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Commence numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. To commence at the top.
  2. Now the crews could commence.
  3. But lo! the friends to chat commence.
  4. We can commence war in five minutes.
  5. Sale to commence at ten o'clock sharp.

  6. Now, our project will really commence.
  7. Then when we got the car and commence to.
  8. That’s when the harvest will commence.
  9. Trial wil probably commence within the week.
  10. Ms Markson safe and to commence interference.
  11. In proof of it we will commence with quoting.
  12. I will commence the demonstration immediately.
  13. How can worship commence in such a state ‘We.
  14. Ome should have never let that mission commence.
  15. He did not commence writing till an advanced age.

  16. When did our coercive measures commence? In 1806.
  17. And when will you commence the exercise of your.
  18. I told them when we would commence our march south.
  19. Candy in turn stood ready to commence firing at the.
  20. But check for stability before you commence cooking!.
  21. The Warriors of the Faith will commence the Final War.
  22. The ordained action will then commence spontaneously.
  23. Only when having done that, would the buying commence.
  24. Before the ceremony was to commence, they had to start.
  25. A peasant and a woman, cela commence à être rassurant.

  26. The invasion will commence as soon as our new commander.
  27. Baba and ask His permission to commence healing (the only.
  29. At NAMA headquarters, another meeting was about to commence.
  30. Homes would not allow us to commence building until the water.
  31. Tests, as they are called, were to commence from the third of.
  32. If you want to change your tomorrow, you need to commence the.
  33. And past he goes, to wheel ’round and commence all over again.
  34. The year 1884-85 will commence on the first Tuesday in September.
  35. The year 1885-86 will commence on the first Tuesday in September.
  36. When you commence on this, lay all others aside; put them out of.
  37. But tomorrow, the Games would commence, and they would be expected.
  38. It was now late July; the big day was planned and ready to commence.
  39. After the session! And now please come in; we are going to commence.
  40. The first called competitor will wear the red sash and commence the.
  41. For exponent, cognate about floating on a cloud and commence watching.
  42. Thank you Miss Carla, she said and scurried off to commence cleaning.
  43. In order to commence the process toward becoming an avid reader, I have.
  44. All banks and financial institutions will commence interest free banking.
  45. Tomorrow the torture will commence; tonight thou art Tal Hajus'; come!.
  46. Living at the Blue Waters on the beachfront allowed me to commence a rigid.
  47. Once they stepped into the director’s office, the yelling would commence.
  48. The farm, in both cases, was to commence in 1768, and to last for six years.
  49. To commence meditating you will need to acknowledge that you will have some.
  50. Wait a little bit until the wood starts smoking, and commence with grilling.
  51. The lead wolf was sensing the pressure from the others to commence the attack.
  52. You will not begin your attack until I give the order to commence retaliation.
  53. To commence meditating you will need to accept that you will be exposed to your.
  54. All of this should commence in a 2-3 hour window especially if you are not used to.
  55. Sir, I deem it inexpedient to commence a permanent Naval Establishment at this time.
  56. There is not future devastation or collapse that will commence it, just annotate it.
  57. That’s how your training will commence, and how you will learn about the Spirit.
  58. Nekhludoff saw that cannibalism did not commence in the marshes, but in the ministry.
  59. Just as Misery was about to commence he fancied he heard someone whispering somewhere.
  60. The court finds that there is sufficient evidence to commence with a court martial.
  61. The warder with the notebook proclaimed that the admittance of visitors would now commence.
  62. But before I can commence with that task I have another duty administer: I AM ABOUT TO WARN.
  63. Helez was told that she could move into the palace the following day to commence her duties.
  64. But, as a story should always commence at the beginning, I will tell you the whole in order.
  65. I have already started planning her funeral but when she dies the war will surely commence.
  66. The other indexes commence quotes the Monday following standard option expiration in November.
  67. Before they dispersed, Ashpenaz announced that their tutoring would commence the following day.
  68. That was where the first field-labourers found him when they came to commence their day-cycle.
  69. I’d be more than happy when all of this was over with so I could commence with my retirement.
  70. He did not believe it was possible to commence it with safety within four months from this time.
  71. He had remembered his master's commands, and the journey to Cawnpore he must commence on the morrow.
  72. We have Kareem, as of this afternoon, arriving at ‘The Farm’ – about to commence his four-.
