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Contentedly numa frase em (in ingles)

  1. He smiled contentedly to himself.
  2. He chewed contentedly, confident that.
  3. Lisa (contentedly, to SOPHIA KARÉNINA).
  4. The fire settled contentedly down to feed.
  5. With Annabelle munching contentedly on the.

  6. I sighed contentedly as I relaxed against him.
  7. Her eyes sparkled contentedly over the man who.
  8. Later, as Legrand lay snoring contentedly on his.
  9. We strolled contentedly across to the Molo, where.
  10. She had been sleeping in her room contentedly when.
  11. She was sleeping contentedly on a matt surrounded by.
  12. The following week passed quite contentedly for Harry.
  13. He puffed away contentedly, while Nord fanned the air.
  14. He puts his tunic back on and sits watching me contentedly.
  15. He had been snoring contentedly when the car suddenly began.

  16. Gwenda sighed contentedly and leaned her head on his shoulder.
  17. M'Coy tasted his whisky contentedly and shook his head with.
  18. People born on Aj have a good character and live contentedly.
  19. He shuffled resignedly, if not contentedly, back to his home.
  20. April contentedly sipped her drink and said we would have to.
  21. In fact it was Samantha who sat contentedly in the passenger.
  22. This looks so good, Cass… she said, sighing contentedly.
  23. So this is what it’s like to be loved, she thought contentedly.
  24. His hand reached in and contentedly scratched under the testicles.
  25. How fortunate they were, sleeping contentedly in each other’s arms.

