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Concern numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. They are of no concern.
  2. It did not concern him.
  3. It does not concern us.
  4. That was not my concern.
  5. That is a valid concern.

  6. I waved his concern away.
  7. The concern left his face.
  8. Expose his pain or concern.
  9. All else is of no concern.
  10. That is not our concern.
  11. This is not your concern.
  12. This is a concern for you.
  13. Hope was his only concern.
  14. So, yes there was concern.
  15. It's none of your concern.

  16. Thank you for your concern.
  17. No, it does not concern me.
  18. She studied me with concern.
  19. I think that's the concern.
  20. I do have a concern though.
  21. My concern is only for you.
  22. His main concern was Layne.
  24. That is not your concern.
  25. Helga was a lesser concern.

  26. Our hosts, full of concern.
  27. I had only one real concern.
  29. I only ask out of concern.
  30. Or concern yourself with it.
  31. My concern for my parents'.
  32. He looked at Jo with concern.
  33. He stared at me with concern.
  34. The U was of no concern now.
  35. His face was full of concern.
  36. His eyes filled with concern.
  37. He looked at me with concern.
  38. Of special concern were the.
  39. The doctor noticed my concern.
  40. Is that your only concern?
  41. I was touched by his concern.
  42. The child is my only concern.
  43. She voiced my silent concern.
  44. Our concern for the welfare.
  45. That is Miss Maria's concern.
  46. The cars were of more concern.
  47. His main concern and sorrow.
  48. Yes, the witch was a concern.
  49. That is no concern of yours.
  50. Thanks for the concern of.
  51. But that caused me no concern.
  52. We thank you for your concern.
  53. His voice was full of concern.
  54. Was she motivated by concern.
  55. And that was her only concern.
  56. It did not concern him further.
  57. There was no need for concern.
  58. Why does this concern you?
  59. She was of no concern to me.
  60. Marc watched with concern as Mr.
  61. The next shot caused me concern.
  62. The shared look of concern of.
  63. His overt concern resembled a.
  64. That is none of your concern.
  65. Moses nodded, but the concern.
  66. I thank you for your concern.
  67. He didn't concern himself with.
  68. Elowen turned to another concern.
  69. His concern was growing stronger.
  70. In their place was real concern.
  71. That’s no concern of yours.
  72. Leland drew up by Kay in concern.
  73. Her parents, too, were a concern.
  74. Lovern looked at me with concern.
  75. But her tone held little concern.
  76. It’s no concern of mine but I.
  77. Thus, the major concern for the.
  78. It’s the ships that concern me.
  79. Marie’s face showed her concern.
  80. Concern etched deep in his face.
  81. More concern on the part of the.
  82. Nancy looked at him with concern.
  83. Your first concern is your tackle.
  84. Your concern should be not with.
  85. I could understand their concern.
  86. His love, care and concern for me.
  87. Her face was clouded with concern.
  88. He said it was none of my concern.
  89. Thank you for your concern, witch.
  90. The other rabbit showed no concern.
  91. This is nothing of your concern.
  92. Being aware of this concern, our.
  93. Least Concern by the IUCN Red List.
  94. That’s the main concern we have.
  95. But that was not his main concern.
  96. Pastel's concern grew more evident.
  97. He was her first and only concern.
  98. Of even more concern is what this.
  99. Jean couldn't disguise his concern.
  100. Your lack of concern interests me.
  1. He felt as I did concerning.
  2. You were right concerning Maslova.
  3. Concerning all acts of initiative.
  4. Reed had said concerning me to Mr.
  5. He also felt as I did concerning.
  6. Concerning them that fall asleep.
  7. Matthew had an idea concerning this.
  8. Nothing concerning about him at all.
  9. Concerning the Heart’s Deep Pages.
  10. B: The diary is very, very concerning.
  11. Concerning the heart, love, and Action.
  12. Concerning the Intermediate State 1765.
  13. They are in serious doubt concerning it.
  14. Each state has its own laws concerning.
  15. Thoughts Concerning the Human Soul 1703.
