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This will constitute one round.
Her all in all did constitute;.
It would certainly constitute a new.
These four constitute what are known as.
That does not constitute rarity and value.
These three processes constitute one round.
As you can see, we do not constitute a quorum.
Not all petty annoyances constitute harassment.
Yet veterans constitute one-third of the homeless.
These ten years would then constitute hidden time.
A listing here does not constitute an endorsement.
There is one person that might constitute a problem.
Fluctuations in stock prices do not constitute risk.
These thoughts will constitute my part of the book:.
These constitute part of the weakness of our nature.
Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood.
They did not constitute the defence on which he would rely.
Anything below those amounts would constitute petit larceny.
Procession and Steamroller respectively constitute the third.
This event would constitute the next sign of anointed divinity.
Good sex doesn’t constitute love, snap out of it she scolded.
They constitute an ecology of plasma life forms that evolved.
To constitute a contract, two parties are necessary, at least.
That isn’t nearly long enough to constitute a basic decline.
Those ambiguous albeit meaningful descriptions constitute the.
Agreeing to the exchange offer can constitute a written consent.
Even so, it is not clear that these areas constitute good value.
Together, these two hypotheses constitute the random walk model.
The content of this paper doesn't constitute a theory in physics.
If this does not constitute military blackmail, then what does?
Benefits constitute the most important spot when you reach old age.
The animal existence of a man does not constitute human life alone.
No actions shall constitute cruelty to animals, where having been.
It does not constitute maturity, but instead constitutes dependency.
Mexico! As it turned out, about half would constitute the settlement.
That does not necessarily constitute that I have faith in the chair.
Lady Sommers’ stories would constitute a most useful teaching to me.
The Step 11 also will constitute a password as well as the only.
At present they are supposed to constitute but a very small part of it.
Nowadays the Christians constitute about a tenth of the total population.

It is separate from the shareholders constituting it.
The first of three sounds constituting the sacred syllable OM.
Think of the seventy or so previous pages as constituting the greatest hits package.
Sulphate of Barytes—in the same place, constituting the immediate walls of the vein.
The millions and millions of animals come and go, a few years constituting their span of life.
The interest return is divided into two components, the first constituting pure interest—i.
This is, a state constituting the attainment of what is Eternal, the Self, Bliss, and the Pure.
The twelve tables constituting thefirst written compilation of Roman Law, said by Livy and others to.
And its character is, that it belongs not to the body, but the individual members constituting the body.
As a result, all variants constituting the initial set are ordered according to their quality indicators.
For one of two criteria constituting a certain pair, we calculate average profit for n best combinations.
They were 468 feet long and 35 feet wide, constituting a new type of extreme length as compared with their width.
She presents the curious anomaly of the most solid masonry joining with oak and hemp in constituting the completed ship.
And it is this supreme law of love for God and for man that I also declare to you as constituting the whole duty of man.
The District constituting the seat of Government of the United States shall appoint in such manner as Congress may direct:.
The initial set of underlying assets available to create option combinations includes all stocks constituting the S&P 500 index.
She is the mother of ―Unified Consciousness,‖ constituting a oneness of perception; or awareness of something shared by a group.
The practical application of the Pareto method is often hampered by the small quantity of elements constituting the Pareto optimal set.
In this manner, its members are integrated parts constituting a common whole in the manner each part is considered one with that body.
But these precepts, far from constituting the whole of Christ's teaching and exhausting it, are simply stages on the way to perfection.
These lows had in turn undercut the April lows, constituting a shakeout that faked out short-sellers as the market turned and began to rally.
MGM, or Metro, as it was known by the cognoscenti, was the jewel in the crown of the studios constituting the motion picture industry of the day.
We can infer higher implied correlation when index option volatility rises faster than the average volatility of single-stock options constituting the index.
Stockholders are far from constituting a monolithic group, and among them there are varied and sometimes conflicting interests concerning cash distributions.
That which is immediately destined for constituting a revenue, either as profit or as rent, may maintain indifferently either productive or unproductive hands.
The proportion of the political weight of each sovereign State, constituting this Union, depends upon the number of the States which have a voice under the compact.
This relationship is caused by the fact that as the number of layers increases, the total number of combinations constituting the optimal set also increases (see Figure 7.
Of all women aged 65-75 in this country, a quarter of them report Social Security as their primary income, constituting 90% of what they have to live on from month to month.
Then you, with Dilimon as your best man, the two of you constituting the immediate party of the groom, will walk down the aisle and take your places to Theramin’s right on the second tier of the podium.
For this purpose, it would be useful to have a Labour Consultative Workshop between unions and employer representatives that could sponsor a Labour Advisory Council constituting representatives of both parties.
There was a scant kilometer separating Edson’s frontal positions from the divisional command post, which was itself only 600 meters from Ingrid’s unit lines and the open plain constituting Fighter One strip.
Consequently, the average profit of combinations (expressed as a percentage of margin requirements) constituting subset K will be a straight and intuitively understandable indicator of the criterion effectiveness.
Then Talia, with Nemia and I as her parents and Alilia as her maid of honor, and thus constituting the immediate party of the bride, will walk the aisle and take our places to Theramin’s left on the second tier.
More sophisticated approaches to estimating the steadiness should express numerically the sensitivity of optimization space (for example, by calculating the variability of coordinates of nodes constituting the optimal areas).