  73. Joel dear, we need to round up the rest of the guys, so we can commence with the band’s interview.
  74. He had to shrug off his empathy for them and enter the chamber where his own trial would soon commence.
  75. We accordingly determined to commence our journey towards the north at the expiration of another month.
  76. The judge had to restore order three times in the court as the prosecution tried to commence questioning.
  77. We will take our leave now, for with this knowledge we can commence the final planning for the operation.
  78. With the New Year, many new pupils will commence to learn the Piano; to them and their teachers we commend.
  79. It has been discovered that the best way to insure implicit obedience is to commence tyranny in the nursery.
  80. All the plinths and floor in any particular bay must be completed before machine installations can commence.
  81. This trail could commence from whence we had become aware of all the material aspect that we now have and posses.
  82. A single act can commence a cacophonous cascade of consequences throughout vertical and horizontal connectivity.
  83. Spring terms shall commence each annum on the second Tuesday of February and run through the last Tuesday of May.
  84. Once there, Simon will have to face a test of his courage in order to commence the next stage of the journey home.
  85. Meanwhile, the following activities may commence in the freed old production shops: demolition of wall (2 – Fig.
  86. Roof panel and cladding (wall panels) can commence when the first one-third part of the steel structure is complete.
  87. So on this fine morning the villagers gathered by the putting green below Clothiers farm where battle was to commence.
  88. We commence by building the optimization model intended to compare the long straddle and the short straddle strategies.
  89. She turned to Apuna and said, But indeed, Apuna, why can we not commence the meeting without Podo’s presence?
  90. I employed two miners to commence with me, at the termination of the drift, which is now extended 800 feet into the hill.
  91. Snoopy operations would not commence until such time as the concept was approved by 7th AF, MACV, CINCPAC, and the CSAF.
  92. The mender of roads, blue cap in hand, wiped his swarthy forehead with it, and said, "Where shall I commence, monsieur?".
  93. General Stralin took a radio off his belt, switched it on and said, This is the general, commence the operation….
  94. This bombing campaign will fittingly commence in 2184, the centennial anniversary of the commencement of Project Cleanse.
  95. He took up his spoon, and was about to commence operations, when he suddenly threw it down again, and started from his seat.
  96. Missy and the gentleman, noticing that an intimate conversation was about to commence between the brother and sister, went away.
  97. Before Zolla was about to commence with his questioning, Jimmy noticed the anxious presence of the chief medic in the background.
  98. Historians conclude that it was the way the First World War ended that set up the framework for the Second World War to commence.
  99. Now from this double point our research must commence, and we will begin it by presuming that what the lad says is absolutely true.
  100. As objects of scientific interest, the managers intend, as early as possible, to commence the formation of a cabinet of petrifactions.
  1. The commencing trait of the Divinity;.
  2. Dimmesdale were heard commencing his discourse.
  3. Still, I held off from commencing the final assault.
  4. As you all know, Jo said commencing her story, I was.
  5. On Sunday we have the Bible-class, commencing at half-past eleven A.
  6. In commencing a program like this, it is assumed that you’re reasonably fit.
  7. The part of Einstein's equation that dealt with time travel commencing when the.
  8. It will be a mistake to think, however, that this stage is reached without commencing the.
  9. What kind of notice would you require before commencing with the rearrangement of a Serbian’s bodily.
  10. I pushed through the crowd, and I beheld a marvellous beauty whose first spring was scarcely commencing.
  11. The plaza was now commencing to fill with people going and coming upon the daily activities of their duties.
  12. Hum! I can’t forget that incident in a hurry, our mother would declare before commencing as we sat around her.
  13. James Ore of Tennessee, commencing early in the morning, followed the course of this creek in a canoe, for three miles.
  14. Commencing the next stage of the ritual, Master Joe lowered himself down to one knee and placed both hands on the ground.
  15. The time was near for him to pass on, but he needed to tie up some loose ends before commencing his journey to the afterlife.
  16. This caused many problems for SAP COIN Instructors, who did not have the time to toughen up the newly arrived members before commencing training.
  17. Was not hair commencing to grow upon his face? All the apes had hair upon theirs but the black men were entirely hairless, with very few exceptions.
  18. Bibb, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Kentucky, for the term of six years, commencing on the 4th day of March last; George W.