  16. It’s even more concerning that only 13.
  17. Concerning the song, here’s how I did it.
  18. Rumour hath held her tongue concerning him.
  20. Smellie’s Reports concerning my Lying-in.
  21. Safety Standards Concerning The Pool Which.
  22. There are many incidents concerning Abraham.
  23. Now, concerning the logistical arrangements.
  24. The questions concerning that which you are.
  25. Concerning the first there is no difficulty.
  26. What is the Truth concerning yourself?
  27. Yet never have I heard a word concerning her.
  28. She has learnt the fullest amount concerning.
  29. My questions are concerning the fact of sor-.
  30. They said, The man asked directly concerning.
  31. The first important Scripture concerning the.
  32. One was the part concerning the forged checks.
  33. For Psalm 110 says concerning the Messiah….
  34. Its up to the new soul concerning its arrival.
  35. It's concerning your interview in Halifax, Mr.
  36. But they are in perplexing doubt concerning it.
  37. I do have one request concerning the statue.
  38. Concerning the size and shape of the boat Noah.
  39. To be patient means to stay strong concerning.
  40. Nothing bets with God concerning her future.
  41. Another matter to deal with concerning my heart.
  42. And this would be concerning? Garcia asked.
  43. For instance, anything concerning sales should.
  44. He updated me on the status concerning my niece.
  45. A question was raised, concerning 1 Timothy 5:81.
  46. Joseph made it a statute concerning the land of.
  47. There was an angry debate concerning what they.
  48. Well, I am here concerning our marriage plans.
  49. So there’s nothing concerning me, my friend.
  50. It had to be concerning the briefcase she stole.
  51. A word concerning an incident in the last chapter.
  52. Here is the part of the email concerning the FTP.
  53. Thus saith the LORD concerning the prophets that.
  54. The lack there is in sensibility concerning Sir.
  55. John Herseys novel concerning the Warsaw Ghetto.
  56. Digression concerning the Corn Trade and Corn Laws.
  57. James gave instruction to the church, concerning.
  58. He hasn't made one decision concerning this place.
  59. It may answer most of your questions concerning us.
  60. Will you dispute with him concerning what he saw?
  61. I will have the highest thoughts concerning all my.
  62. Isaac's servants came, and told him concerning the.
  63. I will have to ask for instructions concerning her.
  64. For instance, concerning digestion or simply habits.
  65. Nothing but conjecture can be offered concerning it.
  66. Of course, there was confusion concerning false and.
  67. Concerning everything, however, she asked questions.
  68. All church records concerning his true identity and.
  69. Marie really wanted to speak with him concerning the.
  70. Concerning the Attitude towards the State, by L.
  71. He would talk about technical things concerning his.
  72. Perhaps she’d ly’d to us concerning the Cassandra.
  73. Additional note concerning the Tungsten and Tellurium.
  74. Theophilus, so that you may know the truth concerning.
  75. Now, opposite of my opinion concerning the waltz, the.
  76. A bit concerning really, considering there isn’t a.
  77. This same slave had a further rule concerning clothing.
  78. There is a mistake in the answer concerning Maslova.
  79. The greatest laws of course, are concerning authority.
  80. The reference concerning the lawfulness of Henry VIII.
  81. Brown should order concerning me; who on her side, by.
  82. This is true concerning nations as well as individuals.
  83. It’s concerning Soren, she said in a low voice.
  84. Franco received from the lab concerning your pregnancy.
  85. Speak not one word concerning those who have hurt you;.
  86. Differences Among Believers Concerning the Holy Spirit.
  87. Concerning using electricity, two ways were performed:.
  88. Here we have the prophesy concerning Josiah’s actions.
  89. I have some bad news to pass to you concerning my wing.
  90. Who are you? Do you have information concerning the.
  91. But what you said concerning Hawthorne is true, I think.
  92. His mind was a frenzy of memories concerning his father.
  93. You can use my official résumé concerning me, Major.
