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Commonplace numa frase em (in ingles)

1. It has become a commonplace.
2. It’s pretty commonplace in Candor.
3. In these commonplace examples, the A.
4. A commonplace tragedy, said Stan.
5. There is nothing commonplace about her.
6. Sound therapy is becoming commonplace in.
7. I might not be as commonplace as you think.
8. That's been a commonplace for ages and ages.
9. Longfellow instantly grew tame and commonplace.
10. But here on Earth, wheels are quite commonplace.
11. Life has always been commonplace to commonplace.
12. Pa\\Tibroking and usury are for the commonplace.
13. Of the mad scientist versus the commonplace mold.
14. He was a commonplace and matter-of-fact individual.
15. But one feature of this document was not commonplace.
16. He was the typical everyday and commonplace average man.
17. The Cover-Up had also become commonplace during the 1990s.
18. Such encounters were commonplace in his business, he said.
19. After all, such incidents were quite commonplace on Klete.
20. Dedicate your lives to the enhancement of commonplace toil.
21. Miracles are so commonplace as to be ignored by most people.
22. Commonplace metaphor replies: It is to see thirty-six candles.
23. You always told me you hated it—it being a commonplace sweet.
24. Total redundancy for components for larger servers is commonplace.
25. In recent tmes sel ing through webinars has become more commonplace.
26. Plots and scandals were commonplace during the reign of the Caesars.
27. There are strange red depths in the soul of the most commonplace man.
28. I guess obnoxious managers are commonplace in quite a few industries.
29. That is just the point, that that is how the commonplace would behave.
30. The stereo light was on but he ignored it as a commonplace occurrence now.
31. I couldn’t muster up a single commonplace out of the thousand in my head.
32. I told him he was the paltriest commonplace fool without the trace of an idea.
33. So commonplace, in fact, one would have thought a sensible person would beware.
34. An up-to-date business letter is not written in a casual, commonplace way today.
35. That is what happens with even the most quiet, the most commonplace individuals.
36. I detest commonplace heroes and moderate sentiments, such as there are in nature.
37. He said that no commonplace boy would ever have got his daughter out of the cave.
38. It is a commonplace to say that sculpture in relief is only one branch of painting.
39. The advice that Jethro gave Moses sounds commonplace, even trivial, in the world of.
40. The ritual of throwing out personal garbage is so commonplace that it is done daily.
41. She supplies all the novelty in the story; she is by no means a commonplace character.
42. Things like that which gave Úrsula such consternation, were commonplace in those days.
43. As to the letters, he continued, glancing over them, they are very commonplace.
44. Fortunately this has become much easier now that electronic bill paying is so commonplace.
45. It is commonplace, in corporate annual reports, to stress the difference that people make.
46. Therefore, it’s difficult to predict how commonplace Bitcoin ATMs will be in the future.
47. Ours was just a commonplace, undramatic loss—with only need for saving and retrenchment.
48. The more featureless and commonplace a crime is, the more difficult it is to bring it home.
49. For such reflections appear to the majority far-fetched, and to men of science, commonplace.
50. Seeing people buying food or shopping clothes using credit cards has been commonplace these days.
51. He was not unhappy or even discontented; he was too commonplace to be capable of either sensation.
52. And in maturity we learn to fold our hands and stop our ears and take refuge in the commonplace.
53. People really believed there was this vast network of Satanists, that it was a commonplace thing.
54. If my account of it has been commonplace and superficial it is I that am to blame ai;d not the idea.
55. In everything near and comprehensible he had only what was limited, petty, commonplace, and senseless.
56. It was as if the minds of these morally exhausted men found relief in everyday, commonplace occurrences.
57. After the presto followed the andante, not very new, with commonplace variations, and the feeble finale.
58. It is often commonplace for the backgrounds of EMBA faculty members to include work in the corporate sector.
59. In everything near and comprehensible he had seen only what was limited, petty, commonplace, and senseless.
60. When our visitor was silent Holmes stretched out his hand and took down letter "S" of his commonplace book.
61. Modems appeared in 1970, and resource-sharing became commonplace thanks to ARPANET and several universities.
62. Angel Clare, to whom three-quarters of this performance was a commonplace act of kindness, now approached Izz.
63. By then the shores of Africa and Europe were converging, and in this narrow space collisions were commonplace.