  19. The credentials of Richard Brent, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Virginia, for six years, commencing on the 4th instant, were read.
  20. To the left, parallel with the walls of the house, and commencing immediately at the gate, there ran a wooden hoarding of about twenty paces down the court.
  21. In commencing a drawing, don't, as so many students do, start carelessly floundering about with your chalk or charcoal in the hope that something will turn up.
  22. Gold said the annals of this Government, the last six months, commencing with the declaration of war, would be found the most interesting, the most deplorable.
  23. He said the time was very inauspicious for commencing an undertaking of such magnitude as the building a navy, which could be of no use in the approaching contest.
  24. Human nature was commencing then the process of degradation, through which the spiritual would become materialised, and the divine be transmuted into the diabolical.
  25. Occasional raindrops began spattering the pavement slabs, indecipherable on the tarmac of the street, the windscreen wipers of the Audi commencing by way of response.
  26. First, the "Look-Out," an independent range, commencing thirty miles below, presents, opposite the River's course, its bold and rocky termination of two thousand feet.
  27. Commencing September 30, 1977, the issue became callable at the option of the company at $30 per share, and the call price would decline each year until it reached $27.
  28. The alternative is to remove all tooth fillings from cadavers prior to cremation commencing, but due to the time involved, it would raise the cost of cremation considerably.
  29. Snapping on a pair of rubber gloves, he exited the car and launched into an organized search, commencing in the garage, replacing every item he disturbed to its original place.
  30. Kantos Kan accompanied him to act as guide, the green warriors commencing a thorough search of the palace for other Zodangans and for loot, and Dejah Thoris and I were left alone.
  31. Howell, appointed a Senator, for the term of six years, commencing on the fourth day of March last, by the Legislature of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations; Joseph B.
  32. The credentials of John Condit, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of New Jersey, for the term of six years, commencing on the fourth day of March next; and of William B.
  33. Francis Malbone, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Rhode Island, for six years, commencing on the 4th instant, attended, and produced his credentials, which were read.
  34. Before commencing, it is but fair to warn you that the story will sound somewhat hackneyed in your ears; but stale details often regain a degree of freshness when they pass through new lips.
  35. Giles, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Virginia, for the term of six years, commencing on the fourth day of March next, were severally read, and ordered to lie on file.
  36. The credentials of Chauncey Goodrich, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Connecticut for the term of six years, commencing on the 4th day of March next, were read, and laid on file.
  37. The credentials of Abner Lacock, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Pennsylvania for the term of six years, commencing on the 4th day of March next, were read, and ordered to lie on file.
  38. The complaint of humanity is as a roll of heaven’s artillery, commencing with low and threatening notes and increasing until the sound is sent from cloud to cloud and the lightning rends the air and earth.
  39. They were all surprised that; though Podo had been a nuisance to the commencing of the meeting, he brought up a very good point, indeed! They all looked at Apuna with expressions that told they distrusted him.
  40. It is fitting that we have feasted before commencing with the more official portion of today’s activities, for this is a time of great contentment, and one is seldom more content than after feasting!.
  41. The credentials of John Gaillard, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of South Carolina, for six years, commencing on the 4th day of March next, were presented, read, and ordered to lie on file.
  42. The credentials of Nicholas Gilman, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of New Hampshire, for the term of six years, commencing on the 4th day of March next, were read, and ordered to lie on file.
  43. Valuables secured, we were set to swim across when our friend came back over the loudspeakers, "Dock 2 drain commencing," she said without warning, and suddenly the pumps came on and the water level began to drop.
  44. If a war with Great Britain be thought unavoidable, yet, as she leaves to us the time of commencing it, surely we ought to select that time when the first shock shall be least disastrous, and can best be resisted.
  45. Some of them struck me as singularly odd compounds of ardour and flatness; commencing in strong feeling, and concluding in the affected, wordy style that a schoolboy might use to a fancied, incorporeal sweetheart.
  46. Nothing deterred by the smallness of his audience, which, in truth, consisted only of the discontented scout, he raised his voice, commencing and ending the sacred song without accident or interruption of any kind.
  47. But, with a baby coming, the mill just commencing to pay and Tara depending on her for now of all times, she could not afford to be pushed back to her beginnings—not now money until the cotton came in in the fall.
