pink silk comforter on her bed, her head buried in her arms.
57. She was still soaked from the waist down, and sat wrapped in a comforter on one of the beds.
58. She patted the pillow and then ran her hand over the comforter as she walked around the bed.
59. My father didn’t understand how to reach out and comfort me, but the comforter finally came.
60. From somewhere beneath the comforter a muffled voice responded with, I’m not home; go away.
61. Temperatures were dropping and I sat on the bed wrapped in a down comforter with all three cats.
62. I grabbed at the folded yellow-and-white-flowered comforter and pressed it against Pierce’s chest.
63. I flew into a rage and beat Mike up, striking his head which he covered with a comforter and pillow.
64. In bitter times of persecution let our attention turn to the Holy Spirit, the Comforter, and He wil.
65. So John 14, He tells us I will not leave you alone, I will send you another comforter, the Holy Spirit.
66. She resisted at first, but eventually gave in and leaned against her comforter, letting the tears come.
67. I went to the bed and shook the sheets and comforter and suddenly the monster leapt on the bed and growled.
68. John: 14:16: And I will pray the Father, and he shall give you another Comforter, that he may abide with you.
69. She wore a tattered print dress and a ragged woollen comforter, tied across her thin shoulders and under her arms.
70. A smirk appeared in the corner of his lips when he knew I realized the state of his undress beneath the comforter.
71. The noise of a few steps presided at the entry of my sisters to the room, where I was stretched on a cotton comforter.
72. Afflictorum, the Consoler, Comforter, Helper of all who are in trouble, sorrow, need, sickness or any other adversity.
73. Menace drifted through the air, incongruous with the beautiful fourteen-year-old sitting on the sunny yellow comforter.
74. After she’d finished washing him she pulled the comforter out from underneath him to pile it up at the foot of the bed.
75. He was adorned with a woman's woollen shawl, picked up no one knows where, and which he had converted into a neck comforter.
76. The frozen gel facial mask affixed to my face was not doing its job, nor was the dark room, down comforter or fluffy pillows.
77. Jesus made it very clear, when He was about to depart from this earth, that He would leave another comforter, the Holy Spirit.
78. The bed was muffled up of white cushions and a heavy imposing comforter speckled in rose was covering a good part of my body.
79. Then said the Interpreter, The Comforter be always with thee, good Christian, to guide thee in the way that leads to the City.
80. He's the spirit of truth, He's the comforter; He will guide them into truth, He will reveal things to come, He'll reveal Jesus.
81. He's the spirit of truth, He's the comforter, He will guide them into truth, He will reveal things to come, He'll reveal Jesus.
82. But the Comforter, the Holy Spirit whom the Father will send in My name, He shall teach you all things and bring all things to.
83. Our God is the Lord of life and the Comforter of all men; he is the lover of mankind and the helper of those who are distressed.
84. He's a person that Jesus has given to you, in order that you will have a friend, a comforter, someone to coach you through life.
85. He curses himself, and very gently lifts her up to tuck her in bed, where she curls up in a ball and snuggles into his comforter.
86. I leaned my head on his chest and Aidan covered both of our bodies with the comforter before humming random tunes as he stroked my hair.
87. Some dandy who can draw cubes and triangles and cannot do anything else except come here—late probably—in an overcoat and comforter.
88. They climbed back on the load, and they avoided the long stiff figure covered and tucked in a comforter, even the head covered and tucked.
89. Breast: See also Mother and Breastplate: Endearment; armor; life sustaining substance; loyalty and devotion between the Comforter and His.
90. What I mean is, sometimes the Spirit will come as the healer, sometimes he will come as the comforter, and sometimes he will come as the guide.
91. He said the comforter, the fathering I've given you, the spirit of God will come into your life and there's some things He's going to do inside you.
92. But when the Comforter is come, whom I will send unto you from the Father, even the Spirit of Truth, which proceeds from the Father, he shall testify of me.
93. At this stage Stewart smote his Job's comforter with a force and fervour that showed him to be possessed of considerable muscular powers; then there was peace.
94. She had been resting on top of the yellow comforter with the same orange sweatshirt, white sweatpants, and pink socks she had on when she disappeared earlier.
95. He was drooping by that time and she led him up the narrow stairs to the small bedroom with its high, twin iron bedstead, down comforter and crisp cotton sheets.
96. He patted her reassuringly on the shoulder and led her over to the Safari Deluxe model with teakwood lions carved into the frame and a leopard-patterned comforter.
97. The bed was the kind that suburban women everywhere struggled to imitate, with feather topper and down comforter that kind of sucked you in, with masses of pillows.
98. Ten years since, I flew through Europe half mad; with disgust, hate, and rage as my companions: now I shall revisit it healed and cleansed, with a very angel as my comforter.
99. He took off his shoes and laid his tired body down on the bed’s comforter, making sure not to let his hands touch it, as he had seen the reports about filthy motel comforters.
100. Instead, she put me into a sparsely furnished dump, the Omni, which required my rushing out Monday night to WalMart to buy silverware, sheets and comforter, shower curtain, clock radio, etc.

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