  26. We meet at last, Mother, he said contentedly, so you won’t.
  27. Her lips were slightly parted and her eyes gazed contentedly into the.
  28. The baby slept contentedly on her breast, but everyone else was scared.
  29. It cudded contentedly, obviously enjoying every minute of the treatment.
  30. Hundreds of the animals graze contentedly in the long shadows cast by cork.
  31. Taking a sip of coffee she sighs contentedly and settles back in the chair.
  32. Kena and Karah were still twirling around the floor and Osric sat contentedly.
  33. He chuckled contentedly, feeling happier than he had for some considerable time.
  34. Smiling contentedly, Rad started back toward the bed to take the dress, which he.
  35. A new acquaintance that she now possessed had crept into her heart, contentedly.
  36. He puff ed contentedly and looked with quiet satisfaction upon his two grandsons.
  37. Each left contentedly with his or her bags of herbal medication from the factory.
  38. Two weeks later, and Camilla was swinging her iron butt contentedly down the slow.
  39. Starlight, contentedly surrounded by cat fur, slept pressed against his ample stomach.
  40. My wife, Eva, and I have been peacefully and contentedly married for almost four decades.
  41. After hearty draughts, they both sighed contentedly, staring ahead at the rippling waters.
  42. She sighs contentedly and snuggles under the covers, revelling in the luxury of the lie in.
  43. She kissed him with a pity that wrung her heart, and he sighed contentedly and shut his eyes.
  44. As he mumbled contentedly to himself, Slikit piled leaves in one corner for a make-shift nest.
  45. She went on grazing contentedly, but she sharpened her ears and steered somewhat towards Tom.
  46. You see, here in our country we live contentedly, and can talk and move around as we please.
  47. She sighs contentedly, kissing him back, slipping her hands from his to pull him closer –.
  48. They ate in silence, contentedly close together, delighted to have a few moments to themselves.
  49. Lucia smiled contentedly, feeling that now, truly she was leaving the young and innocent girl behind.
  50. And he was, Jean thought later, sitting contentedly in front of a cleaned plate and sipping champagne.
  51. She lay contentedly with her eyes shut, having her hair stroked back, and said as little as possible.
  52. Contentedly, we and the teenage girls chatted while eating sandwiches and sipping chilled white wine.
  53. He watched her small arms lying outstretched while her fingers curved inwards and outwards contentedly.
  54. But where do you think it’s going wrong, sir? asked the Chief, munching contentedly on his chop.
  55. He never thought she had any mood other than contentedly competent with maybe a touch of bored-by-it-all.
  56. The engine was burbling contentedly and matchstick-man was running his hand over the tooled leather seats.
  57. Aspen snuggled into his hair, sighing contentedly before she lifted her head to kiss him gently on the lips.
  58. I do not see but a quiet mind may live as contentedly there, and have as cheering thoughts, as in a palace.
  59. Jaxon pulled his pipe out of his pocket, and puffed away contentedly, watching Missy and Nord set up the camp.
  60. Full of excellent food and entranced by this man’s company, she had dozed contentedly in the back of the cab.
  61. Big square Plymouth Rock chickens strolled about, cawing contentedly and cocking their heads at the newcomers.
  62. In the morning I found Deshavi sitting on the back porch gazing contentedly out at the sea, as she rocked Caleb Jr.
  63. The hose's pulsations were slower and she was calmer, contentedly stroking the growing taut roundness of her belly.
  64. Now, she rested on her back atop the curved boards of the cart, opening her eyes and gazing contentedly into the sky.
  65. Murphy was contentedly staying out of the whole thing, and gave every appearance of being utterly absorbed in suturing.
  66. The pup looked proudly back at the men, and then flopped down in the dust and beat its tail contentedly on the ground.
  67. When the Maltese (for so they called Dantes) had said this, it was sufficient, and all went to their bunks contentedly.
  68. Vanyusha would bring a jug of chikhir, and they would converse quietly, drink, and separate to go quite contentedly to bed.
  69. Don ignores them and slowly makes his way up on to the warm rock, where he curls up atop it and seems to smile contentedly.
  70. He felt a strong urge to wrap her into his protective arms, but struggled to fight it off, seeing her so contentedly asleep.
  71. Henry sighed contentedly and looked at his friend, I remember how you tried to stop all of this when I first suggested it.
  72. Digging out his pouch, he rolled himself a cigarette, sighing contentedly as he sucked the tobacco smoke deep into his lungs.
  73. Tea was awaiting them and the sheep was fed and watered in the stream where it recovered instantly and contentedly grazed on Mr.
  74. And he watched the Praefect slowly back away from the tent, even as he finally laid down to contentedly stretch out upon the bedroll.
  75. Keeping his snout close to the ground, he followed the spoor, bumbling along as he contentedly grumbled at anything that got in his way.
  76. I looked round me tranquilly and contentedly, like a quiet ghost with a clean conscience sitting inside the bars of a snug family vault.
  77. Anything but the foremost place I could not conceive for myself, and for that very reason I quite contentedly occupied the lowest in reality.
  78. CSM Domby came along he lit his pipe and puffed on it quite contentedly nothing seemed to bother him and he just took everything in his stride.
  79. He called the packers for Raw Sex Object, even though it wasn’t due to leave the gallery for a week or two, and contentedly surveyed the gallery.
  80. Neo was sitting on the tiled floor beside her, with his huge snout resting on her lap, snuffling the fur on Elmer, who was contentedly curled up there.
  81. For days, my eyes had longed to see the vision of my beautiful horse and now, there was Jasper, only a few feet away, contentedly cropping grass with Dublin.
  82. I, on the other hand, could have stayed contentedly in that room for a month, because it was such a welcome relief from the chaos and violent drama of my life.
  83. Under the weight of their stares Elon went over and over in his mind in regards to the problem that lay in his arms sleeping contentedly pressed up against him.
  84. Cherva smiled contentedly, secure in the knowledge that he would soon rout the invading force and raise his credibility even further in the eyes of the Preceptor.
  85. He had been surprised at Sam's willingness to stay, and had even felt a flicker of jealousy when the dog had flopped contentedly down in the grass beside the boy's feet.
  86. The Pot leapt down and ran to the stove where it filled itself with creamy mushroom soup then planted itself contentedly on to another hotplate and was soon bubbling away.
  87. Spock and Stu did as instructed and the car sped away, Stu in the front seat, and Spock contentedly sat in the back seat swigging on his half-finished, flat can of Singha beer.
  88. When Miss Elenore Carrington opened her eyes the following morning, it was to gaze contentedly from her bed at a large, square, hotel-placarded object in the center of her room.
  89. We sat contentedly for a while then she asked what my feelings on the coming battle were, I told her the men were as ready as they would ever be, that we would return victorious.
  90. Is that so? You’ll take me up on that? You’re wobbling along quite contentedly and think that you can dream a dream that is larger than mine? Okay then, hit me with your best shot.
  91. It took place between 1964 and the end of 1979 when Britain contentedly surrendered a successful pro-Western country with no Apartheid to become the failed state called Zimbabwe today.
  92. Clearing a space in front of the rock staging, the guards threw Fenn to the ground and Grindel stared down at the hapless Custodian, nodding contentedly as he studied the boar's swollen jaw.
  93. Soon Bilbo's stomach was feeling full and comfortable again, and he felt he could sleep contentedly, though really he would have liked a loaf and butter better than bits of meat toasted on sticks.
  94. Dad started to focus, but then said, “Wait! Where’s Hubert?” Mom left the room, calling out, “Hubert! Hubert Smith!” She returned shortly with the happy cat lounging contentedly in her arms.
  95. Joy seemed to be sitting contentedly beside me sharing my bread and butter; and when I drove away towards Thiessow he got into the carriage with me, and whispered that I was going to be very happy there.
  96. Altschul would sort of tip back in his large leather chair and place his hands contentedly on his belly and ask, So how are we doing this week? Charlie’s own hands stayed tucked under his thighs.
  97. They were for the most part tame, broken-spirited, poor wretches who contentedly resigned themselves to a life of miserable toil and poverty, and with callous indifference abandoned their offspring to the same fate.
  98. Despite having to toe the line, doing all the preparatory work which Billy deigns necessary, by early afternoon, Chrissie is wielding a brush and contentedly applying pale apricot paint to the walls of the front room.
  99. Edgar, you cannot doubt that she has a capacity for strong attachments, or she wouldn't have abandoned the elegances, and comforts, and friends of her former home, to fix contentedly, in such a wilderness as this, with you.
  100. His stark green eyes requested mercy, and the look was accompanied by the pitiful meow of a creature who was tired of mousing for survival when most animals of his kind could be found contentedly crunching Friskies in someone’s sunny mud room.

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