  48. We had gone scarcely a mile when I noticed that my thoat was commencing to stumble and stagger in a most pitiful manner, although we had not attempted to force them out of a walk since about noon of the preceding day.
  49. Is that Evy talking again? Guvney watched her parent ignore safety protocols, presuming IT's redundant safety features would catch any failures, while commencing the process of shutting down their Bubble State's power grid.
  50. At the same time he proposed carefully to nurse the Russian forces until the frosts came to their aid and the time was ripe for commencing offensive operations, and subjecting Napoleon to a second Pultava on the banks of the Volga.
  51. And as the boat herself, at the moment of commencing the operation, may have no steerage-way, by placing two blade-rudders at the sides, behind the water-wheel, where a current is occasioned by them, the boat is kept in her relative position.
  52. But the new era commencing in 1927 involved at bottom the abandonment of the analytical approach; and while emphasis was still seemingly placed on facts and figures, these were manipulated by a sort of pseudo-analysis to support the delusions of the period.
  53. Whereupon, the President of the Senate declared James Madison elected President of the United States, for four years, commencing with the fourth day of March next, and Elbridge Gerry, Vice President of the United States, for four years, commencing on the fourth day of March next.
  54. The individual whose visual organs while the above was going on were at this juncture commencing to exhibit symptoms of animation was as astute if not astuter than any man living and anybody that conjectured the contrary would have found themselves pretty speedily in the wrong shop.
  55. James Turner, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of North Carolina, for the term of six years, commencing on the 4th day of March last, produced his credentials; which were read, and the oath prescribed by law was administered to him, and he took his seat in the Senate.
  56. Jenkin Whiteside, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Tennessee, for two years, commencing on the fourth of March last, in place of Daniel Smith, resigned, took his seat, and his credentials were read; and the President administered the oath to him as the law prescribes.
  57. Chairman, I am aware that, in the discussion I am about commencing, I shall render myself obnoxious to the wit of gentlemen who think that, to bring into view other topics than those which arise out of the details of the bill now on your table, is to go beyond the range of legitimate debate.
  58. Varnum, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Massachusetts, for the term of six years, commencing on the fourth day of March last; respectively produced their credentials, which were read, and the oath prescribed by law was administered to them, and they took their seats in the Senate.
  59. In the year commencing in April, 1809, and ending in March, 1810, we have about nine hundred and forty names; and of these, about seven hundred are given with blanks in the columns for the "towns and States of which they represent themselves to be citizens"—"when impressed"—"where impressed"—"ships from whence taken"—"nations"—"masters.
  60. Wrestling-matches, in the different fashions of Cornwall and Devonshire, were seen here and there about the market-place; in one corner, there was a friendly bout at quarterstaff; and—what attracted most interest of all—on the platform of the pillory, already so noted in our pages, two masters of defence were commencing an exhibition with the buckler and broadsword.
  61. First, then, whether the question is to be put in jest or in earnest, let us come to an understanding about the nature of woman: Is she capable of sharing either wholly or partially in the actions of men, or not at all? And is the art of war one of those arts in which she can or can not share? That will be the best way of commencing the enquiry, and will probably lead to the fairest conclusion.
  62. The Congress is therefore of opinion that these evils should be counteracted by the publication of accurate statements and information that would tend to the removal of misunderstanding among nations, and recommends to the Inter-Parliamentary Committee the importance of considering the question of commencing an international newspaper, which should have such a purpose as one of its primary objects.
  63. Joseph Anderson, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of Tennessee, for the term of six years, commencing on the fourth day of March last; and Obadiah German, appointed a Senator by the Legislature of the State of New York, for the term of six years, commencing on the fourth day of March last, severally produced their credentials, which were read; and the oath prescribed by law having been administered to them, they took their seats in the Senate.
  64. The congress believes that the warlike prejudices and traditions which are still fostered in the various nationalities, and the misrepresentations by leaders of public opinion in legislative assemblies or through the press, are often indirect causes of war, and that these evils should be counteracted by the publication of accurate information tending to the removal of misunderstanding between nations, and recommends the importance of considering the question of commencing an international newspaper with such a purpose.