  94. Furthermore, in concerning the latter case, by Islamic.
  95. Concerning her gang-rape, it would complicate matters a.
  96. I must’ve blocked out the real memories concerning my.
  97. Although it was concerning for me, too, I did not let on.
  98. There have been some questions concerning my credibility.
  99. We gave Moses the Book, but disputes arose concerning it.
  100. Even though he knew nothing concerning the operation of C.
  1. I knew he was concerned.
  2. I was concerned for him.
  3. If we act concerned and.
  4. God is concerned about us.
  5. She was so concerned she.
  7. He was concerned about her.
  8. He was concerned that the.
  9. The Earth be concerned too.
  10. We are concerned for you.
  11. She was concerned about Eve.
  12. He was not overly concerned.
  13. He was very concerned that.
  14. I was also concerned about.
  15. She said it concerned Legco.
  16. Don’t be too concerned ….
  17. So I was concerned about him.
  18. He was concerned because he.
  19. He was right to be concerned.
  20. I was a little concerned also.
  21. They will be concerned about.
  22. Is it fair to all concerned?
  23. As far as I am concerned that.
  24. I am a bit concerned that my.
  25. I'm simply concerned for her.
  26. He's very concerned about her.
  27. She knew I had been concerned.
  28. He hadn't been too concerned.
  29. He noticed her concerned stare.
  30. Nothing to be concerned about.
  31. At least where it concerned me.
  32. Not where Melanie is concerned.
  33. For all concerned, it was the.
  34. Marriage had not concerned her.
  35. I’m not concerned about that.
  36. All that I was concerned with.
  37. Steve looked a little concerned.
  38. It is you I am concerned about.
  39. I'm concerned about you Mitch.
  40. Noticing my concerned look she.
  41. I'm concerned about your mother.
  42. He became concerned and curious.
  43. Ceder shot Jai a concerned look.
  44. She looked mildly concerned as.
  45. As far as I am concerned, that.
  46. Not afraid, no, but concerned.
  47. I was concerned about your ass.
  48. Earth was concerned about this:.
  49. But why be concerned about the.
  50. As far as I’m concerned, you.
  51. We are very concerned about you.
  52. You are not concerned with it.
  53. Otto was concerned about security.
  54. He also was "concerned" that my.
  55. Ruby looked scared and concerned.
  56. Pete, be concerned about today.
  57. Q: Why then be at all concerned?
  58. And these girls are concerned I.
  59. He's too concerned with himself.
  60. Warren gave him a concerned smile.
  61. Glacia is watching me, concerned.
  62. I’m concerned about you and me.
  63. She was concerned for his safety.
  64. But if not, don’t be concerned.
  65. Worried and concerned I waited….
  66. And if you are concerned with the.
  67. She was still concerned about Mrs.
  68. Po was amazed, but I was concerned.
  69. He said, his voice very concerned.
  70. He was concerned about governing.
  71. I’m really concerned about this.
  72. He was concerned, very much so.
  73. Welcome back! We were concerned.
  74. As far as I was concerned, every.
  75. Ron and I became quite concerned.
  76. Cassius was growing more concerned.
  77. The pale flash of a concerned face.
  78. Not where handbags was concerned.
  79. Yes, that’s why I am concerned.
  80. He was concerned for her well-being.
  81. The wind suggested it concerned him.
  82. As far as they were concerned, we.
  83. Sharon, and I was getting concerned.
  84. We’re concerned for your welfare.
  85. He cursed why was he so concerned?
  86. None of this concerned him too much.
  87. As far as they were concerned the.
  88. I was concerned that you might not.
  89. Jed was concerned by the revelation.
  90. Kate was also concerned about Banda.
  91. Sharpie continued to look concerned.
  92. Jack was also concerned about the.
  93. But I was concerned about her state.
  94. And all that you are concerned with.
  95. I was more concerned for my daughter.
  96. This deeply concerned the monsignor.
  97. Except I was jealous, not concerned.
  98. At first, Abby was concerned about.
  99. One Who Collects Water was concerned.
  100. She looked concerned, then outraged.
  1. It concerns me and Sam.
  2. There are a few concerns.