64. It was a very lucrative job where backhanders in cash were commonplace from lorry drivers for favours returned.
65. When he spoke it was in the most inadequate, commonplace voice of the many varied tones she had heard from him.
66. He is steadily acquiring the art of adjusting his aspirations to the commonplace demands of the human occasion.
67. He had often warned them to avoid the common tendency to assign spiritual causes to commonplace physical events.
68. Multiple wives were commonplace in Islamic society, but having two fathers was a situation that would never arise.
69. But even this blue variation appears commonplace when compared to the white black bear, which is a true absurdity.
70. And what do we read almost daily? Of things beside which the present case grows pale, and seems almost commonplace.
71. And assuming one to be a commonplace man and the other a great artist, what a difference will there be in their work.
72. Bearish divergences are commonplace in a strong uptrend, while bullish divergences occur often in a strong downtrend.
73. He soon discovered that Andrey Semyonovitch was a commonplace simpleton, but that by no means reassured Pyotr Petrovitch.
74. Think about all the technology resources that we now use that weren't commonplace even a few years ago, says Dinnoncenzo.
75. The inclusion of chat window, search engines and ability to subscribe were not commonplace amongst the websites surveyed.
76. Life, life, that breath within, when that is cherished for the miracle that it is, then compassion will be commonplace.
77. The continuance of their sycophantic behavior is as commonplace as it is inappropriate to the changed time and circumstance.
78. In point of fact it is quite possible that the matter would have ended in a very commonplace and natural way in a few minutes.
79. The sugar rush turned us into babbling schoolgirls, so unused were we to the otherwise commonplace stimulus of lukewarm cola.
80. It fell out of the sky this morning while you two were sleeping, he informed her as if such occurrences were commonplace.
81. You must not underrate the difficulties of my undertaking, or imagine that a mere commonplace assassination would meet the case.
82. Such decisions are commonplace, so a certain level of writeoff activity should be expected, on average, each year in the future.
83. The practice of sacrificing human victims to a god is revolting to modern minds, but was fairly commonplace in the ancient world.
84. Because, if any doubt is still lingering in our minds, a few commonplace instances will satisfy us of the truth of what I am saying.
85. This I met with the obvious retort that those were the nights which a commonplace sheep-stealer would naturally choose for his work.
86. The commonplace painter will paint a commonplace picture, while the form and colour will be the means of stirring deep associations.
87. As old as prehistoric man, as commonplace and worn and unchanging as a thousand porn movies, as new and thrilling as falling in love.
88. I had achieved nothing in my time on this earth, nothing but my resurrection, and it turned out that even that was pretty commonplace.
89. In my opinion, the duty of the novelist is to seek out points of interest and instruction even in the characters of commonplace people.
90. Always, even in the most commonplace of contacts, there seemed to be in evidence the touch of a twofold nature, the human and the divine.
91. Do you understand the meaning of my words? You cannot take me for a commonplace man, a mere rattle, emitting a vague and senseless noise.
92. Down was too informal, but having it up in a style I was capable of mastering on my own was far too commonplace for the company of a Duke.
93. Options are also recommended in volatile summer grain markets where fast market conditions and limit moves often become commonplace.
94. She doesn’t care in the least to be spiritually directed by any well-fed, commonplace parson with a fat wife and a pack of rosy children.
95. They were built to accompany the merchant ships guarding against pirate raids, as piracy was commonplace in the great sea and to the south.
96. In those days there were current many stories about finding treasures in the mouths of fishes; such tales of near miracles were commonplace.
97. As the stories were corroborated again and again, it became clear that these events had been commonplace in camps throughout Japan’s empire.
98. In his youth, frequent combat had been commonplace and it was not until his later years that he realised just how much like a drug it had been.
99. News about a twenty-something-year-old investor making five to six figures a month is so commonplace that most people are no longer amazed by it.
100. But over her own daughters she had felt how far from simple and easy is the business, apparently so commonplace, of marrying off one's daughters.

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