  65. It is as if there were an Act of Parliament partitioning certain lands between a thousand of the people; commencing with a general statement of goodwill towards the whole company so designated for endowment, and with an expression of the desire and intention of the Queen and Parliament for an equal division between all the thousand; but distinctly providing, in words repeated again and again, that if any of the beneficiaries should commit robbery or murder, or disobey the Commissioners appointed to divide the land, they should on conviction be put to death, and so be shut out and cut off forever from their portion of the grant.
  66. That every unregenerate being, who, having been born in sin, has died in sin, is destined to an endless existence in some degree of misery of body or mind, or both—an existence, the duration of which would be only commencing when it had lasted through a number of millenniums denoted by lines of figures as numerous as the vibrating beams of light which extend from all the suns and stars of the firmament into the infinite darkness—even if these innumerable lines of figures should be multiplied into each other,—this is a proposition which requires for its support something more solid than two or three disputed texts out of the English version of Matthew’s and Mark's gospels, and which nothing short of absolute demonstration ought to persuade any man to embrace as from God.
  67. Then, commencing a loud whistling noise, he rubbed them well all over their bodies for several minutes; then, undisturbed by the noisy crowd collected round the broken carriage, Ali quietly harnessed the pacified animals to the count's chariot, took the reins in his hands, and mounted the box, when to the utter astonishment of those who had witnessed the ungovernable spirit and maddened speed of the same horses, he was actually compelled to apply his whip in no very gentle manner before he could induce them to start; and even then all that could be obtained from the celebrated "dappled grays," now changed into a couple of dull, sluggish, stupid brutes, was a slow, pottering pace, kept up with so much difficulty that Madame de Villefort was more than two hours returning to her residence in the Faubourg St.