  3. We have no concerns there.
  4. Your own concerns can wait.
  5. There are concerns for TV.
  6. I tried to ease her concerns.
  7. These two share my concerns.
  8. These concerns are very good.
  9. My father has other concerns.
  10. With these concerns, said Mr.
  11. But none of this concerns me.
  12. What concerns you is the cure.
  13. We have two major concerns.
  14. He had more pressing concerns.
  15. That alone raised my concerns.
  16. As operators of going concerns.
  17. What concerns us here is the.
  18. You know what concerns me now.
  19. She had more pressing concerns.
  20. On third glance, his concerns.
  21. Concerns also exist about the.
  22. It speaks to concerns that are.
  23. However they may have concerns.
  24. I had far more pressing concerns.
  25. It concerns the best interests.
  26. What concerns us is your ground.
  27. This time he had other concerns.
  28. I do share your concerns, Clare.
  29. That concerns me a bit actually.
  30. I told him about my concerns for.
  31. The same concerns as Eric and Mac.
  32. It concerns what you eat and how.
  33. All my anxieties and concerns of.
  34. That concerns Nefer and not you.
  35. She agreed on many of my concerns.
  36. Let me know what concerns you have.
  37. Ananya’s dad had his won concerns.
  38. Their concerns are not our concerns.
  39. Perhaps, but I have some concerns.
  40. No concerns about the storm?
  41. Due to the security concerns for Mr.
  42. You’ve got concerns? he said.
  43. This conversation concerns her also.
  44. The story concerns Varvara Petrovna.
  45. But this confession concerns me only.
  46. Louis and alert them to our concerns.
  47. I have answered all your concerns.
  48. I had more pressing concerns at hand.
  49. The act of placing the concerns and.
  50. But, this is not what concerns me now.
  51. Use the command concerns process to.
  52. Madeleine, that the matter concerns.
  53. Love will heal any concerns, thereby.
  54. One of the great present concerns is.
  55. I have other concerns, Greg said.
  56. The boy’s future is what concerns me.
  57. Those are completely valid concerns.
  58. What concerns her are the small things.
  59. Thomas to several concerns in the North.
  60. But that isn’t what concerns him most.
  61. I understood their concerns, but I was.
  62. If you have thoughts or concerns about.
  63. It is not her group that concerns us.
  64. It is a subject that concerns almost all.
  65. They’ve got a right to their concerns.
  66. It concerns all variations of this asana.
  67. I think Xen has some concerns about the.
  68. Examples of cross-cutting concerns are:.
  69. They may disregard environmental concerns.
  70. There are other concerns about creating a.
  71. It does not cover other concerns such as.
  72. Another issue concerns the quality of life.
  73. You should embrace questions and concerns.
  74. They have much more pressing concerns to.
  75. Concerns about him are constantly with us.
  76. It is this beauty that concerns our mother.
  77. Professor Lively, we have some concerns.
  78. Yet, in all of theses concerns I was the.
  79. Thats if it concerns your imminent death.
  80. No shame, no sneaking around, no concerns.
  81. Management as operators of going concerns.
  82. This concerns being put under combat rules.
  83. Anna Watson, has raised concerns about you.
  84. Geza allayed some of our concerns as well:.
  85. The second exception concerns M&A accounting.
  86. Concerns of the particular hearth and home:.
  87. Caring for her mother, and the concerns of.
  88. His concerns were back in the early morning.
  89. Their lives were filled with petty concerns.
  90. Revine shared her concerns with her direct.
  91. Try to understand their issues and concerns.
  92. In part, his concerns seemed to be borne out.
  93. Bring before Him everything that concerns you.
  94. There is one other thing that concerns me.
  95. But the point concerns men and their welfare.
  96. Experts have concerns about the safe use of.
  97. Due to economic concerns, instead of the two.
  98. Gone were any concerns Olger may have planted.
  99. The first adjustment concerns special charges.
  100. This is a grave matter, which concerns us all.

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