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  1. He only sided with a comrade.
  2. Our comrade was gasping for air.
  3. I do not believe so, Comrade.
  4. Not at all, Comrade Director.
  5. Before him was his last comrade.

  6. We realize that, Comrade Marshal.
  7. My comrade got over it within days.
  8. Oh, yes comrade Major, thank you.
  9. Ye…yes, of course comrade Major.
  10. And pathetic, added his comrade.
  11. Another Ismail comrade, said he.
  12. Comrade, are you following so far?
  13. Should have stayed at home, comrade.
  14. Nothing is impossible, Comrade doctor.
  15. Her grip is fast and saves her comrade.

  16. Joining the Highest Comrade (his death).
  17. Why so glum, comrade? Here is that very.
  18. The image is quite clear, Comrade Captain.
  19. What have I done? Please, please, Comrade.
  20. Comrade Gore and others would lead the way.
  21. PRIVATE COMPTON: (Tugging his comrade) Here.
  22. He was a hard worker and a trusted comrade.
  23. The corporal handed the weapon to his comrade.
  24. When the new man spotted his fallen comrade.
  25. The one was our comrade, Professor Challenger.

  26. He drew his sword and threw it to his comrade.
  27. No need for that, comrade, Caramarin said.
  28. I’m Zoe, this is Ricky and that is Comrade.
  29. Seeing that he didn’t have a comrade to goad.
  30. Thank you comrade; you have really helped me.
  31. Comrade and I instinctively looked at each other.
  32. When our comrade was on the verge of dying, the.
  33. Before long Boris, Berg’s old comrade, arrived.
  34. I told Comrade he could have shotgun, I in turn.
  35. I have a comrade who is something of a fighter.
  36. Before long Borís, Berg’s old comrade, arrived.
  37. It was none other than his old comrade Peter Ahern.
  38. Benedetto for the murder of his comrade in chains.
  39. Heliri got off Yeltsa and acknowledged her comrade.
  40. Translation by Thenardier: A comrade of the galleys.
  41. Someone possibly trying to rescue an injured comrade.
  42. I am not certain, Comrade Jalesow, said Colling.
  43. I grabbed hold of the doughnut and then Comrade and I.
  44. Jalesow snorted and said, You pay the bill, Comrade.
  45. I flew out to my comrade and jumped into the carriage.
  46. Our comrade was goaded, kicked, spat on, beaten with a.
  47. The majestic beast lumbered over to his fallen comrade.
  48. Like his master, like his comrade Ned, he's a bachelor.
  49. He gathered himself up cursing, and his comrade said:.
  50. Comrade I (Comrade the First) spent years in a Siberian.
  51. Instead of protecting our comrade, they joined in 'the.
  52. Comrade and I nodded in the affirmative then waited for.
  53. I was not their comrade, and could not be; that was all.
  54. A comrade of mine got in some trouble with Govicide once.
  55. They weren’t the type to leave a wounded comrade behind.
  56. As soon as Comrade was within a block from me I proceeded.
  57. The General explained that a comrade in the Aquarium had.
  58. The other two sailors ran over to their comrade and tried.
  59. Ricky and Comrade hid underneath the theatre seats but not.
  60. Comrade and I looked at each other, exhaled with force and.
  61. Comrade convinced me that it would be better to wait until.
  62. The animals in the cages were so anxious for their comrade.
  63. Comrade had his parents to worry about, and I had the wrath.
  64. Zoe, Comrade and I decided that maybe it would be better if.
  65. Of course, silly, Comrade and I are really excited about.
  66. You hear me, Comrade! says the thing, still in Russian.
  67. His comrade took only a few seconds to get to him, his Colt.
  68. Mandy, our comrade our comrade was paraded throughout the.
  69. But before calling Comrade I ensured that my mother wasn’t.
  70. Two Govicide agents flashed their badges to a comrade of mine.
  71. One feels as if it were the loss of a real comrade and friend.
  72. However, Comrade Stalin insisted on us launching our invasion.
  73. I soon found a second in a comrade, an ensign of our regiment.
  74. You will need the assistance of the Party to travel, Comrade.
  75. Apparently, he enjoyed seeing our comrade being dropped to the.
  76. Waitest not haply for us somewhere there the Comrade perfect?).
  77. I didn't stop for life, dear boy and Pip's comrade, being here.
  78. The corporal in the foxhole looked at his comrade with disbelief.
  79. Why have you called again, Comrade Jalesow? asked the woman.
  80. He closed his eyes, images of his former comrade flashing in his.
  81. Comrade and Ricky gave me a ‘yes’ nod signifying that it was.
  82. I still consider President Nixon a friend and a comrade in arms.
  83. When he was finished, the Director said, Thank you Comrade Panin.
  84. Father, this is my old comrade in captivity in London, Ingrid Weiss.
  85. Colling spoke in a whisper, choking out the words, Please, Comrade.
  86. Each hit the siren as it passed the gate in honor of a fallen comrade.
  87. You know that we would not stand a chance in that case, Comrade Marshal.
  88. Call me when you have interrogated the Rogers woman, Comrade Valentin.
  89. He saw with relief that his friend and comrade in arm was indeed alone.
  90. Bergil proved a good comrade, the best company Pippin had had since he.
  91. He sees Cap standing sternly at attention, saluting his fallen comrade.
  92. Oh, a trusty comrade is always of use; and a chronicler still more so.
  93. His friend, his comrade in arms, had been there for that glorious event.
  94. Looking around the sky, he was unable to see his flight’s last comrade.
  95. It really was Golenishtchev, a comrade of Vronsky’s in the Corps of Pages.
  96. The comrade of this boy, a locksmith, died in jail, and he was tried alone.
  97. When Comrade Komadze sees that lot he’ll know it isn't a welcoming party.
  98. Vronsky, without answering, looked at his comrade, thinking of something else.
  99. Did they suppose they had captured the Ring-bearer and his faithful comrade?
  100. Thank you for your concern, Comrade Director, but I asked her to probe him.

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