  1. I commenced to feel better.
  2. He commenced a fresh list:.
  3. Their hopes commenced to rise.
  4. Action commenced at 05 52 hours.
  5. The hall commenced to fade away.
  6. The mid-day local news commenced.
  7. He has commenced the third flight.
  8. Viliho’s lair commenced to groan.
  9. It commenced with his removal to St.
  10. These strains commenced to undulate.
  11. The reading of the report commenced.
  12. All out war soon commenced, and over.
  13. A frantic search commenced to find Gladys.
  14. Within moments their bombardment commenced.
  15. I may say this: it commenced in a quarrel.
  16. I may say this; it commenced in a quarrel.
  17. The divorce hearings had already commenced.
  18. In this way my epoch of life was commenced.
  19. Jane commenced to wonder what his plans were.
  20. Over the next few weeks, the project commenced.
  21. Once in position the welding commenced using.
  22. The excavations commenced two years ago by Dr.
  23. The group had just commenced blessing the walls.
  24. An unusual journey through the forest commenced.
  25. Semyon commenced quietly to crawl up towards him.
  26. He then flipped her over again and commenced CPR.
  27. Grace sniffed as her tears commenced to flow again.
  28. John started at the big chair and Jo commenced her.
  29. Revolution was effected before the war commenced.
  30. With a nod from the detective, the search commenced.
  31. Mornings commenced badly and the days became worse.
  32. Later, as he commenced the steep climb out of Saint.
  33. Filming commenced on September 1, 1954, at Fox’s L.
  34. She was filled with despair, then commenced to pray.
  35. The Exodus that has already commenced must continue.
  36. William turned and commenced walking toward the house.
  37. The age referred to commenced when the philosophy of.
  38. At last the fever abated and the boy commenced to mend.
  39. Caesar, commenced his government in a milder and less.
  40. Scarcely have I finished one and another has commenced.
  41. The performers stopped abruptly and a quarrel commenced.
  42. Venables had commenced an action against Darnford for.
  43. One of the others commenced to ply his pick to the ground.
  44. Settling down in the bushes we commenced to wait quietly.
  45. Instantly the nectar clouded, then the cloud commenced to.
  46. A waterfall commenced to flow down rocks above the opening.
  47. Ardara commenced, And T for Traitor! she ravenously.
  48. The Association commenced the year with a balance of $2,193.
  49. Clarence pulled her into his arms and commenced kissing her.
  50. A team of doctors then commenced splitting apart his lower.
  51. Charles sometimes growled like a dog; when cooking commenced.
  52. Plains beyond, whose lush greenery had already commenced the.
  53. She smiled at him weakly, then commenced another coughing bout.
  54. Paul commenced at the beginning of the year and moved forward.
  55. The Maiden, then the Warriors, commenced to laugh along with Us.
  56. The hissing sound commenced to fade, as did the rattle, menacing.
  57. Yesterday being the day on which commenced the second term of Mr.
  58. A bustle of activity had commenced across the heavenless sky of.
  59. Owen wondered how long it would be before her troubles commenced.
  60. Therewith the manifest trinity commenced enumerating in drone:.
  61. Porphyrius blinked a little, and commenced rolling his cigarette.
  62. They broke into three groups, and the search commenced with each.
  63. He imagined my recovery would be rapid enough when once commenced.
  64. The original or initial pleading by which an action is commenced;.
  65. IT commenced the day after we took old man Stumpton out codfishin’.
  66. Grumbling commenced around the room and someone shouted over the din.
  67. These, sir, were the circumstances under which the mission commenced.
  68. A considerable pause commenced before Henry nodded heavily, his hand.
  69. Nimblefax trotted up and and commenced a thought process conversation.
  70. After about five minutes of felatio, the cunning cunnilingus commenced.
  71. A quickening shot through his blood as he commenced to twirl the chain.
  72. Then just hours later commenced the nightmare of death and destruction.
  73. The air about commenced to chill and quickened through the forest leaves.
  74. It commenced on the 23d of September, between eight and nine o'clock, A.
  75. The Huron instantly turned, and commenced a rapid retreat up the ascent.
  76. The 1968 season commenced in March and the first fixture was on a Sunday.
  77. So, following what had commenced, he loosed his whirling, whistling chain.
  78. Sun State Savings and Loan Association (SSSL) commenced operations in 1980.
  79. Immediately he dived into the water and commenced a frantic search for her.
  80. I was the first of the six ADP Graduates to be appointed and commenced the.
  81. It was commenced in the prosecution of the best and most deliberate policy.
  82. We'll keep a group out here to enter last, after the fighting has commenced.
  83. Limited, in which PAG held a 50% interest, commenced business on 2 March 1996.
  84. The entire wall was a well traveled path, and he commenced his climb to the.
  85. The lowest stage of worship is the one at which it is commenced, when it is.
  86. The work of delivering and receiving the prisoners that had commenced at 4 A.
  87. By the time they reached the shoreline, the night had already fully commenced.
  88. The young man commenced by wiping his bloodstained hands on the red trimming.
  89. Tom Bolles commenced beating a stranger on the back with his lucky old fedora.
  90. In this way, and many others, he commenced to invisibly kill off the battalion.
  91. He realized something was amiss with William and commenced walking toward him.
  92. When Sweater rose to reply, the tumult died away as suddenly as it had commenced.
  93. Benedite has commenced in the same way the publication of the Temples of Philae.
  94. No hostilities to be commenced till a month after the official declaration of war.
  95. Leaning over the flowers, Arin commenced, as usual, with pointing out the problems.
  96. At the age of twelve I commenced my secondary education at Broken Hill High School.
  97. He commenced aggressive measures alone, and waited not for companions and helpers.
  98. As the lights in the room commenced to dim, the audience began to take their seats.
  99. The Vallians commenced world building and increased in both numbers and technology.
  1. With it, evil commences.
  2. The Chol Qij commences on the day 8 Batz.
  3. However, once bankruptcy commences, the.
  4. The Prayer commences following the Iqama:.
  5. Education commences when the body is healthy.
  6. The recitation of the sermon commences at the.
  7. The sitting commences at two; it is now three, and I am to speak.
  8. Mime goes away, and a scene commences which is intended to be most poetical.
  9. It is at this that the age concludes and the Great White Throne judgment commences.
  10. It every where commences at the upper surface or termination of the body of granite.
  11. James commences his letter with the words To the twelve tribes, which are scattered abroad.
  12. One good way to avoid conflict is that when it commences simply say, Let us start over again.
  13. This exercise commences immediately after the brethren get back from school and continues until ten P.
  14. The wedding is slated for 7th June and needless to say, I need you here before the countdown commences.
  15. This habit of questioning commences the enlightening; whenever we cease it, we begin our own private Dark Ages.
  16. After the warm weather commences, it disappears as effectually from human observation, as if it were annihilated.
  17. The mischief commences only when men, as in our day, trained by science to larger conceptions, think earnestly of it.
  18. It commences with the personal ministry on earth; it closes with his personal coming to judgment at the end of the world.