From the land side to the tops of the piles stretched transverse beams, two and three yards apart; more beams lower down, constituting stays against the piles buckling; the whole a giant scaffolding embedded in the bowels of the earth.
After all, hang it, they had their eleven and more humdrum months of it and merited a radical change of venueafter the grind of city life in the summertime for choice when dame Nature is at her spectacular best constituting nothing short of a new lease of life.
Once fully operational and launched on polar or highly inclined orbits, space planes would be able on demand and on short notice to photograph in detail about any spot on the planet, thus constituting an invaluable strategic reconnaissance asset in times of crisis.
He observed that you had expressed an opinion, that an attentive examination of all the strata constituting the walls of the artificial avenue or drift at the Southampton mines, would bring facts to knowledge, which might, in some degree, subserve the cause of geological science.
These high and regal prerogatives, constituting some of the most obvious characteristics which distinguish an absolute monarchy from the constitution of a free State, are confided to the discretionary exercise of a Governor, who is neither chosen by, nor responsible to, the people.
Civilization, unfortunately, represented at this epoch rather by an aggregation of interests than by a group of principles, was or thought itself, in peril; it set up the cry of alarm; each, constituting himself a centre, defended it, succored it, and protected it with his own head; and the first comer took it upon himself to save society.
His nature was thus constituted.
He constituted himself the tribunal.
Its amount can be constituted in a.
Marriage, as at present constituted, she.
It constituted one of the ten plagues on.
Our constituted evidence can be ridiculous.
Solly, were astute investors who constituted a.
All told, this constituted half of the Slicer.
That which is constituted of the mind along with.
Henceforth, those four walls constituted his world.
In a naturally constituted society, this is quite otherwise.
The part of who you really are is constituted in the spirit.
The state funeral for Herod Machinma had constituted constant.
Bank3Sector will be constituted by the partners in the middle.
It was a fraud to pretend otherwise, so it constituted a theft.
Fauchelevent knew all and concealed all; that constituted his art.
This, and other such pearls of good news, constituted Zelena‘s.
It constituted a critical lapse in judgment and a personal failure on.
This last happiness now constituted his whole future; after that, gloom.
The real base of the body is constituted by sanskar, the merits-the in-.
Accounts of Joint Stock Companies: A joint stock company is constituted.
Or maybe that constituted information Margolis wasn’t allowed to share.
Bullivant and the girls merely constituted one of its many inscrutable ends.
The Indian Bureau, as at present constituted, cannot do for him what he needs.
The whole system has been constituted too much in reference to particular cases.
To the security details however it was clear that I constituted an invading force.
The animal protection associations legally constituted have legitimacy to require.
She knew that this constituted a grave enough emergency to break the Grand Silence.
The mushy stuff that constituted for his brain started to churn, giving off sparks.
Yet indeed it was that studied artificiality which constituted her chief attraction.
However, a human is constituted in such a way that his intellect, in spite of all the.
But such happily constituted natures are always a minority when high play is going on.
Larry Pulaski and an old friend of his from the Police Academy constituted one such node.
The SEC finally ruled in September 1994 that the use of an equity swap constituted a sale.
In all the places that I worked, my analytics team was always constituted with 80% Indians.
There can be no doubt that the appearance of the Mustangs constituted a major turning-point.
On the other hand, in those Eskimo cases where fish and whale fats constituted the basis of.
They have dissolved the carnal family, and constituted in their community a spiritual family.
This big move arguably constituted the decisive breakout from a reversal symmetrical triangle.
He did not find it easy to think any of the dogs beneath his feet constituted a menace to him.
This also constitutes a long signal.
This constitutes the 'harvesting of.
This trusteeship constitutes the moral.
Any disparity constitutes an infraction.
Educate yourself about what constitutes.
But what constitutes a good grip?
This relation constitutes his environment.
Two weeks hardly constitutes an eternity.
That constitutes a strong presumption, but.
To be present at executions constitutes a duty.
This constitutes a transcendence of separation.
What constitutes knowing the LORD? Well not the.
Prayer constitutes the nervous system of the soul.
This constitutes a serious fault in our security.
The Negro constitutes half the poor of the nation.
The question then comes as to what constitutes a war.
It should be noted that oxygen normally constitutes.
Work in any media (however a work that constitutes a.
Nothing I said actually constitutes credible evidence.
He concludes, God alone constitutes man's happiness.
This constitutes part of the general game playing.
This constitutes the entanglement of the activities.
It constitutes the total All and is, as That, All-powerful.
It is also imperative that you find out what constitutes a.
The love of it constitutes the root of all evil? I think not.
Not what we have but what we enjoy, constitutes our abundance.
The question ‘what is my birthday?’ constitutes a space or.
That insidious assumption constitutes the ego's iron grip on us.
That dread transaction, or operation, involves and constitutes.
This is what constitutes one of the great differences among men.
Your sex is hardly a judge of what constitutes feminine beauty.
In her present struggle, her naval power constitutes her security.
One must decide how much engulfing constitutes an Engulfing Pattern.
It does not constitute maturity, but instead constitutes dependency.
You must decide how much engulfing constitutes an Engulfing pattern.
And this is what constitutes power both in the past and in the present.
Use of a deadly weapon during an assault constitutes aggravated assault.
This light is demonstrated by the miracles and constitutes a brightness.
This factor constitutes a great hindrance to recovery from drug addiction.
The produce of labour constitutes the natural recompence or wages of labour.

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