  19. At 07:53 hours still on December 7th, the first Japanese assault wave commences the attack, taking the Americans completely by surprise.
  20. In Litchfield commences a range of porphyritic granite, or porphyritic gneiss, which alternates with the common gneiss, and in some instances rests upon it.
  21. Ordinarily, when an insurrection commences, when the shop-keeper hears the drum, the call to arms, the general alarm, he contents himself with the remark:—.
  22. In this precipice the cave commences; not however with an opening of a few feet, as is common; but with a mouth fifty feet high, and one hundred and sixty wide.
  23. It commences with the foundation of the city and principality of Zabid in the ninth century, and extends down to the eve of the conquest by the Ayyûbites in the twelfth.
  24. Groups of hills rise one above the other, covered with thick forest, which, at the period when our tale commences, had just begun to assume the first light green of spring.
  25. Your honour, I would like to request that until the trial commences, the accused resides with me where I will look after him and prepare him to be ready for the court case.
  26. The cardinal rule of the market analyst that losses should be cut short and profits safeguarded (by selling when a decline commences) leads in the direction of active trading.
  27. The record of revelation to man commences with man's creation, and as it unfolds it brings out in vivid colors his relations with some man-destroying agency above him in the air.
  28. Let us assume that he employs forty men more or less regularly during that period and that the average age of these men is also thirty years at the time the employer commences business.
  29. It commences on the west bank of Connecticut river, about a mile north of the hill C, and increases in elevation nearly to the spot where it disappears at the fall of the river in Gill.
  30. Pinkney of the twenty-second, the Secretary commences, as he says, with much surprise, that Great Britain had not revoked her blockades, and that she had not sent a man of rank to replace Mr.
  31. Some Indian Ceres or Minerva must have been the inventor and bestower of it; and when the reign of poetry commences here, its leaves and string of nuts may be represented on our works of art.
  32. Contrary to the custom of other insects, it always appears when the cold weather commences in December, and as invariably disappears on the approach of warm weather, which is about the first of April.
  33. The procession commences, but here the French horn, in the accompaniment of the recitative, does something wrong; and the director, with a shudder as if some catastrophe had occurred, raps with his stick on the stand.
  34. In the case of a participation feature, it is similarly desirable that the current dividends or earnings on the common stock should be close to the figure at which the extra distribution on the senior issue commences.
  35. He commences with Phœnicia and notices besides such discoveries as are reported in the Journal, such books as Goblet d'Aviella's La migration des symboles, which is a comparative study of Oriental art symbols, and Ph.
  36. South of these hills commences another alluvial and secondary tract, extending on both sides of the river to Haddam, in Connecticut, where the river passes between mountains, and perhaps this region also was the bed of a lake.
  37. The valley in Adams is bounded on the east by Hoosack mountain, (K) elevated from fourteen hundred to eighteen hundred feet, and extending several miles west of south: it forms a part of the range which commences at West Rock in Connecticut.
  38. Beside, there is something essentially unclean about this diet and all flesh, and I began to see where housework commences, and whence the endeavor, which costs so much, to wear a tidy and respectable appearance each day, to keep the house sweet and free from all ill odors and sights.
  39. Sustainable art is the answer to the question, 'What is beyond the modern malaise and cornucopia of austerity?' In this way, the Good, the True, the Beautiful is not what you create, but what benefits your creation commences in society and what ideological attractors it deposits for culture.
  40. Paul commences the second chapter with a statement of his theme—'Now concerning the coming of our Lord Jesus Christ (parousi>av), and our gathering together to Him (kai< hJmw~n ejpisunagwgh~v term which fixes the reference to the personal return of Christ from heaven, when Christians are to be ever 'with Him’), I beseech you that you be not soon troubled, neither by a spirit, nor by word, nor by a letter as from us, as that this DAY OF CHRIST is imminent.
  41. The operation commences, by opening the cock nearest the boiler, the steam drives the air out of the pipe through the water into the reservoir; shut the cock, and the water rises from the reservoir to fill it; shut the second cock, and open the first, the water discharges from the chamber into the boiler; repeated by a movement from the engine, when in motion, the supply continues with more certainty than by a pump, because it is difficult to pump hot water, on account of the elasticity of the steam arising from it, which obstructs the operation of the valves.

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